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Vanessa Palmer Blas' Beautiful Performances

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Vanessa scuba diving in a cave, making circles
making triangles, making hexagons, in blue water

Vanessa Scuba Diving in t/ Deep, Blue Water
w/ her Tank of Oxygen, Black Scuba Suit, Black Flippers, Black & Clear Goggles, Swimming in a Cave

as Vanessa Cruise

The "Vanessa" Ship

Vanessa as Linda Hurtado

Jesse Tyler Ferguson - Shawn and her Lawyer
their Federal Lawyer, U.S. Federal Lawyer

Vanessa Drag Racing, in her black Racing Car
Vanessa a Racer, a Drag Racer

Vanessa in 007 Scuba-Diving, in a cave
Vanessa in her full black Scuba-Gear, w/ her Under-Water Breathing Apparatus

Vanessa sang a song w/ Vico C.

Vanessa w/ Charlie

Vanessa took Menudo's picture

Vanessa played Drums w/ Tito Puente

Vanessa sang along w/ Rico Suave

Vanessa in the Por Amor album, and on it

Vanessa in the Muchachitas Cast
Vanessa in another Novela

Connor Rhodes, Vanessa's Extended Cousin

Oliver Platt, Jose's Dad

Vanessa in a novela, in a 3 pic card, a email card
the other a pictorial, messenger, a pictorial messenger, an Aol card, and that's it

Vanessa was in all of the pictures

Vanessa en Fuego

She rapped w/, and along w/ Fat Joe

Charlie Masso
the album her mom co-produced too, w/ her mom.

Donny Osmond, her Extended Relative

Vanessa and Charlie on their Album Cover

Vanessa, in silver, on t/ bottom right
of the Menudo Album

Vanessa, in Yellow, as Charlie's Fill-In
on the record, and in photo album


Vanessa with Charlie from Menudo

Vanessa as a Zeta Phi Beta, a ZPB, a Zeta

V Delt

Vanessa as Sigma Gamma Rho, S.G.R., in blue

Vanessa in Delta Sigma Theta, in red

Vanessa, in AKA

Vanessa a "Skiwi", an A.K.A. Member, in Black Pan.
Vanessa in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, a Black sorority, and also in Black-Panhellenic Council

Vanessa sang along, sang w/ Tito Nieves

Vanessa sang w/ Frankie Ruiz

Vanessa sang w/ Chino y Nacho

Vanessa was a Dancer for Yandel in Concert
in mins, and mims, and also in nims

Vanessa was a Back-Up Dancer for Wisin
and his Double Inclosure, in his own concert mins

Vanessa sang w/ Wisin y Yandel, she was a Vixen
she also rapped w/ them, and she danced in one of their concerts on stage

Vanessa boating!


as Vanessa Neigert

Vanessa in a promo for Goldschlager

Vanessa did a promo for Frontera, Spanish Wine

Vanessa in a promo for Bailey's Irish Cream
milk creme

Vanessa at t/ movies

Vanessa sang w/ Tito el Bambino
in Rutgers, Newark, Albany, S. Carolina, N. Carolina

Vanessa sang t/ Song, Tu Recuerdo w/ Ricky Martin

Vanessa sang w/ Sergio Lizarraga

Vanessa sang w/ Ricky Martin

Vanessa sang w/ Ricardo Montaner

Vanessa also sang w/ a group called Proyecto Uno

Vanessa sang w/ Prince Royce, and along w/
on t/ radio and such, and also in concert

Vanessa sang and rapped w/ Nicky Jam

as Vanessa Bonnet, a Cartoon Movie play

Vanessa on and in People Magazine
another glossy at the stands, too.

Vanessa as Natalia

Vanessa sang w/ Victor Manuelle

Vanessa as Marlene

Vanessa sang w/ Manny Manuel in New York, N.Y.C.
in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, the Bronx, Staten Island

Vanessa sang w/ Mana, in South Carolina, Canton
in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and at Corpus Christi, Philly, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ohio

She sang w/ El Grupo Niche w/ Samuel, and Son
and Shawn also, in Mexico, Latin America, New Mexico, Hawaii, South Carolina

Vanessa at t/ Battle of Puebla competition

Vanessa as Maite Perroni

Vanessa interviewed Leonard Smith

Vanessa sang and produced La Lizarraga Band
and co-produced it w/ Sergio Lizarraga en Calle Hey

Vanessa sang too w/ Julio Iglesias

Vanessa sang w/ and along w/ Juanes, tambien
Bilingual, and also in Spanglish, too.

Vanessa also sang w/ Jose Jose

Vanessa interviewed John McCain
in the mins, and in the FBI, 0 also

Vanessa sang w/ Enrique Iglesias on stage
and in concert, while all of her family and friends were there, present, in the present.

Vanessa sang w/ Andy Montanez

Vanessa sang and danced w/ Elvis Crespo

Vanessa sang w/ Elvis

Vanessa sang w/ Carlos Santana
played w/ him too.

Vanessa sang w/ Braulio

Vanessa in a Ricky Martin Concert w/ Jared
as an Audience Member, Cast Member, at Tampa AFB, TPA Air Force Base, Raymond James Stadium

Vanessa in a Series of Sierra Mist Promos
and also for Rasberry, Orange, and Grape diet rite, soda, as well, in Z-Hills, Ormond Bch, FL

Vanessa at a Heineken Promo. in Ormond Beach, FL
also in the zip code of 34473, in Marion Oaks, Ocala, Marion County, S.R. 200, Fl, again, Chicago

Vanessa in a Diet Rite Soda Promotion
in Candler, FL, and also in Orlando, Orange Blossom Trail, Okeechobee, in Kissimee, and others

Vanessa interviewed Betty Castor

Vanessa sang, and rapped w/ Bad Bunny!

Vanessa sang w/ Alejandro Sanz

Vanessa sang and was in Stone Temple Pilots
the whole, entire cd, at that, and thensome, again!!

Vanessa had interviewed Skip Valet
Vanessa was an Interviewer, and the Interviewee, as well, she played both parts, and thensome.

Vanessa was a Notre Dame cheerleader
Vanessa as was, Vanessa an as was, was, and has been, a has been too, inc.

She sang w/ Bobby Goldsboro, in Ocala, F.L.

Vanessa was in and sang in and w/ Xscape
an R&B Grp

Vanessa at a Michelob Lite promotion
in Zephyrhills, FL, TPA, S. TPA

Vanessa in t/ Joe Rocket catalog, on the cover
at a promotion, in Daytona Beach, F.L., for Motorcycle Wear, Rocket Wear, modeled it

Vanessa sang w/ Jodeci

Vanessa sang w/ Hector Lavoe

Vanessa sang w/ and along w/ Boyz II Men
and sang with them on stage and everything, like that

Vanessa as a Texan cheerleader in the NFL
a cheerleading Lead


Vanessa as a Seattle Seahawk cheerleader

America the Beautiful

Vanessa in a Series of Park Auto Mall commercials
ads, and also Billboards, in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, F.L.

Vanessa Palmer
Vanessa Palmer

Be Not Afraid

Click here to see Vanessa again



Vanessa in Southern Living Magazine
in a Pictorial, a Glossy, again.

Vanessa in a white Halter dress, w/ Bustierre
w/ a purple, Genovese flower in her hair, at Sunset, on t/ Grass

as Vanessa Maywood in Journeys
w/ a pink and white Time Clock

Vanessa working Human Trafficking in the Fbi

Vanessa w/ her Butterfly top in pink and blue
as a Young Girl


















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Too Sexy

Hospital equipment

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Clip 88

Prufrock and Other Observations

clip 142

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clip 152

Vanessa Palmer Blas' Photo Gallery
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Inimitable Bookings
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Contact Form
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Beautiful Performances
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Stunning Entrances
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Fitness Appearances
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Best Approaches
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Perfect Commitments
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Damage Control Productions, Inc.

The Diamond Agency

The New York Times - Writer

The New York Times - Journalist

The New York Times - Producer

The New York Times - Photog.

Vanessa Barbara

Vanessa Palmer

Vanessa Baez - Singer

Billboard - Songwriter

Barnes and Noble - Book Writer, Novelist





R.J.'s Casting

The New York Times Author

CF News 13

Vanessa Joy

NY Times Photographer

NY Times Photojournalist

NY Times Editor

Al Capone's Wikipedia

NY Times Photog.

Columbo's Wiki

as Vanessa Johnson Brinkley, she published another book

30 Days of Triumphant Thinking Journal - a Religious book, a Success book, a Self-Empowerment Book, a Non-Fiction book, a Personal Growth book

Vanessa's book, Om for the Mom, as a PDF, and also as an E-PUB

Vanessa was published in the New York Review of Books, and the NYR Daily.

Images of The Rockefellers, also known as The Rockefeller - Images

Joe Rockefeller - Images

Zoraida Rockefeller - Images

Vanessa Baez - Images

New York - Images

Brooklyn - Images

Her other book -- The Fight is Fixed - Battles that have been Won, as Vanessa Johnson Brinkley

Her book, Thrive: A Call to Healing as Vanessa Johnson

Baez - Images

V - Images

Manhattan - Images

Va - Images

New York City - Images


Vanessa - Hair


U.S. Army - Images

Vanes - Images

The Hilton at Rockefeller Center - Images

Vaness - Images

The New York Hilton

AT&T - Images

CNA Insurance Adjusting Firm Company

St. Martin of Tours Church, Brooklyn, NY

St. Elizabeth Seton School in Brooklyn, N.Y.

1476 Jefferson Avenue, Apt. #2, Brooklyn, NY 11237 -- Their Address in Bklyn

Queens School of Dance

Gloria's Salon

5113 Gates Ave., Apt. #1, Queens, NY 11315

Math Club

Her Vanessa Diffenbaugh website!


Zoraida Baez

Zoraida Ayala

Zori Baez

Zory Ayala






Latino Democratic Club - They were members of the club.

Marion County Democratic Club - They were also members of this club, as well.

Baldwin Academy

Vanessa on, in a Prime Video, called Independent Woman, with TV Parental Guideline Rating, Closed Captioned

Vanessa CD

Vanessa Jose - CD

Carmen Aub - her First Cover

Carmen A.

Sebastian Yatra

American Literature - Short Stories for Children

Vanessa Baez was a Member of The Florida Bar.

Vanessa on U.S. Geographical Survey, with Shawn, too.

Vanessa Baez was on MIX, Santa Fe.

Vanessa Baez in Quill Magazine.

Bianca Marroquin

Chiquinquira Delgado

Busy Mom's Guide to Cleaning: The 10-Step Guide to Declutter and Clean All Things the Fast, Natural, Eco-Friendly Way PDF/EPUb by Vanessa Johnson

Vanessa Lau

Lili Estefan

Nancy Travis

Elisabeth Shue

Bettie Page

Kathy Griffin

Jenna Davis

Marilyn Manson

Melissa Rivers

Olivia Newton-John

Agnes V.

Anthony Hopkins

Olympia Dukakis

Catherine Bell

Posh Spice

Rita Haywood

Rita Hayworth

Fran Drescher

Gloria Gaynor

Liv Tyler

Dayanara Torres

Anette Funicello

Geena Davis

Kate Hudson

Cameron Bure

Dalai Lama





Vanessa in Traffic

William Shakespeare

Strawberry Shortcake

Dora the Explorer

Storm Trooper




Larry Bird

Magic Johnson

Reggie Johnson

John Legend

Annika Sorenstam

Paula Creamer

Vanessa's Download Book, Downloadable Book!!! She was on Google Sites, too!