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Vanessa Palmer Blas
FBI Agent Under the Cover Name of Donnie Brasco
Vanessa Palmer Blas Ave: A Ring above New Vanessa Palmer Blas' Prominent Presentations ... Top Model, Actress, Ambassador, Spokes-Model, Host, Fitness Model, Bikini Model, Hair Model, Skincare Model, Face Model, Eyebrows Model, Eyes Model, Eyelashes Model, Nose Model, Cheekbones Model, Smile Model, Lips Model, Teeth Model, Chin Model, Make-Up Model, Ears Model, Earlobes Model, Neck Model, Neckline Model, Back Model, Shoulders Model, Lats Model, Traps Model, Pecks Model, Arms Model, Biceps Model, Triceps Model, Chest Model, Abs Model, Waist Model, Wrists Model, Hands Model, Fingers Model, Nails Model, Hips Model, Gluts Model, Legs Model, Thighs Model, Quads Model, Hamstrings Model, Knees Model, Calves Model, Ankles Model, Feet Model, Toes Model.
Vanessa Palmer Blas achieved respect stating to the Supreme Court of the US, I'm pressing charges against frauds forever.
Vanessa Palmer Blas is White light.  Only this Vanessa's real, number 1.  Vanessa Palmer Blas is White European American, straight, Roman Catholic, was in a relationship, Republican, from Manhattan of New York City.
Only this woman.
Vanessa Palmer Blas embraces her British French American name, while beautiful, unquestionable, faithful, and inimitable.  Palmer's English.  She's the strong palm tree.  She went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and brought back palm branches as proof she'd made the journey.  In early history, Palmer represented a missionary.  Palmer's early origin is Anglo-Norman, following the Norman Conquest of 1066. Palmer was found in Yorkshire with a seat from early times, and first records appearing on the census rolls by the kings of Britain determining the rate of taxation on their subjects.
Palmer was of the first to cross the Atlantic to North America.  Palmer, according to genealogy, her origin is German.
Her ancestry is Dutch.  Her motto was a war cry.  The palm is for virtue.
Blas is from Brittany France.  William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy became the King of England in 1066.  He claimed Brittany and Normandy as possession of the English crown.  Blas settled in the US in the eighteenth century.  Blas is proud and love.
Only this individual.
Vanessa Palmer Blas was acknowledged for being the youngest, undefeated, 00 sized, blond, five-foot tall, brown-eyed, petite, bombshell, slender, solid with no body fat, 90 pounds with her body mass index at 14, unpredictable.  Only this girl.  Who's getting pulled out of a lineup?  Not her!  Only this lady.  Vanessa Palmer Blas has her 34-inch chest, full D Cup, 21-inch waist, 32-inch hips, body in proportion, perfect hip alignment.  Vanessa Palmer Blas has had 0 injuries, 0 surgeries, 0 restrictions, 0 limitations.
Vanessa Palmer Blas is the International Champion, irreplaceable.  Vanessa Palmer Blas is the Figure Champion, Body Condition Champion, Fitness Champion, Champion Dresser, Presence Champion, Personality Champion, and Audience Popularity Champion.  Only this mature woman.
Vanessa Palmer Blas is God's British butterfly, Camberwell Beauty, invincible.  Vanessa"Butterfly"Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: For the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. -- Joshua 1:9.  Vanessa Palmer Blas said I won’t ever drop charges.
Only this Vanessa’s the 10, the perfect package.Cool
Special Agent Palmer

 They had pets: a German Shepherd dog, named Polo, a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, Bailey, Joe the cat, and Misu, a kitten.
Janice Joplin
Gilberto Santa Rosa
Bruno Mars

Vanessa as an NYPD Cop

Vanessa at St. Jude RC Church

Blog Copy

Vanessa checking out the Gottie jail

FBI Agent # 00331 -- Mom
FBI Agent # 66994 -- Dad
FBI Agent # 6994 -- Dad
FBI Agent # 66557 -- Vanessa Palmer
008 -- Dad
0028 -- Dad
0032 -- Mom
Special Agent # 0013
This is 0013.
The Komodo Dragon
U.S. Navy Seal
U.S. Navy Captain
U.S. Army Sargent
U.S. Marine Corps Captain
U.S. Air Force Captain
National Guard
Air National Guard
Coast Guard
Army Reserves
Assistant Director to the FBI
 Federal Agent
Special Agent
00 - Ocala
00 - Brooklyn
00 - Atlanta
00 across the U.S.
D.C. Sniper
FBI Agent
FBI Chief
FBI Chief of Ocala
FBI Chief of Tampa
FBI Chief of Brooklyn
FBI Chief of Queens
FBI Chief of New York
FBI - Puerto Rico
FBI - San Juan
FBI Captain - Sabana Grande
FBI Captain - Aguadilla
FBI Captain
FBI Spokesperson
U.S. Marshals Director
Assistant to the Pentagon Director
CIA - Germany
Boston Police Chief
Brooklyn Police Chief
Brooklyn Federal Attorney
Queens County Federal Attorney
Manhattan Federal Attorney
Chi Omega Sorority
NY Federal Attorney
U.S. Attorney
Supreme Court Judge
NY State Federal Attorney
CIA France
Secret Service
German Secret Police
Narcotics Cop
Undercover Cop
CIA Spain
CIA Bulgaria
CIA Puerto Rico
CIA Nigeria
CIA Africa
CIA Italy
Delta Delta Delta
CIA London
CIA Poland
CIA Ireland
President of Chi Omega
Head of the IIA
Head of the Special Agency
President of the Special Agency
Chief of the Fire Department of NY
Assistant to the CIA Director
CIA New Zealand
FBI Director
CIA New York
Senator of Arkansas
FBI Indiana
CIA India
CIA Ukraine
Chief of the Police Department of NY
Chief of the 104th Precinct in Queens
CIA Wales
Delta Gamma
Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
CIA Afghanistan
CIA Saudi Arabia
Pentagon Director
Governor of New York
Mayor of NY
Head of Virginia State Prison
Owned Brooklyn House
Owned Queens County Jail
Owned Marion Oaks Jail
Owned Orange County Correctional Facility
CIA Kenya
Marion County Court Lawyer
U.S. Federal Court System
FL State Federal Prosecutor
CIA Argentina
CIA Hungary
CIA Peru
Alpha Omicron Pi
CIA Jordan
CIA Yugoslavia
CIA Belarus
Kappa Delta
FBI Florida
FBI Mayaguez
Alpha Delta Pi
CIA Seattle
Sigma Nu Fraternity
New York Times
CBS Sports
The O'Reilly Factor
Commander at Nasa
Sigma Lambda Gamma
CIA Middle East
Chief of the 105th Precinct
Miss. Michigan
CIA Venezuela
Ambassador of Kenya
Governor of Puerto Rico
Miss. America
CIA Dominican Republic
Miss. Universe
Miss. Puerto Rico
Miss. New York
CIA Mexico
CIA Arabia
Pi Kappa Alpha
Sigma Delta Tau
Miss. Florida
FBI Chief of Chicago
FBI Chief of Texas
FBI Chief of Pennsylvania
Miss. Brooklyn
FBI Chief of Illinois
Miss. Queens
FBI Chief of Dallas
Miss. Marion Oaks
CIA Kansas
Miss. Ocala
Miss. Tampa
FBI Marion County 
Miss. Marion County
FBI Marion Oaks
Miss. Sabana Grande
CIA Israel
Miss. Aguadilla
Racial Profile Director of the NYPD
FBI Summerfield
FBI Captain of Summerfield
FBI Chief of Summerfield
Pentagon Director
Pentagon Chief 

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Community Center

Vanessa at St. Theresa's

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Annex Gym

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Public Library.

Vanessa Palmer - Host

Vanessa visiting Al Capone's House

Vanessa at the Al Capone jail

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Vanessa at the Columbo Jail

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Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Library

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Vanessa at the Columbo - Red Door.

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Vanessa Palmer Blas' Photo Gallery
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Inimitable Bookings
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Contact Form
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Beautiful Performances
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Stunning Entrances
Vanessa Palmer Blas' Fitness Appearances
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Saturday, August 31, 2019

and Zory was a Saint, and Biggie Smalls was hired by rayn to hit for her by ryan and protect her, then in t/ pentagon.
11:36 pm edt 

and her 00 House was on t/ Latin farm, on a Latin farm, and t/ largest, and joanne gave her atkins, and louie too
11:26 pm edt 

zoey was all tucked in, and she got t/ 00 House, t/ Spanish house on a farm, w/ acres of farm land w/ animals in peach/orange w/ Spanish Tile Roofing.
11:20 pm edt 

she was nsync, in sinc, in sync, and her and her mom got t/ Jihad house, joe j, shawn, her dad, slash, t/ slashes
9:53 pm edt 

eddie g taught her mma, and her mom was a llama, all of them
9:40 pm edt 

they saw and she was in My One and Only
9:26 pm edt 

they watched t/ news update, and weather updates
7:41 pm edt 

they had dessert out, after dinner, ate out, had din din
7:12 pm edt
7:10 pm edt 

they went out to dinner at to mimi's, mimi's cafe, she had t/ Creme Bruelee, creme brulee, which she loved
7:08 pm edt
4:07 pm edt 

they watched Oakland and t/ yankees game
3:36 pm edt 

she got gold and pink round earrings.
3:29 pm edt 

last time they didn't lose power
3:28 pm edt 

she was friends w/ courtney love, and avril lavigne, and kate hudson, and katy perry, and mark will, and jason aldean, inc., etc.
3:23 pm edt 

all of t/ hotels had a Generator.
3:16 pm edt 

her mom spoke w/ Don.
3:14 pm edt
3:08 pm edt, she was and as Rosalia, by ozuna, then, not now, other, another, others, thanx
3:01 pm edt
2:11 pm edt 

J.T. came by to spray their little front porch, they came announced, w/ or without an apt one time, a couple, more than a couple of times.
11:10 am edt
10:52 am edt 

she had gone to a Jail Meeting, Jail Conference Call, attended that, and her grandpa on her dad's side was her Mixed Martial Arts Promoter, and Cornelius, and cornelius taught her MMA.
10:49 am edt 

she was at a fire in afghanistan, shot, and killed a bunch, there, inc, etc., and she had become t/ NYFD Chief per harry and william, and harry was a special agent, too, at once, at one time, etc., etc., etc., inc., and thenso, and thensome, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
10:34 am edt 

she did and practiced, Method out, and she had t/ marine house w/ james near t/ Marina.
10:27 am edt 

she was in Menopause, t/ play, and she had a Marine house w/ James in black and white
10:14 am edt
9:59 am edt 

she had shiite socks, navy socks, marshall socks, marshal socks
9:56 am edt 

they got t/ marion oaks mirror directly mailed, inc., etc., and t/ perfume samples she left them open to air perfume, subtley, inc., etc., and had them in t/ first page of t/ magazine.
9:43 am edt, she got Trix cereal
9:34 am edt 

Friday, August 30, 2019

and she was given t/ marshl house, marshall house in Timberwalk, and t/ marshalls gave it to her from washington, d.c,, specifically
11:40 pm edt 

she, they filled up t/ tea w/ particles, seeds, she had seeds and nuts, non perishable items, not on a plane, not opened containers on a plane to spill in carousel, or in t/ car of liquor, or beer, wine
11:36 pm edt 

she was as Pitbull, then, again, too and thenso
11:31 pm edt 

they stayed up late watching t/ news, inc., etc., and she wore her hair poofy and in an afro, w/ dreads, and w/ a jamaican hat, just kidding, and on halloween all sorts.
11:24 pm edt 

she got an A+ in t/ pentagon, and Marsha lived next door
10:53 pm edt 

she used to have a Crew Cut, a date, and a hash, and a dsh, inc., etc., in t/ pentagon she was in Ghosting w/ t/ rest of t/ pentagon, in Ghost, also, on cases, and in sheriffs cases.
10:23 pm edt 

she performed as Her, HER, H.E.R.
9:58 pm edt, she was Her, too, and she won a Video Vanguard award, for missy elliot
9:41 pm edt 

they saw and she was on t/ mtv music video awards
8:45 pm edt 

there were six tables at t/ party, all full of chairs.
7:57 pm edt 

she had done her hair over time, like natalie morales, hoda, wendy chioji, connie chung, gayle guyardo, gail sierens, marty tucker and marty salt, inc., etc., t/ jihad, a bronx hairdo, a staten island one, a Mullet, razored, inc., etc., a Cracker haircut, a Skinhead, in a Beehive, kkk, a, t/ KKK one, a black panther one, and in an afro, a long island one, iraq
7:43 pm edt 

she was in Hustlers, t/ movie, w/ slash at her side and shawn around there too w/ her, them, inc., etc., and her and samuel had a house in Belarus, and she was in Menopause, t/ play at oct too
6:48 pm edt 

her and willie were friends w/ tito el bambino, and she was also friends w/ rbd w/ him too, and she was friends w/ chino y bruno y shawn, tambien.
6:44 pm edt 

she was friends w/ willie colon
6:43 pm edt 

she, they all, w/ her mom went on t/ Billy Tea Safaris, on another Bus Trip, many times, on several bus trips.
6:35 pm edt 

she had, gotten bandwidth of over, at and over that 90,000 pictures per and from eric m and mum, t/ mum, queen mum too
6:24 pm edt 

she was on t/ Ocala Board, and her and joe j had a Jerusalem house in Jerusalem, a house in Jerusalem, and william muller was her Asassin in t/ Fbi, Fbi Asassin.
6:08 pm edt 

she'd reported on Hurricane Irma, on and during the hurricane, and her dad w/ her, created, invented Nugenix w/ bruno, shawn, and t/ whole family.
5:59 pm edt 

they got t/ nicaraguan coasters, and disney coasters, and she got t/ black, tahoe suv, from t/ city of angels movie, out in from nebraska, nebraska file, inc., etc., from hoover too, signed out too her and t/ board, t/ Ocala board also.
5:44 pm edt 

they got t/ fourth side on t/ left side seats at t/ oct
5:38 pm edt 

she read to t/ kids, and to t/ neighbor's too, once or twice, a bunch of times, also.
5:37 pm edt 

they got t/ curtain raiser in t/ mail, they read it, her and shawn got t/ green, dept of defense house, and they also got, received t/ michelob light coasters, guiness coasters, too.
5:35 pm edt 

they closed everything really tight, and they used t/ nail polish every now and then w/ t/ nail wrap, saran wrap, satin wrap, inc., etc., her mom too, like before.
5:25 pm edt 

she changed her contacts, contact lenses, inc., etc., last month, this month, and had, on and every month, mth, inc., etc.
4:54 pm edt 

they got t/ usual to eat, and she had jello w/ whip cream
4:54 pm edt 

she had gelatin, and sicilian gelatin, and afghanistan gelatin, it was good for her teeth, and gelatin italian
4:25 pm edt 

she got Strawberry, Jell-o, Jello, t/ sugar-free one, too.
4:19 pm edt 

she got t/ first and second sections of clothes at walmart in order, not scattered anymore per file, if she wanted, not just per file anymore of t/ fbi
4:08 pm edt 

she bookmarked t/ weather, anthony was taliban
3:47 pm edt 

wesley snipes was a marshal, marshall
3:34 pm edt 

she got round, gold, metallic and bone white, white earrings, more nun earrings, monk earrings, ninja earrings
3:08 pm edt 

john b was william shakespeare. william shakespear
3:06 pm edt 

they had spanish grapes, jihad grapes, she got kuwait, light green sheets, and green great expectations sheets.
3:04 pm edt 

she had gotten kuwait flecos, flecks, for shawn, too, kuwait hair flecos, hairdo, and she'd had an iraqi hairdo, and joyce d hair, a joyce d hairdo too at one time and forever long ago, inc., etc., and nike tags, avia tags, blue tag rings, peach, and beige tagged rings, in sizes, 1-10, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and her neck was adjust and back t/ israel and israeli way.
2:50 pm edt 

her dad went to see his Retinal Specialist
12:57 pm edt 

she got a pair of black slacks.
12:52 pm edt 

slash was afghanistan
10:44 am edt 

she was in The Los Angeles Times as Vanessa Barbara.
10:37 am edt
10:31 am edt 

10:28 am edt
10:23 am edt 

10:21 am edt 

Nick Carter was her shooter, and also her and bruno's friend, and then in adding, don king and muhammed ali were her Fighting Promoters.
9:55 am edt 

ada was afghanistan
9:48 am edt 

t/ pest control guy came and fertilized, sprayed the entire front porch, t/ outside, out front.
9:46 am edt
9:35 am edt 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

they all had jihad beans, chocolate coffee beans, also at another time, inc., etc., amaretto sours, different-colored gumdrops, too, cherry halls, and snow wafters, and more wafers, and they got softee donuts, t/ large ones, t/ pack, box, in a package.
11:44 pm edt 

they all saw and she was in Chesapeake Shores, a movie
9:29 pm edt 

nick l had created lackland air force base, slash h was afghanistan, and john a was afghanistan too
8:06 pm edt 

she was friends w/ cuca y los hermanos rosarios
8:01 pm edt 

in beige shimmer, and she was friends w/ milly y los vecinos, yolandita monge, y olga tanon, and chino, again, marc anthony
7:57 pm edt 

they used t/ sinful colors, got it, in Strike a Pose, Naughty Nudes.
7:56 pm edt 

eminem cleaned out her soul and shawn's too
7:31 pm edt 

william muller iii was eminem
7:28 pm edt 

she'd had kuwait nuts, inc., etc., and raisinets, and afghanistan raisins, too and thenso, and thensome, and shawn called her cookie, his cookie, etc., etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and she was friends w/ and to la india, and w/ alejandra guzman, and she was to her
7:16 pm edt
6:44 pm edt 

they got more canned goods, and charityn was her friend, and iris chacon was her friend, too.
5:50 pm edt 

she had silver, metal, barbed wire earrings
2:53 pm edt 

they had korean green tea, and sri lankan black pekoe tea, and lavender japanese tea, also, inc., etc., and they got a red and black large Gasoline holder, Gasket, basket, nozzle, and holder, filler, filler-up, too.
2:41 pm edt 

they were prepared for Hurricane Irma, and they picked up a full tank of gas, and two more black lanterns
2:38 pm edt 

they got t/ water, got prepared
1:12 pm edt
1:08 pm edt 

t/ black sabbath album came out at walmart, t/ cover album
10:33 am edt 

she went to hpc w/ shawn and jordan k
10:28 am edt 

she listened to rachel maddow, and reagan was a marshal, her mom, an older one, larry, joey, and joey f., and t/ Mirror Twins they were her shooters, also, and john cena, and the rock, dwayne johnson.
10:16 am edt 

she, they all had tried t/ Wasabi beans, t/ korean ones, and t/ japanese ones, too, and t/ chinese balls, inc., etc., and t/ peach naked juice, she had all t/ health juices, yuppie juices, drinks, beverages.
10:10 am edt 

eggie was ice, israel, carlos, and gladys, and she had finished reading t/ bible w/ william muller.
10:06 am edt 

she had had t/ green Naked kuwait, kuwaiti juice, inc., etc.
10:00 am edt 

Jordan Knight knew her, he was her frnd, and her and jca jr had t/ Tratorria
9:58 am edt 

she had had afghanistan pomegranate juice, and al-jazeera - al-jazeeran, al jazeerian blueberry afghanistan juice, t/ afghanistan red, pomegranate juice, t/ red cherry pom, Cherokee Indian juice, and also, t/ red cherry pomegranate taliban juice also, t/ brighter, darker one.
9:47 am edt
9:34 am edt 

Vanessa Johnson
9:33 am edt 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Jonathan Knight was charlie changing
11:54 pm edt 

joey mcintyre called her, them
11:53 pm edt 

she'd had a picnic w/ eric, downstairs, as well.
11:42 pm edt 

loly and cedy were each a marshal, and she was Shine, and t/ Shine Library w/ reagan, and shawn, also, and reagan was a special agent, t/ other too, reagan c, and then ronald r, r. reagan, he did all of her reports for her on crime when she was eight, then before that from t/ age of 6, six, inc., etc.
11:40 pm edt 

it was near, like, five minutes away, it was further out, but then moved closer to them.
11:35 pm edt 

she'd met kirstie alley, and reagan was a federal agent, and ginger too, and she got t/ blue and white, Boat house, made by t/ gestapo, from him, he gave it to her.
11:32 pm edt 

it was her voice in t/ backstreet boys
11:28 pm edt 

they moved, she moved to Nars, and to another planet.
11:25 pm edt 

she used t/ vent to nair, and to amope, while doing it, doing those things, and her dad's meds came in t/ mail, and t/ mailman dropped off a package and left it in t/ front porch, inc., etc.
11:25 pm edt 

and her and mike had a picnic in a min too downstairs on another day
10:52 pm edt 

she and robert had panera's downstairs, in a min, and at t/ hall too another day, w/ her mom and her dad t/ that other day, also.
10:48 pm edt 

she had crushed chips w/ spread dip, dip spread, a kuwait, taliban dish
9:21 pm edt 

she had an Ice Cream Soda
9:17 pm edt
8:53 pm edt
8:14 pm edt 

she got t/ Aveeno Oatmeal, Milk shampoo and conditioner, and Shiite earrings, also.
8:13 pm edt 

t/ light went on last night to t/ left of t/ bedrm
8:05 pm edt 

she got t/ Spider Fish softsoap, and t/ Goldfish softsoap hand soap
7:47 pm edt 

and t/ United Arab Emirates made her Emirate, an Emirate, a United Arab Emirate.
7:02 pm edt 

she was made United Arab Emirate by t/ United Arab Emirates.
6:39 pm edt 

they went out to eat, to dinner, to subway, she had t/ Turkey Breast combo w/ Sweet Onion, they renovated subway
6:38 pm edt 

cornelius had made her Al-Qaedian, and 15 of t/ United Arab Emirates asked and bid for her to work and be on t/ United Arab Emirates file, in t/ fbi and for real out too for some time, a really long time.
6:26 pm edt 

danielle was Indian, from Sri Lanka, and her dad was Al-Quaeda at t/ time, and Cornelius was Al-Qaeda, he was Al-Qaedian.
6:23 pm edt 

danielle was afghanistan
5:57 pm edt
5:45 pm edt 

she was actually Chief before she was Captain in t/ fbi per hoover, he'd made her chief
12:54 pm edt
12:21 pm edt 

paquiao was hosanna t/ older one
12:16 pm edt 

she got syria, syrian earrings, and socks too for shawn.
12:12 pm edt 

gem was her cover in t/ cia as a little girl that they used for her, valerie p invented it, created it, w/ t/ us govt agency
12:11 pm edt
12:08 pm edt 

she was then on an iraq diet, iraqi diet
11:33 am edt
11:30 am edt 

she followed and did a Middle Eastern Diet in t/ Middle East and at home also, while in t/ CIA Middle East file.
9:58 am edt 

slash had bought t/ rubber for in t/ and his afghanistan war, t/ war in afghanistan, under investigation, which was finisehed and closed, then they did t/ kuwait one, and then t/ iraq one, inc., etc.
9:56 am edt 

in afghanistan her and slash used afghanistan tires, legally and lawfully to t/ land of afghanistan, in accordance to law, and lawfully used their afghanistan diet, b/c they don't let just anybody use it, and in mexico she was on a mexican diet, too, and in latin america, by law, she followed a latin diet, then a latin-american diet, inc., etc.
9:54 am edt 

she used to be on an afghanistan diet, a really strict one, and then she was on a kuwaiti diet, a kuwait diet, and shawn was on both too, especially on t/ kuwait diet, and she'd used kuwait tires, michelin tires at war in kuwait.
9:52 am edt 

her and shawn had kuwait cereal, t/ kashi, lots of t/ kashi cereal, and afghanistan nut and berry cereal, nuts cereal, and jihad cereal, too, oreo cereal.
9:49 am edt 

she had kuwait crackers and granola, granola bars, and jihad drinks, and jihad granola, nuts and berries, too, and white, beige granola, nuts, kuwait nuts, she'd been like a detective in kuwait, helping out on investigative cases, and on cases, and files in afghanistan w/ slash and/or slash hitman.
9:47 am edt 

Vanessa Palmer
9:38 am edt
9:28 am edt 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

she got Indian Threading done, and Native-American Threading, and also Sri Lanken Threading of t/ eyebrows, twice.
11:14 pm edt 

and Kevin R, and then joe g were a special agent, a federal agent, and she got Eyebrow-Threading per mike, from erica and too, then shawn, and Micro-Blading, inc., etc.
10:25 pm edt
9:56 pm edt 

she used to be on Jenny Craig, weighed-in, went to t/ Weigh-In, periodically, religiously, and her mom, too, a long time ago, inc., etc., and she got, and had used Rhianna make-up.
9:03 pm edt 

Gloria Bethany Johnson is, was her second daughter, Third Daughter of the FBI, vanessa was Certified, she had worked for Gov. Lawton Chiles w/ chris
7:32 pm edt 

samuel went to flight school separately, separate, w/ them, all of them, her and hoegie, inc., etc., , shawn w/ bruno, also, too and thenso, ralphie was a marshal/marshall
7:08 pm edt 

her dad, and hoegie's dad went to Flight School together, her and hoegie went to Flight School
6:24 pm edt 

so she put t/ fan in t/ bedrm on 2 for t/ fall, and didn't turn on t/ vent when urinating, for number 2 and during a shower or bath as to not fog up t/ mirrors
4:51 pm edt
4:40 pm edt 

her mom got an email from Rose.
4:34 pm edt
4:10 pm edt 

she lowered t/ fan in her bedrm, b/c it was fall, on t/ first notch, but they left t/ air on
3:33 pm edt
2:00 pm edt
2:00 pm edt
1:58 pm edt
1:57 pm edt
1:57 pm edt
1:56 pm edt 

she got small and medium stud-silver earrings.
1:43 pm edt 

her parents went for their 3-Month Check-Up.
1:29 pm edt
12:50 pm edt 

and she invented myspace w/ sylvester,, w/ him too, sylvester was A.J. McLean from t/ backstreet boys
10:26 am edt
10:17 am edt 

she worked on Fbi Operation, her and William Muller III, they owned t/ voyeur dorm
10:15 am edt
10:10 am edt 

her parents brought her back breakfast from mcdonald's
10:07 am edt 

Vanessa Baez
9:39 am edt
9:15 am edt
9:14 am edt 

her parents went to get their bloodwork done
7:56 am edt 

Monday, August 26, 2019

she was in secret, durex, sucrets commercials, and in mins too mentally, johnson & johnson, jj, j&j, t/ jj mins
11:37 pm edt
11:33 pm edt 

Vanessa Baez, she had her name translated to Samoan.
11:27 pm edt
10:43 pm edt
10:42 pm edt
9:44 pm edt
9:26 pm edt, she was as Vanessa Sanchez Velasquez
8:42 pm edt 

she took a pic for t/ NY Times Weekly of in Soweto, inc., etc., and Orlando was their neighbor, diagonal, lft in t/ back, horizontal
7:48 pm edt 

she got Eyebrow Insurance, w/ harry, from him, hoegie, and jared, and sylvester was cia, and they lived on New York compound, and in a NY house
7:40 pm edt 

she went to and on t/ Wavelength boat and ship w/ sylvester, sylvest, her mom went to Carlisle Dermatology, her too, and all of them, to Dr. Locke.
7:27 pm edt 

she was on This Week Tonight, she was in Gladiator 1-14, in succession, in The Times Weekly, and her dad was on This Week Tonight
7:18 pm edt 

she'd taken Detention w/ eric, went on a walk w/ hoegie, on it, and she along w/ richard gere created Autumn in NY, and w/ keanu also
7:09 pm edt 

they'd lived on Brooklyn compound, and in a Brooklyn house.
7:00 pm edt 

t/ baby was Bethany Gloria, before that Gloria, and then Gloria Bethany, inc., etc., theirs.
6:57 pm edt 

she had and went to Study Hall w/ Jason
6:48 pm edt 

she got t/ Christmas house to prevent cancer, they lived in t/ Rockefeller house, greg was a federal agent
6:47 pm edt 

her, samuel and Gloria Bethany, Bethany Gloria had t/ Christmas House, two houses over in, on t/ left, and they lived on Rockefeller compound
6:39 pm edt
6:31 pm edt 

they had leftover pasta, and lots of italian bread, two rolls this week, her dad was on This Week Tonight
6:04 pm edt 

they lived in a Tampa house, and on Puerto Rico compound, in a San Juan house, in a Sabana Grande house.
5:32 pm edt 

ramonita gave her t/ Dior, Holiday, Couture Collection, and her and hoegie worked in Collections.
5:25 pm edt 

she was, they were at t/ tip of t/ plane, at t/ plane, at t/ point, on landing caraffe, was there, w/ and in Landing Gear, they lived on Tampa compound, on Hillsborough County compound
5:13 pm edt 

she had half a bar in t/ morning, inc., etc., and had did botula
4:03 pm edt 

t/ war was between iraq, afghanistan, kuwait, one, two three, outside, t/ middle east, sixth
2:44 pm edt
1:25 pm edt 

hoegie's great uncle was a marshal, and anthony, anthony s, carmelo a, carmelo p, joe g, greg
10:27 am edt 

she was given t/ united arab emirates plane, and cornelius gave her t/ al-qaeda plane, and carlos was a marshal, inc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and her and slash got t/ Pirate ship, they'd taken over it.
10:09 am edt
10:04 am edt 

randy l was a federal agent, robert was ice, and robert p too
10:02 am edt 

clinton made joseph balen her marshal, and samuel j, hillary for her, inc., etc., slash h was a marshal, and had watched her as a kid, and slash had watched her as a baby, inc., etc.
9:59 am edt 

randy was a federal agent
9:53 am edt 

they lived in a Florida house, on Fl compound, and felips, juan j, were marshals, and gladys, john, karen, solideen, and bryan, inc., etc.
9:47 am edt 

9:27 am edt
9:22 am edt
9:21 am edt 

Sunday, August 25, 2019

she played Vanessa Sanchez, their kids got out half a day on Thursdays, she got a portrait from her grandma of her, and an orange pendant ring, and slash gave her anecklac of t/ same, an orange pendant and flowers, w/ flowers
11:46 pm edt 

and their kids got out early on Tuesdays, and for, on a half a day on Wednesdays.
11:37 pm edt 

she went to Puppy school, and joseph balen was her Marshal, and eddie g used to be, was her Marshal, and Captain, former Captain
11:36 pm edt 

and joseph b was a marshal, eddie g was her marshal and captain, frmr captn, she learned how to write in afghanistan lingo, lingy, lingey, and joseph b was then her marshal, and t/ taliban lang ja
11:30 pm edt 

Thursday, August 22, 2019

jeff foxworthy had made her vanessa bayer, and slash h had made her Elle King, t/ 3rd worked on it, whole, too and thensome, and also thenso, too, inc., etc.
10:52 pm edt 

Monday, August 19, 2019

9:28 am edt
9:13 am edt
9:11 am edt 

Sunday, August 18, 2019

she'd gone w/ eddie to t/ cmas, jason was penn stn, she was csi miami, she was and was on CSI-Malibu
11:34 pm edt 

luke was state pen, pen, and Penn. Station for her, inc., etc., hoegie's assistants were randy, frank n, and lefty
11:26 pm edt 

she went to phoenix, arizona w/ desi for work, and play, too, and shawn created mixed martial arts, and that ufc, too, also and thensome, inc., etc.
11:18 pm edt 

slash h used to turn her on to mins to turn her on on t/ phone, and t/ cia, in t/ phone, on it as well in federal
11:12 pm edt 

her grandpa on her dad's side created ufc, w/ bruno, her, her parents, her mom and her dad, saul, slash
9:49 pm edt 

they saw another movie
8:53 pm edt 

eric got all of her bullets from her email, aol email in t/ fbi, and t/ gmail email ones, bullets produced from those for william muller for her to work on, shoot for her, both, too.
8:23 pm edt 

they saw and she was in Whales of August, she was bette davis's Audio-Double, too
8:09 pm edt 

she was in Return to Me
6:27 pm edt 

they had leftovers from t/ Yummy House, from Yummy
6:25 pm edt 

her and juan ca, jr had done a setup at state pen of criminals, killers, murderers, child molesters, molesters, inc., etc., and she took up, and was into Dancing, was in t/ USF Dance Club, and was in t/ Harvard Rowing Club.
5:40 pm edt 

her mom got her rings, she was on another panel, got into a Four Picture, a yellow, and orange, brown butterfly flew around her in t/ porch, too also and therefore, she was in t/ USF Canoeing Club, in, and into USF Canoeing, and so, also and thenso, thensome, etc., etc., etc., etcetera, etcetera
5:30 pm edt 

john stamos put her on full house
5:26 pm edt 

their kids were in, enrolled and attended Extended Care, across t/ st, from t/ house, and dwayne was pentagon, fbi pen, fbi-pent, like rob, too, and her and juan ca, jr were Pen., both and State Pen, they'd shot together up at state pen, at t/ State Penitentiary.
5:11 pm edt 

she, they, all saw t/ SAE Lion, inc., etc., t/ SAE Lion was in t/ fbi, fbi house, locked up, william got it for her, william muller, and they protected it, and she was in t/ Lions Club, too
5:01 pm edt 

she'd used a Lip Specialist in t/ fbi, ira too
4:56 pm edt
4:15 pm edt
4:12 pm edt 

she had Whit Sox sheets, and shawn, too, bruno also, bruno 2 too, and all t/ kids, also.
4:05 pm edt 

she got a beige, sand, sandy hairband, headband, too.
3:37 pm edt 

shawn, too, patrick
3:29 pm edt 

saul, slash, and all of t/ slashes, as well, inc., etc.
3:19 pm edt 

and desi, jose sr, jose jr, joe
3:14 pm edt 

and john h sr, john h jr
3:13 pm edt 

and john r, john g r, jr, samuel, sam, sammie, sammy, samey, sammey, samuel a, anthony k, anthony, anthony e, eric, eric j, ira, ira j, harry i, ii, iii, iv, her
3:10 pm edt 

both her dad and hoegie's dad went to Flight School together
3:06 pm edt 

john h, john, john h again, william, william m i, ii, iii, william miller, i and ii, william miller, t/ first was t/ first, t/ second one was t/ second one, too, inc., etc.
3:06 pm edt 

and john a, joe j, tiger, too, al, her grandpa on both side, her grandpas on both sides, and t/ third, her mom and her dad, too, inc., etc., jose, joe, joey, junior, joseph, zoraida, zory, zori
2:59 pm edt 

they saw t/ cleveland indians, and jeter flew out her prison to kenya once, then william, and then to nigeria, twice over twenty times, and petitte, pettitte, and jim k, jim, inc., etc., william miller, william muller, and herself, hoegie, jared l, and jared j, shawn, bruno and bruno 2, al, her grandpa on both sides also inc., etc., her mom and her dad, both of her parents, all of them.
2:28 pm edt 

they saw t/ yankees and cleveland
2:20 pm edt 

she'd had rc cola, and her parents took t/ scale of t/ bread off top, her on t/ left, her grandpa on t/ bottom, hers, and al on t/ rt
2:07 pm edt 

they had a scrambled cheese omelette, w/ butter on toasted, toasted butter, an omelet.
1:50 pm edt 

they got t/ regular peanut butter, and t/ regular jelly
1:48 pm edt 

Father David Fisher gave t/ service, her mom didn't have to serve today, inc., etc., and they'd seen sol's father perform, also, inc., etc., and thensome.
1:18 pm edt 

she got t/ large case, of t/ yellow, Tropical, red bull
1:15 pm edt, she got t/ Citrus, Lipton iced tea, in green tea, too.
1:12 pm edt 

her mom got her a bunch of rings, in clusters
10:23 am edt 

she wore a slate grey top, scrub color
10:11 am edt
9:13 am edt 

Saturday, August 17, 2019

her and angel went to Cesar's Palace
11:30 pm edt 

jason p took her to pappas restaurant w/ shawn too, and bruno also, on t/ phone and on line, and her mom in-line too w/ also her dad.
11:25 pm edt 

they saw a movie at home, too, went out, did some things, ran about, and also relaxed, back at home.
11:19 pm edt 

omayra was their neighbor on t/ Back-Street, hoegie, jared l were fbi-pentagon, fbi pentagon
11:16 pm edt 

they ate out, had dinner out, at different sitting dinner seatings.
11:12 pm edt 

jared, jared j were clerks in t/ fbi courthouse, fed crthse, and us courthouse, too, and hoegie was a file clerk, in fed court
11:10 pm edt 

her and jason priestley went and attended CUNY, SUNY together, and he'd paid there for all of her studies, inc., etc., and jared l, jared j were clerks, file clerks, for her also.
11:01 pm edt 

Click here for the accessible version
10:50 pm edt, they each got turned on w/ a book, inc., etc.
10:49 pm edt
10:48 pm edt
10:48 pm edt 

her mom wasn't on t/ schedule to read this month, so they don't have to go so early to church
10:47 pm edt
10:35 pm edt 

they saw and she was in A Summer Romance w/ thomas, too
10:34 pm edt 

they had chicken w/ lemon, and butter sauce
10:20 pm edt 

they saw and she was in Gates of Paradise
10:17 pm edt 

they went out to eat, had a korean cookie, korean tea
8:39 pm edt 

they went to t/ movies and saw Where'd she go, Bernadette?
8:38 pm edt
8:36 pm edt 

they watched cleveland, t/ indians, t/ yankees
2:40 pm edt 

she saw Fast and the Furious w/ paul w and then again w/ t/ rock, w/ dwayne and w/ t/ kids, too and also shawn
2:28 pm edt 

and shawn, juan jr
2:09 pm edt 

and white z too, Off the Books, in it too, Off.
1:51 pm edt 

her and rob z were Hair Ins., and Juanca, both of them.
1:50 pm edt 

she had t/ leftovers from bob evans, her mom got t/ other two tires, all four tires w/ air put in them, too, denise texted her mom.
1:45 pm edt 

Adita was one of their neighbors in t/ Area, inc., etc., and hoegie, john h was her File Clerk in Fbi Court, and jared j was fbi-pentagon, fbi pentagon, like Luke, inc., etc.
10:50 am edt 

her mom went to put have put air in both tires at t/ dealership
10:45 am edt 

hoegie, john h was her Clerk in Court, in US Courts, and Frankie was his file clerk, and his associate
10:38 am edt 

she, slash and shawn went to Taliban school, attended there, that, and thenso, and thensome, then so, then some, inc., etc., and Frankie was her File Clerk, and Hoegie was her Clerk, John H., Jr., John H.
10:20 am edt 

both her and slash went to Infirmary School, to t/ Taliban, to t/ mark, to Taliban, and they took classes and courses, inc., etc.
10:13 am edt 

she was in Once Upon a Time, inc., etc., and she and slash went to both, Afghanistan School, and they'd worked in t/ Infirmary there in Afghanistan.
10:06 am edt
9:55 am edt 

her mom went to get her hair cut, washed, and styled.
9:49 am edt 

she had gotten t/ Book of Law, and ryan, t/ of pentagon law, and her and ryan were Fbi Law
12:00 am edt 

Friday, August 16, 2019

and she had gone w/ spent t/ day, days w/ her grandpa on Grandfather Day, and on Granddaughter Day!!!
10:56 pm edt 

Vimaris was a neighbor of theirs, and Naomi was a friend, best friend Downstairs!!
10:55 pm edt 

her dad took his pill at night
10:43 pm edt 

her mom's ankles got swollen but she took her pill and she was fine
10:24 pm edt 

she went Ziplining, and on ATV, too
9:53 pm edt 

her mom checked her blood pressure, and they talked in t/ living room, w/ their guests, family and friends, too
9:25 pm edt 

bailey was on what would you do and also polo, pico, sherlock, beta, tommy and beta, misu, and joe t/ cat too, also
9:23 pm edt
8:52 pm edt
8:02 pm edt
8:01 pm edt
8:00 pm edt
8:00 pm edt 

her and slash had lived on t/ Fbi Farm, on t/ Farm, w/ t/ kids, too
7:57 pm edt 

she talked like doogie howser
7:51 pm edt 

and ralph was too, did too, by john a also
7:42 pm edt 

they all went out to hang out, and a party, and eat out, have dinner w/ all of The Little Women, sponsored by shawn and slash
7:36 pm edt 

t/ frmr, former p.r. govnr, was hired by t/ Puerto Rico Gov't to kill those trying to watch her desarollar, therefore, rosello
7:34 pm edt 

she got a 3 hole puncher in black, silver, w/ cover for t/ excess paper to waste
7:01 pm edt 

they lived downstairs, w/ t/ police
6:54 pm edt 

she got fasteners, and nail stuff to t/ left of her inside desk drawer and supplies on t/ rt side of her drawer, and post it notes, too, tags, stick tags, sticky tags too
6:50 pm edt 

they had lived both upstairs and downstairs, upstairs w/ t/ fbi
6:17 pm edt 

jeter made her ellie goulding, john b made her sia, and christopher made her lady gaga, and shawn made her tiffany w/ her dad for kimmie one day
6:10 pm edt 

and why they'd gone back to bank of america locally in t/ area was because it was a 0 bank also, and a federal one too
6:02 pm edt 

and william muller i, had worked on Washington Federal Bank, Washington Federal w/ her too, inc., etc., which was her first check in t/ us now gone, having gone, away, a long, far away, when she was first born.
5:59 pm edt 

they had gone to bank of america, locally, b/c t/ one here was an Fbi Bank.
5:56 pm edt
5:37 pm edt 

they'd greeted their guests, gave them a handshake, or a hug, depending on t/ situation, or a kiss, or a hug and kiss on t/ cheek, or off t/ cheek, to t/ rt or left, and she had done her toenails in fingernails in Watermelon Wizz w/ t/ sally hansen, Insta-Dri.
5:06 pm edt 

and they filled out t/ beige folder, in cursive, printed, and signed, initialed all documents, and andrew c's cost was at 200 dollars, and w/ ramunno it was over 600 dollars, inc., etc., and her mom had some insurance w/ state farm of at about, at, about again of, for 10,000 and her dad w/ t/ va of 2,000, 10,000.
5:04 pm edt 

they used t/ fasteners for all of t/ paperwork, to clip, them and put them in her parents' safe, inc., etc., and t/ binder out of t/ safe, t/ papers, they put them, w/ dividers, yellow ones, gold fasteners, and different colored tags, and in light-beige, beige folders
4:57 pm edt 

hellen came over to drop off a paper, a piece of paper, relating to t/ land to t/ left, next door, eddie had cleaned t/ jail, underneath t/ land, inc., etc., to knock down a large tree that was hanging over t/ land, that was too big.
1:44 pm edt, jeter gave her a bouquet of red roses, and they, he, took out t/ yankee car, and they went out somewhere, and left together, and they went to hyde park cafe, again, too, for shawn, also, and always, inc., etc.
1:03 pm edt 

they got a black, grey, and silver, 3 Hole Punch Holder for punching papers, inc., etc.
10:34 am edt 

she was on Up Close and Personal, and jason was t/ son of a judge, fed judge and dept of justice judge
10:30 am edt 

Omarys was her friend, a block over in t/ back, diagonal to t/ rt, and Vimaris right next to her, also, on t/ next block also.
10:18 am edt 

she had gone to Saul's prom w/ him, and shawn's, slash's, and bruno's.
10:11 am edt 

john a was Draco Rosa, and he was a Menudo member, and he was Head of Menudo at one time, or twice.
10:05 am edt 

joe g had taken out t/ Yankee car for her to ride in it, per william muller, also.
9:59 am edt 

she was in Riverdale, and william muller iii worked t/ Skinhead Operation, Op., in Fbi Federal, in t/ fbi, for her and william muller, too.
9:57 am edt
9:47 am edt 

Thursday, August 15, 2019

she was on, in Digital Journal, and both chase and william muller iii were God-Sons of, to john paul stevens
11:17 pm edt 

and draco made her t/ female in menudo
11:13 pm edt 

Brian Austin Green was her Fbi Pentagon, inc., etc., and william muller iii was john paul stevens' grandson, and chase was his great cousin
11:10 pm edt
10:56 pm edt 

they changed t/ hallway filter again, after a month
10:55 pm edt 

she was in Bustle, by Brian Austen Green
10:50 pm edt 

Jenny McCarthy was her dad's R.N. nurse.
9:49 pm edt 

slash was on 90210
9:48 pm edt 

they put tennis balls at t/ bottom of her dad's walker, yellow and black ones, Athletic Works, too
9:47 pm edt 

they got t/ car washed, got t/ Star Interior wash, and t/ Whale Wash
7:54 pm edt 

she got a Purse Dog from hoegie on t/ phone, and front, in front her, inc., etc., she got a purse book w/ a Unicorn on it.
7:52 pm edt 

she got a silver, Sapphire ring, blue, navy blue
7:29 pm edt 

she got t/ Softsoap, hand soap, w/ a Sloth on it
7:16 pm edt 

they got a case pack, of t/ large Diet Pepsi too
7:04 pm edt 

they got Fasteners, and she, they, got Regular Pencils, w/ or without Point
6:14 pm edt 

they went to bob evans for dinner, to dinner, ate out
5:59 pm edt
5:43 pm edt 

she was in Riverdale, by Luke Perry, inc., etc.
12:10 pm edt 

her mom hadn't read in church over a year, because she was really busy.
11:57 am edt 

and jim c, sylvester
11:26 am edt 

she pushed t/ magazines and books more in, as to not scratch her arm, or any one of them, either, inc., etc.
9:58 am edt 

samuel alito jr was her fbi court lawyer, she went on a hike in and w/ 0, and inc., etc., william muller iii was her fbi court lawyer, and supreme court lawyer too, one of them, too.
9:50 am edt
9:34 am edt 

her mom went to serve at t/ 10 am mass
9:31 am edt 

Vanessa Johnson
9:27 am edt 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019
11:05 pm edt 

she went on a trip to Kokoda w/ t/ Fbi, in Federal, Fbi Federal, t/ 00 agency, too, inc., etc., and william muller iii was a federal lawyer, judge, out of t/ fbi office
11:01 pm edt 

ryan had invented, both created, memorial day, inc., etc., and Dr. Ruth, Tammy Faye Bakker, Jane Fonda, and Henry Kissinger, all had visited her w/ them, them all.
10:51 pm edt 

she was a TV Presenter, on Travel Chitchat, on Nine News ACT/NSW
10:43 pm edt 

she was on, Pr dom, PR dome, dome, inc., etc., per harry, slash gave her hairbands and headbands, inc., etc.
10:34 pm edt 

her dad and mickie had owned t/ spanish civil war house
10:11 pm edt 

her lipids were clear
9:59 pm edt 

macklemore was dutch, her team, was state highway patrolmen, jared, jared l, leto, macklemore tooe
9:41 pm edt 

she had a frankfuter w/ chips on t/ side, on t/ same plate.
8:22 pm edt 

harry w/ her gave joe j t/ Jihad book
7:47 pm edt 

she, w/ harry, they, had had a picture of stephen h when he was a child, inc., etc., and she had owned a Red house w/ Tony J., across over, two blocks over, across t/ street, over there.
7:35 pm edt
7:23 pm edt
7:08 pm edt
6:59 pm edt 

Jimmy Smits was her Hitman - 2nd in Command, and also her detective, one of them, inc., etc.
6:49 pm edt 

william wrote t/ first song for vanessa williams, and he killed williams, inc., etc.
6:27 pm edt 

they gave a box of capri sun to t/ kids, to take home, too, and candy to their guests
4:31 pm edt 

and they got a front porch Door put in, w/ latch, swing cover, and w/ key too, lock too, and they used it, walked through in and out, and closed, locked it, left it, had it open for a while, t/ whole day, and then closed it, locked it, to prevent any mosquitoes, bugs, lizards, any spiders from getting in or bit, and any rain from getting in, and did, and used it to shelter t/ plants, and inhibit, prevent t/ plants from falling too from too much wind, from it being too windy also, and t/ mailman left t/ packages in their, secure, and covered, sheltered from having, getting too much sun, inc., etc., and so on, and they cleaned it and everything.
3:11 pm edt 

t/ handyman put in t/ order they'd made, and helped put together and did w/ his workers, they got a new Front Porch put in, in white, black, and grey, w/ screen, screens, on all sides, to t/ left and in front, t/ rt being held up by t/ wall, too, inc., painted, and restored also, in full, together.
3:07 pm edt 

her mom went to her foot apt
1:51 pm edt 

she had automatically renewed for anything and everything, too, in promesas too
1:38 pm edt 

t/ Promesas brothel and jail, won for two yrs in Hitman in a row, out of t/ fbi, in it, too
1:33 pm edt 

she was a Promesa, from t/ Promesas brothel/jail/prison
1:30 pm edt 

clay cleaned under their house, her and his, inc., etc., they were w/ t/ cool kids, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and tony, tony j, cleaned under his house, their house, too, her and his house, too, inc.
12:41 pm edt 

her kesha song was used on so you think you can dance, and benjamin was on, danced, and competed on So you think you can dance, too.
9:52 am edt 

she, they all went on t/ Alzheimer's Walk, and she and Clay had owned t/ Orange house, two blocks over to t/ left of them
9:37 am edt 

she, they all had gone to Moses' Mountain, and she wore orange, she worked on Pentagon Compound, inc., etc., and on t/ Elefante gang, Mexican mafia, mob, Mexican Mob, there was a Frye, worked on that, too.
9:30 am edt 

Vanessa Palmer
9:16 am edt
9:12 am edt 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

william miller, t/ taller one, and Eric Miller were both Federal Pentagon, and lived there, too, and her and John H had owned t/ beige and black house, on t/ block over to t/ left of them, over there, and thenso, and thensome, too.
11:43 pm edt 

she had gone w/ Eric to t/ Sadie Hawkins Dance, which had had created it, too.
11:35 pm edt 

ralphie was dutch, and there was t/ eric j that was not a cop, not in t/ nypd, and he was amish
10:43 pm edt 

they saw and she was in A Taste of Summer, and they got and had each a piece of The Father's Table, Strawberry Roll
9:33 pm edt 

and eddie g., eddie, batista, ryan, jim, jim j
8:16 pm edt 

she put t/ papers in her safe, and her parents in theirs.
8:05 pm edt 

she got her dad's Durable Power of Attorney papers, too.
7:55 pm edt 

her dad's Notary Public, was Kelly Sams, Florida Notary Service
7:47 pm edt 

she got her dad's Health Care Surrogate papers, forms, and HIPPA info, and more paperwork.
7:44 pm edt 

she got dad's living will, and his witness was Lorenzo Ramunno
7:41 pm edt 

and Stephanie Marcello, was her witness too
7:36 pm edt 

she got her mom's they did, POA papers, and Living Will papers as well, paperwork
7:34 pm edt 

her mom's paperwork was prepared by Andrew M. Curtis, Esq., and she said she DOES NOT want cardiac resuscitation, mechanical respiration, fluids by tube, nutrition/food, hydration/water, artificial feeding, and witnessed by Eileen McCarthy Ritter, and Stephanie Tabares, Notary Public, t/ State of Florida, National Notary Assn.
7:22 pm edt
5:32 pm edt
3:20 pm edt 

andy k, henry, henry m, inc., etc., hector, johnny d.
3:16 pm edt 

and jose, jose l, jose h, cesar, cesar r, cesar p, carlos p, carlos
3:13 pm edt 

and montgomery, montgomery c, inc., etc., and she brushed her teeth before she changed as to not dirty her shirt, or top, to prevent, preventative care, as to not change too much, and ira, again, ira j, ira.
3:04 pm edt 

and eddie, barett, barrett, barrette, ori, inc., etc., jason k, matt d, leo, leo d, harry, harry i, harry ii, harry iii, william i, william mi i, william mi ii
2:51 pm edt 

and matthew, mathew
2:41 pm edt 

and tony, tony j, inc. etc., eddie, batista, inc., etc., jason, jason p, etc., etcetera, etcetera, ira, samuel, samey, sammie, ira
2:41 pm edt 

and mike, jason, jason g.
2:37 pm edt 

and jaimie, jamie, hector, michael, lou, louie, charlie s, anne, mickels, john m, john m again, another, inc., etc., matt l., matt, emilio, robert, roberto, jonathan, robert, j.r., rob, rob l, sk, shawn, shawn k, ken, ken l, ken n, kirby, inc., etc.
2:35 pm edt 

frank n, lefty
2:29 pm edt 

james a, james b, st james
2:28 pm edt 

and eric j, t/ one who was not fbi, not t/ fbi one, t/ cop one, t/ NYPD Cop one, t/ NYPD Cop, inc., etc.
2:27 pm edt 

and paul, josh, paul h, stephen h, stephan b, stephen b, stephan
2:26 pm edt 

and andy, david, ben m, ben, dana
2:21 pm edt
1:44 pm edt
10:42 am edt
10:41 am edt
10:40 am edt
10:34 am edt
10:33 am edt
10:32 am edt 

benjamin was on so you think you can dance
10:30 am edt
10:29 am edt
10:28 am edt
10:26 am edt 

she clicked on t/ picture, copied and pasted from there, sometimes on t/ text or blank space, at there, it doesn't work, inc., etc.
10:22 am edt
10:13 am edt 

she did her Notebook Journal, her Desk Pad Journal, her Pad Journal, Note Journal, Planner Journal, Desk Pad Journal, Purse Notepad Journal, also.
9:59 am edt
9:57 am edt 

Vanessa Baez
9:56 am edt 

she cleaned up her sticky notes
9:52 am edt
9:50 am edt
9:49 am edt
9:48 am edt 

Monday, August 12, 2019
11:34 pm edt 

she had met and worked on t/ Epstein case
11:29 pm edt 

she worked as a Drug Dealer in t/ Fbi, and in t/ nypd, nyda, also, on t/ Investigative Side, in and on t/ Investigative Unit
11:19 pm edt 

she worked as a Drug Trafficker undercover in t/ fbi, and a narc, in t/ nypd, in t/ nyda too, undercover, again, inc., etc., and she had also worked on t/ argintenian mafia, argentinian mob, also, t/ cuban mafia, t/ cuban mob in t/ fbi, also and then so, t/ tuscany mafia, tuscany mob, roman mafia, roman mob, romanian mafia, romanian mob, inc., etc., franco mafia, franco mob, t/ james mob, james mafia, 90210 mafia, 90210 mob, la gang, la gangs, la mafia, la mob, california gang, gangs, california mafia, california mob, hollywood mafia, hollywood mob.
11:15 pm edt 

she was in target, walmart, and emgality commercials, too, subway, therefore, and then that, that fore.
11:11 pm edt 

and javier c
11:09 pm edt 

Florin boeriu, her had her name translated to Romanian
10:44 pm edt 

her kesha song was used on so you think you can dance
10:12 pm edt 

they had birthday cake w/ Anise, Anisette
9:31 pm edt 

they saw and she was in Fallen Angels, and in Fallen Heaven, Dark Angel again
8:47 pm edt 

they saw and she was in Dark Angel
7:01 pm edt 

they had leftovers, inc., etc., and ralphie, oscar
6:45 pm edt 

jimmy j, jim k, jim c, jim j
6:06 pm edt 

dwayne j, t/ rock, john c, alex, javier b., bill b
5:42 pm edt 

aned eric, ira j too
5:33 pm edt 

and samuel j, aaron j, aaron, eric j
5:33 pm edt 

james a
5:31 pm edt 

and james too, kevin c., mr. c
5:28 pm edt 

and jeter, derek o, ginny, arod, hosana, hosanna
5:25 pm edt 

and joe g
5:21 pm edt 

denzel was her Token, and they had Priest desserts, and pastor ones and deacon ones too, nun ones also
5:18 pm edt 

and john g., giovanni, giovani, giovanni, again, inc., etc., stephen, stephen b, jca, jr, juan jr., denzel
5:17 pm edt 

and samuel, sam, john g, john g roberts jr, john r, john r again
5:06 pm edt 

and eddie f, edwin f, edwin m, danny, miguel, danny l, thomas, reggie, reggie j, magic j, kobe, mike, travis, mikey, michael j, michael g
5:04 pm edt 

and carmelo p., freddy, andy p, and domingo, william m i, ii, iii, and william miller, eric miller
5:00 pm edt 

and clay, mickie, mickey, slash h, tony j
4:55 pm edt 

and angel also
4:48 pm edt 

and jose, kyle, mark, mark, and shawn's too, shawn, he, himself, also
4:47 pm edt 

and frankie, ricky, abel, will, david, ira, ryan, ira, again, eric, eric then again, again, matty
4:47 pm edt 

and joe j, lazarus, john a, anthony e, and anthony, as well, and for both of her parents too, all of them, and hoegie's parents, both of them, john h too, stephen, stephan
4:43 pm edt 

Lefty shot through back, behind her Left Eye, and John H, through back, behind both of her eyes, william muller and william miller, both of them, jared l and jared j, randy j, both of her parents, bruno, bruno 2, al, and her grandpa, saul, slash, and all of the slashes took turns shooting, and then back to one slash, and that's it, harry, hoober, john hoo.
4:16 pm edt 

t/ kids stayed in Extended at school across t/ st.
4:07 pm edt 

they had changed t/ filter in july
3:55 pm edt 

she wrote t/ book, Sassy, Classy and Smart: The Path to Toal Self Confidence, by Phyllis McNeal, a book in cover, in both picture and in name, both first and last, that mary gave her.
3:28 pm edt 

she got a face sponge, a black puppy mill one, and a large, medium, puppy mill sponge, from t/ black brothels, black puppy mills also., and t/ facial one too.
3:23 pm edt 

her dad watched t/ game, w/ his Shooter, and his FBI Agent, also, both of them, last night
2:20 pm edt
1:27 pm edt 

she was at, went to an, t/ FBI Meeting, w/ t/ American flag, British flag post put before her, also, and she was w/ william, t/ Manhattan Playhouse, before and after, then angel, inc., etc.
10:38 am edt, she worked on white mafia, white mob, oreo mafia, oreo mob, Black Onyx in t/ fbi
10:32 am edt 

she and william, both together, had worked gay mafia, gay mob -- they're not gay.
10:22 am edt 

she was and had was in 3-Part Video, 1, 2, 3 -Part Shots of Video, again, she was in t/ Ollie Army w/ william, and in Ollie's Army w/ stephen, stephan, inc., etc., etcetera, etcetera, cool beans, inc., etc., jail time for them, too, also, thenso, and thensome.
10:20 am edt 

she worked on Polish gangs in t/ fbi, columbian mafia, columbian mob, peruvian mafia, peruvian mob in t/ fbi
10:15 am edt 

in t/ fbi also
10:12 am edt 

her and william had brought up all of t/ Set-Up Food from downstairs, from t/ house, t/ fbi house, too, of setups, of and from and in, wherein, wherewith the setup section, from t/ other food setup cafeterias, and they had done all of t/ setups that way, inc., etc., she had worked on mexican mafia, mexican mob, too, black gang, white gang, irish gangs, yugoslavian gang, gangs, yugoslavian gangs, polish mafia, polish mob.
10:12 am edt 

her and sean were B.C., British Columbia, she was also Hillary's VP, and Michelle was her dad's Social Worker, inc., etc., and she had worked on t/ Marcelo Gang in t/ fbi too, and t/ black mafia, black mob, t/ spanish mafia, spanish mob, venezuelan mafia, venezuelan mob, too, also and thensome, thenso.
10:02 am edt
9:46 am edt
9:43 am edt 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

her and harry were amscot, ben c was offc sec, harry had caught bounced checks, her bouncing checks all t/ way around her parents, she was, a an, Office White House Aide, Aid, inc., etc.
11:25 pm edt 

william muller ii had done her hair, also
11:16 pm edt 

she worked Mobby, Moby Mob, Blue Moby, Black Moby, and White Moby in t/ fbi too
11:12 pm edt 

william muller was a 3, 3, did her hair in robocop, was 13 in robocop, 3, 4, 5, and her 11, 12, and they were had been stormtroopers
10:59 pm edt 

she worked Staten Island Mafia, Staten Island Mob, Jersey City Mafia, Jersey City Mob, New Jersey City Mafia, New Jersey City Mob, inc., etc., Long Island Mafia, Long Island Mob, Bronx Mafia, Bronx Mob.
10:45 pm edt 

she worked on t/ Old Gangs of New York, t/ New York Mafia, NY Mob, Brooklyn Mafia, Brooklyn Mob, Queens Mafia, Queens Mob, Manhattan Mafia, Manhattan Mob, New York Mafia, New York Mob, NYC Mafia, NYC Mob.
10:35 pm edt 

she had worked on t/ spanish mafia, spanish mob, latin mafia, latin mob in t/ fbi too
10:33 pm edt 

she had worked on t/ Nazi gangs in t/ fbi too and also, and thensome, t/ black mafia, mob, black mob, afghanistan mob, yugoslavian mafia, yugoslavian mob, puerto rican mafia, puerto rican mob, hispanic mob
10:32 pm edt 

she had worked on t/ Carmelo Anthony gangs, t/ Carmelo Anthony mafia and a mob, mob, t/ Mob in t/ Fbi, again, had when she was younger, w/ her parents, too, and t/ Hispanic mafia, Latin mafia, and Spanish mafia, w/ slash and slash hitman, shawn too, jose, lazarus, cesar p, and cesar +
10:13 pm edt 

she worked on t/ afghanistan mafia and mob, and t/ taliban in t/ fbi, on files, file work, everything cleaned up, too
9:14 pm edt 

they opened up and had a bottle of wine, t/ Allure wine, and shared it, a cup each, and had coffee w/ cake
8:26 pm edt 

Thursday, August 8, 2019

she took t/ English Class down there w/ t/ Millers, William Miller, and Brian Cassidy was t/ KKK Burner, inc., etc., she was in a League for 10 Years.
10:50 pm edt 

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