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Zory the Saint, and Biggie Smalls was hired by rya
ryan to hit for Vaness and protect her, then in t/ pentagon

Zory, and Vanessa's 00 house she had on a Latin
farm, Latin farm, t/ largest, and joanne gave her atkins, and loui too.

Zoey, all tucked in, Vanessa had t/ 00 House
t/ Spanish house on a farm, w/ acres of farm land w/ animals, peach/orange w/ Spanish Tile Roofing

Danny R in sync, her, from nsync, him
t/ Jihad house, her and her mom got, joe j, shawn, her dad, slash, slashes

Vanessa used Aveeno Oatmilk Blend shampoo
w/ honey, moon, nasa shampoo, eddie g taught her mma, her mom was a llama, all of them together

Vanessa at a Jail Meeting, Jail Conference Call
her grandpa was her Martial Arts Promoter, on her dad's side and cornelius, he taught her MMA

Vanessa at a fire in afghanistan, killed a bunch
she was NYFD Chief per harry and william, and harry was a special agent, and on a whim, whim, chin

Eric Morris, she'd studied Morris, and did Method
Vanessa did, and practiced Method out, she and james had t/ marine house near t/ Marina

Vanessa on Princess Day, again.
she had a Marine house w/ James in black/white, in Menopause, t/ play

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Vanessa was in Her, t/ movie, and as Pitbull, too
and again, marsha lived to t/ lft, eddie g gave her upstairs and downstairs' Marshall house

as Her, Vanessa got an A+ in t/ pentagon
she was in Ghost, Ghosting in t/ pentagon and sheriffs office, and t/ Marsha house was next door

Vanessa was on t/ Ocala Board
her and joe j had a house in Jerusalem, a Jerusalem house, and william muller was her Fbi Asassin

Vanessa on and during, Hurricane Irma.
her dad invented, created Nugenix w/ her, bruno, shawn, t/ whole family

Vanessa reading to t/ kids, t/ neighbor's kids
her and shawn got t/ dept of defense house, they got t/ michelob light coasters, guiness ones

Nick Carter - her shooter, also
her and bruno's friend, and then don king and muhammed ali were her Fighting Promoters

Jordan Knight, he knew Vanessa, he was her frnd
he,her, shawn went to hpc, and she got Tratorria w/ jca jr.

Vanessa walking w/ a neighbor, as a baby.
She went for a baby walk, and then later, she got Sri Lankan Threading of t/ eyebrows.

Carmen Palmer, then Carmen Baez
Vanessa's Grandmother on her dad's side, she got Indian Threading done, Native-American Threading

Kevin - and joe j was a special agent
and a federal agent, and Vanessa got Eyebrow-Threading per mike from eric and shawn, Micro-Blading

Vanessa used to be on Jenny Craig, weighed in
went to t/ Weigh-In, and her mom, she wore rhianna makeup, got that, too.

Gloria Bethany Johnson - her other daughter's name
Her second daughter of the FBI, Vanessa was Certified, she worked for Gov. Lawton Chiles w/ Chris

Brian Littrell - was also, Chase, at another time
samuel too went to flight school separate, and w/ them, shawn w/ bruno, ralphie a marshall/marshal

Bethany Gloria Johnson - their daughter of t/ fam
v's dad and hoegie's dad went to Flight School together, her/hoegie went to Flight school, separate

a pic she took for t/ NY Times Weekly of Soweto
Orlando was their neighbor, diagonal, lft in t/ back, horizontal, they lived on Queens compound

Vanessa got Eyebrow Insurance w/ harry, hoegie
jared, sylvester was cia, they worked New York compound, had a NY house

Vanessa at t/ Wavelength boat and ship w/ sylveste
her/slash took over t/ pirate ship, her mom went to Carlisle Dermatology, her, all to Dr. Locke.

Vanessa on This Week Tonight
she was in Gladiator 1-14, in succession, in The Times Weekly, her dad was on This Week Tonight

out on a walk w/ hoegie, she took Detention w eric
w/ eric, again, her w/ richard gere created Autumn in NY, Keanu

she got t/ Christmas house to prevent cancer
they lived in t/ Rockefeller house, greg was a federal agent, she had Study Hall w/ jason, eric

Vanessa riding a horse in arizona
they lived on Puerto Rico compound, in a San Juan house, and in a Tampa house, Sabana Grande house

ramonita gave her t/ Dior Holiday, Couture
Collections, Vanessa was in Collections, and hoegie

in a caraffe state, in and w/ landing gear
at t/ point of t/ plane, landing, they lived on Tampa compound, Hillsborough Cty compound

hoegie's great uncle was a marshal, anthony too
anthony s, and carmelo a, carmelo p, joe g, greg

They lived in a FL house on Florida compound.
felipa, juan j were marshals, gladys, john, karen, solideen, bryan, and then randy was a federal age

as Vanessa Sanchez, t/ kids got out half a day
on Thursdays, got portrait of grndma from her, an orange pendant ring, slash gave her t/ same and fl

Vanessa at Puppy School, Pet school, also.
joseph balen was her marshal, their kids got out early on Tuesdays, and half a day on Wednesdays

Vanessa in t/ One-Eyed Monster segment/parade
they all went to support her, she and paul h had t/ Berlin house near, out in t/ back, somewhere, to

Show starts Monday, February 6th, already did.
she went w/ eddie to t/ cmas, jason was penn stn, she was csi miami, was on and was CSI-Malibu, step

Just another electrocution camp in arizona, also.
hoegie's assistants were randy, frank n, lefty, and luke was state pen, pen, penn station for her

Vanessa when she went to Phoenix, Arizona w/ desi
at work, and all play, too, shawn created mixed-martial arts too, and ufc also, won too

She was bette davis' Audio-Double
her grandpa created ufc w/ bruno, slash, her, and her parents, saul

juan ca, jr's Set-Up w/ Vanessa at State Pen
of criminals, killers, murderers, she was into dancing, t/ USF Dance Club, in t/ Harvard Rowing Club

Their kids went to Extended Care across t/ st.
dwayne was pentagon, fbi pen, fbi-pent, pen, like rob, her/juan ca were Pen, State Pen

Vanessa w/ a turquoise, blue background, red hair.
bright hr, she, they were Hair Ins, her parents, shawn, bruno, slash, rob, juanca, juan jr, bruno 2

Vanessa in Antarctica, all of them, w/ jason p
jared and jared j were clerks in t/ fbi crthse, fed crthse, us crthse, hoegie was a file clerk/fed c

Vanessa at a Roaring Twenties event/party also
her and Jason Priestley went to Cuny, Suny, together, jared l, jared j were a clerk/file clerk, hers

An article she worked on, in print, too.
John H was her Clerk in Court, US Courts, Frankie was his file clerk and associate.

Vanessa in The Fifth Element
her, slash, shawn went and attended Taliban School, Frankie was her File Clerk, hoegie her Clerk

Vanessa on TV Insider
her and slash went to Infirmary School, to t/ Taliban, mark, took courses, classes

Vanessa in Once Upon a Time
her and slash went to Afghanistan School, worked in t/ Infirmary there, in afghanistan

Luke Perry - her Johnny in - Pentagon
She was t/ Book of Law in t/ Fbi, ryan, Pentagon law, her/william, FBI Law

Naomi - her friend, best friend Downstairs!!
Vanessa went w/ her Grandpa on Grandfather Day, and he w/ her on Granddaughter Day!

Vimaris, another neighbor of theirs.
bailey was on what would you do, and polo, pico, sherlock, misu, joe t/ cat, tommy, beta, prada t/ f

She took a pic of children in Mexico, too.
jeter gave her 12 roses, got in t/ yankee car, also, she went Ziplining, and on ATV, as well.

Vanessa on Up Front and Personal
draco was head again of menudo, jason was son of a judge, fed judge, dept of justice judge

A pic she took of Somali kids in Somalia.
Omarys was her friend who lived on a blcok before, and Vimaris too next to that one, diagonal

Vanessa went w/ Saul to his prom.
She went to slash, bruno, and shawn's proms, as well.

Vanessa in Riverdale
william muller iii worked t/ Skinhead Op. in Fbi Federal for her and william muller

Brian Austin Green - Vanessa's Fbi Pentagon
william muller iii was john paul stevens' grandson, chase was his great cousin

Vanessa was in 8 Seconds, slash was on 90210
john a was a Menudo Member, as Draco Rosa

Vanessa on a hike on 0 Day
samuel alito jr was her Fbi Crt Lwyr, and william muller iii her Fbi Court Lwyr, Supreme Court Lwyr

Vanessa in Kokoda w/ Fbi Federal, Federal
on a trip w/ t/ 00 agency, william muller iii was a Fed Lwyr, judge out of t/ fbi office

in africa, Dr. Ruth, and Tammy Faye Bakker visited
her, w/ them, Jane Fonda and Henry Kissinger, too, ryan invented memorial day w/ her

Vanessa, TV Presenter, on Travel Chitchat
on Nine News ACT/NSW

Vanessa at and in Las Cuevas de Camuy
and in El Salvador, PR dom, dome,, per harry, slash got her hairbands/headbands

T/ top of her website, beginning of it, her
macklemore was dutch, her team, state hwy patrolmen, jared, randy, jared l, leto, herself, macklemor

Her working in t/ fbi, again, t/ following year
her and harry had given joe j. t/ Jihad Book.

Slash gave Vanessa body sprays, hand wash
hand sanitizer, they shared everything, she had t/ Green house w/ Ira at an angle to t/ lft of them

Stephen H. when he was a child.
Vanessa had a Red house w/ Tony J., two blocks over, across t/ street for them, across t/ st., then.

Jimmy Smits - Vanessa's Hitman 2nd-in-Command
out of t/ fbi, as a detective, too.

Her Kesha song was on So You Think You Can Dance
Benjamin was on and danced on So You Think You Can Dance, competed then, too.

Vanessa went w/ them all on t/ Alzheimer's Walk
She had t/ Orange house w/ Clay, two blocks over to t/ left of them.

When they went to Moses' Mountain
she worked Pentagon Compound, and t/ Elefante gange, wore orange, there was a Frye/Mexican Mafia/mob

William Miller, and Eric Miller were Fed. Pentagon
and lived in t/ Fed. Pentagon, her and John H. had t/ beige and black house on t/ block over to t/ l

The Solar System, ralphie was dutch
an eric was not a cop, but was amish, she went w/ eric to t/ sadie hawkins dance, he created it

Vanessa at an FBI Meeting, w/ t/ British Flag
and t/ American flag too, she was t/ Manhattan Playhouse w/ William before, after that, Angel

Her and Sean were British Columbia, B.C.
She was Hillary's V.P., and Michelle was her dad's Social Worker.

Her and harry were amscot, ben c was offc sec.
She was Office Secretary, a, an, Office White House Aide, Aid

William Muller was a 3, william 13 in robocop
he did her hair in robocop, did her hair, he was 3, 4, 5, her, 11, 12, they were stormtroopers

Brian C was her and hoegie's burner
Rob Zombie threw her a party in theme, and her to him, back, w/ Maluma, t/ same

Vanessa was t/ Producer of t/ O'Reilly Factor.
And t/ Executive Producer, as well, on t/ show, and in Behind-the-Scenes.

Vanessa in t/ Grand Hotel
She did t/ Wo dance, lte grey background, bare-faced, light clothing

Vanessa on Canada Day, also.
Harry was also at one time, still is, her Black House Federal Judge, t/ other one

She had bone-white bed sheets for her bedroom.
On her bed, Samuel J was her U.S. Marshal, Samuel, t/ other was her Blackhouse Federal Judge

Vanessa's pink chapstick, since a little girl
her top ruffle, ruffling top, in burgundy, mic to t/ rt, lft, middle, side, in, or out.

Vanessa in t/ Fbi, while reporting from it
in and from t/ Fbi Building, in black and white, in Canberra, Sydney, Albury, too, in burgundy v

Vanessa while in t/ Middle East, w/ t/ map
w/ t/ globe, w/ a bright, pink, fuschia dress, w/ high-sleeves, and a long dress, too.

Vanessa on t/ Bay News 9 Set, at the desk.
On the Broadcast Set, at the Broadcast Station.

Vanessa w/ princess sleeves, a zipper, collar
reporting the weather on the weather channel, in tiger print, high neck, blue, black, silver, gold

Vanessa reporting live from Melbourne.

Vanessa's grey files in t/ Federal agency

Vanessa's Donnie Brasco bubble gum.
Lucky red was her color! Celine Dion visited her.

Vanessa's blue writing pad.
Diana Ross had visited bruno, as well.

Vanessa's blue sticky notes.
The Pips had visitted both, bruno and her, also.

Vanessa's blue notebook, and notepad.
Tina Turner visited her dad.

Vanessa's blue journal
Gladys Knight and the Pips visited her mom.

Vanessa's blue rosary.

Vanessa's blue pen
gloria had a party at st theresa's, harry, all of them

Vanessa's blue paper, paperette, parchment paper
her parents had a st theresa paper, al did, her grandpa, henry, sam, samuel, too.

Vanessa's blue, Bazooka gum, she used to chew
they went to michael's St. Michael party, ryan had a st. theresa party, ira too, her mom, her dad

Vanessa's blue chapstick, lip balm
chance had a party at St. Theresa, Hunter did also, lil Shawn, Kimmie as well

Vanessa's black pen, fine pointe pen, w/ silver.
benjamin had a little party at St. Theresa's, Eric a baby party there, Eric 2 a kid party there too.

Vanessa's Fbi black, folder
Dionne Warwick visitted them, shawn had a St. Jude Party

Vanessa used Better Homes & Gardens oils
t/ collection, her dad had a St. Joseph Party, and an Angel Party, as well

Vanessa was a Writer for t/ AP, Associated Press
her mom had a St. Lucy Party, and they all went to that, also.

Vanessa w/ a Broadcast Background, w/ glass
She along w/ Shawn at another St Theresa party w/ chance, patrick, hunter, lil shawn

Vanessa wore Coty, Wild Musk
Her and shawn had a St. Theresa Party w/ their parents, benjamin, eric, eric 2, kimmie, chance, pat

Vanessa on St. Jean Baptiste day
she and patrick had a party at McLoughlin Hall w/ shawn, as well

Vanessa was in Soul to Soul, Soul 2 Soul t/ record
slash h had an apostle party, her dad went, she had a st. theresa party w/ kimmie, grandpa went

She, they, used Scott tissue paper, got t/ pack
individually wrapped too, she went to bruno's party, shawn went to slash's party, also.

Vanessa was given t/ Scottish soap, Au Lait lotion
from william, bruno had a bruno party, slash had a slash party, they all went, and so on, too

Vanessa got a pink, flower bouquet for her bathrm
She placed it on top of her Toilet Bowl.

Vanessa had used Phisoderm in Cia Federal
and Shawn, too, she gave her dad t/ St. Joseph tissue box, and t/ Angel box too

Vanessa was in Parallel 9
her dad got t/ St. Joseph box, her t/ Angel tissue box, t/ Coro box her bro

Vanessa used Nu Skin in t/ Fbi
William gave it to her, she got one, a St. Anthony tissue box, a St. Lucy one for her mom, a box

Vanessa had a large, hand soap bottle, in a jug
she got an aztec tissue box, gave St. Anthony a cake, party w/ slash, from all them

Vanessa in a turquoise, satinny blouse
w/ bruno in angel, she got a European tissue box, bruno a bruno box, slash a slash one, too, theirs

Vanessa in an x, dark purple top, w/ mirage on it
w/ light blue, w/ a cop background, w/ black, white, mark gave her zevo, all of them to be safe out

Vanessa in a beige, pink sheath, w/ frays, fringes
w/ pleats, in religious clothing, bruno, shawn, gave her t/ Zevo insect repellant, they all used it

Vanessa's beige, wicker basket
she put it on her bureau, iris, her parent, shawn, gave her zevo bug killer insect repellant

Vanessa got blue, Glade, bathroom spray
in Powdered Fresh, Powder Blue, William got her one, a set, she continuously got it, too.

Vanessa was in Destiny's Child
and William gave her Scottish Fine Soaps, too

Vanessa got a large bottled Dial, blue hand soap.
William got her another one, and a Nu Skin lotion cream, she had another one, in t/ fbi, and liked

Vanessa's blue sheets.

Lil' Baby - Slash's Cover, in music for her.

A-Rod/Alex Rodriguez was Vanessa's othr Fbi hitman
Dwight, Jonathan, Robert, cleaned all of Vanessa and her family's teeth.

Vanessa in City Girls

as Blac Chyna
Vaness invented Aloe Vera, and V's dad invented t/ Rolex, and she Milk, cows and ducks, as well.

Vanessa used Aveeno on her skin, in t/ cia
They were all monks, Buddhist monks, and Harry Krishnas, also.

Vanessa used Biolage, Hydrosource, Aloe Vera
w/ scent, Scented, and not scented hair products, and facial products in her hair, and theirs, too.

Vanessa on her Parents' Anniversary, again.

Mary Brit - their neighbor two blocks up
she taught Vanessa at OCT, Ocala Civic Theatre, joe g paid for her classes there/harry & at cf/shawn

Joe Girardi - Vanessa's Italian Mafia Assasin
Rosie C. did her hair, ben/chance/hunter/kimmie went to Spain uni & eric/eric2/lilshawn/pat/patrick

Ben Marciano - Vanessa's Hitman Assasin
in t/ special agency, she played guitar at a mary j blige concert, violin at a fantasia one, also.

Vanessa and Nick on her Parents' 45th Anniversary
w/ t/ blue background, in back, in t/ garage, she took Gregorian chant in t/ fbi and pentagon.

Vanessa's Mom's Hitman, Jose Irizarry II.
Her mom posing w/ him, he got her that dress, she took Gregorian chant w/ slash h.

Vanessa w/ white dots and circles on t/ frame
shawn, bruno, and t/ kids went to spain uni., University, also.

Jose I. gave Vanessa this outfit, as a gift
as a present, fully clothed, she went to Spain University, per her dad, w/ him, al, grandpa, mom

Vanessa's Dad's Hitman, Jose Irizarry
on her Parents' Anniversary, too - full-time, she went to t/ Vatican school per harry, also.

Vanessa w/ an amber lighting, dark amber, brown
in a bright, purple dress, Side shot, her parents, al, grandpa went to t/ manhattan school of music

Vanessa joking, joking around w/ t/ sun/clouds
w/ a bright beaming light, she went to Colorado Christian University from saul/edna, Vatican School

Vanessa in a baby pink top, sleeveless
Denise gave her a body wash kit w/ soap, eric gave her t/ pureology collection, dre gave her biolage

Vanessa in a blue, lace, Yankee dress
and Connor went to t/ Afterschool program, bright, blue backing she had, w/ lt grey background

Vanessa in a leather dress/top, wood backing
Their kids were in t/ After School Program, Sue, Violet, Ben, Lil Shawn, Kimmie, Chance, Hunter.

Them playing, w/ a white/grey, Circle mirror
beige, metal backing, in an Adidas sweater, black/white/grey, w/ dark grey, light side rectangle

Their kids went to t/ Manhattan School of Music
Conner went and also attended; Jason Priestley was her 1st Hitman in t/ Fbi, by vote, he won by Vote

Vanessa wore a slate, beige, blouse, turtleneck
a half neck, one, and both chance and hunter went to t/ manhattan school of music, and conner

Vanessa in a beige, bone white, satin top, as well
her kids went to t/ Manhattan school of music, sue/violet, pat, patrick, ben, kimmie, lil shawn

Vanessa w/ a white, and blue background w/ grey
ira took her and t/ kids to t/ Escapades, w/ t/ family, also, ira gave her clothes

Vanessa at The Moors, in Volusia County, too.
ira gave her lip glosses, her in a siberian/trans-siberian winter sweater, also, w/ t/ Moors backing

Vanessa w/ a bunny top, butonnierre top, too
Ryan gave her shower gel, ira gave her soap, ry a tissue box, shawn gave her a bracelet, and a ring

Vanessa in a little, pink sweater, a Diamond top
w/ a blouse, w/ a hole on it, on top, water/boats behind her, went to t/ Yankee house

Vanessa telling the news, w/ a scroll, again
back in Tampa, in Titusville, and in Sarasota, Miami, Austen, Austin, FL, she went to t/ Yankee hous

Vanessa in bright blue.

Vanessa on Holey Moley

Vanessa on ABC News Television
in Mount Dora, Tallahassee, and Tampa, too.

Vanessa on First Responders
she won t/ Life Achievement Award w/ Denzel Washington, for catching Human Traffiking

Vanessa on City on a Hill
and joe g gave her a prty at mdn, too

Vanessa w/ a Scroll of a Story, Time Stamp, Type
She put her Basket on her bureau, nancy grace was bf to her, her grandpa had a party at mdn for her

Vanessa w/ blinds in t/ back room, back of t/ rm
a room w/ a view, A-rad took her to Mesa de Note, Nick J was her Programmer in t/ fbi and in 0 arad

Vanessa in her pink and black little dress
w/ a black bow, in light, baby pink, she threw shawn a bday party at Arigato's, Hosanna was there

Vanessa w/ t/ City Landscape in t/ back.
as a background, her grandpa threw her a party at Napoli's, Desi gave her a blouse from Ruehl.

Vanessa on 9, and i9 News in Canberra
Joe G took her to Messa de Note, grandpa took her there too, threw her a party at Ny 1 pizza

Vanessa in a navy blue, Sailor top, too.
Sam took her to Messa de Notte, and her grandpa on her dad's side, also.

Vanessa in slate beige, grey, and black
Desi wrote some, and more than a couple of bruno's latin songs, too; Samuel took her to Mesa de Note

Vanessa w/ a pillars background, and a country one
w/ t/ Station Banner, acronym, logo, Name of Show, Sideboard, Night shift, Overnight shift

Vanessa in a red, silk blouse of material
in Titusville, doing a stand up in front of t/ green screen, on Evening shift, again.

Vanessa in a Brady top, w/ a clouds background
w/ bars along t/ wall, Jose took her to Edo's Japanese Steakhouse, Joe G. another time for sushi

Vanessa in a red, Goth top, again
her mom gave her a tissue box, dad, bruno 2, al, saul, slash, her grandpa on her dad's side, Al too.

Vanessa w/ her blue, Sailor blouse, she was on it
She had a Heavenly blue, side background, ryan gave her a tissue box, shawn a box, bruno did, also

Vanessa in a Brady Bunch blouse, with goth
w/ a Business background, grey couch, on it, Steph gave her Nexxus shampoo/conditioner

Vanessa in Pose.

Vanessa on Synoptic, L and H areas
in t/ Hot Zone, on both t/ Cool and Hot weather maps, an Indoor Shot, also.

Vanessa doing an Outdoor Stand-Up
w/ t/ black bar, out at t/ sand, in and from Melbourne

William Miller had insured both of Vanessa's legs
on and en route, w/ 007, too, in federal, harvey, linda, sharon each gave her a sweater

Pamela Anderson - Vanessa's Best-Friend, B.F.

Sedgwick was her friend, G.F., good friend, also.

Vanessa's Reporter Shot
Her mom took her to t/ French Riviera w/ her, and Sebastian; Joe G gave her Emaraude, White Diamonds

Vanessa at t/ Globe map, Global map, that is.
She owned a business w/ Joe Girardi, and Partly-Owned, Joe's Diner, w/ him, too, she was in her seat

Vanessa w/ a city background, left t/ set
outside, and she Co-Owned, Part-Owned Joe Girardi's Barber Shop & Grille, Joe's Diner, Joe's Barber

Vanessa w/ her partner on-air
They gave her a cake at work for her bday on air, she gave Peggy Schepler a soap kit for hers

Vanessa in a hot red dress

Vanessa in a Skater Boy shirt/sweater
and Hellen gave her Yves Saint Laurent; Lorraine gave her Liz Claiborne

Vanessa wearing something wispy.
Nandy gave her Emaraude; she went w/ Matty to t/ CMT/CMA awards, All my Children awards, as well.

Vanessa Live in Melbourne!
She went w/ Mark Wills to t/ CMA Awards; she went to t/ All my Children awards one w/ Chandra.

Vanessa - Live, out in t/ open, doing her Opening
John gave her Opium, Felipa gave her Amarige, Juan gave her an outfit, more outfits, as well.

Vanessa in her chair, Air Chair, Broadcast Chair
She went w/ Don Johnson to t/ All my Children awards show, also, then another one w/ Kenra, as well.

Vanessa at another Buzzcatz show
Matty made her dress, and her grandma on her dad's side made her a dress and more dresses, tops

Vanessa at t/ Buzzcats show, again
they'd seen them before a long time ago; her dad gave her a sweatshirt, too.

Vanessa at t/ Circle Square Cultural Center
Ira gave her Yellow Diamonds, too, she went to t/ CMT Awards w/ Mark Wills

Vanessa at Circle Square Commons
Birch gave her a ceramic Cabbage Patch Doll, Sculpted, and David gave her Yellow Diamonds

Vanessa at t/ Cultural Center, again
She went w/ Robert Rose to t/ American Latino Awards, and then, again, w/ Ira, Shawn and t/ kids too

Vanessa working w/ her partner
Warren gave her a Pantomime mask, a Mardi Gras one, too, more Chantilly

Vanessa at Circle Square Commons
Carmen gave her White Diamonds, Purple, Green and Black Diamonds, as well.

Vanessa at Circle Square
Felipa gave her Avon Skin-So-Soft, and Frankie gave her Chantilly, David the Lace, also.

Vanessa w/ a large mav, map on Desert Storm
they were at Desert Storm, and AJ gave her a sports car to run around the track, also.

Vanessa in blue satin w/ a blue background in NY
Richie worked on another shirt for her, that one, Ramone gave her a T-shirt

Vanessa doing a Live Report outside.
Edward gave Shawn a shirt, and Ira gave her a pair of pants.

Vanessa w/ a shirt, like an Eagle
Eva gave her a sweater, Angel made this shirt, her dad, and her grandpa gave her each a shirt

Vanessa sitting at t/ set, and on set, on t/ sofa
her grandpa on her dad's side gave her a dress, a full one.

Vanessa doing t/ Weather Map Report
in front of the Green Screen, that changes, Maria gave her a sweater

Vanessa at t/ Mav Board, w/ Sun, and Cloud
in red, white, and blue, and Slash gave her White Musk.

Reese Witherspoon - Vanessa's G.F., too.

Vanessa at the Weather Map, w/ Bar at t/ bottom
of the screen, Gladys gave her Musk.

Denise Richards was Vanessa's girlfriend

Carmen Electra was Vanessa's friend

Vanessa at work, once, again, and thenso, thensome
Charlie gave her Charlie perfume, the set, t/ large set.

Vanessa on the news ... and then some, also.
Ryan gave her Love's Baby Soft perfume, Robert gave her United Colors of Benetton cologne

Vanessa on-air, out there, and somewhere.
Ryan gave her Jean Nate, t/ Full Kit and Caboodle; Ira gave her Chantilly, Chantilly Lace, full kit.

Vanessa in an Ad, News Poster, Poster Ad, as well.
Juan gave her Tresor, David gave her Jadore perfumes

Ryan was on Toasted TV, and so was she

Vanessa was on Ten News, Eyewitness News

Vanessa was on SBS World News.
Both she and her mom, worked for, and at, Charles Schwabb.

Vanessa was on 60 Minutes.
Mark Wills, Dierks Bentley, and Keith Urban, did her hair, eyebrows, upper lip, and toes, wax

Vanessa was on Behind the News
Toby K. shot for them, and her mom, since they were kids, she sang w/ Sheryl Crowe

Vanessa was on ABC 1.
She and shawn had a Euro/European Party w/ and for her mom, & Toby Keith shot for her, Saul, Shawn

Vanessa was on Four Corners
she and shawn had done each other cirque de soleil makeup, she did Johnny D.'s in Pirates of t/ Cari

Vanessa on The Catalyst
She put the kids, Chance, Hunter, Conner, Connor in Vacation Bible School, all of them, again.

Vanessa - Writer

Vanessa Baez with Aerosmith
Vanessa Baez on Guitar

Vanessa in the Nutcracker ballet

Vanessa Baez/NYPD

Vaness as a little girl.

Giovanni Gottie

Vanessa was on Saturday, Weekend Breakfast
She put her kids in Vacation Bible School - Sue, Violet, Benjamin, Eric, Eric 2, Lil Shawn, Kimmie

Her dad threw a party for her mom w/ Shirley
who was Jen G.'s great-aunt, too.

Vanessa and her dad threw her grandpa a bday prty
t/ 1 on her dad's side, at t/ pizzeria, a pizza party!!!

Vanessa used Biolage, by Matrix, too.
The Volume, Bloom, Cotton scented shampoo, also.

Vanessa at t/ Weather Channel reporting rain.
She'd had a Domino's party for one of her birthdays, that was then on t/ horizon.

And both, Vanessa w/ Jen G. had a b-day prty
together, thrown by V's dad, also.

Janice threw another Spanish party w/ her for brun
and Jan threw a Euro party w/ her for her mom, too.

Janice had thrown Bruno a Spanish party w/ her
and Vanessa had thrown him an English party w/ her, too, and Janice had thrown V's mom a Euro party

Vanessa on t/ Studio farm, Farms of light, neon
darks, bright lights, lamps, studio equipment, lamp posts, cameras, cams, video cams, light cams, pi

Vanessa's Anchor Composite Card
on t/ Farms of City, Farm-like, Farm, Country, Euro, Encampment, Charity, Charitable Efforts, Edit

Vanessa on t/ Farms of Weather, Super
and more Supers, By-Line, Head-line, more History, Science, NASA, school, schooling, Texas A&M, NYU

Vanessa on t/ Mark school, Jail school, too
Embark school, Farms of naturalization, American History, History, Math, Mathematics, kale school

Vanessa at t/ Weather channel school
on t/ English farm, Farms of Spanish, White, European, Sicilian, French, Classics, Classicism

Vanessa on t/ Broadcast farm, School farm
farms of elementary, high, the high, high school, and college, kale, Yale school, Yale college, dale

Vanessa at a Wine Party!

Vanessa at her very own Pizza Party w/ friends!

Vanessa having a gathering at home, some nibbles
some niblets, some hors' deuvres, on crinket, outside on t/ lanai, also.

Vanessa on t/ Farms of Documentary, Article
Documentative, Investigatory, Investigative, Investigation, I-Investigates, Park, Building, Office

Vanessa on the Farms of Mag., Periodical
New, News, Old News, New News, Past News, Current News, Jail News, Marion Cty Sheriffs Offce News

Vanessa on t/ show farm, 00 farm, 0 farm
on t/ Gail farm, Magazine farm, Newspaper farm, Publicity farm, Print Ads farm, Paper farm

Vanessa and 007 on a Side Shot, Side-by-Side shot
she was on t/ Water farm, Yale farm, Mark farm, again, Dale farm, Commercial farm, Promotion farm

Vanessa on t/ More farm, List farm, Jail farm
on t/ Mark farm, Vegetable farm, Movie farm, Flick farm, Flicks farm, Ad farm, TV farm

Vanessa in another NASA suit, jumper
in another robocop suit and jumper as well, paid by t/ 00 agency, and david, as well, on t/ Act farm

Vanessa on t/ Actor farm, Actress Farm
on t/ Farming Farm, FAO farm, Fine Arts Office farm, Cosmetic Make-Up farm, Fake makeup farm, case f

Vanessa on t/ Reporting Farms, Anchoring Farms
on the Writing Farm, Writer Farm, NASA Farm, Mind Farm, ICE Farm, Mark Wills' Farm, as well

Vanessa on t/ Theater Farm, another Theatre farm
on and during there, in t/ Theatrical Farm, Sing and Song Farms, too, both of them, also.

Vanessa had gone to t/ Gala awards w/ David
and Slash, as well. Slash had a boat, she had a ship. LOL!!!

Ira had under-rided, signed under her/slash's boat

Vanessa dancing, again, in black and whites.
In serious therapy in motion, tirelessly, and she'd owned her own Wellness Center, as well, w/ David

Vanessa was Nancy Pelosi's Press Secretary
and Mario Cuomo's Press Secretary, Pam Iorio's Press Secretary, and Donald Trump's Press Secretary

Vanessa in her Mormon shirt
she was Fbi-Aguadilla farm, and Fbi-San Juan farm, Fbi-Sabana Grande farm, too.

Vanessa, made up into, to be, and was, a '90's mod

Vanessa and Slash's ship, t/ Ba
The Slash, out on t/ ocean, on t/ driveway, at their home, boat, and yacht, as well, w/ Sub

Vanessa's 18th b-day Bash by Slash and Shawn
Her Sweet Sixteen Tree in Remembrance, her and Matt L caught incest, her, incestual families

Vanessa and Matt Leblanc, in a drawing by Slash
Him w/ a tan, like her, at times, not all t/ time, her in a silouette dress, dress of satin

Vanessa was Fbi-Puerto Rico Farm.
She was Fbi-San Juan farm, and Slash was Secretly Pentagon, and so was she at t/ same time, too.

Vanessa on Fbi-Tampa farm, on t/ Reporter farm
on t/ Anchor farm, Fbi-Hillsborough County farm, Acting farm, on t/ Singing farm, again

Vanessa on the Fbi-34473 farm
on the Billboard farm, the Music farm, Fbi-Ocala farm, Fbi-Marion County farm, Fbi-Florida farm

Eric's coloring page, in the Coloring min
and at home, too, and thenso, in plain white and black, ready for him to color, slash h invented etc

Vanessa's table w/ her kids at home, too.

Vanessa on t/ USSR ship on t/ way, and into Russia

On a country Day-Out.

Vanessa w/ lingerie on.

Vanessa and 007 on a ship, 00'ing together.
on the boat, and far away, not anymore!! sometimes, huh.

Vanessa in her Fbi skirt, tennis, nun/mun skirt
also, in competition, as a competitor, in navy blue, black and white

Vanessa in a Classy look, her new special agent lk
in her special agent suit, and silky blouse.

Vanessa Baez
Vanessa Baez

as Sofia Vergara

Vanessa's Named Soda as solely, Vanessa

The Opinion Pages

Vanessa in Ridgewood, Queens
Vanessa in Manhattan

Vanessa in Ridgewood, Queens
Vanessa in Manhattan

Contributing Op-Ed Writer

Vanessa Facets
Vanessa Pixels

Vanessa Facets
Vanessa Pixels

Vanessa Facets
Vanessa Pixels

Vanessa Facets
Vanessa Pixels

Vanessa Facets
Vanessa Pixels

Vanessa Facets
Vanessa Pixels

Vanessa Facets
Vanessa Pixels

Vanessa Facets
Vanessa Pixels

Vanessa Facets
Vanessa Pixels

Vanessa Facets
Vanessa Pixels

Vanessa Facets
Vanessa Pixels

Vanessa Facets
Vanessa Pixels

Vanessa Facets
Vanessa Pixels

clip 227

Vanessa, w/ her parents/Zoraida & Jose Angel Baez
Them at St. Patrick's Cathedral together.

Vanessa, with her parents, Zory and Joe Baez
Them at St. Patrick's Cathedral together.

Vanessa, with her parents, Zoraida and Junior Baez
Them at St. Patrick's Cathedral together.

Vanessa, with her parents, Zoraida and Joseph Baez
Them at St. Patrick's Cathedral together.

Vanessa, with her parents, Zoraida and Jose Baez
Them at St. Patrick's Cathedral together.

Vanessa, with her parents, Zoraida and Jose Baez
Them at St. Patrick's Cathedral together.

Vanessa, with her parents, Zoraida and Jose Baez
Them at St. Patrick's Cathedral together.

Vanessa, with her parents, Zoraida and Jose Baez
Them at St. Patrick's Cathedral together.

Vanessa, with her parents, Zoraida and Jose Baez
Them at St. Patrick's Cathedral together.

Vanessa, with her parents, Zoraida and Jose Baez
Them at St. Patrick's Cathedral together.

Vanessa, with her parents, Zoraida and Jose Baez
Them at St. Patrick's Cathedral together.

Vanessa, with her parents, Zoraida and Jose Baez
Them at St. Patrick's Cathedral together.

Her sponsors are:


Social Security



Please send her pictures and videos to:

Vanessa Palmer

384 Marion Oaks Course

Ocala, Florida  34473 

Singer, Choral Group Singer, Corale Group Singer
OLMM Ladies Group and Guild

Vanessa and her mother

Vanessa and her father

Click to hear

Vanessa in Gamma - FBI

Click here for her text

Vanessa as CIA

Click here for English

Vanessa on Google

Click here for video on demand

Vanessa as Assignment Editor, in the Hub, Writer
Vanessa as an Associate Producer, Producer in News, an A.P., AP

Vanessa as Assignment Editor, in the Hub, Writer
Vanessa as an Associate Producer, Producer in News, an A.P., AP

Click here

Vanessa as Anchor, Anchorwoman, Weatherman
Vanessa as a Weather-woman, Weatherwoman, Caster, Newscaster, Newswoman, Editress, Cameraman

Click here for her note

Vanessa w/ fork, knife, spoon, plate, entree
Vanessa having French food, fondue, w/ silverware, a fondue plate

Click here for her voice mail

Vanessa in the Bahamas, with ribbons, and sashes
Vanessa as a Camerawoman, Photographer, Journalist, Photojournalist, Co-Writer, Co-Anchor, Host

Clip 1

Vanessa in Mexico, w/ all of her friends, on Vaca.
Vanessa in Cozumel, then New Mexico.

Clip 7

Vanessa w/ her family in Milwakee, Wisconsin
Vanessa as a Co-Anchor, Co-Anchorwoman, Anchorman, Co-Anchorman, Weatherman, a Newscaster

Clip 17

Vanessa at the Force Gym in Queens
Vanessa at Force gym on Metropolitan Avenue

Clip 28

Vanessa, she at Breakfast at Tiffany's Luncheon
Vanessa at Ellis Island, in Manhattan Island

Clip 42

Vanessa in the Van gogh room in Manhattan Beach
Vanessa, Broadcaster, in Manhattan Beach, California

Clip 43

Vanessa on Flushing Avenue at a coffee shop
Vanessa w/ her mom, and fam

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Vanessa in Manhattan Beach, w/ friends

Clip 51

Vanessa in Saudi Arabia, visitting Saul.

Clip 61

Vanessa at the Freedom Public Library
Ocala, F.L.

Clip 67

Vanessa in the Ocala Civic Theatre, theater, play
Vanessa in Marion County, FL, plays, theatrics, and Fall, in the Fall season.


Vanessa at the Appleton Museum of Art, showings
Vanessa at exhibits, exhibitions, shows, at a show

Clip 83

Vanessa Palmer in the Ballet, in a tutu
Vanessa in the CIA Ballet, w/ ballerina slippers on, tights, leggings, ballerina wraps

Clip 84

Vanessa in the Brooklyn Public Library
Vanessa in Bklyn

click here to play video

Vanessa at the New York Public Library
Vanessa on a trip, and more trips to Manhattan

Happy Birthday Mr. President

Vanessa on Easter Sunday

Vanessa on Easter Sunday

Clip 99

Vanessa on Valentine's Day

Clip 110

Vanessa - Secret Service Agent

Clip 111

Vanessa in dancer pose.


Vanessa Secret Service

Clip 122

Vanessa in St. Jude, and also on Canal St.
Vanessa playing pool w/ her dad, and her best friend forever, w/ her boy, also her girlfriend

Cocktail Party I

Vanessa at Azulene Day & Spa, w/ her boyfriends
Vanessa w/ her fiancee/husband, immediate family, & family, and more family

Vanessa at Azulene Day & Spa, w/ her boyfriends
Vanessa w/ her fiancee/husband, immediate family, & family, and more family


Vanessa at Visionworks w/ her boyfriend

Medical equipment

Vanessa on her birthday w/ friends
Vanessa at the Olive Garden

clip 155

Vanessa out w/ her Sicilian friend, Jen
Vanessa at Red Lobster

clip 155

Vanessa at the Appleton Museum of Art
Vanessa w/ her family -- her baby, son, daughter, kid, child, children, young adult

clip 165

Vanessa at Bonefish, w/ her young adults, teen
Vanessa w/ her teenager, her boys, girl, babies, little kids, teens, teenagers

clip 174

Vanessa at the World's Fair, w/ her family
Vanessa in Nesconset, NY

clip 182

Vanessa at N.S. Bienstock Agency
Vanessa also, in Albany, NY

clip 191

Vanessa at Abrams Artists Agency in NYC
Vanessa at a signing, casting, a callback, and then booking, w/ her model cards, headshots

clip 199

Vanessa at Mort Meisner & Associates, in Detroit
Vanessa in Michigan, w/ her Comp cards, and all, model cards, modelling cards, all headshots

clip 209

Vanessa at Rye Playland, in Pennsylvania
Vanessa on a family vacation.

clip 249

Vanessa at the NY Hilton w/ her entire family

clip 252

Vanessa at The Hilton at Rockefeller Center
Vanessa, as a Skater, with a job, employed, w/ an employer, was also a bomber for the U.S. by t/ fbi

clip 265

Vanessa w/ Slash in the Poconos
Vanessa in Pennsylvania

clip 267

Vanessa at the Hilton in Philadelphia, P.A.
Vanessa during their spring vacation

clip 271

Vanessa during summer vacation at t/ Hilton
Vanessa in New Jersey w/ t/ entire family

clip 272

Vanessa at t/ Sizzler Steakhouse on an outing
Vanessa w/ company, in a circle, not out alone, w/ friends

clip 279

Vanessa at the movies w/ her friends
Vanessa w/ some of her friends

clip 288

Vanessa on Gates Avenue, where she used to live
Vanessa lived on 5113 Gates Avenue, Apt. #1, Queens, NY 11315, she was a white panther

clip 306

Vanessa was a black panther in the jail
In and for Genovese, owned a black panther, on and lived on 1476 Jefferson Avenue, in Brooklyn, N.Y.

clip 319

Her zip code, was 11237, theirs, too.
Vanessa also went to La Guardia Airport

clip 492

Vanessa on Irving Avenue, at a dance
with her grandpa on her mother's side

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Their mailbox in the fbi in bklyn under was #310
The family at the Oasis restaurant, in Queens

Stream 2

clip 414

Their Apartment Number was #1
Vanessa then on Wyckoff Ave., playing pool w/ her grandfather on her dad's side, and Al.

clip 358


Vanessa practicing, at practice, a practice person
at the mat, at t/ red mat, w/ blue, and white and so on, at gymnastics camp

clip 359

Vanessa a Player, she played w/ her bike, in red
Vanessa in white and black, on her superbike, a Rider, riding, a Superbike Rider, superbiking

Vanessa, also known as V, and in the V picture
in the film and all, w/ acronym and all again

clip 415

Vanessa as 007, James Bond

clip 235

Vanessa, a Car Racer, a Professional one
Vanessa a Professional Car Racer, w/ helmet, and racing glasses, and racing jacket

Vanessa a Driver, a Car Driver
in the United States of America

clip 245

Vanessa's Game, in a Ford GT computer game
of sorts

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Vanessa Palmer Blas' Inimitable Bookings
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