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Vanessa Baez achieved respect stating to the Supreme Court of the US, I'm pressing charges against frauds forever.
Vanessa Baez is White light.  Only this Vanessa's real, number 1.  Vanessa Baez is White European American, straight, Roman Catholic, was in a relationship, Republican, from Manhattan of New York City.
Only this woman.
Vanessa Baez embraces her British French American name, while beautiful, unquestionable, faithful, and inimitable.  Palmer's English.  She's the strong palm tree.  She went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and brought back palm branches as proof she'd made the journey.  In early history, Palmer represented a missionary.  Palmer's early origin is Anglo-Norman, following the Norman Conquest of 1066. Palmer was found in Yorkshire with a seat from early times, and first records appearing on the census rolls by the kings of Britain determining the rate of taxation on their subjects.
Palmer was of the first to cross the Atlantic to North America.  Palmer, according to genealogy, her origin is German.
Her ancestry is Dutch.  Her motto was a war cry.  The palm is for virtue.
Blas is from Brittany France.  William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy became the King of England in 1066.  He claimed Brittany and Normandy as possession of the English crown.  Blas settled in the US in the eighteenth century.  Blas is proud and love.
Only this individual.
Vanessa Baez was acknowledged for being the youngest, undefeated, 00 sized, blond, five-foot tall, brown-eyed, petite, bombshell, slender, solid with no body fat, 90 pounds with her body mass index at 14, unpredictable.  Only this girl.  Who's getting pulled out of a lineup?  Not her!  Only this lady.  Vanessa Baez has her 34-inch chest, full D Cup, 21-inch waist, 32-inch hips, body in proportion, perfect hip alignment.  Vanessa Baez has had 0 injuries, 0 surgeries, 0 restrictions, 0 limitations.
Vanessa Baez is the International Champion, irreplaceable.  Vanessa Baez is the Figure Champion, Body Condition Champion, Fitness Champion, Champion Dresser, Presence Champion, Personality Champion, and Audience Popularity Champion.  Only this mature woman.
Vanessa Baez is God's British butterfly, Camberwell Beauty, invincible.  Vanessa"Butterfly"Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: For the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. -- Joshua 1:9.  Vanessa Baez said I won’t ever drop charges.
Only this Vanessa’s the 10, the perfect package.Cool
Special Agent Baez

 They had pets: a German Shepherd dog, named Polo, a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, Bailey, Joe the cat, and Misu, a kitten.
Janice Joplin
Gilberto Santa Rosa
Bruno Mars

Vanessa as an NYPD Cop

Pantera - her boyfriend's cd

Vanessa at St. Jude RC Church

Paula Cole - Bruno's cd for her

Blog Copy

Vanessa checking out the Gottie jail

Poison - her Favorite group

FBI Agent # 00331 -- Mom
FBI Agent # 66994 -- Dad
FBI Agent # 6994 -- Dad
FBI Agent # 66557 -- Vanessa Palmer
008 -- Dad
0028 -- Dad
0032 -- Mom
Special Agent # 0013
This is 0013.
The Komodo Dragon
U.S. Navy Seal
U.S. Navy Captain
U.S. Army Sargent
U.S. Marine Corps Captain
U.S. Air Force Captain
National Guard
Air National Guard
Coast Guard
Army Reserves
Assistant Director to the FBI
 Federal Agent
Special Agent
00 - Ocala
00 - Brooklyn
00 - Atlanta
00 across the U.S.
D.C. Sniper
FBI Agent
FBI Chief
FBI Chief of Ocala
FBI Chief of Tampa
FBI Chief of Brooklyn
FBI Chief of Queens
FBI Chief of New York
FBI - Puerto Rico
FBI - San Juan
FBI Captain - Sabana Grande
FBI Captain - Aguadilla
FBI Captain
FBI Spokesperson
U.S. Marshals Director
Assistant to the Pentagon Director
CIA - Germany
Boston Police Chief
Brooklyn Police Chief
Brooklyn Federal Attorney
Queens County Federal Attorney
Manhattan Federal Attorney
Chi Omega Sorority
NY Federal Attorney
U.S. Attorney
Supreme Court Judge
NY State Federal Attorney
CIA France
Secret Service
German Secret Police
Narcotics Cop
Undercover Cop
CIA Spain
CIA Bulgaria
CIA Puerto Rico
CIA Nigeria
CIA Africa
CIA Italy
Delta Delta Delta
CIA London
CIA Poland
CIA Ireland
President of Chi Omega
Head of the IIA
Head of the Special Agency
President of the Special Agency
Chief of the Fire Department of NY
Assistant to the CIA Director
CIA New Zealand
FBI Director
CIA New York
Senator of Arkansas
FBI Indiana
CIA India
CIA Ukraine
Chief of the Police Department of NY
Chief of the 104th Precinct in Queens
CIA Wales
Delta Gamma
Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
CIA Afghanistan
CIA Saudi Arabia
Pentagon Director
Governor of New York
Mayor of NY
Head of Virginia State Prison
Owned Brooklyn House
Owned Queens County Jail
Owned Marion Oaks Jail
Owned Orange County Correctional Facility
CIA Kenya
Marion County Court Lawyer
U.S. Federal Court System
FL State Federal Prosecutor
CIA Argentina
CIA Hungary
CIA Peru
Alpha Omicron Pi
CIA Jordan
CIA Yugoslavia
CIA Belarus
Kappa Delta
FBI Florida
FBI Mayaguez
Alpha Delta Pi
CIA Seattle
Sigma Nu Fraternity
New York Times
CBS Sports
The O'Reilly Factor
Commander at Nasa
Sigma Lambda Gamma
CIA Middle East
Chief of the 105th Precinct
Miss. Michigan
CIA Venezuela
Ambassador of Kenya
Governor of Puerto Rico
Miss. America
CIA Dominican Republic
Miss. Universe
Miss. Puerto Rico
Miss. New York
CIA Mexico
CIA Arabia
Pi Kappa Alpha
Sigma Delta Tau
Miss. Florida
FBI Chief of Chicago
FBI Chief of Texas
FBI Chief of Pennsylvania
Miss. Brooklyn
FBI Chief of Illinois
Miss. Queens
FBI Chief of Dallas
Miss. Marion Oaks
CIA Kansas
Miss. Ocala
Miss. Tampa
FBI Marion County 
Miss. Marion County
FBI Marion Oaks
Miss. Sabana Grande
CIA Israel
Miss. Aguadilla
Racial Profile Director of the NYPD
FBI Summerfield
FBI Captain of Summerfield
FBI Chief of Summerfield
Pentagon Director
Pentagon Chief 

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Community Center

Vanessa in a Print Ad

Vanessa at St. Theresa's


Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Annex Gym


Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Public Library.

her cd

Vanessa Palmer - Host

Vanessa visiting Al Capone's House

Sinead O'Connor - her Hit cd

She was in a Quintet!!

Vanessa at the Al Capone jail

Taylor Swift

Clip 3

Vanessa at the Columbo Jail

Tears for Fears - her tape

Clip 9

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Library

The Cranberries - She was the Lead Singer
per Johnny Depp

Clip 18

Vanessa at the Columbo - Red Door.

The Goo Goo Dolls - her favorite band

The Little Mermaid - her Fav. play

Clip 21

Vanessa - Crest

The Maniacs - Their Album, and Cover
their Pop Grp and cover, again

Clip 29

Vanessa as Mira Sorvino, as a Sicilian Actress
She played her, her Character, her Name

The Naturals - Chase Stevens, Friend

Clip 32

Vanessa on the show, Monk

her cover, and her mom's favorite album

Clip 45

Vanessa as a Police Officer

St. Anthony - her Saint as a little girl
Also, her police saint, her saint in the police

Clip 53

Robert Deniro, her uncle

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra
John Hoegler's dad's cd of her, for her, too

Poema de la Intima Agonia

St. Lucy

She as Vanessa Boz

O Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo

Vanessa as a Stormtrooper in the Cia

Vanilla Ice - Shawn's record

Clip 76

St. Saul

St. Guiseppe, t/ saint of detectives

Clip 85

St. Theresa

Vanessa as Cinderella, a Storybook Character
from a book, a Children's book

Clip 92

Oksana Baiul

Vanessa's Voice-Over Head Shot, and Mark Shot
Vanessa also, a Voice-Over Actress, a Voice, and Audio Actress, again

Clip 102

Kristi Yamaguchi

Vanessa modeling VOS, also known as Voss, t/ ad
and more modeling ads coming to her, and on air, w/ hair and neck length hair, w/ collar again

Clip 112

St. Therese of Lisieux

Vanessa on Billboard, the Billboard Chart
the Billboard Charts, on the Pop Chart

Clip 120

St. Vanessa

Vanessa a Bowler, Bowling, at the Bowling Alley
with a Strike, on the phone, and out, Playful, Playing, out with friends

Clip 122

Apolo Ohno

Pharrell Williams - Related

Clip 128

St. Victoria

Vanessa, a Cop on Water, out at Sea, out to sea

clip 157

Lindsey Vonn

Vanessa in Doppler

clip 167

Vanessa in a suit w/ a collared shirt, fitted
Vanessa in form-fitting, form-fitted


clip 176

Vanessa in SWAT, FBI-Swat, NYPD-Swat

Vanessa, a Special Agent

clip 184

Billy Bob Thornton, Vanessa's Fbi Cousin

Drake - relate

clip 193

Vanessa at Ocala Christian Church

Natalie Imbruglia - her Bulgarian cd
Mike's cd for her

clip 202

Vanessa in the Ocala Ladies' Club, w/ her mom

clip 211

Vanessa at the Ocala Police Department

clip 220

Perla Hudson, Slash's mom

clip 254

Billy Bob Thorton, Slash's Fbi-Dad, his father

clip 269

Apolo Ono, another picture, pic.

Vanessa in Bodybulding, a Bodybuilder
hitting the gym

clip 273

Mia Hamm

clip 280

Vanessa in the Ocala Christian League

clip 281

Vanessa in the Ocala Women's Club

clip 299

Vanessa in Swimwear

clip 308

Vanessa w/ fake tatoos on her side and back
she had glue and sticker tats on for play, fun, and a posh cut, w/ fake tint in her hair too

clip 321

Vanessa in her Teeny bikini

clip 362

Vanessa in The Departed

clip 363

The Great Gatsby - her favorite adult book

clip 138

Vanessa was once in The Guardian Angels
Vanessa was in Safety Patrol


Vanessa as The Omen Child
chosen in The Pentagon for a movie

clip 140

Denzel Washington, her FBI-Cousin

Dorothy Hamill

clip 151

Dwayne Johnson, her Federal Cousin
The Rock

Vanessa Baez's Photo Gallery
Vanessa Baez's Inimitable Bookings
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Thomas Edison

clip 228

her Thomas Edison exhibit

Thomas Jefferson

clip 237

Tiger Woods, her Fbi Cousin

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Vanessa w/ her Tools

her and shawn's Lakeview apt. Townhouse in Tpa
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Vanessa w/ her daughter, Kimmie and her son Eric 2
They were all in and a part of the Ocala Christian League

Vanessa cheering! Cheer!!

clip 335


Archive Older

Saturday, December 29, 2018

she cleansed up, cleaned up, washed up, before her hair apt.
10:11 am est 

she had washed up, before she had gone to t/ dentist's, there were hundreds and hundreds of birds and hundreds outside, more of t/ peach brown bellied birds, belly birds, too, inc., etc.
10:09 am est 

her and mickey had written sherlock holmes together, and that's one of the games they used to play when they were kids too
10:06 am est 

stephan brennan's son's mother was vanessa redgrave
10:03 am est 

looper was t/ son of joan crawford
10:02 am est 

she wrote sherlock holmes w/ marcel when they were kids, and jim morrison wrote t/ pink panther, inc., etc.
10:01 am est 

she had made Cody
9:57 am est 

she gave sol's mother her job.
9:56 am est 

Friday, December 28, 2018

she had met Deepak Chopra, she came up w/ t/ name, and she was friends w/ deepak chopra's wife at one time, inc., etc.
11:11 pm est
10:41 pm est, she had owned t/ johnson mins, her dad t/ baez mins, then mickey, her then too and t/ palmer mins, blas mins her and bb, inc., etc. and shawn t/ blass w/ her
10:41 pm est 

her dad had given t/ money for t/ '90s for denzel to shoot down mins, inc., and it was mickey, on t/ phone and in person too and also bb, bad bunny she was babs at one time, on t/ phone, and in life, picking up drugs and turning them in w/ bad bunny and not mickey and thensome
10:38 pm est 

and she had a black true color in beeper w/ bb
10:16 pm est 

and Cuba Gooding, Jr., was her great uncle, one of them, and Grande Marshall, and Informant on the Parade going around in circles, too, inc., etc.
10:16 pm est 

for catches, and Gabrielle Union was her friend, a friend to her, also, inc., throughout the times, and thensome.
10:10 pm est 

they saw and she was in Daddy's Little Girls, and bb had gotten her her pink beeper, and mickey and hers beeper was navy blue, blue -- hers, another one of mine black for her and shawn, and bruno's blacker, she would use t/ clean mins, clear colors and thick thicker colors, true colors, inc., etc.
10:09 pm est 

they made t/ reservations at t/ ocala hilton w/ norma
8:19 pm est 

she had a Juniper Latte at starbuck's, and they made t/ arrangements, plans to go to t/ Ocala Hilton's New Year's Eve Party, made t/ reservations, got t/ printout, and they got their rm, and she just had to pay for t/ party, not t/ rm, if in t/ same rm, w/ t/ other person, two people, inc., etc., w/ t/ buffet, dinner included, and they caught t/ sales at macy's, at t/ mall, malls.
8:16 pm est 

she had won a webby award w/ andy douglas
8:12 pm est 

so t/ children became invisible, and all t/ guys, men too, samuel alito, jr, her, and looper, hoegie had reported to t/ fbi, and her to cia
8:08 pm est 

mickey had helped her write a book, t/ book as vanessa waltz, he did it for her, inc., etc., and willie had shot in ny, and her mom at t/ hilton, in ny too, inc., etc., she had picked up her checks and stuff like that to take her shopping, that's what had happened, and mickey had used up all of his bullets, so did they every bit of it, bit of them, inc., etc.
8:06 pm est 

she got t/ pink Redken bottle, t/ Rct Protein Complex, Color Extend Magnetics, her and mickey owned redken, got t/ sulfate-free shampoo, gentle color captivating care for color-treated hair
7:10 pm est 

she got black, Heritage pants
6:54 pm est 

she had a ricola lozenge for her throat, inc., etc., and she collected t/ cocaine mins in the jail for t/ cia, and mickey had collected t/ marijuana mins in t/ jail for fbi, and t/ fbi turned her on on t/ crack mins to catch people, criminals on t/ line, in t/ min/jail, min, jail
6:39 pm est 

she had t/ wings of her hair cut, her eyebrows at one time were wider, yrs ago
6:03 pm est 

she got her hair trimmed in t/ back, tapered, roots done, shaped, in re-shaping, smoothed out and stuff, it already was, too, inc., etc., process clear, w/ cut, custom blend, and they ate out, they had Cambodian food, they had dinner out, inc., etc.
5:59 pm est 

she wanted t/ four seasons here, t/ seasons like in ny, up north, to change, for a change, so she liked that, b/c she liked that, she had controlled t/ weater in her file, per time, for some time, then hoegie too, then and before that, shawn too, he worked for Shaw, inc., etc., so she wore a sweater as to not have to carry a sweater.
12:30 pm est 

she didn't use t/ water too much, b/c she was sick, and she finished writing t/ joker story, and it kept on, inc., etc.
12:11 pm est 

she had taken over t/ joker min, and had a hearty, warm, meal, b/c she was sick, and she had come up w/ t/ color, t/ first one, of cornelius' uniform, it was a blue/black, mixed together, in t/ fbi, and she was a bat, and her grandpa on her dad's side owned t/ Bat Cave in t/ fbi, inc., etc., and t/ Bacardi plant for her, inc., and al programmed her grandpa on her dad's side, and her sometimes, all t/ time, then jim, and she had gone to normandy w/ 007, james, and t/ uk, london, and england, cyprus, too along w/ jim, and he, they had gone w/ her at different times, but her and 007's trip was to england, 716, her m16, inc., etc., she had shot, she shot, w/ an M-16, and a Magnum, and a Polar, a Polar Cup.
12:10 pm est 

she was sick, so she left t/ bed undone, inc., etc., so she could just get right back in and rest when she had to, inc., etc., cornelius wrote t/ joker, and she wrote batman, for batman comic books, and t/ movie, she wrote Batman, shawn wrote Robin, then she took over t/ joker, inc., etc., and all of t/ pentagon masses of different religions were all checked off and already done, inc., etc.
11:38 am est 

she went w/ Jim to Cozumel, and Caico, t/ Caico Islands, w/ t/ kids too, w/ shawn and henry, inc., etc.
10:28 am est 

danny devito taught her Movie Magic
10:25 am est 

Whitney called her mom
10:21 am est 

she was hoegie's fbi son, and then shawn, before that
10:05 am est 

Vanessa Palmer
9:51 am est 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

eric j had done her hair, and ira j also, eric j again too, then s k, shawn k, at that, too and thensome, also, inc., etc., w/ t/ kids.
11:01 pm est 

she hosted t/ nhl, and for and wrote for In Touch Weekly w/ ira/eric j., and vanity fair, and paparazzi magazine.
10:50 pm est 

she wrote for In Touch magazine, and harper's bazaar and things like of nature, such like that in tow too
10:47 pm est 

she shot for getty images and t/ paparazzo, t/ paparazzi
10:45 pm est 

she opened up her browser first, then opened up t/ next page.
10:41 pm est, and her website said Vanessa Baez, and she had her Vanessa Baez - Picture Gallery, also, inc., etc.
10:29 pm est
10:28 pm est 

she gave katie couric a box of russell stover box of chocolates
10:17 pm est 

they gave a russell stover box of chocolates to t/ va optica shop, village airport van, t/ walmart vision ctr, her mom, and her dad
10:12 pm est 

she had taken t/ tessolon pills
9:10 pm est 

they sent a russell stover box of chocolates to navient, pro nails, dr. roman, sumter electric, seco, shawn, t/ kriskey family, dr. dunn's office, dr. dunn, st theresa's, ehmc, ladies guild, turner pest contrl, secret service, us, va
9:04 pm est 

they saw happy new year charlie brown
8:34 pm est 

she had t/ blue bible behind her in t/ rm b/c she was fbi law, inc.
8:19 pm est 

slash read t/ bible down there, in t/ fbi in his fbi jail, tested it so she wouldn't get stalked by her audio, and their audio all of it went to t/ fbi, down there, downstairs
8:11 pm est 

so al was t/ second to last book, chapter of t/ bible, her grandpa on her dad's side was t/ last page of t/ book of the bible, they all both, three used a lot of prepositions, inc., etc.
8:08 pm est 

william mu said they all read t/ bible differently in t/ fbi, she was made t/ last page, t/ last section, armageddon of death to no resurrection, t/ end of it.
8:04 pm est 

they saw and she was in all of it, t/ House on Sorority Row, and bb, wanted her to read t/ bible, and they had bought t/ bible together, that one, inc., etc., that was before her fbi bible, her bible, inc., etc., so she had read t/ Book of Genesis.
8:03 pm est 

they had sent a russell stover box of chocolates each to air masters, t/ appleton, canal recycling ctr, consumer cellular, sprint, brighthouse networks, spectrum again, regis salon, regis, t/ hair cuttery, bb, bad bunny, bomba esterio, gilberto santa rosa, inc., etc., directv, fabricare, five star handyman service, express care, dr reisner, freedom, geek squad, hp, hp care, ihmc, jcp, marion cty utilities, moca, m.o. com. ctr, mo fire dept, mo lib, marion oaks post office, marion oaks sheriffs office
6:58 pm est 

she sent her e-cards
6:43 pm est 

she wrote t/ book, Booked for Life, a catholic edition too
6:26 pm est 

t/ name vanessa l. johnson was already in t/ fbi had been for a long time
6:23 pm est
6:11 pm est 

she got a pack of lightbulbs, extra ones, and they changed one in her bathrm, t/ bathrm, and threw t/ other one away in a plastic bag to throw out and did
5:54 pm est 

valerie called her mom
5:32 pm est 

her mom saw a little blurry, a whole lot due to t/ dilation
5:23 pm est 

j rad had done her hair too, and her mom's, bruno's, all of their's, shawn's, eric's, eric 2's, ira's, eric's again, lil shawn's, he was a barber, and joe j a barberette, inc., etc, and bruno 2 also, henry's, and kale, and he left them in kale, all of them did, her especially did and ira, her ira, inc., etc.
4:59 pm est 

she had made dogs in t/ cia, and her mom and her dad had made cats in t/ fbi
4:56 pm est 

w/ her dad, too, and t/ Japanese poodle w/ bb and him, it's just where it was from, home, inc., etc., where it was from, and a white poodle, a pink poodle w/ saul, a beige poodle w/ j rad, it was once white, they painted it.
4:46 pm est 

she had created t/ Schitzu puppy, dog, it was a Chinese-American mix, they were good sniffers.
4:45 pm est 

and locust
4:30 pm est 

j rad had worked at t/ radisson for her father, inc., etc, and so had joe j also
4:29 pm est 

her mom got her eyes checked, she had more scar tissue on her left moreso than on her rt, but was getting it from t/ cataracts, and she didn't need glasses for t/ long-distance, but for reading, inc., etc., and her eyes both of them were dialated, she had invented dialation in t/ army, t/ platoon army, w/ her dad and joe j, and j rad, jrad, j rad, again, and her mom had invented laser for her, and she got that, and she gave it to her in england when she was a kid, a baby, even, downstairs, also, inc., etc., and her mom can drive
4:27 pm est 

she gargled w/ t/ kitchen salt, table salt, t/ Morton salt, her dad was morton and then her w/ slash hitman, b/c at t/ time was her hitman, so he had used t/ bullets from that, from there, she was t/ Hain salt in saudie arabia, for saul, for herself, b/c then she was going into t/ middle east, so she had bombed before she went on, forth, w/ her war, wars, inc., etc., she used t/ Iodized Sea Salt, some salts to her have no taste, others do, inc., etc., she had shooters to clear things and everything she didn't need prior going into t/ middle east, and it did, inc., etc.
4:14 pm est 

she rinsed her mouth, and gargled w/ hydrogen peroxide, due to t/ pain in her tongue, to make it go away, inc., etc.
4:05 pm est 

and thensome, always
4:00 pm est 

she rested b/c she was sick too
4:00 pm est 

alot of birds were outside of her window today, and orange-belly black, platoon birds, two birds of those, since she was one, and ira t/ other
3:52 pm est 

she was cold, so she put on a sweatshirt
3:21 pm est 

they've been home.
3:14 pm est 

she had a cold, her grandpa on her dad's side had gone to t/ philliphines, and to cambodia and then china again also, n. korea, so. korea, no. korea again, soul korea, seoul korea w/ al again, and then slash hitman also, inc., they had spent some time at tony's house, inc., etc., they enjoyed their company, it was nice, inc., etc.
3:13 pm est 

tony, gloria sent them a card
3:00 pm est 

bb had invented strawberry daiquiries for her, inc., etc.
2:58 pm est 

j rad invented t/ Angel Program, and angels, in angel too.
2:25 pm est 

that's how she got her bullets for platoon
2:13 pm est 

she had designed t/ platoon honey bottle like a beehive
2:13 pm est 

her mom went to t/ doctor, doctor's, and she had some honey for her scratchy throat condition
2:03 pm est 

that's why she drank a lot of tea, and because she was Bostonian, and English as well too and thensome, also
1:54 pm est 

her mom had started t/ Boston Tea Party, and her mom had given her t/ Boston file in t/ fbi to mann, man
1:53 pm est 

she was Oliver Stone
1:36 pm est 

she put t/ garbage in t/ boxes to throw out in t/ garbage, and threw them out, and she used honey to stop t/ scratchiness of the throat to smoothe it out, inc., etc., and she threw out more garbage in t/ tissue boxes and threw all of those, that out too, inc., etc., and thensome.
1:31 pm est 

they didn't go to t/ ocala lung & critical care associates party, b/c they had something else to do, a previous engagement, inc., etc., and joe j shot for lanvin, and she had drawn up t/ plans for t/ sports jaguar and lambourgini and she drew it, and t/ plans also, inc., etc., and her grandpa on her dad's side invented t/ shoe, and t/ barbers, barber shops him too/ w/ t/ gestapo, just t/ barber shop, inc., etc., and slash hitman had done her hair one time, multiple times, also, all t/ kids as well and thensome, all of them.
12:59 pm est 

they all played together when they were kids, and pin t/ tail on t/ donkey and stuff like that, w/ dolls and cars too
11:26 am est 

ryan j invented t/ Tonka Truck, and her t/ Lambourghini, in yellow, in all colors, all hot rod colors, and her dad w/ joe j, slash hitman, t/ Hot Rod little cars for kids to play with to make into bigger cars one day and did, inc., etc., which they all played w., she had one of each.
11:25 am est 

her and slash hitman had invented t/ lantus diabetic medication, insulin for her dad, inc., etc., and her t/ novolog but for -pentagon diabetic insulin users
10:57 am est 

her mom had invented t/ 80's, 1980's her father for her, both of them too, and her dad t/ 1950's, w/ t/ '50's music and everything, and her w/ denzel w t/ '90's, 1990's w/ john b's approval too, and her t/ kennedy space center w/ jfk jr, john f kennedy jr, to recollect remember, upper to lower caps to go deeper in t/ mind to collect t/ information to test or at all, mentally, inc., etc., she did Studies of the Mind.
10:43 am est 

she had invented Google, Google Plus w/ j rad too, t/ second one, google plus, inc., etc., and google on her own, as a tracking device to find all of t/ information in t/ world, worldwide, around t/ world, around t/ globe.
10:35 am est 

she had invented t/ lightbulb in t/ fbi, federal, and jrad knew it, inc., etc.
10:33 am est 

she signed in t/ fbi for vicks to be put in medication, liquid form, and slash hitman invented Aventura Blvd. for her to send people too, and john hoegler t/ grandpa had pushed to increase janis joplin's fan base increasing it by using, t/ use of woodstock packages, even in hotel and tourism for her granddaughter, her, grandaughter
10:32 am est 

slash hitman had invented t/ Lantus t/ car and t/ Jaguar, and J Rad had designed, invented t/ Sports Jaguar
10:05 am est 

joe j had invented t/ black leotard he gave her that, one, he did t/ template, al, al discovered jazz, slash hitman designed leotards to go to school for her, for outerwear, inc., etc., and j rad had invented t/ light pink leotard w/ her mom, and he gave her that one w/ full tutu, and joe j had given her t/ full cinderella outfit, and her mom gave her t/ full ballerina outfit
9:59 am est 

she drank vicks in a bottle in t/ dayquil, medicine by day, cleansed well and everything, like that
9:50 am est 

shawn and slash hitman had created Miss. Universe, t/ Miss. Universe Pageant, her grandpa on her dad's side, inc., etc.
9:39 am est 

Trisha Yearwood was a best friend to her
9:26 am est 

Vanessa Palmer
9:23 am est 

her dad used a new lens, a new lantus, inc., etc., and slash hitman invented leotards, and he gave her two, a bunch of them, at once or over time, and t/ movement in her jaw was changed, and bruno's two, and her teeth biting, her bites, biting, they all got that, and bruno too, inc., etc.
9:19 am est 

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

her dad taught her how to talk and her mom how to speak
10:58 pm est 

and joe g had created boxing w/ her dad, he was in a boxing review
10:57 pm est 

and as heart too w/ her mom, sheena easton, as chaka khan, as sheena easton, vanessa murdoch
10:54 pm est 

slash invented t/ 70's music and that 70's show w/ her dad also, inc., etc., and he invented t/ michael jordan sneakers, t/ michael jordan's, as well, and she invented ice skating w/ her mom after speed skating w/ slash and skating w/ her slash also, w/ shawn along w/ t/ kids, and she had visited her family as cyndi lauper, madonna and elsewhere, alicia keys and so on, katy perry, christina aguilera, selena gomez, selena and jlo
10:53 pm est 

they watched magnum pi t/ new one, was on it, her, she was on it
10:22 pm est 

janice joplin invented t/ 1970's w/ john hoegler t/ grandfather and woodstock, Woodstock, inc., etc., and she was on as cyndi lauper
10:02 pm est 

she was on as little big town, cher, and juan c. a., t/ son, had invented t/ 1960's.
9:43 pm est 

her mom had invented plays, so had her dad too, all of them, and also especially bruno, and john anthony, god passed t/ navy blue color unto her, and william muller also, and it was and is her favorite colour, color, inc., etc.
9:00 pm est 

slash invented jazz, and john anthony had owned t/ Nyc Bus System w/ her, and also slash too, and her and slash owned t/ NY Subway System he did and he added her on to that, to it, inc., etc.
8:52 pm est 

they watched and she was on t/ 41st Annual Kennedy Center Honors, on as lady antebellum, and also reba mcintyre, and she had a Cop haircut also
8:22 pm est 

her and william muller had worked on t/ NYPD website, all of it, too, and slash hitman had owned t/ NYC Taxi Cab Service, and her dad had owned t/ Brooklyn one, t/ NY Brooklyn Cab Service, w/ her, al, and her grandpa on her dad's side, her mom, bruno, and shawn, w/ bb, and t/ pets too, t/ Cab Catch was her dad's in t/ Bklyn Fbi.
7:35 pm est 

she had worked for Putin.
7:04 pm est 

she ate inside, dinner, b/c she was sick, and not in t/ porch, and b/c it was cold outside
6:53 pm est 

she worked for Russia in t/ 00 Agency, she was a 00 Agent
5:35 pm est 

her mom transferred her information into her new address book, and then before that had crossed out, deleted all that had died, to save space, and changed everything around, inc., etc.
5:07 pm est 

they had given st jude a russell stover box of chocolates, and winn dixie, t/ winn dixie plaza, dory funk conservatory, traci brooks' her best friend on t/ phone, she got one too, and eve, and traci b, again, brooke, t/ youth grp, inc., etc., jcp, old san juan rest., bank of america, v's salon, nowhere, shady vet, no vet., too, too mins, m.o. min, marion oaks pub. lib, freedom pub. lib, marion cty pub. lib, china house, ny 1 pizza, family dollar, t/ dollar general.
5:00 pm est 

they changed t/ water filter in t/ water pitcher, she loved angus, gave it away
3:45 pm est 

her grandma on her dad's side helped her do a page, a template, website picture, background, desktop wallpaper for her website also, one of them, two
3:42 pm est 

she had warmed up, t/ leftovers from ihop
2:35 pm est 

she had at one time, one time or another, had had, in t/ past, a long time ago, done her hair like katie couric, leslie stahl, anny curry, wendy chioji, and elizabeth vargas, martha sugalski, kate weston, inc., etc., maria bartiromo, inc., etc.
2:34 pm est 

she got t/ marine pant hanger
1:55 pm est 

she swam in t/ suspension of water, underwater suspension, inc., etc., and she flew in into air suspension too
1:25 pm est 

she listened to soft music, b/c she was sick, and laid down, and they had worn something christmasy, christmasey
11:09 am est 

Belinda worked in real estate
11:06 am est 

they had taken christmas pictures, t/ shoes, t/ dress, they had and had made Lancocho
10:48 am est 

they were together, they had things to do
10:44 am est 

they got a card from marco, laila
10:36 am est 

she was taking care of herself
10:19 am est 

she took more medicine, she had lots of tissues, used lots of tissues, inc., etc., and blew her nose, cleaned her nose alot.
10:16 am est 

she had taken t/ pictures
10:09 am est 

they got a card from Richard, Christine, Brianna, Patrick, Talia too
10:08 am est 

michael douglas had put her as catherine zeta jones and before that her grandpa on her dad's side, in t/ pentagon, of the pentagon, too, inc. and of alcatraz also, t/ alcatraz jail also too again and thensome.
10:00 am est 

she got t/ large dayquil, took her medicine w/ breakfast, w/ food, then at lunch, w/ food again, at dinner w/ food once again, and then at snacktime w/ some food, a little bit of food then as well, nursing her body again, she had dieted a bit before t/ holidays, her immune system was low, and so she was getting her immune system back up again, inc., etc., to healthy again, and bundled up, w/ a sweater and coat outside, t/ works too.
9:49 am est 

she took her medicine last night, before going to bed, and she gargled in t/ morning, once, and t/ other in t/ afternoon, too, inc., etc.
9:46 am est 

they got a card from Mary, Bill, and JoAnne, Frank, Megan
Vanessa Baez
9:28 am est 

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

they had turkey, again
10:37 pm est 

jason from friday t/ 13th, jason, was her 6th kidney in t/ pentagon too, in other words, she don't have to have another one replaced, ever in her entire life, and that was t/ arrangement since t/ beginning, inc., they read t/ instructions, guidelines, rules and regulations of t/ labels, products, and brands, tickets, and of mins also, t/ cell, jails and prisons, also, large prison systems, systems, and he had removed her pancreas for her, and for her mom too, inc., and her dad's and bruno's shawn's and t/ kids too, in, w/ harry, and into himself too, inc., etc., and thensome.
10:27 pm est 

she had joined t/ pga ramps
10:19 pm est 

she went on t/ PGA Tour as Annika Sorrenstam w/ harry
10:17 pm est 

they had a hearty meal, a full meal as well
9:56 pm est
9:52 pm est 

harry had made her Fbi-Marine Corps, Marine Corps, and he was in charge of Fbi-Corps, and she was in it, inc., etc., and Sean J., was also a marine and in t/ air force of t/ pentagon, and was also in t/ Pentagon-Air Force, in Air Force air, on Air Force One, of the Pentagon, inc., etc., in t/ Marine Corps again, of the Pentagon, that was her route, etc.
9:49 pm est 

they saw and she was in t/ Holiday Handbells: Raleigh, R., she was CIA-Army, Cia-National Guard, Cia-Marines, Cia-Marine, Cia-Marine Corps, Cia-Air Guard, Cia-Guard, Cia-Army Reserves, Cia-Army Reserve, Cia-Air Force Reserves, Cia-Air Force Reserve too at one time or another.
9:00 pm est 

she was London-Air Force, London Air Force, again, inc., etc., and in t/ CIA-Air Force of every military branch of servic
8:43 pm est 

they bundled up, and mike was in t/ Stuttgart-Air Force also, so was she, inc., and John was a Medic, and Mike was a medic also, and his mom was a nurse, an rn, registered nurse
8:42 pm est 

they saw and she was in We Meet, Again, slash had directed it, quique had gone to korea.
8:10 pm est 

they saw t/ Grinch
7:38 pm est 

they got red, velvety, glittery poinsettias, flowers w/ stem, stems
7:19 pm est 

they went out for a nice, hot meal
7:13 pm est 

pamela was their waitress
7:13 pm est 

they went to ihop for christmas, everything else was closed, inc., etc., they ate out, had dinner out
7:08 pm est 

jimmy hoffa cleaned out her jail every yr, around new year's eve, one yr and then his son, inc., etc.
3:43 pm est 

she had gotten a card from jimmy hoffa, and jimmy hoffa's son, jimmy hoffa, jimmy hoffa, sr. and jimmy hoffa, jr.
3:22 pm est 

they got 21 cards in t/ mail too, they watched t/ oklahoma and houston game, julius sent them a card, holt had sent them a card, and belgica, alex, erica sent them a card, inc., etc.
3:16 pm est 

she got t/ apricot eyeshadow
2:46 pm est 

willie c jr owned anytime fitness, willie c
2:42 pm est 

her mom dyed her hair
2:28 pm est 

they had enough hot water, for her mom to dye her hair and mine also.
1:21 pm est 

she moisturized her lips, b/c they got dry due to being sick, and she, they gave each a box of russell stover chocolates to e, internet explorer, t/ cia, g, google, b, bing,, aol., aol, w, wiki, wikipedia, youtube, utube, m, gmail,,, web.,, china, w.,, msn,, e, again, edge, microsoft edge, web cam, u link, u turn, e again, site builder,, registered site, domain,, firefox, webroot, security software, inc., etc., search, wifi, home wifi
10:12 am est 

she got a check from telemundo, univision, and hoegie got a check from detroit, and his dad michigan, and hoegie, too michigan
9:52 am est 

Vanessa en buena noche, de buena noche, de pascuas, pascua
9:31 am est 

Vanessa de Pascuas, estamos de Pascuas, Pascua, john, juan, eric wrote Pasquale, inc., etc.
9:22 am est 

she had worked on, done all of Elvis Crespo's videos, even in t/ pentagon, and she got a card from her dad too, inc.
8:46 am est 

Vanessa Baez
8:35 am est 

her mom and dad gave her a card, and marlyn, dad sent them a card too, and they also had sent them a thank u card, inc., etc.
8:32 am est 

Monday, December 24, 2018

she got a check from Scripps
11:43 pm est 

she got a check from VNN, The Villages Media Group
11:39 pm est
11:29 pm est 

she used and took, swallowed, a bit of honey, to smoothe, coat her throat, inc., etc., and she gave her daughter, gloria a box of chocolates, t/ russell stover kind, w/ t/ cremes, inc., etc., and she was her Angel Gabriel, and samuel's, inc., etc., and he got one too.
11:23 pm est 

t/ gestapo, and her grandpa on her mom's side, was danish too
11:17 pm est, and she gave mickey a box of russell stover chocolates, raymond d, scott p., heath l, heath, nicole, juan j
11:16 pm est, and jaimie, she gave her a russell stover box of chocolates, too, inc., from t/ chocolate factory also, inc., etc., jaimie c., and lil shawn
11:14 pm est 

she took her fourth dose, dosage of meds, medicine, for during t/ day, inc., etc., she, they gave kimmie her russell stover box of chocolates too, ben, benjamin, chance, hunter, sean, ryan, eric, eric 1, eric 2, inc., etc., she discovered, made up Ion television, that's what sean used to watch, all of the, ryan, his mom, and so forth, paul, eric, juan, tony, and ant, all of them, together on t/ phone, and then separate, inc., etc.
11:12 pm est 

they saw and she was in Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa, and a Cinderella Christmas
9:39 pm est 

hoegie had taken over for stephen h in shooting for shawn and his dad too and william miller also, all of them, i and ii, t/ taller and shorter one too, and william muller, william mueller, and jim gave her a kiss, inc., etc., and she, they, had given sean, shawn, her, herself, all of them, some of t/ same gifts, all, not all too, russell stover candied box of chocolates, boxes of chocolates, pat, patrick, ben, benjamin, stephen, stephan, stephen, eric, eric 2, shawn, henry, her mom, her dad, her, herself, william mu, bruno, bruno 2, slash, t/ slashes, sylvester, t/ gestapo, al, her grandpa on her dad's side, william mi
9:17 pm est 

Tomamos coquito
9:13 pm est 

Feliz Noche Buena
8:19 pm est 

Pasamos la noche buena todos juntos
8:13 pm est 

she got a slate blue, turquoise, and black headband, inc., etc.
8:09 pm est 

she laid down to rest, b/c she was sick
7:46 pm est 

she took her medicine for t/ third time, w/ water, and pushed it down, and w/ a cracker, to push down t/ taste too, and t/ other housekeeper they had was April Wilson.
7:18 pm est 

Teníamos arroz con gandules y un pojito para la buena noche.
7:07 pm est 

tony gave them coquito, Bacardi
7:06 pm est 

she had ginger ale b/c she was sick
7:03 pm est 

since she was sick, she didn't take too long in t/ shower, a quick one, and she didn't use too much water, lazarus was dutch, and her mom was danish
4:31 pm est 

al was Danish, and her grandpa on her dad's side, was Dutch, and Paul was renamed to Eric Johnson, and he was also Danish, inc., etc., Eric Johnson was Danish too
4:14 pm est 

they got a card from David, David P.
2:03 pm est 

they had gone to t/ Rusell Stover store, company, and they had given each, a box of russell stover candy to t/ central fl insurance company, cna, u.s. army, t/ ny hilton, t/ rockefeller hilton, at&t, state farm, jodeci, all state, embarq, hotmail, gmail, usf email, usf edu, bright house networks, directv, t/ dish network, att, spectrum, spectrum tv, inc., etc., outlook, google,, navient, sallie mae, inc., etc., sprint, sprint networks, citigroup, goebels, pearson, nissan of ocala, palm kia, she had manned accounts, manneded accts, too, over t/ yrs, for yrs, t/ internet, walmart, jcp, jc penney salon, making waves, t/ ladies guild, ehmc, st. theresa, st. theresa's, st. jude, seco, seco energy, fl electric, pbs, pbs networks, palm bch cty, inc., etc., usf, hcc, cf, cfcc, horizon, sunrise, sunrise elementary, t/ fbi, t/ fbi office, t/ offices, to william muller, ghirardelli chocolate from t/ chocolate factory, for william muller, from t/ ghirardelli chocolate factory, bonnie, amber, heather, lynn, lin, kapri, capri, capri sun for t/ kids, juicey juice for t/ kids, too, century link, russell stover candy, navient again, and thensome, consmer cellular service too and also, and thensome, marion elementary, lake weir h, lake weir, and chase, andy, usf edu, t/ email service, chi o, chi omega, chi o visa, mastercard, ann taylor card, etc., jail, prison, cell, system, bank of america, ann taylor, wps,,, web, aol, samsung, galaxy, samsung galaxy.
2:02 pm est 

they bagged up t/ garbage
1:49 pm est 

she was in her pajamas all day
1:41 pm est 

esposas, handcuffs, and she took her time eating, without rush, inc., etc., without interruptions, and had a nice, good, healthy, nutritious lunch, inc., etc.
1:22 pm est 

she had a bowl of hot Lipton Soup, and stirred it while being made, cooked, fully cooked, inc., etc., so it wouldn't be raw, fully cooked again, it took time, she made t/ time
1:10 pm est 

she took her med, more medicine, it was, says, said four times a day, of t/ liquid, so took it a second time, during t/ day, w/ breakfast, w/ lunch, w/ food
1:01 pm est 

she took her medicine in t/ morning, like she was supposed to, per t/ directions, inc., etc., so was resting, warm, in t/ warmth, inc., and she had very hot chocolate.
12:25 pm est 

t/ kids saw Santa, Igor
12:10 pm est 

she had a bad cold
12:04 pm est 

Victor called her mom
11:42 am est 

she changed t/ desktop wallpaper to t/ Blues, Coppers, and Hairstreaks, one of each, too, inc., etc., and thensome
11:28 am est 

she had had a Spanish priest on her Spain file
11:22 am est 

they had a Spanish Priest
11:15 am est 

Vanessa Baez, she had translated her name into Danish, to Danish too
11:06 am est 

she took her medicine
10:51 am est 

stephan b threw her a christmas party w/ all of her friends, and family too for new year's, and she gave him t/ large christmas cake, t/ largest one for his party, and her too, together and or separate, inc., etc., they worked setups in t/ u.s. army, inc., etc.
10:14 am est 

shawn had t/ yellow fan, and so had stephen h., and stephen h used to shoot for shawn, stephan b shot for her in t/ u.s. army, inc., etc, and at u.s. army war, too.
10:13 am est 

she, bruno, they had given lazarus, eric, a blue cake, a light blue one, and bruno gave her one, and her one to bruno on his b-day, too, and saul got a christmas cake, and she did too, for them, inc., etc.
9:59 am est 

slash was Danish, and Saul was Dutch
9:55 am est 

she was able to sleep, she had tea w/ lemon earlier, and tea w/ honey before she went to bed, they had a yellow fan of t/ home, a Tara fan in t/ other rm, bruno had a light blue fan, and she had a light pink fan over time, over t/ yrs, too, inc., etc, and eileen, bert ritter, t/ ritter family, fam, sent them a card, inc., etc.
9:49 am est 

Sunday, December 23, 2018

a Paul was Danish
11:05 pm est
11:02 pm est 

lazarus got them a christmas cake
11:01 pm est 

Felices Pascuas
10:58 pm est 

Nochebuena y feliz Navidad
10:57 pm est 

shawn had given her a Tiffany bracelet, alex ferrer had given her a brooch, a purple one, a wreath, a christmas wreath, a red and green wreath w/ a big red bow, and rosary, and he was her and slash's federal lawyer, he was her lawyer, and thensome, distant cousin and relative, inc., etc., and ludacris bye bye, inc., etc.
10:54 pm est 

and eric j and her had dinner at ihop, and he had dinner and lunch at ihop w/ her dad also, and eric j gave her a wreath brooch, and bb, bad bunny gave her t/ same a wreath brooch in red and green, w/ a red bow, inc., etc., and they saw a christmas eve movie, t/ heart of christmas
9:45 pm est 

she had really hot chocolate, tony gave them coquito, and bb gave her coquito too, bad bunny, and she had had a really hot sandwich, dora gave her a prayer card, felix gave her a rosary, felix ferrer gave her a rosary and a wreath, and maluma, eric gave her a rosary and a wreath, felix gave both of her parents prayer cards, inc., etc., and dora gave her mom a prayer card and a rosary.
9:43 pm est 

they had t/ home wifi, and everything was heard in t/ min, what was said in full audio around of everyone and everybody also by t/ federal min, cia, fbi also, - pentagon, pentagon, 0, special agency
9:12 pm est 

she got a big Malta
9:10 pm est 

they saw and she was in Baby Driver, they had helped out w/ t/ kids party
8:36 pm est 

she used to help out as an fbi cop in t/ pentagon in mins, in t/ pentagon jail, as - pentagon, and pentagon also at different times.
8:11 pm est 

8:05 pm est 

she used t/ nasal spray, 1 squirt in both nostrils, then two
7:48 pm est 

she got a check from Islamabad
7:32 pm est 

sammy had given her a leotard, all of them, her family, her friends, all of them, together or separate, to compete, win and in competition, too, inc., etc., gloria gave them morzillas, they saw raul at t/ bank, and he was a cni
7:30 pm est 

she took dayquil b/c she was sick, and dayquil at desert storm, and theraflu in saudi arabia, and at war also
7:17 pm est 

her parents got her medicine for her, picked up her meds
7:06 pm est 

william miller t/ taller one was her federal lawyer and her fbi federal lawyer as well
6:47 pm est 

william miller t/ taller one used to get her mims
6:33 pm est 

gayle gave them a bag of marshmallows
6:30 pm est 

they had gone to t/ New Parishioners Breakfast held by t/ Welcoming Committee
6:20 pm est 

she got Dayquil, t/ large one, b/c she was very sick
5:33 pm est 

she had done t/ Purdue case, t/ Beef People case, and t/ Western Beef case w/ william muller
5:25 pm est 

and mickey too
4:53 pm est 

they got a bag of marshmallows w/ a saying on it, from st. theresa's, inc., etc., st theresa's was redecorated for t/ holidays and christmas too, w/ t/ new priest also, and andy petitte had done, redone t/ advent candle wreath, wreaths w/ her, and her mom and her dad on t/ phone, w/ shawn and t/ kids, sean too
4:53 pm est 

she did all of harry connick jr's records for him
4:17 pm est 

she turned off her camera when sick, her laptop camera
4:08 pm est 

she turned off t/ light, it bothered her while sick, but t/ blinds were open
4:06 pm est 

hoeige gave her pentagon sheets, and she had workd fbi black federal min w/ bruno and thensome, not anymore
4:05 pm est 

slash had given her Laura Ashley sheets for them.
4:04 pm est 

she got a peach, apricot shirt, and gold, circle earrings
3:01 pm est 

her mom brought home t/ communion for her and her dad
2:44 pm est 

her mom got a blouse, and she got mickey t/ polo sport kit
12:49 pm est 

she made and had a cup, bowl, of hot soup, noodle soup, lipton soup
12:26 pm est 

she had two cups of tea
11:42 am est 

they got a St. Anthony necklace w/ a heart too, a People magazine, magazine subscriptions, a mass newsletter, inc., etc., and a religious magnet, she drank lots of fluids, lots of powerade for energy w/ vitamins, b/c she was sick, took a tylenol, inc., etc.
11:33 am est 

mickey was full pentagon, ryan was real pentagon, nancy sent them a card, and herlinda sent them a card too
11:21 am est 

she, they were -pentagoned through all of t/ countries of t/ -pentagon, and of t/ pentagon her, she slept a little bit, could hardly sleep, went to bed late, and she slept til 10:30 am, she skipped church, b/c she was sick, but her mom went to read, to and in lectorship, to serve, inc., etc.
11:18 am est 

Saturday, December 22, 2018

she got t/ Iran check, 007 got t/ bombay check, and she got t/ aruba check, t/ bahamas check, t/ norway check
10:58 pm est 

she got t/ San Juan check
10:55 pm est 

her dad had gotten t/ P.R. check, t/ other slash had gotten t/ Arabia check, and her mom got t/ Jordan check
10:54 pm est 

she got sick
10:44 pm est
10:39 pm est 

slash hitman and slash hitmen had made penguins
10:36 pm est 

they got christmas cookies, they've had every single one, t/ type, brand and product also
10:30 pm est 

she put t/ tissue box in t/ living rm while she was there, and slash had written all of t/ alessia cara songs for her, and hoegie's dad wrote all of t/ enya songs for her too, and all of them
10:08 pm est 

they saw PBC, was on it, her too, they did it for her, t/ fox pbc, inc.,
10:07 pm est 

they don't drink t/ water from t/ tap
8:42 pm est 

she drank lots of fluids while sick and peed a lot, so then, and she was in Different Flowers and they saw it
8:34 pm est 

she threw her sick clothes and sick towels in to wash
8:14 pm est 

her dad had gone to thailand, and t/ slashes, t/ other slash had gotten t/ bangladesh check, her t/ spain check, her mom t/ aguadilla check, and her dad t/ sabana grande check
8:09 pm est 

they had spaghetti
8:01 pm est 

they saw and she was in t/ Girl on t/ Train
6:47 pm est 

slash hitman had shown her how to do her nails and saul her toenails, and slash hitman wrote all of her gisselle songs too, and saul t/ other ones also, and bb t/ other ones too, she called him bb
6:05 pm est 

her mom gave her dad a haircut, and her mom cut her own hair
5:39 pm est 

her check was from steven a. bagen law firm, and bogin muns and munns law firm as well, t/ Tampa Reporting Group, and t/ Tampa Law Firm
4:37 pm est 

she had had a long time ago a Conair flat iron for 165 dollars, and last time, t/ dinner was included at t/ ocala hilton on new year's eve, and her check was also from t/ stock farm, nasdaq, and reisdorph reporting group
4:36 pm est 

shawn had gotten a check from t/ special agency, and her, and her from 0, t/ dea, t/ da, t/ nyda, fbi cop, robocop, t/ 00 agency, 0013, t/ cia - middle east, and t/ cia, over yrs
4:11 pm est 

they saw a movie, her mom hemmed a pair of pants for her dad, inc., etc., and her dad got iodine from his doctor's offce
4:10 pm est 

she had gotten a check from marsha doll models and promotions, inc., t/ usf bookstore, t/ usf office of diversity, university community hospital, t/ emergency room, in radiology, t/ radiology dept., chiromed, 411 Vacations, germany, france, great britain, puerto rico, wfts - abc news channel 28, florida's news channel, spotlight productions, damage control productions, alexa model and talent agency, diamond agency, inc., etc., palma ceia presbyterian
3:47 pm est 

she did her toenails and fingernails in Grape Gatsby, lavendar, inc., etc., t/ Sally Hansen Complete salon manicure, and slash had shot on christmas day for her, and slash hitman had shot on new yr's day for her grandpa on her dad's side.
3:42 pm est 

she had had her check from Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York, New York City, and Queens, Ridgewood, also, Marion Oaks, 34473, Ocala, Marion County, Florida, Tampa, Hillsborough County, t/ Ocala Star Banner, Reliant Pharmaceuticals, too, Pharma, Pharmaceuticals, Workforce Connection, Reliant Staffing, Kaplan Media
2:16 pm est 

her mind was white, her membrane was white, and her mind, both, brain, at at War Country, first for them was in where they lived, in Rockefeller Country, for t/ two of them, three of them, four of them, then five of them., six of them, too., and her dad had had 10 Rockefeller Hitmen and it was their war against the Trumps, Trump, yrs ago on hotel, hotelier, hotellier.
2:13 pm est 

her mom had her social security check, medicare check, Munroe Regional Medical Center, her Dr. Kumar's Office check, and her Ocala Lung & Critical Care Associates check
1:25 pm est 

her mom had had Puppy Love w/ Angel, she changed her contact, her dad had his social security check, and his medicare check, inc., etc., and her grandpa on her dad's side had his u.s. army check, and al his u.s. army check too, and her mom her cna insurance adjusting firm check, and her at&t check also, everything was spent and gone, they spent it all, on bills, goods and services, trips, vacations, and hotel accomodations and more, t/ clothes on their back, backs, doctors and lawyers, apts., doctor's apt., jewelry and necessities, living, mortgage, taxes, federal and excise taxes, inc., etc., gifts and presents, cards, in small, both excessive amts
12:34 pm est 

and Shawn got and had had his check from Reliant Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Famous Footwear, and Adidas
10:40 am est 

her dad had had a check from t/ Ocala Hilton, t/ Country Inn & Suites, and t/ Radisson Resort and Suites Hotel
10:39 am est 

her dad had gotten t/ brooklyn check, u.s. army check, ny hilton check, t/ Rockefeller Hilton check also throughout his life
10:28 am est 

and bruno got his check from hawaii, and bruno 2 got his check from Brazil, inc.
10:23 am est 

she was Fbi Shutdown in t/ Fbi, and Government Shutdown as well in t/ US Gov't, and of t/ fbi also, and in t/ white house per w. bush, t/ white house shutdown was her
10:15 am est 

their housekeeper's full name was Janice Wilson
10:13 am est 

and sean was beethoven, she was bach still, and vertucci, venucci
10:05 am est 

and elaine f gave her a movie also, they cleaned house and then some, t/ car also, t/ cars, too
10:03 am est 

and hoegie had given her t/ Snayer book, that was turned from a book into a movie, also, and they all saw it together on Muvie Night, w/ jared l and jared j too along w/ shawn, sean and t/ kids too, and her parents, inc., etc., and marie, and maria.
10:03 am est 

her had gotten t/ Lord of the Rings book from her grandpa on her mom's side, and her mom got t/ Hobbit book from him, and her also, and her dad too, inc., they all read it, and saw the movie, movies, inc., etc.
10:01 am est 

joe j had gotten his jihad check, and john a had gotten his jerusalem check and his air force check also
9:45 am est 

dr dre deleted mim from her brain
9:32 am est 

Janice, Janice Wilson gave them a card.
9:28 am est 

she had changed her desktop wallpaper, website, to a grey pattern, a purple pattern, another one, also, inc., editted, and updated t/ colors, both and patterns on her websites, templates, also, inc., etc.
9:20 am est 

Friday, December 21, 2018

Kimmie was in t/ Ladies Guild, and in -Pentagon, and -Pentagonned as well, all of them, together and separate.
10:59 pm est
10:47 pm est
10:46 pm est 

they saw I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown, a Christmas cartoon
9:58 pm est 

she drank two hot cups of tea
9:01 pm est 

they saw and she was in Home for the Holidays
8:59 pm est 

they went out to dinner, they ate out
6:51 pm est 

sean j's check was from t/ u.s. army, hers was from afghanistan, outside of war and in, inside, and then she had another check but in t/ cia, from working on t/ middle east file, t/ middle east cia file, and john b manned t/ middle east file in t/ fbi, and shawn's check was from kuwait her, t/ kuwait war him., they had all gone to war at one time or another.
1:26 pm est 

her dad took his dementia pill, and put neosporin her mom put on some spots on his head, inc, etc.
12:43 pm est 

shawn had played w/ cal ripken when he was a little boy out on t/ cal ripken field, inc., etc.
12:29 pm est 

she wore gold knot earrings, gold spade earrings too, and silver hoops, gold hoops, silver dots and circles, inc., etc.
12:15 pm est 

she kept her mind occupied
12:14 pm est 

she worked on a puzzle, kept her hands busy, and read t/ books there, read books
12:11 pm est 

they had to clear out t/ house for 8 yrs, 7 yrs, 3 yrs, 13 yrs also
11:51 am est 

slash had gotten a check from afghanistan, saul from saudi arabia another check and cornelius a check from al- quaeda.
11:43 am est 

her mom had written eazy e's story, and she had written all of it, all over it, Dr. Dre's story, in t/ fbi, fbi federal, in federal, at t/ state penn, and worked on tupac's w/ harry
11:42 am est 

shawn and her put her in as sandra bullock, to be her, inc., she was fbi-federal, so she had and worked on alot of fbi mins to be released to and for death
10:28 am est 

they got a card from saul, edna
9:26 am est 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

she had named chris judd and enrique iglesias, and julio iglesias w/ her dad and harry
10:38 pm est 

she had worked on, Marc Anthony's, Mended album w/ her dad, he said she was her own father in music, inc., etc.
10:36 pm est 

and when she was a little girl too, ricky martin brought her his album, and her parents had gotten her his album, and his poster too, he had visited her, them, all of them, inc., etc., and green day did also, and menudo as well
10:32 pm est 

they saw a Christmas movie, and she was in one, as well, a holiday movie too
10:17 pm est 

Sue and Violet were in t/ Ladies Guild, and they were -Pentagon, and -Pentagonned also.
10:13 pm est 

she went to t/ Fashion Institute of Technology on her mom, and t/ Fashn institute of tech from and by her parents
8:40 pm est 

she was in a Homegrown Christmas w/ her Co-Star and they saw it, t/ movie, and she went to t/ Fashion Institute of NY
8:30 pm est 

both Kenra and Aisia-Monique were in t/ Ladies Guild also, and they were both -Pentagon, and -Pentagoned, -Pentagonned
7:41 pm est 

she was Soderberg, played Soderbergh, Soderberg
7:14 pm est 

Vanessa Johnson
6:42 pm est 

Vanessa Palmer
6:39 pm est 

and they had made a casserole, a nice, warm, and hot casserole, a green bean casserole w/ mushroom soup and peppers, w/ frenchy's bread-crumbs, and they also made and had baked chicken w/ t/ pam, both, w/ butter, t/ pam so t/ dish wouldn't stick, t/ food, in t/ pan, also
6:17 pm est 

sinbad was their neighbor, one of them, on jefferson, and t/ black eyed peas, when she was a little girl, had brought her their album for her to play, and pantera did t/ same, and el gran comb for her, they all had visited at one time or another, inc., etc., and a comic book, and jimmy fallon, father, he gave her a Clown record, inc., etc.
6:14 pm est 

they lived on t/ FBI-Compound of Marion Oaks, t/ FBI-Marion Oaks Compound
4:14 pm est
3:10 pm est 

they each got a St. Theresa calendar
2:51 pm est 

and shawn, sean, sean, again, pat, patrick, ben, benjamin, eric, eric j, eric 2, kimmie, inc., debbie, debra, deborah, debora, phyllis, edward, ed, eddie, inc., etc., bruno, bruno 2, her mom, her, both of them, her dad, both of her parents, inc., etc., eric j again, bb, bad bunny, her, bailey, polo, pico, sherlock, tommy, beta, prada, inc., etc, joe t/ cat, misu.
2:19 pm est 

she programmed hoegie, hoegie programmed jared l, and jared j, and william mu had also half programmed jared j, and she had once programmed jared l also, his father, and william mu programmed john h and she did also, too, and in t/ cia john b programmed her, sean penn, and she had progammed sean p.
2:16 pm est 

and April, she had worked for her in Donnie Brasco, and Bruno, in t/ Donnie Brasco Operation, and hoegie, and jared l and jared j
1:26 pm est 

they didn't go grocery shopping, b/c it was raining, inc., etc.
1:24 pm est 

she gave janice a sprite zero
12:57 pm est 

janice was at t/ house all morning, she got silver, circle earrings, gold and silver heart earrings, also.
12:47 pm est 

her white ape won in competition in t/ fbi, and she had programmed her movement, and she had won in t/ Monkey Competition in t/ Fbi, and she was William Muller's Monkey in t/ Fbi, and he programmed her, she went t/ longest, in walking, and going through mins, in and out, inc., etc., and she was supposed knock down other programs, other people's programs that didn't see fit her, inc., some others, somebody others
12:33 pm est 

she was as strong as an Ape
11:50 am est 

Janice was her White-Ape in t/ Fbi, a White Ape
11:48 am est 

janice had worked on bruno's ears and slash's too, and all of them also at one time or another
10:14 am est 

janice washed their mop
10:07 am est 

they got a card from Linda, Eddie, Samantha, Sarah
10:06 am est 

her parents went to get their bloodwork done, and her dad got his b-12 shot
9:57 am est 

william muller paid for her to go to t/ Julliard school, and her certificate also, for her
9:38 am est 

janice came over to clean t/ house, and slash had gotten her t/ Jessica McClintock, and t/ same dress, t/ same brand, name and product, a Jessica McClintock dress, inc., etc.
9:25 am est 

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

she was Mario Cuomo's Assistant for ten mths, over a yr, in t/ NY Attorney's District Attorney Office, he was DA at one time, he founded it., he had Certified her in FBI Morgue, signed t/ papers, on the dead, proof of the dead, dead bodies, in high Murder Cases, inc., etc., and WIlliam Muller's signature, it didn't need to take harry's at t/ time
11:11 pm est 

they saw and she was in t/ 8 Mile, and they all read t/ Bible John wrote
10:13 pm est 

they saw a Christmas movie
8:56 pm est 

they saw and she was in a Majestic Christmas, t/ Heart of Christmas
8:41 pm est 

they were together on t/ phone, she had followed t/ Program to a T, inc., etc., she used to go in in t/ evenings as Pentagon, into t/ Pentagon, and also had worked on and in Pentagon E, Pentagon E mins, cells, jails, and in programmings, had solicited her programs, finished all courses and programming, and dealt cards in jail were all parts at different times on one, and separate, different resumes throughout her life, in and out of t/ pentagon, part time and also full time, and over night, early morning, midday, also, and in t/ afternoon, just like she was in t/ fbi before, and in t/ cia at a separate time
8:10 pm est 

slash had given her a large poinsettia, and her and joe j. were Access Hollywood
8:07 pm est 

she went out into t/ porch, and left all t/ windows closed, and she also wore a sweater
7:17 pm est 

both her mom and her dad had given her two poinsettias, and one other one for her and sebastian also and thensome, and all t/ cookies and cream candy in t/ world to share w/ her little brother too
7:09 pm est 

they made el pastelon con platanos, mucho platano, muchisimos platanos
6:21 pm est 

her and slash had two chickens, one each, inc., etc., no puppy mills and or brothels and she had t/ leftovers from cheddar's, she had cut her chicken dinner in half for t/ other day, t/ following day
5:32 pm est 

007 was t/ Pineapple Head w/ her, t/ lounge, he was a Pineapple head himself, and she had Pineapple Shots, and w/ Pineapple Schnapps, Pineapple Peach Schnapps, inc., etc.
5:26 pm est 

she, they had gotten a Mini poinsettia for sebastian, and she had had one, and a big one too over t/ yrs also
5:24 pm est 

Ira J., had given her a poinsettia for both church and home, and then she took it home, they had left one a long time, yrs ago, inc., etc., and two pies for them, a cherry pie, and an apple pie, and 007, james, gave them a cherry pie and an apple pie also, and her a Pineapple pie for them too
5:22 pm est 

Bad Bunny gave her t/ Chanel No. 5 perfume, gift set, and two large poinsettias, and two small ones, and two medium ones, too, inc., etc., and shawn w/ t/ kids, her children, got her each a poinsettia, over t/ yrs, time, too, one for each, they each had one, and they each got one all over, again, one for shawn, she got each of them one too, pat, patrick, b.b, bb again, bad bunny, ira, ira j., patrick, her mom, her dad, both of her parents, her parents, ben, benjamin, inc., etc., kimmie, debbie, deb, debra, deborah, debora, phyllis, edward, ed, eddie, eddie, again, they liked them, lil shawn, sean, kimberly, eric, eric 2, chance, chase and andy, also, inc., etc., etcetera, etcetera.
5:13 pm est 

Christ had visited her, them, on Christmas.
4:50 pm est 

she changed her contacts
4:43 pm est 

J. Rad had made her, and given her, brought her a poinsettia, also, inc., etc., and he and she both created, invented TMZ television, inc., etc.
4:33 pm est 

she lived in L.A.
3:45 pm est 

john a had made her a poinsettia, two of them, as a matter of fact.
3:44 pm est 

john hoegler in t/ pentagon had retired
2:58 pm est 

her dad was given a large bottle of Ammonia in t/ Take Charge, Christmas Grab Bag, to kill the ants.
2:53 pm est 

w/ her dad's cologne set, he was given a blue, black and white, Mont Blanc bag
2:47 pm est 

her mom got and filled out her new address book too
2:27 pm est 

they got a white, kitchen faucet, drain, tray, trayer, drainer, for drainage, for t/ silverware, cups and dishes, full dishes.
2:18 pm est 

they threw out magazines, old ones, and newspapers, too, they had too many, and her parents went to take charge, west marion
2:09 pm est 

she and John Hoegler of the Pentagon, both closed the Pentagon, inc., etc., all t/ paperwork had been done, and cases done, finished, they threw everyone in jail, and William Muller and she had both, together, created the NYPD.
1:27 pm est 

Vanessa Baez
11:02 am est 

adam lambert was her cousin to her
10:53 am est 

her dad was her mentor in Photos, Photography, also, at Time, and during war in Vietnam from t/ U.S. Army
10:51 am est 

she was from New York, worked in Washington, and died in Hollywood
9:53 am est 

she had created Apple.
9:47 am est 

they had gotten Maria Galletas, cookies, and from sugarland, and they got a card from olga, luis
9:40 am est 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

christopher cuomo took her to t/ white house
11:31 pm est 

she was a large on top pajamas, and medium in t/ lower pjs theme sound reign, they deleted her black mims, she was in t/ black mims and mins when t/ spy images were given through, they're gone now, she don't need them, it was all an investigation
9:34 pm est 

she got blue, slate blue pajamas w/ stars, navy and white stars, t/ Eclipse, and star constellations
7:54 pm est 

Stacey Lepage was her Registered Dental Hygienist, her mom was dental hygiene in t/ fbi too and she had invented t/ term Dental Hygiene.
7:39 pm est 

her period finished
6:55 pm est 

at t/ dentist's office they gave her dental floss, a pink, clear, blue and white oral b toothbrush, toothpaste, and gum sensors, w/ rubber, floss, and more then floss, inc., etc.
6:52 pm est 

they opened up t/ porch to air out t/ house, kitchen of smoke, high up, on t/ ceiling, no where near them, but her eyes got dry, so she put drops on, and she was Mario Cuomo's Assistant at one time, inc., etc., years ago.
6:38 pm est 

she, they, had given maryanne Chantilly, and Michael, had given her t/ Chantilly perfume set
6:30 pm est 

so there was smoke in t/ kitchen, but they cooked w/ fresh oil, but they had cooked w/ t/ stove on for a while, t/ bottom door, inc., etc., and t/ heat was on
5:43 pm est 

she saved time, not going outside out back, but it was just cool, and t/ Fire Alarm went off in t/ hall, because t/ oil, burned up a bit, burnt up a bit too, and then it beeped many times and turned off, w/ t/ fan on, inc., etc., inc.
5:30 pm est 

there were four witches on t/ Fbi board, and she was one of them, b/c she was a Witch of Salem
5:08 pm est 

she got her teeth cleaned, went to t/ dentist, prophylaxis, adult, Perio Probing, and she got t/ Topical fluoride varnish applied to her teeth, therapeutic
5:06 pm est 

they went to bravo and they ate out, had lunch, she got t/ Merengue cookies, inc., etc.
5:01 pm est 

she got and had used t/ Oral B floss, Sensodyne toothpaste, and her grandpa on her dad's side had written Annie, t/ play, and into a movie, inc., etc. and he had written Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, too, inc., etc., and he had created Broadway w/ her dad's permission, so that her dad could dance on Broadway, and sing on Broadway, also, and he had broadcasted, and let wanted, his Gilberto Santa Rosa Story to be brought into a play on Broadway and did, and so did she as Puchy Colon and she did that, too, inc., etc., and he brought mickey mouse into a play, inc., etc.
11:26 am est 

mickey wrote t/ story of St. Nick, it was her on t/ phone, he was his St. Nick and his Grab-Bag, and he and her had won t/ Grab bag when they were kids in school, elementary school together, in kindergarten
9:32 am est 

her mom had wrote t/ story, written Amelia Badelia w/ henry, Bedelia w/ henry also, too for her.
9:27 am est 

Stephen Brennan was her Cia Psychiatrist, Psychiatrist in t/ Cia, and Mickey was her Psychiatrist in t/ Fbi, and sometimes her Psychiatrist in t/ Cia, inc., etc., and he reinstated himself, and she had re-instated him, inc., etc.
9:26 am est 

her grandpa on her dad's side wrote t/ story of Peter Pan, and Mickey Mouse, and Peter Pan and then again and Jimmy the Cricket, Jiminy Cricket, her that one, inc., etc.
9:23 am est 

her grandpa on her dad's side had made, chosen mickey to be her psychiatrist in t/ fbi too and before that in t/ pentagon and out, and before that in t/ fbi too, inc., and stephen h in t/ cia, but he's not, it was t/ other stephen, a different age, another age, inc., and so mickey as her Fbi Psychiatrist, Mickey was White.
9:20 am est 

her grandpa on her dad's side had written t/ Story of Santa, and St. Nick, St. Nicholas, her, too, together, all t/ time, inc., he says, he say like in china, he said like in america, he caught illegal aliens on passports, visas, her passports, green cards, visas, pink and yellow visas, her and her grandpa always together, inc., etc., she says, too.
9:17 am est 

they threw out at t/ dump t/ kitchen drainer, strainer tray, t/ old one
9:14 am est 

Mickey had created Windows, she had played Vanessa Mia, inc., Vanessa Mi, Vanessa Mie
9:02 am est 

she changed her website template, site template to a mauve one, template, also in pattern too w/ design
8:45 am est 

she had put on t/ tree an ornament for each capone, and her grandpa on another tree had done t/ same for them, each of them, and them, also, inc., all together and separate too, yrs before, and then she did, it was her turn too, and they put an ornament on the tree for each of them, as well, of t/ whole entire family from the same household, this household, inc., etc.
8:42 am est 

Vanessa Baez
8:37 am est 

she was Mickey's Psychiatrist in the Pentagon, too.
8:35 am est 

they got a card from Mike, Bryan, Karen, Mikayla Rose
8:28 am est 

Monday, December 17, 2018

Mickey was her Psychiatrist of and in the Pentagon
11:14 pm est 

Mickey was also DEA underneath t/ Pentagon Umbrella, they were both, had been DEA Agnets, DEA Agents, together, top D.E.A. Agents of the Pentagon and in the Pentagon, and she along, w/ John Hoegler of the Pentagon, that one, they both had invented and both created the Pentagon, and Pentagon mins, of Lockdown too of the entire Jail System, Prison System, and she along w/ harry and william muller had made up the mins, jails of the FBI also of and in the Fbi jail, inc., etc., and thensome, and her, their parents too.
11:06 pm est 

Burt Reynolds was her Uncle, and Bette Midler was her Aunt, according to the Fbi also, it was stories, A Story, a story of the Building of a Story, FBI Stories, inc., etc.
10:51 pm est 

she, they played all of their stuff too
10:46 pm est
10:40 pm est
10:38 pm est
10:31 pm est 

she played Victoria Recano
10:30 pm est 

she had played Vanessa Osborne, Tila Tequila, and others, inc., etc., she, they, had played them all for you, all of the links, put on this very site and all, too, webpages, links and w/ channels, too.
10:28 pm est 

Eric Winter was hired for her by, Hoegie, he, himself, too, inc., etc.
10:27 pm est 

Mickey was Pentagon, per his dad and his grandfather, and himself also, and her, too, inc., etc., and they both had gone to Pentagon school together, inc., etc., and thensome, too.
10:19 pm est 

her dad's sugar wasn't down, never down, if was low, he had a snack, and then he checked it an hr later, inc., etc.
10:08 pm est 

William Mueller was her dad's God-Son, too, inc., etc.
9:50 pm est 

they saw and she was in Christmas Everlasting
9:43 pm est 

as vanessa guerrero, vanessa guerrera, mira sorvina, marla maples, laura bush, jenna bush, laura bush, again, inc., barbara bush, also, at one time or another, too, and also, christy turlington, kate winslet, christy brinkley
7:59 pm est 

she had come up w/ t/ charlize theron name, and her mom t/ kate winslet name, and she had played kate spade, was kate spade
7:46 pm est 

she had cracked jokes w/ kevin hart
7:29 pm est 

kevin hart was her talent to air, also, inc., etc.
7:29 pm est 

will smith and jade pinkett smith were her and slash's best friends at one time or another, a long time ago, both of them, too
7:28 pm est 

she played Eva Peron
7:23 pm est 

she played Vanessa Petra, inc., etc., too
7:22 pm est 

she played Vanessa Betts
7:20 pm est 

she played Vanessa Bettes
7:19 pm est 

she wore silver, heart earrings
5:58 pm est 

they went to take charge, west marion
5:57 pm est 

she had come up w/ t/ term New York's Finest for t/ NYPD, w/ william muller
5:42 pm est 

she had written t/ motto for t/ NYPD
5:35 pm est 

Johnny Depp was her Undercover Cop
10:49 am est 

Eric Winter was her Police Officer on Rookie, the TV Show, too, and out, inc., etc.
10:41 am est 

she had translated her name into Czech, also, Vanessa Baez
9:58 am est 

shawn had gotten her an Armani Exchange, he got one also, inc., etc., and she gotten Christopher Cuomo Aqua de Gio cologne, Acqua de Gio, inc., etc.
9:54 am est 

her mom said she was her Marshal, I and II, Marshall
9:50 am est 

she changed her desktop wallpaper to a Skipper butterfly
9:44 am est 

9:22 am est 

she got t/ Ghirardelli, Girardelli peppermint bark, squares, chocolate candy, and t/ pink, strawberry lemonade Powerade, and they got a card from Rodger, Kelsie, John, and Johnathan, Jonathan, and Marie, inc., Maria, etc.
9:13 am est 

Sunday, December 16, 2018

she was in and they saw Palos Verdes
10:23 pm est 

she had invented Curacao w/ her mom, and Nepal, India w/ her dad, inc., etc.
9:45 pm est 

she had gotten 007, james bond, t/ Emporio Armani cologne, and shawn t/ Armani cologne, and he gave her an Armani Exchange shirt, and 007 had given her t/ Chanel perfume, and t/ Oscar de La Renta perfume, also, inc., etc.
9:34 pm est, she played Kiara Ortega, Miss. Puerto Rico
9:22 pm est 

she had gotten an oral b floss kit, and a Crest mouthwash, and a Sensodyne whitening paste
8:47 pm est 

she got a grey, and blue, navy blue, paisley, hair band, hairband, bandana
8:34 pm est
8:18 pm est
8:18 pm est
8:15 pm est
8:14 pm est 

she put her book, t/ living faith book on her bureau
8:06 pm est 

they each got a Living Faith book, to read prayers, also
8:04 pm est 

she had invented t/ roomba w/ b.b., and he got her stuff out, inc., etc., to hoegie it was just about getting her stuff out, and thensome, also, she had invented t/ pump for t/ water tank of all toilets, in order for it to pump, in t/ plumbin system, and pipes, slash said, and bombs, fbi bombs, cia bombs in green, yellow, pink, peach, light blue, pastels, in all colors, and for t/ agency w/ william mu's help, bb's, b & b's, shawn's, sean's, both of her parents, her mom and dad, her dad, and also on her own, was up to also, just on her own, and thensome, more, inc, etc., all of them, together and or separate too, t/ water pumps, water pipes, and fire hydrants also, for fire depts w/ william mu also, w/ his signature, and her dad's sig., also, but locally, for local patterns, w/ and along w/ henry also, when she was a minor in towe, also in town, and t/ inner wall pipes, so they wouldn't would bust w/ a heating controlling system, and or cooling her dad, meaning her, really her, no, that too, inc., and that's it for now, so they wouldn't bust, in contrare, contraire., not in contra.
7:58 pm est 

they went to t/ Appleton Museum of Art, and they saw t/ Christmas exhibit, and the Diaspora exhibit as well, went to t/ 00 agency Room, cia room, fbi rm., and they went out to eat, to dinner, at cheddar's, and had t/ usual too, she had t/ fried chicken, a large one w/ white gravy, and mash potatoes w/ black pepper, and gratin, and slash had killed her own chicken, to eat, t/ whole family, here, and bad bunny, they wanted to bring her voodoo practices to life t/ fbi, b/c some hadn't seen her in a long time, also.
7:43 pm est 

since they had gone to t/ mass last night, yesterday, they didn't have to go today
1:36 pm est 

her mom had met her dad through John
1:34 pm est 

Andy Montanez was her mom's Great-Uncle, on her father's side
11:03 am est 

whatever was backwards, was humor
10:52 am est 

she had come up w/ jack black's famous name too, it was black jack backwards, b/c she had played blackjack as a 00 in t/ 00 agency
10:50 am est 

she produced at NBC, and on NBC Studios, and at it, too.
10:39 am est 

she was William Morris, and slash was Willa Ford, she was william morris w/ her mom and dad, her dad, inc., etc.
10:30 am est 

she changed her website layout to an Aberjain paper, pattern, digital pattern again, from paper to stencil, material
10:17 am est 

she put something in her tissue box
10:10 am est 

they got a card from Linda, Tim, and she put another ornament on her dresser, bureau, of a ball, in red, green, and gold, swirl, an Al Capone one, and a Capone one.
10:07 am est 

Saturday, December 15, 2018

she had given shawn t/ Spiderman Comic Book, and he had given her t/ Batman Comic Book
11:21 pm est 

they had called, placed t/ order for cuban sandwiches and picked them up
11:11 pm est 

her dad's sugar was low, but then he ate something, and he was fine.
11:09 pm est 

she was in and they saw, I, Daniel Blake, inc., etc., they watched a movie
11:05 pm est 

they went to t/ Spanish Mass, Spanish Ministry Mass, she read t/ lecture in Spanish, t/ Spanish Lecture, inc., etc., and they sang, and said t/ Responses in Spanish, also, and they came home, and they warmed up t/ cuban sandwiches in t/ oven, toaster oven, they come out better than in t/ microwave.
9:08 pm est
5:39 pm est 

she got a black button down sweater, a light, medium, and heavy one also, throughout the years too and also, and her and sean j had joined and were also members of t/ Democratic Club
5:31 pm est 

they got Cuban sandwiches from Mary's Deli, they had them cut in half, and they each had half today, inc., etc.
5:06 pm est 

she got and used Colgate, Crest and Scope mouthwash, and a green, white and blue, w/ red Walgreens toothbrush
4:38 pm est 

they got a card from Iris
4:36 pm est 

she showed her mom's paperwork too
4:11 pm est 

she showed all of her dad's paperwork, also, and more papers, inc., etc., and the cards they had sent out.
4:03 pm est 

she showed all of her mom's papers, and address book
4:02 pm est
3:57 pm est 

she was in all Hispanic, Spanish, Latin, Latin-American shows, on tv, and also on t/ radio, also, inc., etc., and Puerto Rican ones, also. and she was in Chino's videos, all of it, per him, asking her at and in her home, and by home, and also in Chino y Nacho's videos also, per he, himself, again, Chino, and them, both, inc., etc.
3:55 pm est 

mike was justin timberlake
3:44 pm est 

it rained, so it got damp, and she wore silver, Icicle earrings, inc., etc., and last yr, for t/ new year's eve party at t/ ocala hilton, they didn't have to pay for her stay in t/ same rm, but for t/ party, and they had Late Hors'Deuvres at t/ party too, and they had made their reservations on a Tuesday, in December.
2:22 pm est 

she got a card from Bishop Noonan
2:18 pm est 

slash had given her t/ perfume, True Love
11:10 am est 

she had given John G. Roberts, Jr., a box of Godiva chocolate, also, and a large one to her grandpa on her dad's side.
10:40 am est 

she got her period, menstruation
10:27 am est 

Vin Diesel was her cousin on her dad's side.
10:14 am est 

she changed her desktop wallpaper to a purple flower
9:40 am est 

they got a card from ralph, maria, and their poinsettias got large, and big, they wet them, drizzled them, w/ water, watered them, and she put a red, shiney ball ornament on her bureau dresser, w/ grey, dark grey hook, an ornament hook.
9:28 am est 

Friday, December 14, 2018

she and Ira J. had been members of The Democratic Club, here in Marion Oaks, he had paid their dues, and her also, another year, inc., etc., under Inc., it meant the Incorporated, and that meant t/ Fbi House, had to clean up all of the Incorporated, all that Incorporated for her, and by harry and hoegie, and william muller, and hoover, meaning Incorporated Businesses, inc., etc., all of them, out of Islamabad.
11:16 pm est 

and John Hoegler, had shot for her and protected her stocks, stock, also, in t/ Fbi, and at t/ Nasdaq, at and on the Exchange, also, inc., etc., not turning himself on with it.
10:42 pm est 

she went to Pepperdine University w/ Princess Diana, inc., etc., and her mom and her dad both shot on Wall St. and protected her stocks, and Samuel Alito, Jr., had shot for her on t/ Stock Farm, to and while protecting her Stock, Stocks, from Wall St., on the Nasdaq Chain, Exchange, and she had worked at The Exchange, inc., etc.
10:41 pm est 

she, they had gone to church, at St. Martin of Tours church, on Knickerbocker Ave.
9:45 pm est 

her mom before she moved, she had worked on Wall St. all her life.
9:43 pm est 

her mom grew up on Mezarole St., between Graham and Humble
9:40 pm est 

her mom had gone to William J. Gaynor High School
9:11 pm est 

JC Penney Salon gave her chocolate, and t/ FBI had given her her Gift Budget and she used it all up, and it's all gone and up to date
9:07 pm est 

she got an Eyebrow Kit, and then since she had just done her nails, she hadn't, didn't clean her laptop w/ t/ cleaner
9:05 pm est 

she used her nasal spray while doing her nails, just then, at a time, put on lip balm, and then didn't put on her oils, b/c she had just done her nails, too, and thensome
9:03 pm est 

they saw and she was in, they were all in Welcome to Christmas, too, and she, they had gotten a box from Russell Stover company, and she, they gave one each to Emily, and Lazarus
9:01 pm est 

she got and she did her nails in Plum's the Word, Sally Hansen, Colorstay Nail Polish, Complete Salon Manicure
8:56 pm est 

slash and axl rose were on snl, saturday night live, inc., etc., and they watched t/ I Love Lucy Christmas Special
8:13 pm est 

she had caught Murderers, and her mom caught illegal aliens, and her dad had caught Men on the Run, formerly, Man on the Run, gave it to her, but she was too young, and so then unto Al Capote, and had kept her in t/ Capote min, w/ her grandpa on her dad's side, and she had given Thomas a box of choc. Russel Stover too, different kinds, an Assortment.
7:46 pm est 

in Murder Mysteries again
7:22 pm est 

they saw and she was in t/ Changeling, and Black Objects, Sharp Objects, too, and she, they had given a box of chocolates, Rusell Stover to Al Capote, Capote, Capote's dad too, he had Tutored her also in Murder Mysteries, he was her Tutor
7:21 pm est 

her and capote got you on getting out of jurisdiction, totally and on completely
6:33 pm est 

al capote had renewed himself to work on her cases, prior to william muller, his contract had ended, inc., he kept renewing himself
6:31 pm est 

capote and her had discovered Cbs News together, inc., etc., and william miller, t/ taller one, no longer deals w/ her court cases either, it's william muller, he handles her court cases now, and from now on in t/ fbi
6:26 pm est 

william muller dealt w/ her cases, no longer al capote, capote
6:00 pm est 

it started lightning, so she closed her bedrm blinds
5:19 pm est 

she also got t/ FHI Neo Bond done, in her hair
4:34 pm est 

she gave, w/ them, an ornament to Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr., Samuel Anthony, Alito, Jr., inc., etc.
4:22 pm est 

she had given, they, Lindt chocolate to Samuel Alito, Jr., and an ornament to Samuel Alito
4:21 pm est 

her mom got her toenails done, in red
4:20 pm est 

they ate lunch out, had lunch out, inc., etc.
4:19 pm est 

she went to sbarro, and she had a Regular Slice of Pizza, and a Canoli, a cannoli
4:18 pm est 

and nicky jam paid for her to be in them too, and j balvin
4:17 pm est 

and samuel j paid for that too for her to be in both spanish and english videos of music, music videos, and bruno, her mom, and her grandpa on her dad's side, and al, and her grandma on her mom's side, inc., etc.
4:15 pm est 

and she was in all spanish videos, hispanic videos, puerto rican videos, puerto rican music videos, that her dad had paid for all that for her to be in, and they had paid her also, inc., etc.
4:11 pm est 

she got her hair done, dyed, roots done, touched up, re-styled, snipped, snip snip, snips, w/ snips, her eyebrows waxed, upper lip waxed too, hair cut, re-done, tapered in t/ back, again, and then same, inc., etc., dyed, w/ toner, w/ t/ brass-off, and then t/ so silver, etc., inc., washed, and cut
4:10 pm est 

she had given Kapri a Shave Kit, and to John Roberts, a Kit of Godiva chocolate, inc., etc.
9:37 am est 

and she put an ornament from t/ tree on her bureau, dresser, inc., etc.
9:28 am est 

she changed her desktop wallpaper to a blue flower, inc., etc., and they had gotten a blue, yellow, gold and silver, ornaments for t/ tree of drums, and she put a gold butterfly on her bureau, an ornament, too, and nims were messages also
9:27 am est 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

they watched boxing
10:46 pm est 

slash had gotten her Tricare Communications, for him, and for all of them, inc., etc., and she, they had gotten t/ Polo, Yellow cologne for Rob J., John R., per, and through slash, also, and then slash hitmen, inc., etc., and sean, shawn, two, also
10:26 pm est 

they had watched t/ fights
10:18 pm est 

her mom had redone her, their address book, also, and she threw t/ other one out, inc., etc.
10:12 pm est 

she changed t/ thumb tack to a red one, to hold her calendar on t/ wall
8:19 pm est 

she got Push Pins, Tachuelas in white, yellow, blue, green, lime, bright blue, royal blue, inc., etc.
8:14 pm est 

she got t/ Motrin, Liquid Gels, Liqui, she had invented Liquid Gels w/ ira j
7:29 pm est 

she, they, bruno, had given Rob, Polo Red, also, he had wanted that one, too, inc., etc., and thensome, and Rob J., white zombie, Polo Blue, and Raymond D., Polo Green.
6:41 pm est 

they had been to La Misa del Gallo
6:38 pm est 

they forgot something, so they went back to t/ store, t/ supermarket to get it, and her dad's cases were all seen and heard in Brooklyn Federal Court from t/ Brklyn Fed. Prison, and she had also worked on Prision
6:09 pm est 

they had worn, a sweater, w/ a shirt underneath
2:33 pm est 

and by t/ fbi, in john roberts' crt
2:19 pm est 

her was on Mafia Contract by the court by john roberts, in t/ u.s., doj, and on Mob Contract by Bklyn Court, Federal Bklyn Court to give everybody up, and so she did, on all t/ mafias and mobs, and russia, russians laughed at them w/ protection from john roberts
2:19 pm est 

stephan brennan was her bomber in t/ cia for a day, as a test, no, for yrs, 1, 3, and 5, 2, 3, and 8, 28 years, too, inc., etc., for five, again, inc., etc., he was brought it, b/c, people were lookn for 5 yr contracts.
2:17 pm est 

she, they had given Stephan Brennan, t/ Ralph Lauren, Polo Sport, again, inc., etc., t/ other one, etc.
2:11 pm est 

she got gold, circle earrings
1:59 pm est 

she, they gave, had given Chris Simms, t/ Polo Red, cologne, set, big Set, inc., etc.
1:58 pm est 

she had given Giovanni, t/ Gio cologne, which she had worked on along w/ harry also, too and in thensome, inc., etc., and Stephen H., they had given him t/ Drakkar noir, harry had made him another bomber, they all had to, inc, too, inc., etc., and he had taught English class down there, and they had given 5 Star Lawn Service a box of chocolate, and Turner Pest Control Russel Stover chocolates, a box, too.
1:43 pm est 

she, they had given Samuel J., a Drakkar bottle of cologne, t/ Gift Set, and to John Hoegler, Polo Sport, t/ Present Set, inc., etc.
1:33 pm est 

her had used her card for gas.
12:54 pm est 

she, they, had given Andy Petitte, Drakkar, t/ cologne too
12:53 pm est 

she had worn clothes from Aeropostale, and makeup from Sephora, inc., and Danskin footwear, and things, jewelry from Dsw, too and thensome, and Shawn had used had had all of t/ colognes of t/ world to use at his disposal, b/c she was a 00, all of t/ male colognes, and she, they had given Sean, t/ Drakkar Noir Male Cologne, Men's Cologne too, inc., etc.
12:16 pm est 

and her and harry had made michael, michael g. a bomber in t/ fbi, and in federal his dad, harry worked on that file, michael used to be one of in her 13 Files, he was a 13 File.
12:09 pm est 

she, they, had given Michael, Michael G., t/ Drakkar cologne
12:06 pm est 

and bruno gave her dad all of his records for keeps for all catches downstairs, too, inc., etc., and thensome, and she had given out all of her stuff and records too, cds, dvds, avis mp3s also, already, they had cleared all of their merchandise.
10:35 am est 

she had given her mom an ornament, and bruno did too, and he gave one to her dad also, and they both an ornament to her parents, too.
10:33 am est 

she negated all of t/ messages as she was supposed to in t/ cia, in course, and in and at courses out there and listened well, saw all, and then saw it all, saw it all, again, too, inc., and she had folded her sweates, they in fours.
10:17 am est 

she took t/ CIA Persuasion course, and had practiced for a day, Brainwashing in t/ Pentagon by t/ CIA, it was her Assignment, inc., etc., and was successful at it.
10:16 am est 

she put her candle on, and her mom's and dad's gardening shoes were in t/ house, and they wore them in t/ hse, house too
9:57 am est 

sean j had worn sean j, had bought it too, and so forth, and they gave it to him, also, inc., etc., on t/ phone, and in life.
9:29 am est 

she had some Belvita crackers, inc., etc., and Sean J., was Sean John, it was Sean P. Diddy Combs, he was t/ Endorser, per her, too, at one time, inc., etc.
9:27 am est 

Vanessa Johnson
9:14 am est 

she had produced t/ 420 Massacre Movie!! as Vanessa Reynolds
9:09 am est 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Colin Farrel was her Speech Therapist, at home, and at war, in war, Sean Johnson was, inc., etc., but it could've been Colin F. too., Colin Farrel, that would've been fine, and was.
10:50 pm est 

she was in target commercials, avmed ones, and united healthcare ones, too.
10:49 pm est 

her prisoners were sent to cambodia
10:17 pm est 

in any sense of the word, in any order, shuffled, and/or interchangeably, too, inc.,etc.
10:12 pm est 

and t/ middle and/or last name was t/ name of t/ jails to kill, either middle, or last, and/or first name, too, inc., etc., all along, whether in t/ fbi or in t/ pentagon or out, just both, they were called Pick-Up Mins, etc.
9:47 pm est 

they saw a Scary movie, and she had played Vanessa Parker Angel, and Vanessa Angel, too.
9:45 pm est 

she played Vanessa Rose Parker, and Vanessa Reynolds, and was in 4/20 Massacre, t/ muvie
8:47 pm est 

they had t/ hashbrown casserole, case, dish today, t/ whole pan made, let it sit, heated it, warmed it up, reheated it, and warmed it up, again, in t/ stove, on t/ stove top oven, inc., etc.
6:37 pm est 

she had come up w/ Christian Bale's name, but that's his name, Bale, instead of, in place, sounds like, sounding like Bail, like Bail Bonds, inc., etc., he had worked Bail Bondsman for her, and hoover had looked for t/ guys that fit into virginia jail, that had been in before, and john b looked for her to be in, work at and also in t/ virginia jail, that's why she was in belleview at and or in t/ belleview min, they were at one time or another at and booked in Bellevue Hospital under Psychoticness, and Ill Tendencies, inc., etc.
5:54 pm est 

t/ handyman tightened her bathrm shower head faucet, in t/ tub, and he double-checked t/ outside lights, and they were fine, they both went on.
5:27 pm est 

they put t/ Calcium liquid in her bathrm sink, inc., etc.
5:25 pm est 

in t/ fbi a child could shoot at t/ age of 5, w/ fbi parents, too, in writing, inc., etc., etcetera, etcetera.
5:12 pm est 

w/ ryan she had given javier t/ key holder, inc., etc., and he had come over and tightened t/ bathrm faucet
4:57 pm est 

javier used t/ key holder
4:21 pm est 

she had used t/ audio, her Audio Box
4:07 pm est 

her left light on t/ side of t/ house, hse had turned on last night
4:05 pm est 

hoegie had created Christian Bale, as an Actor, inc., etc.
4:03 pm est 

they had gotten a box of cards, and her mom had made her new address book out, inc., etc., and they had received a card from St. Theresa's, from Father Tom, and t/ entire staff, and john, joseph, jessica, john, jr.
3:47 pm est 

hoover said she had to work on t/ female and she did
3:24 pm est 

there were two female prisons in t/ u.s., and they were those
3:23 pm est 

she had worked in t/ White Supremacy jail in and out of t/ FBI, too, and t/ White Supremacist jail, separate, much different from t/ Pentagon jail, inc., etc., and she had thrown out, thrown in, women, female prisoners into t/ Lowell Women Prison, separate from t/ male prison.
3:22 pm est 

she had worked in t/ Female Virginia Prison, had a lot of prisoners there, and in t/ Pentagon Female prison, she had a lot of female prisoners there on human traffiking charges and sex-trafficking charges, inc., etc.
3:09 pm est 

hoover had her throw female prisoners in t/ Women's Prison, she had worked in the FBI-Virginia jail, FBI-Virginia prison, and in t/ Virginia jail, in t/ FBI-West Virginia jail, prison, that was t/ Female FBI Prison, another Female Prison
3:07 pm est 

she wore gold, silver, Christmas Ball earrings
1:39 pm est 

they made out their christmas cards
1:29 pm est 

they sent t/ christmas cards out
1:28 pm est 

Vanessa Palmer
9:24 am est 

Tuesday, December 11, 2018
11:14 pm est
11:13 pm est
11:12 pm est 

she made and had hot chocolate w/ marshmallows, w/ whipped cream on top
10:11 pm est 

she was in and they all watched her Darcy Lynne, My Hometown Christmas, inc., etc.
9:56 pm est 

they had had Halos
8:54 pm est, her black laptop had been changed and t/ others disposed of, 20, 25 times, it was all investigation, inc., etc., so it, they could have run better, and they did, too, inc.
8:30 pm est 

she was in and they saw t/ mvie, mvi, Shot
8:26 pm est 

so she had made Colin Farrell into a Star, and her mom had made Robert Downey, Jr. into a Star, inc., etc.
7:20 pm est 

Colin Farrell had programmed her in Speech Therapy, after dead, he was her Programmer, her Primary Programmer, per shawn, inc., etc., and she had made him, too, as Colin Farrell, that's why she couldn't be colin farrell ii, yeah, right, not anymore, dun, done, yeah, right?!, they were writing like that, so it didn't matter, yeah, rt agin
6:44 pm est 

she was blue, and william miller, t/ tallr 1 wanted her to work for them in federal, but william muller said she had to be blue, in t/ blue building, and white, meaning navy, bc he was catching navy, and so she was blue and white in t/ fbi building
6:25 pm est 

she got a new purse notebook, w/ lines, in pink, light pink, all t/ colors of t/ world, navy, navy blue, in gold, white, peach, pink, again, navy blue, again, also, mint green, lilac, lavender, inc., etc.
6:03 pm est 

she was dead in and out, and w/ dead legs, and dead mind, mind-dead, brain-dead
5:50 pm est 

they said she was dead for two months, and she tried to get up by fbi-pentagon too for at least 2 hrs 21/2 hrs a day, per day they said that was too much even taking showers
5:48 pm est 

they had spaghetti
5:42 pm est 

she got a light grey sweatshirt, they dropped off a large bag of magazines to t/ Marion oaks assisted living facility
4:58 pm est 

she used mickie's tissues, and mickey's other tissues also, and mike's, mikey's
1:47 pm est 

she got toothpaste all over her shirt
1:30 pm est 

her dad read two aarps, t/ magazines, mags, and her mom did two crossword puzzles, puzzles
1:03 pm est 

her mom made a copy of her Navient check, for her Student Loan, inc., etc., and she was actually four years younger, fbi black said, t/ black house, t/ fbi, that she was really 14 yrs old, and their black Rockefeller house they had it as it's own black house, w/ permission from the FBI Black House, and their house in marion oaks the layout was flat from their up Rockefeller house, inc., etc., and they had owned all of the slaves on Tara, and they had owned the entire Plantation, t/ entire Plantation.
12:21 pm est 

her mom spoke w/ Denesia from Directv, her dad's great aunt was Henada
10:21 am est 

Vanessa Baez
9:36 am est 

Monday, December 10, 2018

John A. was an Officer
10:58 pm est
10:53 pm est
10:34 pm est 

they put t/ heat on 78, and it was comfortable, and john a had created E.T., and she was God's Butterfly, and God was born on New Year's Eve, and to make it offician, January 1st, inc., etc., he was t/ New Year's Eve baby, inc., etc., and they threw out empty boxes, and styrofoam boxes.
10:30 pm est 

they had left t/ stove on, on low, to continue cooking the dish, and so it would be warm, and stay warm, for when they got home
9:57 pm est 

they got three red raffle tickets at t/ meeting, and they purchased a St. Theresa's Tree Ornament for t/ tree, and they placed t/ ornaments on t/ tree
9:25 pm est 

they went to t/ Ladies Guild meeting, they took Apple Strudel Pastries, and she cut them up, all in half in Triangle Squares, inc., etc., and they had, and went to their Christmas Buffet they had there at t/ Ladies Guild Christmas Meeting, which they went and attended too, voted too also, at t/ Ladies Guild Christmas Buffet, and she had Cider, and Napoleon Dynamites, small Franks, Cheesecake w/ red along w/ whip, Lasagna, an Italian cookie, and she wore her new jacket, w/ Hood out
8:44 pm est 

they got gold and red ornaments, drum ornaments from t/ Ladies Guild, in blue and in green, golden yellow, yellow and silver
8:19 pm est 

her parents went to take charge
8:02 pm est 

she got gold heart earrings
3:22 pm est 

her mom changed her dad's contact lens, lens, and they had left overs from t/ cracker barrel
1:42 pm est 

Vanessa Baez, she had translated her name into Croatian.
10:39 am est 

she changed her desktop wallpaper to t/ American-Moth Butterfly
10:26 am est 

she read The Chill Factor, by Sandra Brown, inc., etc.
10:17 am est 

she got t/ Orange Gatorade, inc., etc.
10:06 am est 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

she had used, old, English cooking tools, and knives from Jerusalem, when she had cooked
11:31 pm est 

there were 67 reports of outlandish behavior t/ fbi, that she contacted Federal and t/ CIA, of t/ Seeing out of Prisoners to a Secluded Prison outside of t/ U.S., to never be found.
11:24 pm est 

they had worked on from English to Spanish in America, per their assignment, her dad had said, from England, inc., and there from on out, he had hired Englund to kill for them, and so had hoover, and she was assigned to kill t/ 10,12 CNN Heroes per Senate in t/ Fbi, inc., etc., and her mom's assignment one of catching anyone trying to dress like her dad, it was fbi, inc., etc., and she had worked on and finished her assignment in t/ Cia, of the Homeless Project, and of t/ Prisoner project, and t/ homeless project again, and of the Deporting of Prisoners from the U.S., federally, unto Zimbabwe, inc. etc., and another Homeless Project in Federal, and in t/ Federal Prison System, and of the Deportation of Illegal Aliens outside of the U.S. to the Mexican Prison in Mexican.
11:22 pm est 

they watched Sinbad
10:59 pm est 

she made and had hot chocolate w/ whip cream on top, and she had fulfilled her assignment in t/ fbi and in t/ cia, and had Resigned in t/ Cia inc., and had taken and fulfilled her assignment of being a Prisoner at Home, and a Hostage at Home, in her own home, also, inc., etc., and w/ her kids, also, in t/ fbi and in t/ cia, t/ kids didn't want her to leave home too, and also and thensome.
9:45 pm est 

she had fulfilled, finished that contract, too.
8:32 pm est 

she plugged in all the time, t/ whole time, and in t/ porch as well inside and outside in t/ porch, b/c that's how they catch thieves, and they said to never use t/ wifi every again, inc., etc., and she had framed Afghanistan for 14 years, and Afghanistanees.
8:05 pm est 

she wore t/ perfume, cologne, Love Story, inc., etc., and she had gotten and worn shoes from Kohl's, t/ paddock mall, t/ Italian store, Italian Footwear, t/ Italian House, t/ International House, and they had been to the International House of Pancakes, too, and thensome, and t/ Waffle House, also, inc., etc., and at and from t/ International Mall and thensome, also, t/ Christian churches from so on and so forthsome, thensome, then some.
7:29 pm est 

she readded t/ Favorites Bar to t/ top of her laptop, screen, desktop too
6:25 pm est 

she slept during t/ day, her parents took long naps during t/ day
6:01 pm est 

she got a black and white, hound's tooth headband, w/ elastic, small, medium and large ones, too, inc., etc.
5:47 pm est 

hoegie's dad's name was John
5:01 pm est 

hoegie's mom's name was Sue
5:01 pm est 

she got a turquoise rosary
4:56 pm est 

she had fed her cows grass and hay w/ andy p, and shawn also, inc., etc., and sean, inc., etc., and there was a lizard on t/ front window sill
4:45 pm est 

they got a card from Vilma, and her mom got t/ Spanish lecture book from St. Theresa's, from church
3:01 pm est 

they played w/ t/ toys at t/ store, stores
2:50 pm est 

her mom served in church, she lectored, she read, there, inc., etc., and they went out to lunch, they ate out, they went to t/ cracker barrel, inc., she had t/ Southern Praline Latte, hot, lattes weren't too sweet, inc., etc.
2:48 pm est 

she wore gold round studded earrings, silver diamond earrings, and gold diamond earrings
2:25 pm est 

Mike Pence had shot for her at Senate, in Senate, for her, inc., etc.
10:18 am est 

she got a pink blouse, a rose one.
10:17 am est 

Casio was her dad's FBI Agent, also, his FBI Hitman, one of them, it was Casio, used to be his only Hitman, FBI Hitman, Hitman in the Fbi, inc., etc., and he had also, programmed him, in t/ FBI.
9:04 am est 

she had worked for two Presidents of the U.S., two Presidents, period, two U.S. Presidents, at that.
8:52 am est 

Kennedy had programmed Shawn K., JFK, he, himself, and George W. Bush had programmed her in the Secret Service, also, inc., etc., both of them, in the Secret Service.
8:50 am est 

she had worn her sweater alone, and another time, her top, w/ her jacket or coat, George H.W. Bush had taught her how to Double-Dutch, and Hop-Skotch w/ t/ kids, his kids, too, inc., and she had written George W. Bush's Speeches, inc., etc.
8:41 am est 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

t/ Batman was her cover too, on t/ phone, and in life, also, and andy pettite as once too, now and before, already going in backwards, inc., etc.
10:42 pm est 

The Joke was her Cover, one of her covers, too.
10:40 pm est 

they took their vitamins w/ their cereal
9:41 pm est 

she gone Trick or Treating as a Kid, kid, too, inc., etc., and had turned in more icn numbers, more stolen icn numbers.
9:00 pm est 

they were just catching people with her, t/ government.
8:34 pm est 

she was George H. W. Bush's Bomber; she had worked for a President, a couple of Presidents, inc., etc.
8:32 pm est 

she used to Bomb for George H. W. Bush
8:25 pm est 

they watched a special on George H.W. Bush
8:24 pm est 

they saw t/ Marquette Golden Eagles game, and she got a navy blue and silver pen from t/ Law Offices of Gregg R. Brennan, P.A.
7:36 pm est 

she got a silver and blue rosary at t/ wedding, they had all gone to Spanish Mass at St. Theresa's, too.
7:30 pm est 

her mom went to serve at t/ Spanish Ministry Mass, Spanish Mass, at St. Theresa's, inc., etc.
6:19 pm est 

she never had time to pick up her room
5:32 pm est 

she got t/ bag, pieces, of Ghirardelli chocolate, Peppermint Bark
4:57 pm est 

she, and they had read t/ Take Charge! magazine
4:49 pm est 

they got a Decoration at and from the Party
4:45 pm est 

David worked for a tile company, and Marlyn did w/ him, and John was an Officer.
4:30 pm est 

Loretta sat at their table, and Vicky, sat at their table, also, inc., etc.
4:23 pm est 

she each got t/ white Love Birds, in ceramic, w/ plastic, and holes for eyes
4:05 pm est 

she got a Christmasy Coke, and a Diet Mountain Dew, just like she did in Platoon, she never stole anyone's bullets, and they went to David and Marlyn's wedding, at St. Theresa's, and then to the wedding reception at the Florida Auxiliary Center, inc., etc., and they each got the Love Birds, w/ a burgundy satin bow, in a tree box, in bone white w/ grey and black salt and pepper shakers, too, and they had hors d'euvres, and a buffet-style entree.
4:02 pm est 

they went to a Cambodian wedding, and they got them a card, and she each had gotten over time, t/ Cambodian bug, t/ garbanzo bean, t/ green bug, in lime, in lima, lime green
10:32 am est 

Scwartzkopf had turned her on t/ phone downstairs at t/ age of 2, before that 1 at war, for war, inc., etc.
8:49 am est 

Friday, December 7, 2018

they took t/ vitamins during t/ day, and they threw out t/ old cans, tin cans, cookie cans, candy cans, too, inc., etc.
10:00 pm est 

she was in and they saw My Husband's Secret Wife
9:08 pm est 

she put a calendar on top of her bureau
8:33 pm est 

she got a lilac, light blue, lavender, white, box, w/ flowers, a round one, w/ greens, greenery, w/ t/ sky, and grass, w/ stem, stems and too from t/ Christmas Party, at Take Charge, from West Marion
8:15 pm est 

she did her fingernails, nails and toenails in Pat on the Black, from Sally Hansen, t/ Complete Salon Therapy
8:04 pm est 

they put t/ tree on and all t/ lights
6:54 pm est 

she was a Fire Marshall
6:43 pm est 

they ate out, had lunch, at t/ Christmas Party at Take Charge, and they saw Santa Claus, and her dad was w/ his work-out buddies.
6:29 pm est 

she got red masquerade glasses.
6:21 pm est 

they got leftovers from take charge and west marion too
5:28 pm est 

Alt Hem Sleeves was done on t/ jacket, it had a hood, it was in Alterations, Hem Sleeve as Pinned - Press, was done
5:15 pm est 

she picked up her jacket, coat from t/ cleaners, where it was cleaned and pressed, and fixed at t/ front, t/ zipper, too, it was Camel, w/ a gold zipper
5:12 pm est 

they went to the Take Charge Christmas Party at West Marion Hospital, and she got and gave her dad a Flex Holder Key
4:30 pm est, and Andy Garcia used to shoot for her in the Fbi-Mob, also, at one time or another, inc., etc.
11:00 am est 

and they made a large hashbrown casserole for her dad's Take Charge, Christmas Party, at West Marion Hospital, inc., etc., fresh, freshly made, this morning, w/ all of the ingredients, and they got two silver sauce, dish pans, to put in t/ stove, a large hashbrown bag, w/ a large bag of shredded monterey jack cheese, inc., etc.
10:58 am est 

she got a silver, faced, Wild Boar pendant, necklace, inc., etc., and a black and white, plaid scarf
10:56 am est 

her dad went to his villages va apt. w/ t/ pharmacist
10:21 am est 

Vanessa Johnson
8:26 am est 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

they went and attended t/ St. Theresa Spanish Chorus Practice.
10:53 pm est 

they had gone to the St. Theresa's Spanish Chorus Meeting at the same church also.
10:46 pm est 

they saw a Charlie Brown Christmas
9:41 pm est
7:24 pm est 

she was t/ FBI-Captain and FBI-Chief of Miami
6:59 pm est 

slash had made her a scarf, and andy petitte, had hemmed her other scarf, her one scarf, other scarf, one of everything she had had, before that multiples, all shades, shapes and sizes, all of them too from t/ same and all households, t/ same households, household
6:41 pm est 

she threw t/ old candy out, and t/ old compact out
5:25 pm est 

she was t/ FBI Captain and FBI Chief of Seattle, Washington, and D.C.
4:35 pm est 

she had worn clothes from Aeropostale, Aerosmith & Co., Puchy Colon, Puchy, Puch, Colon, inc., etc., Gilberto Santa Rosa, El Gran Combo, Giselle, Gisselle, Olga Tanon, she gave her an outfit, a dress, full dress, dressage her mom, in full dressage her dad, and then shawn, w/ him too, and Rider clothing, Riding Straps, inc., etc., Horse-Riding Clothes, clothing, Stirrups, stirrup pants and such, socks, and boots, long boots.
12:04 pm est 

she wore gold stud earrings, studded, inc., etc.
11:49 am est 

her had worn shoes from DSW, Dillard's, footwear and from, Famous Footwear, TJ Maxx, Nine West, and underwear, panties and bras, from Cacique, Victoria's Secret, Wal-mart, Beall's, Beall's Outlet, and such, like that, Macy's, and went on a shopping spree, inc., etc., and nine west more, Espree, Espirit, Easy Spirit, Buckle, Spirit, shoes, Spirit Shoes, inc., Journey, Journeys, inc., etc., and in P. R., clothes and shoes, shoeing, clothing, from Brooklyn, NY, New York, Queens, Marion Oaks, The Marion Oaks House, The FBI House, FBI House, Marion Oaks, Ocala, Marion County, Florida, Tampa, Hillsborough County, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, California, L.A., Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Illinois.
9:51 am est 

Vanessa Palmer
8:47 am est 

her mom went to see Dr. Singer
8:44 am est 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018
11:07 pm est 

she changed her shoe bag, book bag
9:18 pm est 

they put t/ Christmas lights on at home
8:40 pm est 

they had all been Student Drivers
8:07 pm est 

her mom had lasik cataract surgery, they went to burger king, she had t/ Double Whopper, they went out to eat, they had dinner out, and they went to her mom's Spanish Ministry Meeting, in song, Chorale, Chorus, St. Theresa's Spanish Ministry, St. Theresa's Ministry Meeting.
8:06 pm est 

they went to take charge, west marion
3:52 pm est 

mike meder was a bit pentagon and shawn kriskey was a little bit pentagon in t/ fbi
1:36 pm est 

her and andy petitte were Advent in t/ Pentagon, at Pentagon church, in it, also, inc., she was Pentagonned throught -Mike Meder, Mike-Meder-Pentagon again, Mike-Meder-Pentagonned through a bit pentagon, and a little bit Pentagonned through and which Shawn-Patrick-Kriskey, inc., too and and little bit Pentagonned through -Mike-Meder-Pentagonned Pentaggoning also, inc., etc.
1:35 pm est 

t/ certificates turned into badges, and from t/ badges into her resumes, into resume
1:24 pm est 

she got a grey sweatshirt
1:23 pm est 

George W. Bush was a Raider, he caught raiders for her, also, inc., etc., and too, and she was Commander and Chief of the Army, inc., etc.
12:31 pm est 

she was FBI Captain and FBI Chief of Washington, DC
10:57 am est 

she took a cough drop to soothe her throat
10:46 am est 

she got a Women's Health magazine, which was small enough to fit in her purse, and take w/ her if need by, needed to, to have and get something to read, she used to read t/ magazine and newspaper type papers, t/ really small ones, to carry and read, t/ type-set of the magazine and or newspaper, magazines and newspapers, at t/ magazine company and newspaper company, at t/ Parent Companies, inc., etc.
10:02 am est 

and she had gone through Pentagon-Ryan Johnson, Pentagon - Ira Johnson, and Pentagon-Joe-Jihad-Baez
9:57 am est 

she had gone through, Pentagon-Andy Petitte
9:56 am est 

she was t/ FBI-Captain, and Chief of Fort Fauderdale, the FBI-Chief
9:49 am est 

her dad used to turn her in to Schwartzkopff for protection.
9:34 am est 

to open up t/ blog to t/ blog page, she first opened up t/ no atlas page of her website, inc.
9:27 am est 

she read Demon Rumm, by Sandra Brown
9:13 am est 

she changed t/ pattern, wallpaper on her desktop site for her website, inc., etc.
9:06 am est 

Vanessa Palmer
9:04 am est 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

she wore clothes from Forever , y Me Salve, and they got food from Bravo, and Pepin bread, inc., etc.
10:15 pm est 

she wore all Timex watches, and Swatch watches too ever since she was a kid, and she wore clothing, from Express, Express Jeans, and such, work-place attire, inc., etc., and out, both inside and outside of the home, out and about, and to go shopping, and out to lunch and dinner, breakfast too, and she wore Guess clothes too, Dickies clothes also
10:05 pm est 

she was in and they all saw t/ movie, Locked In.
9:48 pm est 

she was Chicago PD
9:22 pm est 

she wore t/ perfumer or t/ lotion together, or separate too, it's okay to wear one alone, it's suffice.
6:55 pm est 

she was t/ FBI-Captain and FBI-Chief of Florida.
6:54 pm est 

and w/ it, she got also t/ coach Perfumed body lotion
6:05 pm est 

her other bag had a pocket, and a coach on it, w/ horses, also, in and of t/ design, and she filled her bags w/ stuff, inc., etc., she had had a white coach bag a long time ago
6:00 pm est 

w/ t/ gift set, she got a Purse Fragrance bag, w/ zip, zipper, in gold, w/ pink shimmer, which she carried her Purse Fragrance Bottle, inc., etc., too.
5:52 pm est 

she got a Coach gift set, a large one, a large bottle of perfume, a parfum, w/ spray, and nozzle, and a Purse Spray, she carried in her Purse Cosmetic Bag, and t/ large one for home, for her bedrm
5:44 pm est 

she got a Coach bag w/ her gift set, in black, w/ shimmer, glittering, glitter, rainbow colors, a large one.
5:24 pm est 

she, they saw a book selection, breakdown at t/ freedom lib, library, a colonial house presentation, in and within bookcase, inc., etc.
3:47 pm est 

she read US, Us, Us Weekly
1:58 pm est 

they had thrown t/ old food out, in boxes, and she had buffalo sauce which kept colds away w/ buffalo chicken, a cold away
1:26 pm est 

she got a pair of dark grey sweatpants, inc., etc.
11:59 am est 

they got a Mont Blanc parfums umbrella w/ t/ gift set, too
10:40 am est 

her mom went to get her haircut, trimmed, washed, styled, and dried, inc., etc.
9:38 am est 

Vanessa Baez
9:23 am est 

Monday, December 3, 2018

she wore Charlotte Russe clothing, Charlotte Ruse clothing, Guns 'n' Roses clothing, and Buckle clothing, and Pop-Arts clothing, Neiman Marcus clothing, NY clothing, NYC clothing, N.Y.C. clothing, Style and Co. clothing, inc., etc.
11:01 pm est 

she wore J. Crew clothing, the Gap clothing too, Faded Glory, inc., etc., and they all watched George H.W. Bush's Funeral, inc.
10:57 pm est 

she wore Cacique, and Target clothing too.
10:55 pm est 

she wore Victoria's Secret, Ucf clothing, UCF stuff and shawn too, sean, his ucf stuff, also, and andy p his ny yankee stuff, inc., etc., and Worthington, also, clothing, t/ clothing-line, which her and christopher c. owned, also, she was Venus, bruno was mars, she and her dad had manned her, both of her parents had first, and her grandpa on her dad's side, and she wore NY clothing, bk, bklyn clothing, queens clothing, manhattan clothing, nyc clothing, tampa clothing, florida clothing, she did, they did, ocala clothing, marion oaks clothing, marion county clothing, hillsborough county, san juan clothing, her, sabana grande clothing they, aguadilla clothing they, ny clothing them, bklyn clothing, them, queens clothing her, manhattan clothing, her, nyc clothing, they, marion oaks clothing, them, ocala clothing, them, marion county clothing, them, florida clothing them, tampa clothing, her, hillsborough county clothing her, puerto rico clothing them.
10:53 pm est 

Anderson Cooper used to deal w/ her mims in t/ fbi, federal, in and within t/ fbi, and ryan in t/ pentagon, inc., etc., and william miller in federa, fbi federal, william muller, inc., and harry in t/ fbi, and also in federal, she didn't want t/ mims anymore, ever, and anderson c knew that, too.
10:47 pm est 

and she, they had worn Cato's, and her Dooney & Burke, too, Kenneth Cole, Moa Moa, Stutgarte clothing, again, also, and thensome, then some.
10:44 pm est 

and she wore Onyx clothing, clothes, and attire, as well, and thensome, inc., etc.
10:43 pm est 

she had worn INC, Inc., clothing, Macy's clothing too, clothes, period, clothes from and in and out of all department stores, Tommy Hilfiger, Gloria Vanderbilt, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor, and Talbots, The Limited, and The Limited, Too!, of course, for Kimmie, as well, from Babies 'r' Us, which her parents invented, and all of her, their kids, babies, too, and Stuttgart clothing, attire, as well, inc., etc.
10:42 pm est 

she had invented IC3 in t/ fbi and she and her mom had invented ICE, when she was a little girl she had co-signed, inc., etc.
10:28 pm est 

she was in an Ibanza, Ibance commercial, commercials in Danza, Salsa, Bomba, and Hysteria, inc., etc., commercials too, and they wore clothes from all types of department stores, the Paddock Mall, Macy's, inc., her from Rue 21, Forever 21, Bebe.
9:49 pm est 

she printed her mom's emails in both english and spanish
8:11 pm est 

she invented a Maple Tree, and both, invented it also, and t/ Halo Act also
7:27 pm est 

she left her Heavy Jacket to be hemmed and pressed, 1 pc, pcs, Starch: Light Hang
5:04 pm est 

she had and bruno used t/ black charcoal soap and andy p., andy, and felix had watched her after school, elementary school outside.
4:20 pm est 

she had been, was t/ FBI-Captain and FBI-Chief of Marion County
3:58 pm est 

they got Dusting Refills, they went to Take Charge, it was decorated for holidays, Christmas, inc., etc., they had had the biggest, largest Christmas tree on the block in Brooklyn, on Jefferson Ave, an F.A.O. Shwartz tree, and a Macy's tree, and a Rockefeller tree also, inc., etc., she had gotten slash t/ job, t/ other one, on modern family, one of t/ slashes, they saw all of the lights for t/ holidays and christmas, and a take charge, in t/ area, around t/ neighborhood and such like that, too.
3:55 pm est 

she took her new jacket, coat, to get the sleeves hemmed, w/ lining, double-lining, and pressed by t/ presser at t/ Cleaners
3:51 pm est 

her parents went to t/ villages va to pick up his meds
11:26 am est 

Dora gave them Bread Pudding, pieces in a cup, inc., etc., and she got t/ TGI Friday's boneless chicken, buffalo-style, and they got two large, long, red poinsettias, in pots, w/ soil and grain, w/ lime green, green, red and white paper.
11:16 am est 

she flattened out all of t/ clothes, tops, on t/ bed too, flat-lined them, bottoms
10:50 am est 

John Brennan signed off on her paperwork, all of it, at Lexington Law Firm, from there, on her name, Vanessa Palmer, and also on Andy Pettite's name, before and after, Andy Pettitte, inc., etc., in court, also.
10:22 am est 

she was laid back, too laid back, and did other, some kind of other exercises, and just stared at t/ tv
10:10 am est 

vanessa baez, she translated her name, in font, font-wise, to Chinese Traditional, also, and Ira had translated in lettering, and in both, w/ font, in font wise also four translations of her name, in full, also in Chinese, and Eric, t/ other one, into Greek, inc., etc.
9:56 am est 

she changed her desktop wallpaper to the Red Admiral butterfly, another Vanessa butterfly
9:49 am est 

they put up all of the decorations, and the Christmas tree, t/ tree too, and thensome, inc., etc.
9:23 am est 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

her biscuits were connected to her ankles, and feet, inc., etc., and she was in la bam, LA Bam
10:01 pm est 

her mom served in church
9:13 pm est 

they saw and she was in t/ Banco Popular: Mas de un Siglo special, especial, inc., etc.
9:07 pm est 

she had owned Cheddars' restaurant
5:28 pm est 

she got a blue powerade, Mountain Berry Blast, inc., etc.
5:20 pm est 

she got a Lord's shirt
5:00 pm est 

she had been, was t/ FBI Captain of Ocala
4:48 pm est 

she was FBI-Ocala
4:24 pm est 

she had been, was t/ FBI Chief of Ocala for many years, decades, by now, inc., etc.
4:22 pm est 

they went to Cheddar's for lunch, out, ate out, she had t/ grilled Bourbon, glazed salmon, buttered corn, loaded baked potatoe, w/ shredded monterey jack cheese, w/ sour cream, w/ a glass of wine
4:17 pm est 

she got a burgundy full, warm sweater, knitted, and a silver stone, stoned, cross, w/ cut diamonds, that she used to wear in t/ fbi black house, inc. etc.
4:14 pm est 

her mom served in church, they each got t/ St. Francis de Sales card
3:58 pm est 

Matt LeBlanc had given her Season Tickets to the NHL, and Series Tickets for Shawn also, so they could all go to, and t/ NHL tickets w/ him, inc., etc., too.
8:41 am est 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

they got their car in 2017.
10:48 pm est
10:34 pm est 

they had changed t/ filter to t/ entrance of t/ hallway, by t/ wall, at and in or at t/ vent too, both inside and outside, cushion, inc., etc.
10:32 pm est 

they saw and she was in Mingle All the Way
8:58 pm est 

hoegie had worked on Death Row Prison stories in t/ Fbi, and electrocution ones, stories, electrocution stories at that, by, and were by Stephan Brennan, Sr., and then Jr., Stephan Brennan, Jr., who was also in the United States Army, just like Stephen Hoegler was, but then separately, inc., etc., before then after, that.
7:11 pm est 

they did their Cleaning, their Winter Cleaning, at that, she had also changed her contacts, also, inc., etc., and her dad had gotten his b12 shot, shots, and all of his medicines/medications in t/ mail, inc., etc.
7:09 pm est 

her mom's earrings fell down t/ drain, she had lost an earring, that meant she had had a baby, inc., etc.
7:05 pm est 

and Robert S. Muller III, had paid for all of her courses, Public Speaking Courses, at that, also, inc., etc., and she was on FBI Scholarship for and in Public Speaking, Interom, in Interum, inc., etc., and also in Press.
6:46 pm est 

she was Mob Bureau, and she had taken Robert S. Mueller III's class and course, courses and series of courses, classes, in Interim, and at thereof, of thereof, thereof, inc., etc.
6:15 pm est 

they listened to t/ Flamenco Instrumental, in Instrumental, they were given t/ Saint Nicholas Day Blessing of Candy Canes, w/ a pink candy cane she got, and a Mexican candy cane
6:01 pm est 

she had given Matt LeBlanc t/ Mont Blanc Gift Set of Cologne, since he was her FBI-Bomber, inc., etc.
5:56 pm est 

her kids went to wrestling school in t/ spring, over t/ summer, for over twelve sessions, for twelve mths, 6 mths, over t/ course of yrs, two mths, mths, kiddie wrestling school, and her litl' brother
5:54 pm est 

they saw Apollo Live in Concert
5:47 pm est 

her messages are were edited per statements, and videos too, images, in imaging, inc., and they cleaned under everything too
5:34 pm est 

she was in t/ Daily Star also, her mom put her dad's name in t/ book for them to pray for him, and t/ Ladies Guild prayed for him too, and mark, w/ leo, along w/ harry had made her bathrm floor look Rustic, inc., and they took t/ icn numbers off of her phone.
5:13 pm est 

her mom had worked on the Middle-Class, they were assigned to work as the Middle Class in the United States of America, per England, and then in the FBI, she worked on as in, the Upper-Middle Class, inc., etc., in America.
3:29 pm est 

they, the Rockefellers, were the richest in federal in the United States.
3:22 pm est 

William Muller manned her Shooters in the FBI
3:19 pm est 

her mom read t/ lecture in t/ kitchen, and william muller had kept signing her in to courses in t/ fbi, and reassigning, kept her on
3:15 pm est 

she did her toenails and fingernails, nails in Taupe, Slate Grey, Beige, and or Brown, inc., etc., and Johnny Depp had shot, fired, for her, had shot for her in t/ NYPD, also, inc., etc., and she had been, was also at one time, t/ Commander of the New York Fire Department for William Muller, under him, for Queens, before that Brooklyn, and Manhattan, inc., etc.
3:08 pm est 

she became and was t/ FBI-Captain, and FBI-Chief of Manhattan, and also New York, in addition, to New York City.
2:33 pm est 

they got from Carmen Q., Carmen, a Lump of Coal, You've Been Naughty, Good Luck Next Year!, Charcoal and Tea Tree scented bar soap, in a plaid bag, in black, red, white, yellow, navy blue and green, w/ hanging tag, w/ strip, rope holder, inc., etc.
1:45 pm est 

ehmc gave them t/ Miracle of Friendship card, mario and carmen sent them a thank u card too
1:37 pm est 

they got a card from Mario and Carmen Quitoriano
1:34 pm est 

hoegie's fbi lawyer was william muller and his federal lawyer was william miller too, inc., and for jared and jared, also.
1:19 pm est 

she had been, was Jared Johnson's FBI-Lawyer, and so was William Miller his Federal Lawyer, and William Muller was his other FBI-Lawyer, and William Mueller was his Bombing Lawyer and for Jared Loughner too, and in the FBI there are, were only two FBI-Lawyers, and that was William Muller and herself, inc., etc.
1:18 pm est 

Martin Scorsese had shot for her in t/ Scorsese Mob for years and yrs and yrs, too.
1:16 pm est 

she got some extra buttons and thread in a plastic bag, zipped, in a zip loc bag
9:46 am est 

her mom hemmed her dad's slacks, pleated slacks, too, and had trimmed his loafers.
9:40 am est 

she moisturized her lips, and nose, too.
9:22 am est 

her dad had made her FBI-Hollywood.
9:12 am est 

her dad brought his va rx w/ him to t/ va
9:10 am est 

her mom went to her EMHC meeting and Christmas Celebration at st. theresa's, church and hall, and she took a large cranberry juice to it, inc., etc., to t/ Christmas Celebration.
9:01 am est 

they got a card from Guille
8:56 am est 

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