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Kaplan Media, Inc.

Vanessa Palmer

To Write Love on Her Arms - Vanessa and Slash were a part of this Foundation

Bruno with Vanessa were part of the Say No To Drugs Campaign and Infomercial, together.

Both Shawn and Vanessa were linked to the Breast Cancer Awareness Society link in prevention for her, as a female, a Femme Fatale, like the Bionic Woman!

The One Campaign -- Vanessa and David were part of it!!

Vanessa and her Father were a part of the American Cancer Society.

The New York Times

Vanessa and her Mother were a part of the American Red Cross.

Vanessa and William Muller had worked on investigations, together.

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Florida's News Channel

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Ocala Star Banner

Clip 30

VNN - The Villages Media Group -- The Villages Daily Sun

Telemundo - Tampa

Clip 77

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Clip 103

Ocala Models and Talent

Cocktail Party III

Home medical equipment

Clip 129

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clip 177

clip 183

clip 194

clip 212

clip 238

clip 274

clip 282

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clip 322

clip 364

Leaves 2

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Vanessa on Police Day w/ her Partner
on Blue Bloods

Skyfall - Severine

clip 139

clip 149

Vanessa Palmer Blas' Photo Gallery
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Inimitable Bookings
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Contact Form
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Beautiful Performances
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Stunning Entrances
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Fitness Appearances
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Best Approaches
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Perfect Commitments
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Updates

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New York (state), United States
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Vanessa Palmer Blas' Photo Gallery
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Inimitable Bookings
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Contact Form
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Beautiful Performances
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Stunning Entrances
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Fitness Appearances
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Best Approaches
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Perfect Commitments
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Updates

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clip 391

Vanessa on Bring Your Daughter to Work Day
w/ her father

Chi Omega Pictures

clip 392

clip 395

clip 393

Vanessa in t/ Legion of Mary
at the Legion of Mary Breakfast, Talk, Discussion and then a Luncheon, along w/ Nap Time

See More Images

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Vanessa on Charity Zeta Boards

More Chi O Pics.

Vanessa in t/ Ladies Guild of America

Vanessa worked for Sonia Sotomayor, who had hired her as an Associate Justice of Hers, in the United States Supreme Court, and also in Washington, D.C. She had worked on Dekalb Avenue. She had also, prior, to being there, had worked alongside, John Roberts, as the Associate Justice in the Justice Department, directly to him, and for herself, just the same.

Vanessa in Sweet Charity

Vanessa in Grease, as a Greaser, and Shawn too!

Vanessa in The Witch
and at A & S Stores, w/ Sephora make-up on, and Wet and Wild make--up on too.

Vanessa as Snow White


Landscaping: How To



Selecting Plants


Selecting Plants

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clip 400

Damage Control Productions, Inc.

The Diamond Agency

The New York Times - Writer

The New York Times - Journalist

The New York Times - Producer

The New York Times - Photog.

Vanessa Barbara

Vanessa Palmer

Vanessa Baez - Singer

Billboard - Songwriter

Barnes and Noble - Book Writer, Novelist





R.J.'s Casting

The New York Times Author

CF News 13

Vanessa Joy

NY Times Photographer

NY Times Photojournalist

NY Times Editor

Al Capone's Wikipedia

NY Times Photog.

Columbo's Wiki

as Vanessa Johnson Brinkley, she published another book

30 Days of Triumphant Thinking Journal - a Religious book, a Success book, a Self-Empowerment Book, a Non-Fiction book, a Personal Growth book

Vanessa's book, Om for the Mom, as a PDF, and also as an E-PUB

Vanessa was published in the New York Review of Books, and the NYR Daily.

Images of The Rockefellers, also known as The Rockefeller - Images

Joe Rockefeller - Images

Zoraida Rockefeller - Images

Vanessa Baez - Images

New York - Images

Brooklyn - Images

Her other book -- The Fight is Fixed - Battles that have been Won, as Vanessa Johnson Brinkley

Her book, Thrive: A Call to Healing as Vanessa Johnson

Baez - Images

V - Images

Manhattan - Images

Va - Images

New York City - Images


Vanessa - Hair


U.S. Army - Images

Vanes - Images

The Hilton at Rockefeller Center - Images

Vaness - Images

The New York Hilton

AT&T - Images

CNA Insurance Adjusting Firm Company

St. Martin of Tours Church, Brooklyn, NY

St. Elizabeth Seton School in Brooklyn, N.Y.

1476 Jefferson Avenue, Apt. #2, Brooklyn, NY 11237 -- Their Address in Bklyn

Queens School of Dance

Gloria's Salon

5113 Gates Ave., Apt. #1, Queens, NY 11315

Math Club

Her Vanessa Diffenbaugh website!


Zoraida Baez

Zoraida Ayala

Zori Baez

Zory Ayala






Latino Democratic Club - They were members of the club.

Marion County Democratic Club - They were also members of this club, as well.

Baldwin Academy

Vanessa on, in a Prime Video, called Independent Woman, with TV Parental Guideline Rating, Closed Captioned

Vanessa CD

Vanessa Jose - CD

Carmen Aub - her First Cover

Carmen A.

Sebastian Yatra

American Literature - Short Stories for Children

Vanessa Baez was a Member of The Florida Bar.

Vanessa on U.S. Geographical Survey, with Shawn, too.

Vanessa Baez was on MIX, Santa Fe.

Vanessa Baez in Quill Magazine.

Bianca Marroquin

Chiquinquira Delgado

Busy Mom's Guide to Cleaning: The 10-Step Guide to Declutter and Clean All Things the Fast, Natural, Eco-Friendly Way PDF/EPUb by Vanessa Johnson

Vanessa Lau

Lili Estefan

Nancy Travis

Elisabeth Shue

Bettie Page

Kathy Griffin

Jenna Davis

Marilyn Manson

Melissa Rivers

Olivia Newton-John

Agnes V.

Anthony Hopkins

Olympia Dukakis

Catherine Bell

Posh Spice

Rita Haywood

Rita Hayworth

Fran Drescher

Gloria Gaynor

Liv Tyler

Dayanara Torres

Anette Funicello

Geena Davis

Kate Hudson

Cameron Bure

Dalai Lama





Vanessa in Traffic

William Shakespeare

Strawberry Shortcake

Dora the Explorer

Storm Trooper




Larry Bird

Magic Johnson

Reggie Johnson

John Legend

Annika Sorenstam

Paula Creamer

Vanessa's Download Book, Downloadable Book!!! She was on Google Sites, too!