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Vanessa Baez achieved respect stating to the Supreme Court of the US, I'm pressing charges against frauds forever.
Vanessa Baez is White light.  Only this Vanessa's real, number 1.  Vanessa Baez is White European American, straight, Roman Catholic, was in a relationship, Republican, from Manhattan of New York City.
Only this woman.
Vanessa Baez embraces her British French American name, while beautiful, unquestionable, faithful, and inimitable.  Palmer's English.  She's the strong palm tree.  She went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and brought back palm branches as proof she'd made the journey.  In early history, Palmer represented a missionary.  Palmer's early origin is Anglo-Norman, following the Norman Conquest of 1066. Palmer was found in Yorkshire with a seat from early times, and first records appearing on the census rolls by the kings of Britain determining the rate of taxation on their subjects.
Palmer was of the first to cross the Atlantic to North America.  Palmer, according to genealogy, her origin is German.
Her ancestry is Dutch.  Her motto was a war cry.  The palm is for virtue.
Blas is from Brittany France.  William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy became the King of England in 1066.  He claimed Brittany and Normandy as possession of the English crown.  Blas settled in the US in the eighteenth century.  Blas is proud and love.
Only this individual.
Vanessa Baez was acknowledged for being the youngest, undefeated, 00 sized, blond, five-foot tall, brown-eyed, petite, bombshell, slender, solid with no body fat, 90 pounds with her body mass index at 14, unpredictable.  Only this girl.  Who's getting pulled out of a lineup?  Not her!  Only this lady.  Vanessa Baez has her 34-inch chest, full D Cup, 21-inch waist, 32-inch hips, body in proportion, perfect hip alignment.  Vanessa Baez has had 0 injuries, 0 surgeries, 0 restrictions, 0 limitations.
Vanessa Baez is the International Champion, irreplaceable.  Vanessa Baez is the Figure Champion, Body Condition Champion, Fitness Champion, Champion Dresser, Presence Champion, Personality Champion, and Audience Popularity Champion.  Only this mature woman.
Vanessa Baez is God's British butterfly, Camberwell Beauty, invincible.  Vanessa"Butterfly"Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: For the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. -- Joshua 1:9.  Vanessa Baez said I won’t ever drop charges.
Only this Vanessa’s the 10, the perfect package.Cool
Special Agent Baez

 They had pets: a German Shepherd dog, named Polo, a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, Bailey, Joe the cat, and Misu, a kitten.
Janice Joplin
Gilberto Santa Rosa
Bruno Mars

Vanessa as an NYPD Cop

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Vanessa at St. Jude RC Church

Paula Cole - Bruno's cd for her

Blog Copy

Vanessa checking out the Gottie jail

Poison - her Favorite group

FBI Agent # 00331 -- Mom
FBI Agent # 66994 -- Dad
FBI Agent # 6994 -- Dad
FBI Agent # 66557 -- Vanessa Palmer
008 -- Dad
0028 -- Dad
0032 -- Mom
Special Agent # 0013
This is 0013.
The Komodo Dragon
U.S. Navy Seal
U.S. Navy Captain
U.S. Army Sargent
U.S. Marine Corps Captain
U.S. Air Force Captain
National Guard
Air National Guard
Coast Guard
Army Reserves
Assistant Director to the FBI
 Federal Agent
Special Agent
00 - Ocala
00 - Brooklyn
00 - Atlanta
00 across the U.S.
D.C. Sniper
FBI Agent
FBI Chief
FBI Chief of Ocala
FBI Chief of Tampa
FBI Chief of Brooklyn
FBI Chief of Queens
FBI Chief of New York
FBI - Puerto Rico
FBI - San Juan
FBI Captain - Sabana Grande
FBI Captain - Aguadilla
FBI Captain
FBI Spokesperson
U.S. Marshals Director
Assistant to the Pentagon Director
CIA - Germany
Boston Police Chief
Brooklyn Police Chief
Brooklyn Federal Attorney
Queens County Federal Attorney
Manhattan Federal Attorney
Chi Omega Sorority
NY Federal Attorney
U.S. Attorney
Supreme Court Judge
NY State Federal Attorney
CIA France
Secret Service
German Secret Police
Narcotics Cop
Undercover Cop
CIA Spain
CIA Bulgaria
CIA Puerto Rico
CIA Nigeria
CIA Africa
CIA Italy
Delta Delta Delta
CIA London
CIA Poland
CIA Ireland
President of Chi Omega
Head of the IIA
Head of the Special Agency
President of the Special Agency
Chief of the Fire Department of NY
Assistant to the CIA Director
CIA New Zealand
FBI Director
CIA New York
Senator of Arkansas
FBI Indiana
CIA India
CIA Ukraine
Chief of the Police Department of NY
Chief of the 104th Precinct in Queens
CIA Wales
Delta Gamma
Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
CIA Afghanistan
CIA Saudi Arabia
Pentagon Director
Governor of New York
Mayor of NY
Head of Virginia State Prison
Owned Brooklyn House
Owned Queens County Jail
Owned Marion Oaks Jail
Owned Orange County Correctional Facility
CIA Kenya
Marion County Court Lawyer
U.S. Federal Court System
FL State Federal Prosecutor
CIA Argentina
CIA Hungary
CIA Peru
Alpha Omicron Pi
CIA Jordan
CIA Yugoslavia
CIA Belarus
Kappa Delta
FBI Florida
FBI Mayaguez
Alpha Delta Pi
CIA Seattle
Sigma Nu Fraternity
New York Times
CBS Sports
The O'Reilly Factor
Commander at Nasa
Sigma Lambda Gamma
CIA Middle East
Chief of the 105th Precinct
Miss. Michigan
CIA Venezuela
Ambassador of Kenya
Governor of Puerto Rico
Miss. America
CIA Dominican Republic
Miss. Universe
Miss. Puerto Rico
Miss. New York
CIA Mexico
CIA Arabia
Pi Kappa Alpha
Sigma Delta Tau
Miss. Florida
FBI Chief of Chicago
FBI Chief of Texas
FBI Chief of Pennsylvania
Miss. Brooklyn
FBI Chief of Illinois
Miss. Queens
FBI Chief of Dallas
Miss. Marion Oaks
CIA Kansas
Miss. Ocala
Miss. Tampa
FBI Marion County 
Miss. Marion County
FBI Marion Oaks
Miss. Sabana Grande
CIA Israel
Miss. Aguadilla
Racial Profile Director of the NYPD
FBI Summerfield
FBI Captain of Summerfield
FBI Chief of Summerfield
Pentagon Director
Pentagon Chief 

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Community Center

Vanessa in a Print Ad

Vanessa at St. Theresa's


Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Annex Gym


Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Public Library.

her cd

Vanessa Palmer - Host

Vanessa visiting Al Capone's House

Sinead O'Connor - her Hit cd

She was in a Quintet!!

Vanessa at the Al Capone jail

Taylor Swift

Clip 3

Vanessa at the Columbo Jail

Tears for Fears - her tape

Clip 9

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Library

The Cranberries - She was the Lead Singer
per Johnny Depp

Clip 18

Vanessa at the Columbo - Red Door.

The Goo Goo Dolls - her favorite band

The Little Mermaid - her Fav. play

Clip 21

Vanessa - Crest

The Maniacs - Their Album, and Cover
their Pop Grp and cover, again

Clip 29

Vanessa as Mira Sorvino, as a Sicilian Actress
She played her, her Character, her Name

The Naturals - Chase Stevens, Friend

Clip 32

Vanessa on the show, Monk

her cover, and her mom's favorite album

Clip 45

Vanessa as a Police Officer

St. Anthony - her Saint as a little girl
Also, her police saint, her saint in the police

Clip 53

Robert Deniro, her uncle

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra
John Hoegler's dad's cd of her, for her, too

Poema de la Intima Agonia

St. Lucy

She as Vanessa Boz

O Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo

Vanessa as a Stormtrooper in the Cia

Vanilla Ice - Shawn's record

Clip 76

St. Saul

St. Guiseppe, t/ saint of detectives

Clip 85

St. Theresa

Vanessa as Cinderella, a Storybook Character
from a book, a Children's book

Clip 92

Oksana Baiul

Vanessa's Voice-Over Head Shot, and Mark Shot
Vanessa also, a Voice-Over Actress, a Voice, and Audio Actress, again

Clip 102

Kristi Yamaguchi

Vanessa modeling VOS, also known as Voss, t/ ad
and more modeling ads coming to her, and on air, w/ hair and neck length hair, w/ collar again

Clip 112

St. Therese of Lisieux

Vanessa on Billboard, the Billboard Chart
the Billboard Charts, on the Pop Chart

Clip 120

St. Vanessa

Vanessa a Bowler, Bowling, at the Bowling Alley
with a Strike, on the phone, and out, Playful, Playing, out with friends

Clip 122

Apolo Ohno

Pharrell Williams - Related

Clip 128

St. Victoria

Vanessa, a Cop on Water, out at Sea, out to sea

clip 157

Lindsey Vonn

Vanessa in Doppler

clip 167

Vanessa in a suit w/ a collared shirt, fitted
Vanessa in form-fitting, form-fitted


clip 176

Vanessa in SWAT, FBI-Swat, NYPD-Swat

Vanessa, a Special Agent

clip 184

Billy Bob Thornton, Vanessa's Fbi Cousin

Drake - relate

clip 193

Vanessa at Ocala Christian Church

Natalie Imbruglia - her Bulgarian cd
Mike's cd for her

clip 202

Vanessa in the Ocala Ladies' Club, w/ her mom

clip 211

Vanessa at the Ocala Police Department

clip 220

Perla Hudson, Slash's mom

clip 254

Billy Bob Thorton, Slash's Fbi-Dad, his father

clip 269

Apolo Ono, another picture, pic.

Vanessa in Bodybulding, a Bodybuilder
hitting the gym

clip 273

Mia Hamm

clip 280

Vanessa in the Ocala Christian League

clip 281

Vanessa in the Ocala Women's Club

clip 299

Vanessa in Swimwear

clip 308

Vanessa w/ fake tatoos on her side and back
she had glue and sticker tats on for play, fun, and a posh cut, w/ fake tint in her hair too

clip 321

Vanessa in her Teeny bikini

clip 362

Vanessa in The Departed

clip 363

The Great Gatsby - her favorite adult book

clip 138

Vanessa was once in The Guardian Angels
Vanessa was in Safety Patrol


Vanessa as The Omen Child
chosen in The Pentagon for a movie

clip 140

Denzel Washington, her FBI-Cousin

Dorothy Hamill

clip 151

Dwayne Johnson, her Federal Cousin
The Rock

Vanessa Baez's Photo Gallery
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Thomas Edison

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her Thomas Edison exhibit

Thomas Jefferson

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Tiger Woods, her Fbi Cousin

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Vanessa w/ her daughter, Kimmie and her son Eric 2
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Vanessa cheering! Cheer!!

clip 335


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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

her nails got round and pointy, pointey.
11:09 pm est 

janice cleaned the top of their refrigerator, t/ top of her bureau, and swept all of their floors, t/ whole house, inc.
11:08 pm est 

to get their air checked, and fine it was, was a 100 dollars, before that 60, 30, 20, 10 ten dollars, total each and every separate time, was in an advil commercial
10:07 pm est 

charles mattocks was jamaican, inc., and she caught Daniel, Osama bin Laden's son, inc.
10:04 pm est 

anna was called Guita, inc., and her Abuelita was Carmen
9:55 pm est 

her dad had chosen picked scott smith to be her assassin, back to his great grandad, dad and thensome, and then he was replaced w/ raymond davis in the cia as well, he was a cia assasin, a cia assassin like her, four ss, inc., and three sss formally, and her dad two ss, and her dad wanted her to be t/ lone assasin, inc., assassin, the Lone Assassin, inc., too and then some more, inc.
9:04 pm est 

jose rodriguez was an fbi agent, and also a special agent, and pentagon, scott smith was a - pentagon and also was at one time, full time cia agent, a cia assasin, inc., an assassin, inc.
9:01 pm est 

jose rodriguez was gay, and bisexual
8:58 pm est
8:03 pm est 

they were charged 60 dollars and they gave her 60 dollars for the cleaning of the house, inc., janice was the Cleaning Person, for Cleaning, inc.
5:46 pm est 

it took janice four hours to clean the house, she was in the house all day
5:11 pm est 

and they had all the lights on and the fans on while janice was here, this time she took a little bit longer, inc., and she wore her ear radio in, inc., she had used one.
5:07 pm est 

janice used their swiffers, and she cleaned her parents' bathrm, and t/ door knobs, and she vaccumed, inc., and their things, her things, inc., her mom's things and her dad's things, inc.
5:05 pm est 

and janice rearranged her things on her bureau, on her chest, she cleaned her walk-in closet, inc., and rearranged her things in her bathrm, she cleaned her things, she rearranged the things on her vanity desk, desk drawer, desk drawers, inc., she cleaned her parents' bedrm, and she rearranged their things, her mom's things, inc., and the stove, w/ her cradle of things, and she used her cleaning supplies of things, inc., jared had once or twice cleaned her bedrm as well, inc., she drove here, inc., she visited and stayed all day, and she grabbed lunch on the way here, and brought something to drink w/ her, inc.
4:56 pm est 

janice was their Cleaning Lady, Cleaning Woman, inc.
3:37 pm est
3:03 pm est 

janice, t/ housekeeper, vaccumed t/ whole house, inc., and t/ rugs too, inc.
3:00 pm est
2:45 pm est 

janice went to clean the entire house, home, she cleaned, dusted, the kitchen, t/ kitchen sink, stove, microwave, inc., the living rm, her bathrm, her bedrm, inc., all w/ her own cleaning supplies, her dad took his baggy, bagged lunch w/ him to take charge, his blue bag w/ sandwich, napkin and drink, beverage, napkins and snack too, as well and thensome, inc.
2:43 pm est
2:40 pm est
1:32 pm est 

she did a folder for them for the Dollar General, too, inc., and thensome, and she typed, took notes, copious notes in the car as well, inc.
1:05 pm est 

she wore a green flowered hairpin, inc., and gold, golden bronzed, bronze apple earrings, inc., appled, they've gone apple-picking, too, inc.
1:02 pm est 

should be okay, t/ air unit for t/ entire summer
11:48 am est 

air masters checked t/ air, unit inside and outside, inc., this time it was Abbey, Abby, inc., and he changed t/ filter inside, and checked t/ unit inside again, inc.
11:45 am est 

cedy was a nurse, loly was an rn nurse, and bebe designed bebe clothing, which she bought and wore alot at home in ocala and in tampa
9:04 am est 

she got the Berry Crunch, oat and honey cereal, inc.
9:01 am est 

cedy, was yugoslavian, and javier, and amber, tiffany, tiffany-amber, and so was eric-sebastian w/ a tan, tanned up, all tanned up again, and desi a little bit, desiree, inc, that's why they were all grouped together and also other people, as well, and wally and walter, wallter, wallter's as well, loly, loli, and cedi, cedy, cedirius, inc., cederius, inc. as well, inc.
8:42 am est 

and they were all also hispanic and puerto rican
8:38 am est 

they were all Spanish, Israel, Loly, Junior, Edgar, Vanessa, Bebe, Edwin, were all Spanish, and Cedy, inc.
8:37 am est 

she read the Cat Who Robbed a Bank, by Lilian Jackson Braun, inc.
8:02 am est
7:43 am est 

she told a joke
Vanessa Palmer
7:38 am est 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
8:02 pm est
7:59 pm est 

t/ slaves in the back, four of them, used to protect her, inc., them, inc.
7:50 pm est 

it ended in Psy in the cia, she ended in Psy. in the cia, she got an A+, inc.
6:21 pm est
5:56 pm est 

she wasn't racist, none of them, none of them were racist, too, and either, and either again and thensome, inc., too, too mins, inc.
5:23 pm est 

Vivica Fox was her black, female friend, it was a file, profile, and per her work in life, in the government, they would put persons, a person, in a pool of choices of names, of files and profiles, inc., and thought of in life, and Rachel Maddow was on file in the gov't as her lesbian friend, inc., and Shawn her Irish friend, then to become husband on file in the Secret Service, inc., and she worked on the Bush campaign, along w/ laura bush, and laura bush, t/ laura bush file, she was in Bush bombing, in and into Bush bombs, the son, and laura bush's file, and thensome, and so on, inc., and she had, they had, and used each a Legal Pad, legal pads, inc., pages w/ lines inc., she used to write alot, in the car and elsewhere, wherever she went, in offices, doctor's offices, and in place, and in places, she took alot of notes and stuff like that, and such, and then some, inc.
5:21 pm est, they all had used differin, her, and ben, and shawn, along w/ all t/ kids, the whole entire family and friends and so on, inc.
5:14 pm est 

she wore bird, bird-like earring, inc., her nails got long, longer, her nails got too long, inc.
5:09 pm est 

her mom had taken tylenol, they all had went to Myrtle Avenue, inc.
4:47 pm est 

they went to the Ocala DMV, Driver Motor Vehicle place, inc., her mom got the Tiger Balm ointment for her lft shoulder, inc., she labelled feet in the morgue in the fbi too, and she had driven, drove to Pearson Nissan of Ocala too, when they got an oil change, and a tune up as well, and she had driven to West Marion Hospital, and to Take Charge!, and she had driven her dad to Dr. Kumar's office, and also to Dr. Panchal's office as well, panchall's, inc., and P.M. Respiratory Services of Ocala, and Lake Weir, inc.
4:45 pm est 

her dad, they, got his blue tag for the car, t/ handicapped tag, inc.
4:42 pm est 

she did a file for them for NY #1 Pizza, inc.
4:17 pm est 

they went to west marion, to take charge, karla, was her mom's rn, they went to Ocala Health, Pre-Admit Testing, her mom had her ekg, blood taken out, inc., her dad was sleep w/ the new med, meds, they went panera, she had tomato soup, t/ pick two, after blood work was drawn from her mom's arm, inc., they went to panchal's to pick up a piece of paper, inc.
4:03 pm est
4:00 pm est 

she got mail, a letter from Mike Pence, the Vice President of the United States, who she studied w/ in the Pentagon, inc.
3:55 pm est 

she wore a square, squared headband, in gold and brown, golden brown, inc.
3:51 pm est, her mom had a cvs card, inc., they had cadbury eggs, inc., and sebastian, inc.
3:38 pm est 

her mom got her surgical scrub, inc.
2:43 pm est 

her mom got her bactoshield instructions, preop and general, surgical surgery instructions, inc.
2:42 pm est
2:40 pm est 

she was on the cover of the Old Dominion cd, inc.
8:42 am est
8:24 am est 

Vanessa Baez
8:20 am est 

Monday, February 26, 2018

she put and had the audio level of the tv on 13 for her 13 min, for hoegie, jared, jared l, jared j., too, inc.
10:59 pm est 

dana was at the luncheon
9:40 pm est 

she cut a thread off of t/ couch, and she was sent to the olympics taping, by her mom olympic taping by her parents in the pre trials, trials for 2, 3 months, and a half each, two and a half, 5, 7, 8, 3 and ten over months a course of a year over a yr
7:17 pm est 

her dad got t/ temporary approval from dr. singh, and then the permanent approval for the blue tag as well, inc.
5:36 pm est 

she made a folder for them for Old San Juan Restaurant, inc.
5:12 pm est 

she worked on harry s. muller's file, harry s muller i's file, harry s muller iis file, harry s muller iii's file, inc., too and thensome, and jared l worked on the crip file, and so did hoegie and also his father, dad, inc., and his dad worked also on black gang, black mafia and then black mob file, african gang, african mafia and african mob file, inc.
5:02 pm est 

her mom had a torn left tendon of the shoulder, inc.
4:47 pm est 

and t/ slash hitmen, were all spanish, hispanic, puerto rican, and mark was too, mark was islamabad, islamabadian, she was a lamb, and so was harry, henry, shawn and the kids, pat, patrick, kimmie, ben, benjamin, eric, eric 2, lil shawn, edward, phyllis, debbie and alex, inc., her mom and her dad, her parents, and each a llama, lama, llamas, lamas, and each an alpaca, alpacas, alpackas, because she packed and went on trips, mini-trips, and big trips, large trips and larger trips, largest trips, inc.
4:29 pm est 

Thomas was hispanic, puerto rican, spanish, inc., gizmo, inc., kimberly, deborah, phyllis, edward, alex, joe, and lewis, inc.
4:16 pm est
4:11 pm est 

so her dad's contacts were from t/ Optometry Clinic, A-1, Cooperstown, inc.
3:19 pm est 

Al Jay Icalla had done their aircheck, inc., and they had gotten the oil change in t/ car in august, inc.
3:09 pm est 

Ajay, A.J., had checked their air unit as well, too, inc., and thensome.
2:59 pm est
2:57 pm est 

Al Jay had checked their air unit, inc., al fonsec, al fonseca as well throughout the years, inc.
2:54 pm est, their air was checked, the air unit, from in, inside their garage, and also outside, the outside unit, they organized her dad's meds, medicines, and vitamins, along w/ supplements, inc.
2:19 pm est
1:35 pm est 

she got a Time and Tru top, a peach top, in baby pink, inc., in flamingo pink, and she wore clothes from guatemala, inc.
11:38 am est, valerie plame was her Angel, inc., it used to be slash hitman per her dad, and then valerie plame per t/ cia, inc.
10:52 am est 

her dad went to the foot doctor to get his toenails cut, cut down, inc.
10:35 am est
10:30 am est 

she finished t/ 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th pages of her website, inc.
9:50 am est
9:18 am est 

and they had a red, black and white Respiratory Support Services pen, inc.
9:15 am est 

her and joe j. invented cadime, inc.
9:13 am est 

they got t/ cadime red grapes, blue grapes, and t/ bai antioxidant infusion, brasilia blueberry drink, inc.
9:07 am est 

her dad went to the foot doctor, and she checked her parents' calendar, her mom's calendar, her dad's calendar, inc.
9:02 am est 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

and tina
11:28 pm est 

also hispanic, puerto rican, was saul, edna, lucrecia, dora, wally, walter, her parents, zoraida, zory, zori, jose, joe, joey, junior, joseph, carmen, jose, jr., rafael, maria, richard, lorraine, christine, john, marco, laila, herlinda, heriberto, desiree, dawn, frederick, fredrick, michelle, michele, inc., tiffany, amber, javier, eric, sebastian, patrick, felipa, juan, jose, johnny jenny, carmelo, gladys, john, jessica, joseph, john, jr, karen, solideen, bryan, olga, charlie, joanne, luis, louis, anthony, john, anthony, joe, jihad, inc., randy, anna, randall, ana, warren, nicole, megan, brandon, diane, gilda, amanda, alex, melissa, john, joseph, inc., crystal, inc.
11:26 pm est 

pico, sherlock, bailey, polo, joe, misu, tommy, beta, and prada were all so spanish, inc., hispanic, puerto rican inc.
11:17 pm est 

and pat, patrick, too, inc., and thensome.
11:02 pm est 

hellen was spanish, danielle, joe, william, harry, henry, shawn, and w/ t/ kids, too, inc., and all were spanish, they were all spanish, olga, charlie, joanne, warren, randy, anthony, louie, luis, meghan, tina, franklin, megan, brandon, randal, randall, anna, ana, randy, diane, dianna, diana, gilda, melissa, amanda, joseph, joe, joey, junior, joseph again, crystal, ale, inc., samuel, sam, sammy, sammie, inc., gloria, ben, benjamin, kimmie, eric, eric 2, shawn, lil shawn, inc., also henry, and thensome, inc.
11:01 pm est 

she worked on death penalty cases, inc.
10:54 pm est 

she invented, created FBI West-Virginia, inc., and for her mom too, inc. and she worked for the fl death penalty system, in and also from the capital, she worked and gave the death penalty, and she also worked in Capital Punishment, inc.
10:50 pm est 

they watched t/ lifetime club, they're members of t/ lifetime movie club, harry got her a membership as a present, inc., and henry for her and shawn too w/ t/ kids, and her parents, inc., and they watched A Deadly Affair, and Till Death do Us Part, and her mom taped a movie for her for all of them to watch, inc., and she, they all met Al Kovorkian, and his son who was dead, his wife, and all of his family and friends, and he was t/ one who really invented euthenasia for the death penalty, and joe j. was a cover in t/ fbi and then in the pentagon for him, inc., that the fbi and cia and pentagon also bought for death penalty methods, inc., to put down means, inc.
9:54 pm est 

she was Jihadic in nature, they all were too, inc., and thensome as well, clean up t/ mins, were william, harry and john h., raymond k. and her, her dad, her mom, bruno, slash, slash hitman, prada too, inc., william, again and again and again too, inc.
7:56 pm est 

her grandpa on her dad's side gave her capone skin, inc., and her grandpa on her dad's side gave her gestapo skin, inc., and her dad gave her columbo skin, inc., they all had had rockefeller skin from the beginning, from up top, and they all changed over time, inc., they were gestapo on the phone on one side of the min, and rockefeller on the other, and they all stayed on the rockefeller side, inc.
7:48 pm est 

her grandpa on her dad's side had capone skin, they all did, inc., and t/ gestapo had gestapo skin, sicilian skin, they all did, too, inc.
7:46 pm est 

her dad had rome skin, romanic skin, columbo skin, they all did, too, inc., her, and her mom, bruno, bruno 2, slash, and slash hitman, sebastian, inc., and t/ kids, and her grandpa on her dad's side, and al, and her grandpa on her dad's side bought her t/ Vatican, and t/ gestapo bought her shot for the sicilian min and the jail, sicilian jail, inc., and she, they, were of the romanic mob, Romanic mafia, she shot for the Vatican, and for Mother Theresa in the Pentagon and for respect for her and herself and she shot for john paul ii in ny and in t/ vatican and in roman and in and of the pentagon, he was from rome, from the pentagon, from sicily italy, also cia, inc. and so was her dad too, inc., he protected him for her in t/ pentagon and her grandma on her dad's side, inc.
7:35 pm est 

they had wholesome foods, nature valley and the sorts, inc.
7:24 pm est 

she used to hide and get her messages in Seoul Korea, inc.
5:54 pm est 

she obtained t/ Lector's Guide to Biblical Pronunciations, Updated, the Alpha Omega book, by Joseph M. Staudacher, inc.
5:18 pm est 

she got the Miraculous Icon
5:12 pm est 

she got t/ book, God's Sensitive Way, by Vionia Mae, it had a butterfly on it, inc. too.
5:10 pm est 

she got t/ st. theresa reader schedules, general instructions, contact list, inc.
5:07 pm est 

she made a folder for her mom, her dad, bruno, them, bruno 2, slash, slash hitman, and shawn, then hoegie, jared, jared l, jared j, his dad too, inc., j.l's dad as well, inc., hoegie's dad, inc., and for them on the Marion Oaks Golf Club, too, inc., and then some.
5:04 pm est
4:14 pm est 

she got t/ act of contrition prayer, shawn wrote it for her and w/ henry along w/ t/ children, they got t/ st. theresa card, inc., too
4:13 pm est 

she used her new lighter, their lighter, they sprayed their clothes, her mom sprayed her dad's clothes, inc.
4:05 pm est 

they stopped at t/ store to get bathrm spray, inc.
4:04 pm est 

and she had the stuttgart wine, too, at t/ festival, t/ german wine festival at and as well and thensome, again, inc.
3:35 pm est 

and cornelius
3:31 pm est 

they went to macloughlin hall for the anniversary luncheon and to the church for the mass for ron and loretta, inc., for their anniversary, inc.
3:29 pm est 

they went to mass, her mom served in church, inc., they went w/ their Invitation, since they were invited, they had gotten t/ invitation in the mail, inc., and they went to ron and loretta's Anniversary Luncheon, and to the Mass for them too, inc., they had cake, sicilian sausage, n korean peppers, korean foods, they gave their offering, gave them their card, they had written a check out to them both, inc., pasta, italian cookies, hors ' deuvres were served and they had, wine, riunite, before and after, unsweet tea, unsweetened tea, more lemonade, she had the red rose piece of cake, alot of frosting, w/ yellow vanilla creme, and a nice salad, w/ lots of italian vinaigrette and also ranch, ranch dressing, cookies and crackers w/ cheese, little tomatoes and such, grey olives, spanish olives, green olives, red tomatoes, all that stuff, we've made and had at home, as well, inc., they had a very nice time, and salute, saluted, gave a toast, stayed for the blessing, and eileen sat in front of her, and at t/ table was father david theirs, and deacon norm, deacon normand, inc.
3:27 pm est
3:18 pm est 

and slash hitman, prada, too, inc., and she wore new earrings, circle, circular earrings, a blue, black, white blocks of color top, w/ silver circles and triangles, a peace, peaceful shirt, in peace, too, inc., both front and back, inc.
10:14 am est 

her and bruno along w/ saul and slash and her grandpa on her dad's side along w/ t/ gestapo yeah right exchanged valentines w/ scarface, and all of her, their family and friends, inc.
9:06 am est 

danny aiello had given her a basket, an easter basket, an ester basket when she was a little girl through the fbi and out too, inc., he was a detective, inc., ron was a warden, inc., a jail warden, inc. in summerfield and at home, in home, inc.
9:02 am est
8:40 am est 

god was her psychic, lord was her psychic, t/ lord was her psychic, harry was her other psychic, and shawn and patrick, her son, inc., and ron w/ loretta, and ron had given her and bruno both easter baskets upon visitation when they were kids, and by and w/ her grandpa on her dad's side, and she played w/ t/ Morir y Vivir plants when she was a kid w/ God, inc., he would close them and make them die, and she would revive them, just those right, inc., he would make them die, and she would revive them, inc.
8:36 am est 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

they started watching another movie, taped another, inc., for maybe for sometime tomorrow, inc., she did her nails for shopping, clothes shopping, browsing, looking-around, inc.
11:03 pm est 

wally, walter, and jenny were all spanish too, inc.
10:45 pm est 

she was in and they all watched a premiere, inc., in Framed by her Fiance, inc., and her mom dyed her hair, and she naired her upper lip, and avon skin so softed her upper lip as well, inc., two different other times, inc.
9:14 pm est 

they got a card for ron and loretta, for their anniversary, and they put 40 dollars in it, inc., and they also sent the send card to yvette and her family, they're in grieving, in mourning, in and within a grieving period, also a mourning period, as well, inc.
7:43 pm est 

john goodman was her grandfather on her mom's side's brother, so he was an Uncle, Relate, a Related, Related, a Great-Uncle on her mom's side, inc.,, Great-Uncle on her mom's side, inc.
5:43 pm est 

slash and her dad bought her hulu and slash hulu for lulu too as a gift to her and her dad too for down there and out, inc., they watched hulu, inc.
5:34 pm est 

she was slash's barber, barberrette, he invented barbarette styling for her hair, inc.
5:28 pm est 

her roomie, roommate, dormmate, suitemate, ironed her clothes, her roomies, roommates, dormmates, suitemates, inc.
5:21 pm est 

she did her Mary Lou Retton Diet, inc., again, and t/ lindsey vonn diet, inc., and jon van dhamme diet too, inc., and thensome, as well., and they left the plant outside, inc., she had greek feta, inc.
5:11 pm est 

t/ handyman cut down the weeds, cut them off, inc., and she had and used tissues, in a purple mandalesque, w/ lilac and lavender box, in oval and square, and round too, inc.
4:49 pm est 

their grass was cut, their lawn, inc., cleaned up quite a bit, inc.
4:21 pm est 

she did a folder for them for Pentagrama Musicale, Pentagrama Musical, inc., etc., etc. etcetera, etcetera, inc.
3:46 pm est 

she got a mountain tissue box, in beige, dark brown, in blues, in different hues, w/ and thensome and around back, in white, light beige, nude tones, inc.
3:19 pm est 

she wore silver dot, dotted earrings, inc.
3:13 pm est 

she got a splash box of tissues in lilac, blue, lavender, turquoise, light blue, she wore a burgundy pocket shirt top, and clothing from honduras, inc.
2:59 pm est 

slash caught spies, her, her parents, harry, henry, jay, jal, panchal, jahl, axl, axl rose, hoegie, jared, jared l, jared j., inc.
11:21 am est 

slash had paid for her to be a double, a stunt-double in and out of the pentagon and as 0013, inc., and as a 13., inc., and thensome, inc., and he was in icn3, ic3 too, inc.
11:19 am est 

she got bright, new black, dark sunglasses, inc.
10:48 am est 

she got a dancing candle, a blue shirt, a turquoise flowered hairpin, inc., evos, a pink and light pink eos, a wite-out, a stick glue, inc., a yellow cupcake candle, inc., a pink shower cap, inc., a gold blanket, a gold and light bone white, beige blanket, too, inc., and thensome, a yellow cake candle too, inc.
10:34 am est 

john, jessica, joseph, john, jr., gladys, carlos, carmelo were all spanish
10:00 am est, they had had t/ msn card, inc.
9:55 am est
9:01 am est 

ralph, maria, sent her dad a card, inc., and they got Nesquick cold chocolate, chocolate milk, inc.
8:52 am est 

Friday, February 23, 2018

her dad was 75 yrs olf
7:38 pm est 

she did a folder for them for Dory Funk Conservatory, inc.
7:25 pm est 

prada was spanish indian, spanish
7:13 pm est 

it was her dad's birthday today!!!
6:19 pm est 

her parents went to take charge, west marion
5:55 pm est 

she gave her hair stylist a picture to go by, and she got, had her receipts, and used a coupon, inc., did her nails to go to the store, stores, inc.
5:42 pm est 

josephina was spanish, josefina, and johnny, jenny, inc.
5:32 pm est 

they went out for lunch, celebrated her dad's birthday, her mom had a torn left tendon, a torn tendon, inc.
5:06 pm est, she got her hair done, a hair cut, a cut, hair dyed, w/ a light blue mask, flat ironed, inc., washed, trimmed, roots done, eyebrows trimmed, and coifed, cleaned up, edges done, tapered in the back, inc.
5:04 pm est 

her dad had had a united healthcare card, inc.,
4:59 pm est 

jose was spanish
9:41 am est, lucrecia, felipa, juan, were spanish
8:08 am est 

Thursday, February 22, 2018
9:45 pm est 

she won a premio lo nuestro por olga tanon, for olga tanon, inc., un premio los nuestro, okay, inc., yeey!!!!
9:41 pm est
7:08 pm est
7:04 pm est 

opened up t/ bag mail w/ scissors and crossed off t/ names and address information not to be seen w/ black magic marker, and her dad got a large bag package of medicine, meds, medicines and vitamin supplements, supplements, inc.
2:02 pm est 

she did a file folder for her, them of Horizon Elementary School, inc.
1:38 pm est 

her dad had put springs, pins in her back to have a stiffer, straighter back and more flexible back that is, ryan made it straighter and stiffer, inc., she had genovese umbros, inc., shoulders, rumble shoulders, so did her mom, inc., she was icn numbers too in t/ prison, inc., prison numbers dad, all of them, her, her mom, bruno and so on slash, shawn, hoegie, henry, and t/ kids, and she had t/ leftovers from carabas
1:30 pm est 

she wore a turquoise flowered pin, inc. and white little button earrings, inc., she was gail sierens, linda hurtado, stacy schaible, stacey had visited them, her, inc., jose rodriquez, inc.
12:57 pm est 

t/ entire champi family visited them, derek, dereck, t/ entire jeter family of one, two, top four, her five, one two three four five and so on for her, inc., too.
11:50 am est 

Ronald had visitted them, too, inc., the Ciampi family, t/ whole entire clan, too, inc., at once, three people, inc., and joe, t/ entire girardi family was of one, inc., and martin scorsese, martin, mr. martin, t/ entire scorsese family of one, four, inc., one, again, once again, periodicially, inc.
11:49 am est 

shawn had put her on as sarina fazan, she was sarina fazan, vinny put her in as lindsey brien in seattle and out, and she was lindsey brien too, inc, per john brennan on t/ phone, inc.
11:21 am est 

she was light-headed
10:52 am est, her mom and her dad each had an aarp card, she was Sedgewick, inc., Segwick, Segewick, inc., she was in The Wicker Man, inc., and produced by slash, then slasher, and he slash not she slash, or he slasher, inc., and in The Wick, w/ her dad too and then her mom, again, inc.
10:33 am est 

she used to have ten credit cards, inc.
10:30 am est 

Vanessa Johnson
9:29 am est
9:28 am est 

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

t/ entire ciampi family visited them, t/ ehlers family, inc., t/ lowe family, inc.
10:51 pm est 

and stephan's mom visited them, hoegie's mom and her dad, inc., his dad again, and mike's parents, travis's mom too, mikey's mom, his dad too, inc., harry's dad, his grandfather, michael g.'s grandparents, inc.
10:50 pm est 

victor, and loly, loli had visited them, inc., and ron, and loretta ciampi, t/ entire ciampi family, inc. two, three people at a time, one, zero, 0, t/ entire giovinazzo family, michael giovinazzo, sr, and michael giovinazzo, jr., his grandfather, inc.
10:46 pm est 

ryan and his dad had visited her, and them, too, inc.
10:41 pm est 

t/ entire baez family visited them, t/ palmer family, blas family, blass family again, t/ anderson cooper family her and her dad, t/ cooper family, inc., t/ anderson family, anderson farms family, andersen family, andersen farms family, t/ entire johnson family too, and the entire kriskey family, christenson family, inc.
10:36 pm est 

and she had married the Godfather min per her mom, inc.
10:30 pm est 

and buschemi's mom, buscemi's mom visited her them, inc., t/ godfather's wife, her again, inc.
10:30 pm est 

t/ entire hudson family visited them.
10:29 pm est 

and the hudson family had visited her, them, saul, her, inc.
10:28 pm est 

the godfather had visited her, them too, inc.
10:27 pm est 

t/ entire alonso family had visited them, inc., a family of a whole two family, the godfather's son had visited her, and them too, inc.
10:26 pm est 

johnny, the entire depp family, and his mom, his mom, visited her and them, inc.
10:23 pm est 

and robert, rob visited them, inc. her too, and thensome and brought over the car and everything, inc.
10:19 pm est 

and she had two, both rods in both of her knees because she skiied, inc., and ryan put them in, inc., and he was also her skiing instructor her dad got for her, inc., and her mom, inc., and slash then too for down ski slopes, skiing slopes, slash built slopes, he built ski slopes so did she and shawn w/ henry and t/ kids too and then some and her mom and her dad, inc. and joy
10:17 pm est 

bruno and her had gone to visit bette midler, she'd visitted them, and danny aiello, inc., ray, danny, rosa, rosita, rosas, rositas, inc., the entire liotta family of two people, t/ aiello family a family of one, as well, and two w/ her mom and then some, and robert deniro, t/ deniro family and himself, inc., and joyce d., lord, lorde, harry, henry, the hen, he, shawn and w/ t/ kids, inc., her mom and dad, her dad, -- maryanne and lou gave them a card, inc.
10:14 pm est 

she was on 911, and on big papi, papi, inc., they watched those shows, inc.
9:40 pm est 

they got a card for a mass for someone who died, for and with, Father Patrick J. O'Doherty, inc.
8:48 pm est
8:46 pm est
8:45 pm est
8:41 pm est
8:37 pm est 

they saw more of the Winter Olympics, and she was Vic Mensa, inc.
8:35 pm est 

they had cheesecake, inc.
8:00 pm est, they went to Carraba's for her dad's birthday, and they got a bottle on cap of moscato, w/ bottle cover, on ice, cold, inc., she had minestrone, pasta fazoule, lentil, chicken soup, over time, and the chicken parmesan with arugula, garlic potatoes, potato, w/ arugula cheese, leaves, her dad had the veal, t/ waiters and waitresses sang happy birthday to him, they all did, inc., her dad got and had a blue and white candle, which he blew off, inc., and they got a card from tim and linda hall, inc.
7:58 pm est
4:23 pm est
4:22 pm est 

mark croft emailed her
4:20 pm est 

she wore a black headband, hairband too, a gamma band, hairband, inc.
4:11 pm est 

her mom spoke w/ vicky, vickie, inc.
3:51 pm est 

william miller, was a 13 too of hers, inc.
3:47 pm est 

william muller i and william muller ii were also 13s of hers, inc.
3:34 pm est 

christopher cuomo was her Secret Card in t/ fbi
3:13 pm est 

william muller iii was one of her 13s, and he worked for her in ic3, a section, division of the fbi of and within, in case, checking, for any laptop, and before that computer problems, inc., he was a 13
3:02 pm est 

she did a folder for them for the Dementia Workshop from freedom lib.
2:28 pm est 

christopher c. shot for her in and at t/ pentagon within prison, and on t/ balcony w/ her and hoegie w/ jared, jared l, jared j., and william mu iii had applied to both william and her, and she had given him a job to work in and at IC3, in and within the building, and so had they as well, including raymond d. who had applied through william mu, inc.
2:11 pm est 

she wore clothes, clothing from cambodia, inc.
1:55 pm est 

she had read all of the magazines at take charge, at west marion hospital, in that gym, gymnasium area, inc.
1:29 pm est 

she wore white bow earrings, and her parents went to take charge, west marion, inc.
1:13 pm est 

she changed her comforter set, inc.
12:52 pm est 

she had taken over Bush's son's file, inc., both, t/ father and son, inc.
11:48 am est 

she had taken over the Secret Service-Bush file, t/ Bush file, the -Clinton file, -Clintonon file, clintonen file, the Hillary Clinton file, t/ bill clinton file w/ chade, shawn, mike and at other times w/ other men too, inc., and hoegie, bill and others, inc., and shawn again, and shawn was given and had taken over the Kennedy file in the secret service and also in t/ white house so had she too, inc.
10:30 am est 

t/ fbi had taken over ic3 and t/ us attorneys office, city of angels, angels, t/ angels, t/ guardian angels, inc., t/ iia, inc., t/ secret service, inc., and ice.
10:28 am est 

she got a brand new comforter set, in beige and white, w/ t/ matching pillow throw covers, from sears, in the large plastic bag in clear, inc.
10:22 am est
10:08 am est 

she got the special k, bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches
10:06 am est 

she powered up the Power Cyberlink Media Player 14, inc.
9:59 am est 

Vanessa Palmer
9:46 am est 

and they got t/ anna funeral card
9:44 am est 

her dad got a card from nancy, and they had t/ jose jose cd, and t/ jesus, La Casa de Misericordia cd, inc., Casa Misericordia cd.
9:42 am est 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

she had read the Cat who read brahms, inc.
11:06 pm est 

they went to the dementia workshop at freedom, and they each got t/ seven challenging areas for caregivers to watch, inc.
9:32 pm est 

she wore a black and white polka dot pajama set
8:57 pm est 

she wore a black, dark brown, light beige and green hairband, headband, inc.
5:52 pm est 

they got a chicken, heated it up, roasted in t/ oven, inc., and ny potato salad, inc.
5:41 pm est 

mike was t/ first check made out in the pentagon, it went from mike to r, t/ letter r and it was ryan, inc.
5:04 pm est 

and ryan wrote both and did t/ checks, and checkbook, a sized-book, a size book, inc., and eric, john h., inc., and mike
5:03 pm est 

her mom, her dad, slash, slash hitman, bruno, bruno 2, pharrell, shawn, henry, harry, her grandpa on her dad's side, they all had written out checks, and checkbooks, her, saul, inc.
4:59 pm est 

she had done, filled out, the car insurance check, inc., and the house insurance, housing insurance check, inc.
4:54 pm est 

and stephan, and hoegie's dad, stephan's dad, hoegie's dad again, his family and his friends, inc.
4:53 pm est 

they each had a subway card, shawn, her, hoegie, jared, her mom, her dad, her parents, inc., jared l, jared j, ben, benjamin, kimmie, lil shawn, harry, henry, inc., benny, eric, eric 2, inc., and she had helped harry do, write out his checks a long time ago and william mu ii, william mu, william mu iii, william mu i, samuel, john g. r., john r., john r, john g r
4:52 pm est 

she wrote, did the State Farm check, and did the checkbook, inc.
4:50 pm est
3:47 pm est 

her mom got her toenails done in burnt orange, a spring color
3:23 pm est 

she got a black and gold, yellow tassled journal, w/ white and grey dotted journal planner, for her list, lists, inc., doc., documentation, papers, library list, toiletry list, eye list, grocery list, eye medication list, inc.
2:59 pm est, she wore a peach shirt, a rose shirt, a rose quartz shirt, inc., they listened to the cd her mom was given, inc.
2:32 pm est 

t/ fbi had taken over the prisoners of war in a day, over time, and over a lifetime, a lifetime of glory, a lifetime, inc., she was in fbi black war and then white war back, and front, then forward, back, then and foresome, and then some more, too, inc., and thensome as well, too, inc.
1:22 pm est 

she took over yankee war herself, she was a mitten harry said, inc., and t/ confederate war w/ stephan, actually hoegie, inc., it was an image of stephan, inc.
1:21 pm est 

t/ fbi had taken over the white house, and pentagon air, and t/ air guard for hoegie's sake, inc., and she took over the us army, and the us air guard w/ hoegie and harry as well, inc., and the us national guard w/ hoegie jared, and hoegs, slash again too, inc.
1:19 pm est 

the fbi had taken over the us marine corps, the corps in grey, and then grey and black, then back to black and grey, inc.
1:16 pm est 

she was Fbi Marine Corps, in and wearing different uniforms, inc.
1:14 pm est 

t/ fbi took over t/ us marines, the black marines, meaning the fbi black marines unit, because t/ fbi wore black and then grey for the marines, marine unit, marines unit, the fbi marines, the us marines, and she was an Fbi Marine, inc.
1:12 pm est 

they had put a plant in a plant pot holder, her mom booked an apt., and t/ fbi had taken over t/ us navy, and the us army reserves, which was the reserves, and t/ us air force reserves, she created the us air force reserves and cancelled it, it was really the army in reserves, t/ army reserves, inc, working for the department of defense, inc.
1:10 pm est 

t/ fbi took over t/ Ulster Defense Assoc.
1:07 pm est 

t/ fbi took over the us dept of agriculture
1:05 pm est 

t/ fbi had taken over the us air force, the fds, federal drug administration, pi, private investigators, and detectives, inc., t/ detective unit, t/ air force., inc., the detectives and or, and t/ police
1:03 pm est, her mom went to get her toenails done at t/ salon, she had t/ leftovers from cracker barrel
1:00 pm est 

her nails were a better length, she changed t/ length of her nails, fingernails, toenails, that her nails were a better length her mom said, inc., desiree dawn, wally and walter were all spanish too, inc.
11:18 am est 

carmen, jose, joe, joey, junior and joseph, zori, zory were all spanish too, inc.
11:03 am est 

saul, edna, dora, herlinda, heriberto, desiree, fredrick, michelle, michelle, javier, tiffany amber, sebastian, eric sebastian, patrick, rafael, maria, lorraine, john, christine, marco and laila were all spanish, inc., layla, kayla, kaila, khaila, inc., were all spanish, inc.
11:03 am est 

t/ fbi had taken over fema, and us border patrol and along w/ t/ us federal agency, t/ national security ageny, inc., drug enforcement association, t/ detectives association, inc.
10:59 am est 

they had been to West Virginia, and they lived in West Virginia, in Virginia, and in at FBI-Virginia, inc., and her got her Impression done of her tooth, and she got a tooth replacement, replaced, inc.
10:26 am est
10:01 am est 

she did a folder for them for Central Florida Community College, and for sue and violet, sun, bruno, bruno 2, slash 2, slash 3, inc., slash iv, v, slash 4, and slash 5, inc., again, inc.
10:00 am est
9:10 am est
8:59 am est
8:27 am est
8:25 am est
8:07 am est 

t/ bombing lists were underneath there, got, it, inc., her mom went to the dentist w/ her dad, inc.
8:00 am est 

she added astrophysics, astrophysicists to her reading list, read that, inc.
7:59 am est 

Vanessa Baez
7:59 am est 

Monday, February 19, 2018
10:47 pm est 

converted 3 cups to ounces, inc.
10:35 pm est 

they let the lizard out the door, out of the door
10:31 pm est 

scarface had gone to jail, she killed scarface on the phone, inc.
9:42 pm est 

her mom's left temporary tooth came off, inc.
9:33 pm est, they'd been to the Knickerbocker Diner and Restaurant, Knickerbocker Restaurant and Diner, inc.
9:00 pm est 

they watched and she was in Mickey Blue Eyes, inc., she was in Godfather III, inc., godfather i and ii her mom wrote and her dad too, inc. and her as well, inc.
8:56 pm est 

got a mag mutual pen, a green and white duke energy pen, and a blue and white energy pen, inc.
7:52 pm est 

in red and black, and blue, black and silver, a grip roller, bic, inc.
7:49 pm est 

she had a zyvox pen, inc.
7:47 pm est 

they got a mag mutual pen, a duke energy pen too
7:44 pm est 

she did her finger nails in berry smooth, t/ sally hansen, color therapy, squared off her nails, filed her nails, filed her nails down, did her nails, fingernails in square, square, inc.
6:49 pm est 

they made postcards, they were a spirit, like a spirit, inc., they made one, alot, inc.
5:58 pm est 

they had green wraps w/ small tomatoes, w/ a tooth pick, banana bread, inc., they stayed, they played games, watched a movie, read books, inc., her dad bought them, they bought them, inc., 2nd grade.
5:57 pm est 

she wore a grey, grey and black, grey and white shirt, shirts, a silver grey, silver grey button earrings, inc.
3:46 pm est
3:44 pm est 

her mom got and used supplies at her desk, inc.
3:23 pm est 

her dad went to take charge, west marion
2:47 pm est
2:44 pm est 

she had gotten t/ olympian peanut butter
1:49 pm est
1:46 pm est
12:21 pm est 

william muller was her Fireman, and eric johnson was her Police Officer, inc., and joe j. invented euthenasia, and he mixed it, t/ euth., euthenasia in the pentagon, inc., and once it was patented, t/ euth, euthenasia, by the government, us govt, she bought it by the thousands to put down her prisoners in the Fbi jail, in the fbi from and w/ consent from the Fbi court, inc.
10:00 am est 

her bells were checked, done, in t/ pentagon and in t/ fbi, per harry, inc., hoegie's dad was his and hers police officer at one time, eric johnson was her police officer, inc., t/ one from blue bloods, inc., her and joe j. divided and shared t/ euthenasia for each of their individual and groupped prisoners in and of the pentagon and her in the fbi separately, he ordered it for her in t/ pentagon for her prisoners, he for his prisoners and then john g roberts jr. for her prisoners in of the fbi as well and in the death penalty ctr, and then samuel anthony alito jr for her prisoners so he would give it, t/ injections of euth. euthenasia to her us federal prison of the court prisoners us federal prisoners, in the us federal prison, euthenasia, inc. to give it himself, it went by possession of certificate to give t/ euthenasia, inc.
9:52 am est 

8:59 am est
8:48 am est 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

they saw t/ snowboarding and the downhill jump and hip hop cds, inc.
10:04 pm est 

there was a green and yellow lizard in their garage, inc.
8:43 pm est 

they watched a movie today, inc., 2-day
8:26 pm est 

they saw t/ continuation of the assassination of versace, and she got the Lenten Encounter Calendar, inc.
8:10 pm est 

they had seen and she was in Mechanic, Resurrection
7:00 pm est 

she got the Rice Bowl poster, inc., and Catholic Relief Services, inc.
6:52 pm est 

she got the Prayer for Vocations, and the Prayer to Know My Vocation
6:46 pm est 

she got t/ How to Pray the Rosary Booklet, inc.
6:41 pm est, she got a laminated St. Theresa prayer card, and gospel readings, inc.
6:36 pm est 

she got t/ Saint Therese card, the Miraculous Prayer to the Little Flower card prayer, and tony and gloria came by and gave her mom an afro cubano cd of old music, inc.
6:24 pm est
6:02 pm est, t/ fbi had taken over t/ nsa, national security agency, the us federal agency, and t/ police, precincts harry had said and she had taken over big brother who was william muller iii, they each had investigated cameras, and she okayed for cameras to be installed all over t/ world to catch everyone, inc.
6:01 pm est 

they saw and she was in Identity t/ movie again, inc., and her and her mom had each a dsw card
5:58 pm est 

they saw t/ hunted, she was in t/ hunted, inc.
5:05 pm est 

t/ fbi had taken over 0 and the special agency, but never t/ 00 agency
4:53 pm est 

she finished the first page of her website, inc.
3:42 pm est 

they shook father gillespie's hand, inc., and thensome, too.
3:18 pm est, her mom served in church, Father Gillespie gave the mass, service, inc., they went out to eat, to the cracker barrel, had the vanilla iced latte, w/ whip, whipped cream, inc., and Amma was their waitress, and they saw Serpico at church, he sat in their row, inc.
3:15 pm est 

she wore a purple flowered hair pin, a purple hair flower hair pin, inc.
10:16 am est 

she did a folder for winn dixie and t/ marion oaks plaza for them, another one, inc.
8:27 am est 

scott, statefarm sent her dad a birthday card
8:21 am est
8:18 am est 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

ts eliott ts elliot was william muller iii's grandfather on both sides, inc.
10:57 pm est 

they saw and were in wild love
10:54 pm est 

her dad used to wake up at 3 am, he slept all night, has been sleeping all night, inc., and went to the other rm
10:42 pm est 

ryan and harry wrote t/ blair witch project and her too and hoegie and thensome along w/ t/ kids and shawn in hindsight as well w/ her parents, her and her mom, her dad too and also bruno bruno 2 and thensome, joe jihadsome, and eric j said awesome and him too, and thensome as well, inc. and shawn and will and thensome on the phone and then out, too, inc.
9:59 pm est 

her mom took 20 mg, 40 mg of pepcid, t/ pepcid
9:28 pm est 

her mom took lansoprazole
9:27 pm est they had t/ suncoast card a long time ago, inc.
7:34 pm est 

she got the elmer's extreme glue stick, school glue stick, extra strength stick, acid free, non-toxic, inc.
7:16 pm est 

she got the island splash, pink and white summer's eve cleansing cloths, inc.
7:01 pm est 

got an eos in pink, light and dark pink, in honey apple, inc., too
6:53 pm est 

bruno was jihad, and bruno 2 was jihad as well, and lord
6:46 pm est
6:32 pm est
6:32 pm est, a vein and everything, inc., a polyp.
6:30 pm est, they had bursitis, inc., they all had t/ same thing, she did too, her mom took allegra, collace, inc.
6:29 pm est 

her mom took allegra, she got monet earrings, inc., t/ march of madness coke, inc., and tissues w/ stain, in yellow, white, blue, lots of blue, blots, blotted, w/ stains, paints, paintings, inc., greys, yellows, different shades of color, they've been to westchester county, shands, inc.
6:28 pm est 

she got a water tissue box, in white, light beige, dark beige, light blue, blue, a robotic patterned box, inc.
5:31 pm est 

she got a rose, crew neck, short sleeved tee
5:22 pm est 

she got a grey geoff shirt, grey and white, moisture wicking, super soft, w/ tag free comfort, inc.
5:17 pm est 

she got beige file folders, letter size, 3 tab positions, pen gear, w/ sustainable sourcing, sustainable, forestry initiative, inc.
5:09 pm est 

she got the kleenex tissues w/ sayings, summon your strength, find your fearless, believe in yourself, inc.
4:58 pm est 

she got the gillette daisy three razors, in pink, yellow, and green
4:54 pm est 

she got a pumpkin spice candle, in honey, yellow gold color, and t/ soap in rose, inc.
4:51 pm est 

she got t/ berry smooth, sally hansen color therapy nail polish
4:45 pm est 

they got the softsoap, crisp clean
4:43 pm est
4:17 pm est 

she had popped her lft kneecap
12:08 pm est 

hoegie took care of her when she was sick, and in, into surgery, and shawn, henry, hellen, helen, shawn, ryan, her parents, eric, her mom, her dad, al, her grandpas on both sides, inc.,, her whole entire family and her friends, ryan did her hair, makeup, dressed her and so did shawn, joe, john a., inc., bruno, bruno 2, tiger, inc., and fed her breakfast ryan, and shawn, inc., and henry, shawn and her too, and her mom, inc., and her dad, inc., edward, phyllis, inc., michael was gambino, he and his father, and not his dad, of some dna, of the same last name, inc., and michael the same, and michael was jihad at one time, was too, he had joined the operation in and of the pentagon the dad, the son in the fbi, inc., and michael gambino was the father, but not father, some dna to a son, his son, but not his son, inc., and michael gambino was the head of gambino, and michael the son though went to her for help one day, inc., and michael the supposed father was the head of gambino, and his dad, father wrote the story of gambino, he did the writings, so in hence, he was, michael the son's grandfather, inc.
11:35 am est 

she made up t/ david duchovny name in t/ fbi w/ her dad and her son, sons, and her mom as well, inc.
10:47 am est 

stephan was polish, their whole entire family was spanish at one time, puerto rican at another time or at t/ same time, and/or hispanic, inc., in another time, inc.
10:44 am est 

they threw out t/ old aloe plant, and her mom got her toenails done a while ago because she can't really bend down, inc.
10:43 am est 

israel was yugoslavian, loly was spanish, edgar was spanish, inc., junior was spanish, bebe was spanish, vanessa was spanish, christina was spanish, inc.
9:42 am est 

sarah was german, and jessica was german
9:20 am est 

nancy sent them a card
9:11 am est
8:50 am est 

Friday, February 16, 2018

she chose her website in the color of west virginia, virginia, fbi virginia, in virginians
10:51 pm est 

harry took over w/ her police precints out of new york and beyond, out of brooklyn, and queens and manhattan, long island city, every borough, jamaica heights, witches of salem area, t/ bronx, long island, and staten island as well, in ridgewood, queens, also in ridgewood, new jersey and also in jamaica heights as well, again, and in tampa, florida as well, and at the ocala precinct, ocala police department, they took over that, the and at t/ marion county sheriffs office, because the fbi was her, t/ marion oaks min was taken over by fbi it was the ocala precinct and then some, the hillsborough cty sheriffs' office, and the orlando police dept, orlando sheriffs offices as well and thensome as well, in kentucky, t/ kentucky derby, kentucky police dept., louisiana police dept. w/ ryan, inc., connecticut sheriffs office w/ shawn, in ridgewood queens, ny again, inc.
10:35 pm est 

fbi took over the da
10:10 pm est 

they had a mini nap, watched a mini marathon
9:49 pm est 

t/ nsa, t/ national security agency, and the dea, the detectives endowment association, had been taken over by the fbi, william muller was into take over in t/ fbi, and the drug enforcement administration was taken over by the fbi
9:30 pm est 

joe, joe jihad was the jerusalem file, the jihad file him too, joe, joe jihad, and then w/ her mom at one point and her dad, and then her mom, then her dad again, inc., linda was german, sam, samantha, sam a man, a guy too, inc., jessica german
8:51 pm est 

t/ x files were t/ pentagon x files joe jihad told her dad and he joe jihad caught t/ taliban, too, inc.
8:30 pm est 

eddie was german too, charlie, charles, inc., jr, jonathan, dwight, dwight the other one, jonathan robert, rj, robert, robert jonathan, inc.
8:06 pm est 

they got more entemann's, enteman's, inc., ryan's dad was entenman's, inc., entenmann's, inc., and her mom's nails were longer than hers, and then her nails were longer than hers, too, inc.
8:02 pm est 

harvey was al-jazeera too and italian, al jazeeran, he died in al jazeera, shanna was irish, shana was irish, sharon was german, rj, her ex-husband, first husband was irish, her first-husband, inc.
7:54 pm est 

they smelled like from outside and from home, t/ house as well, inc., and t/ kids a part of it as well, inc., marianne, maryanne was sicillian, inc.
7:39 pm est 

she caught w/ t/ blue, black dog, blue blacks in the pentagon, sal was white marble, and nancy was white marble, which was a mixed of white and black, large, puffy people, inc., and isis was a sickness of illness, illnesses that were contagious to other people, inc.
7:35 pm est 

thomas was japan in the pentagon, slash was fbi too, but he had the afghanistan file and he said that his superior said that one went first, inc., joanne got dropped off at t/ panama canal she's dead, inc.

tiger was Philippine and then-some, he had just moved to Nigeria, inc., along w/ others, and fbi agents as well, and Desi 2 had moved to Kenya, inc. and he was Indian, he was al-jazeeran, al-jazeerian a lady too, inc.


khang kno, khang khno was fully korean, korean his mother


kapri was backwards Chinese, going back Philippine, Chinese too and also Korean, inc.


and that was her fbi doc., fbi documentation, inc.



7:26 pm est 

al was pakistan, and jose was t/ panama canal, samuel was panama, and he was also belarus, his father as well, too, inc., and thensome.
7:19 pm est 

won american history class ii, inc., she took t/ steinbrenner class for shawn and w/ shawn another time, at t/ same time as well she did, inc.
7:18 pm est 

felipa was taliban, joanne was pakistan, taliban, frankie was spanish
7:12 pm est 

she listened to her mom's and her dad's, her parents bugs and taps
7:05 pm est 

she hid in poland w/ her husband and her kids, too.
6:59 pm est 

she went to the Manhattan School of Music w/ yandel it was thomas really, too, inc., and sagrado corazon music on her own and then w/ her dad too as well and thensome, inc., she was friends w/ the Governor of Puerto Rico, and his family, his entire family, inc.
6:57 pm est 

robert was Czechoslovakian
6:45 pm est 

she had black and blue dog, that was on the show too, karen was yugoslavian, jr was al jazeera, anna was spanish, bryan was jamaican, sal was jamaican, inc., frank was spanish, gladys was latina, nandy was latino, inc., 007 was white, he was catching white, inc., and harry was white, but new zealand at one time, he was new zealander at one time, and german at one time too going back, inc., and joanne was in taliban, inc.
6:43 pm est 

there were seven in her mom's family, seven, her mom, six brothers and sisters, and they killed their own doubles, they had farina, w/ cinnamon, and splenda, one or two packets, alot of cinnamon, they threw the old food out, inc.
6:40 pm est 

jessica was cuban, joseph was columbian, john jr was argentinian
6:13 pm est 

bryan and saul were both taliban and black marble
6:09 pm est 

gladys was black, carlos was taliban, anna acevedo was afghanistan as well, and going back pakistan, inc., carmelo was taliban, inc., karen was taliban, joe was taliban too, john was taliban too
6:03 pm est 

egguie was in t/ navy, a veteran, and bebe too
5:57 pm est 

she left, placed her cell phone on her laptop
5:52 pm est 

they each had had a mastercard card.
5:30 pm est, harry called into the 00 agency, w/ her, and her, 007 called in for her to the 00 agency, and himself, checked her in, herself in, too, inc., as well and thensome, inc., and into the 007 agency, there was a green and orange head bird by at her window, and a large rockefeller bird, a large black bird w/ large wings the largest wings at on her fence by her bedrm, inc.
5:30 pm est 

they had rose tea, red tea, inc., afghanistan tea, and taliban tea, inc., chinese tea, saki, sacki, japanese tea, inc., new england tea, chamomile tea, tea bags, half and full, or full tea bags as well, inc., and thensome.
5:07 pm est 

they drank a lot of water en route, inc.
4:26 pm est 

she had a vein near her heart, she had a derrame, her mom had an endoscopy of t/ stomach, inc., her mom took pepcid, inc.
4:11 pm est 

jared j.'s dad invented created t/ ghost jail, harry, hoegie, hoegie's dad, inc., and her, along w/ shawn and henry along w/ t/ kids too, inc and kimmie, pat, patrick, ben, benjamin, benny, eric, eric 2, lil shawn, her parents, her mom and her dad, inc., and lil eric 2er, inc., again and again and again including t/ ghost prison, t/ ghost jail, remember how ghost was made?!
3:13 pm est 

t/ fan circled on it's own, inc., and her mom's left shoulder was hurting, they were in mourning, and so they wore black, all in black, inc.
3:10 pm est 

they used tissues if they ran out of toilet paper, inc.
3:03 pm est 

she played jewel match 2, royale king, rise of the king
2:53 pm est 

they saw flo at church
2:46 pm est 

t/ funeral mass card was ten dollars that they paid
2:43 pm est 

shandy was their server and sandy
2:28 pm est 

read t/ French Style magazine, w/ ryan, -- abel was afghanistan, and so was will, will was taliban and t/ taliban king both, inc., harry said so and shirley, both w/ shiite and afghanistanese again, dog-like in nature, etcetera, etcetera, too, inc., and thensome.
2:00 pm est 

they had a slice of the louisiana crumb cake, read some poetry w/ her friend, inc.
1:45 pm est 

ryan was butler, shear butler ryan and shawn w/ her, too, inc.
1:16 pm est 

tom cruise was her son of the pentagon, he was much older than anyone else, inc.
1:09 pm est 

William Miller was her mom's son, inc.
1:00 pm est 

she drove in town, into town, in the city, into the city, to the other side, to the other town, to the other city, inc., in ocala, into ocala, into belleview, over belleview, to go to high school, t/ doctor's office, they went out to lunch, to eat, to the restaurant, from t/ doctor's office, inc., in and around marion county, cty, inc., to the soccer field, to practice, to the luncheon, at and to break, and from hs, and from practice, too and thensome, inc.
12:53 pm est

Vanessa Palmer

her mom had her endoscopy of her left shoulder, she drove from dr. kumar's the surgery center part to the left facing front, and from there to Paneras for them to have lunch, they had the frontega panini sandwich, and tulip cookies, in yellow, and pink, and dipped their bread in the soup bowls, a panini was a painting, and philip seymour hoffman was hoffman

12:43 pm est 

she wore a yellow flower hair pin, light makeup in t/ fbi, one pair of earrings in the fbi, very small, was the attire facially, inc., she read bartleby w/ ryan all of it, the whole reading book, and played all of the online games w/ 007 in the 007 agency, and had worn fbi attire, clothing, shirts and socks, and hair minimal hair spray, hair soft not too much hair spray and not too much perfume as to make other people sneeze or cough in the fbi or in the 00 agency, inc., and fbi pants, jeans, inc.
7:53 am est
7:15 am est 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

tom brady was her Half-Brother
10:49 pm est 

slash invented t/ kabbalah w/ her mom and yours too, inc., and thensome and her dad as well all of them and thensome as well, inc.
10:41 pm est 

t/ other ben gave her 24,000 in bombs, and for further notice, inc. and used up, inc.
10:34 pm est 

and ryan and patrick, ben, her son ben also knows how to do mris full mris, inc.
10:18 pm est, she was and performed, she was a Brain Surgeon, hoegie performed mris for her and shawn for her full mris of the brain and hair dyes of the brain, gloria, tony, shawn and the kids, in the fbi, cia and then in the pentagon and also in t/ secret service too, thomas, saul, eddie, inc.
10:17 pm est 

slash was white-brained w/ her and light-grey brain w/ it as well, too and thensome, inc., and her w/ full grey matter, of the brain, inc.
10:15 pm est 

hoegie was her nurse, R.N., too, and jared l too was her other RN and jared j for shawn his nurse rn and henry his nurse and rn too, and saul was sicilian, inc.
10:11 pm est 

she was in and part of the Psycho mission of the FBI, inc and to the cia but of the fbi and back and thensome, inc.
10:04 pm est 

her dad put his left contact in his left contact lens case, inc., and her mom gave her dad his insulin in his left arms, she was a Certified Licensed Nurse per slash, and she was his Nurse at home and at War in Afghanistan, she gave him his shots and everything, her mom gave her dad his shot, inc., she was also a Pediatric Nurse, a Pediatric R.N., certified again, and an Adult RN for shawn, and shawn drew up her papers too, and an RN for Men too per slash and him, for slash, and ryan, and ryan was her R.N., and Psychiatrist of the Pentagon, inc.
10:03 pm est 

miriam was afghanistan, and marisol was afghanistan and taliban, laila was afghanistan and taliban
8:59 pm est 

she had a urinary tract infection, and dropped, release a lot of blood, inc.
8:57 pm est 

nandres was dominican
8:45 pm est 

they each got a notepad, a duke energy one in green and beige on recycled paper, a prime, primer, w/ a beige paper, and black pen, a blue and white one, a green and white one, inc.
8:34 pm est 

she wore a red flowered hair pin
8:30 pm est 

nandy was dominican
lucrecia was Czechoslovakian
8:20 pm est, they went to the lecture at ihmc
8:16 pm est
8:09 pm est 

her mom spoke w/ candace, ernesto
4:03 pm est 

t/ other Alex was Czechoslovakian, inc.
3:14 pm est 

harvey was white, tage was yugoslavian, shanna was white
r.j. was Czechoslovakian, the other anna was Czechoslovakian too, inc., she was Slovakia one or and two yrs in the 00 agency, she was Slovakian then, inc., and she got citizenship w/ all of the 00 Countries she was on, worked on, and her children, inc., and her boyfriend at the time then and now, and now husband, inc.
3:13 pm est 

elba was Iranian, the other Charles was German in Germany, inc., sharon was white, linda was iranian, eddie was yugoslavian, samantha was yugoslavian, sarah jessica was yugoslavian, inc., and edward was german, phyllis was polish, inc.
3:07 pm est 

puchin was named after Capuchin, she was a capuchin, capuchin, they all were, inc., each of them, inc., her mom, her dad, slash, bruno, slash hitman, slashes, her parents, hoegie, bruno 2, shawn, henry, harry, w/ t/ kids, ryan, inc., henry too, henry 2, inc.
2:54 pm est
2:37 pm est 

her mom's colonoscopy came out fine, inc., she used Swiss Army knives at war and at sea, and as a 00, as 0013, period, inc., and changed when she needed to, or american knives, or puertorican knives, or german knives, stuttgart knives w/ shawn too, irish knives shawn, w/ shawn too, inc., british knives and swords, and shiite knives, legally, legal ones, too, french knives and swords, and guns too, inc., all kinds, all legal ones, per operation, and or mission, per different operation.
2:30 pm est 

they each had almeja, they had salmon w/ espigas, espigitas, inc., she used fishing shears, fishing knives, inc., and cut down on each both sides of the spine, inc, and took out t/ spine and teeth of the fish, t/ spine, the teeth too, as well, and thensome, or picked them out, inc.
2:26 pm est 

they had done the Puerto Rican Rosary, inc.
1:37 pm est, they each had a Novus card, inc.
1:28 pm est 

her mom created t/ Serpent jail w/ her dad, william mi., inc., and her and her sons, inc., saul and t/ kids too, inc., harry, henry, shawn, lil shawn, w/ ben in mind, ben in mind, big ben, t/ big ben theory was her mom, inc.
10:45 am est 

she, they took pictures and printed all of her email, showed them on t/ webcam, from her gmail, aol email, jared, hoegie, shawn, jared l, jared j, lil shawn and ben, and all t/ kids, inc.
9:48 am est 

she finished reading Bartleby authors and writers, inc.
9:42 am est
9:40 am est 

Vanessa Palmer
9:38 am est 

her dad went to his villages apt., to get his new insulin, he had done that, he had a morning apt.
9:36 am est 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

she graduated at t/ top of her class in the Marine Corps, w/ t/ highest grade point average across all, above all, from and in the fbi house, inc.
11:02 pm est 

marisol was spanish, joseph was spanish too, inc.
10:27 pm est 

they turbo taxed, and crystal was spanish as well
10:14 pm est 

nicole was spanish, and gabriella was spanish too, inc.
10:13 pm est 

alex was then venezuelan and then again yugoslavian, as well, too, inc., and thensome as well.
9:47 pm est 

randy was polish, anna was yugoslavian, lil randy was polish, and lil anna was yugoslavian, inc.
9:35 pm est 

nancy was a teacher, carmencita was a doctor, warren was israeli, diane was pure sicilian, gilda was latin, melissa was puerto rican, amanda was spanish, alex was spanish, joseph was spanish, too, inc.
9:34 pm est 

olga was yugoslavian, charles was polish, joanne was yugoslavian, louie was spanish, franklin was venezuelan, megan was mexican, brandon was jewish, anthony was yugoslavian
9:02 pm est 

her dad used Prada, prada messaging in the army, so did she and in the pentagon, and in at war as well, in life, they all did, her dad did too, inc., and in spy, spy Prada, inc., and mike m. and his mom wrote t/ thorn birds w/ his dad too, inc., t/ whole entire family, inc.
8:59 pm est 

she took plotonics too, t/ cat activated t/ light outside as well and thensome, too, inc.
8:46 pm est 

mike m. was edgar allen poe, too, inc., and she was t/ rescue dog, inc., t/ rescue dog was prada's, inc., they each had their own, slash, slash hitman, her mom and her dad, inc.
8:42 pm est 

there was a cat outside of their house, home, and prada was f. scott fitzgerald
8:18 pm est
7:41 pm est
7:40 pm est 

ralph, maria sent them a mass card, a service card, they've been to our lady of fatima church
7:38 pm est 

she was on t/ salmon diet in t/ fbi
6:46 pm est, they saw javier at t/ bank
6:39 pm est 

and they had had grape juice as t/ wine at home as well
5:26 pm est 

she got the fl catholic card, t/ how to make a holy hour pamphlet, and t/ other pamphlet, the infinite value of the holy mass, inc.
5:23 pm est 

melissa was ems, and bella was a hairdresser, inc.
5:11 pm est 

they saw Bella at t/ bank
5:04 pm est 

her dad got t/ American Veterans for Life Memorial certificate, inc., and they got the God's Glory planner calendar, her mom, theirs, inc.
4:54 pm est 

was the hamburglar, and had had a mcd's party when she was a little girl, w/ ryan, inc., all of them, inc.
4:42 pm est 

they went to the St. Valentine's Day Mass, they got their ashes, and they went out for lunch, they had fish, so we started lent early, the day of, on ash wednesday, and had lindt, lindor, red chocolate, hershey's kisses, chocolate, went to service, mass, wore black, and red, inc., listened to music, prayed, sang, and so on, etc., etcetera, etcetera, inc.
4:36 pm est
4:29 pm est 

she wore a red flowered hair barrette, had done her nails, they used a new mousse for their hair, she wore a heart w/ a key lock earrings, inc.
11:12 am est 

they used t/ fantastic sam's, fantastic smoothe mousse
10:53 am est
10:01 am est, she had the Ann Taylor Loft card
9:37 am est 

they got the fancy cheddar mild cheese pasteurized cheese cheddar, inc.
9:25 am est
Vanessa Baez
9:21 am est 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

welcome to my altar
11:42 pm est 

they had smooth cheese, cheese spread, ruffled chips, ruffles, red babybels, inc.
10:06 pm est 

she was t/ siberian huskey, the huskey, the american huskey, alasken huskey, alasken huskey, t/ akita, inc.
9:52 pm est 

she was a boxer w/ 007, a boxer, the nova scotia dog, t/ weimeraner dog, t/ blacksmith dog, t/ irish dog, t/ bull mastiff, mastiff, neopolitan mastiff, t/ turkey dog, alaskan dog, t/ sicilian dog, t/ italian dog, t/ greyhound, greyhound dog, t/ sicilian greyhound, t/ schnauzer, t/ scottish dog, scotland dog, inc.
9:45 pm est 

and the lady went in the urn, her aunt, one of her aunts, inc., she was the welsh spaniel, t/ irish cocker spaniel, t/ irish water spaniel, t/ water spaniel, and mike meder's spaniel, inc., and she was the Sistone Italiano dog, Spaniel, inc., t/ Britton, she invented herself in the pentagon and out, to t/ fbi, inc., or t/ cia, inc., t/ her spaniel won, too, inc.
9:04 pm est 

they watched t/ dog show, t/ westminster Kennel Club dog show, inc., she was the Irish Setter, Setter, English Spaniel, t/ Brittany, Brittany Spaniel, inc., the Golden Retriever, inc., t/ Griffon, the Miniature, the German miniature, German Griffon, the cocker spaniel again, t/ retriever
8:38 pm est 

she's cleaning up her eyebrows, inc.
7:57 pm est 

she was t/ Manchester dog, and Manchester United along w/ hoegie, jared, jared l, jared j,, shawn and w/ t/ kids, too, and her parents as well, inc.
7:56 pm est 

they had a good meal, flossed their teeth, inc.
7:42 pm est 

joyce dewitt was dead is back, inc., was joe j best friend on the phone, inc., and they had all gone to the Cremation Mass, inc.
7:32 pm est 

they went to Taj Mahal w/ robert downey, jr, her, w/ him too, inc., and ryan on the phone, inc.
7:31 pm est
5:29 pm est 

her dad was 146 lbs, he lost six lbs, and w/ shorts on, inc.
4:54 pm est 

janice had created invented the Mumu w/ her dad too, inc., clean t/ janice joplin min, t/ tom jones min
4:26 pm est 

her mom cleaned her boots, she drained the pork chops, sheet on them, them on them, it, inc.
4:18 pm est 

she changed her contacts, did her nails for the funeral, wake, cremation
4:07 pm est 

she didn't want to bend too much, inc., and she wore a green army shirt, inc., and she did her nails, fingernails in pink for valentine's day, inc., she did her nails, fingernails for valentine's day, for home, for holiday, for the holidays, and springtime, spring, t/ house, outside, to go outside, t/ park, t/ forest, t/ jail, and home again, and out, just out, too, and thensome, inc.
4:05 pm est
3:27 pm est 

there was a death in the family, inc.
2:11 pm est
1:37 pm est
12:29 pm est 

johnny was puerto rican, jenny was spanish
10:40 am est 

she rubbed an alcohol swab on her rt ear, got a bite on the upper rt ear, inc.
10:36 am est
10:29 am est, she had the Discover card
10:11 am est 

they got the Daisy sour cream
10:08 am est
9:52 am est
9:50 am est
9:46 am est 

Vanessa Baez
9:40 am est 

Monday, February 12, 2018
11:30 pm est
11:18 pm est
11:17 pm est
11:12 pm est 

she got a survey in the mail from donald j. trump, she had filled it out w/ her husband, and hoegie w/ jared l, jared j too, inc.
11:04 pm est 

and bailey was a Hunter, a Hunter's dog, who played out in the field, fields, and helped catch balls during games of polo, he was English w/ a whole lot of irish, a little irish indeed, inc., he played w/ t/ horses out on the field.
10:59 pm est 

she was the Chow, Chow Chow, the French Poodle, the Miniature, both, t/ other one, inc., the Pug, the Bichon Frise, she won for the Bichon, Bichon Frise, the Alaskan Eskimo dog, Alaska Eskimo Dog, inc.
10:31 pm est 

she took her dad's blood out w/ t/ machine, w/ t/ tag, sticker, t/ middle finger, left finger next to his small finger, inc., she was the Yorkie, Yorkshire Terrier, inc., the Doberman Pinscher, doberman pincher, inc., the Dalmatian, the Cavalier Charles pinscher, inc., the Bulldog, American Bulldog, Papillon, Pappilon, Pappillon, inc., Pap, inc., Boston Terrier, inc.
10:16 pm est 

she was in a Kellogg's commercial and she was on the Wheaties box of cereal as Mary Lou Retton, inc.
9:26 pm est 

they watched and the dog, dogs were on the AKC, Westminster Dog Show, the 142nd Annual, inc., her Japanese Chin dog, japanese chin, the English Spaniel, toy dog, the Maltese, inc., the Italian Greyhound, the Cavalier Charles Spaniel, the Brussels Griffon Belgium dog, and the other English Toy Spaniel, inc.
9:25 pm est 

derek was jewish too
8:26 pm est
8:25 pm est, they were in t/ lions club, walter was spanish, wally was spanish, dora was spanish, inc, beto was spanish, ramonita was spanish, inc., she was in t/ lions club w/ ryan, inc.
8:24 pm est 

she shaped her nails, inc., they cut the fat off of the pork chops, leaned them up, inc.
8:14 pm est 

rafael was indian, maria was spanish, lorraine was jewish, richard was egyptian, christine was egyptian, marco was egyptian, laila was egyptian, inc.
8:07 pm est 

they had been to a cremation, cremations, burial, burials, wake, wakes, they skipped another one, out on one, out on a cremation, anna acevedo was cremated, inc., and she did her fingernails, nails, round, she rounded out her nails, fingernails, and her nails got long, were long, inc., her mom didn't want to go to t/ cremation, inc.
7:49 pm est 

she let her toenails grow longer, long, even longer, a bit longer, inc.
7:34 pm est 

t/ handyman tightened up their living rm fan
6:11 pm est 

she had done her nails for t/ luncheon, and t/ concert too, inc.
5:56 pm est, she had a Visa card, her mom, her dad
5:18 pm est 

she did her toenails in rosy glow color, sally hansen, color therapy, w/ shimmer, metallic, pink fuschia, inc.
5:16 pm est 

they dropped off a receipt to tony, inc.
4:54 pm est 

they had seen frankie avalon in concert
4:08 pm est 

mary, bill sent them a card
3:59 pm est
3:45 pm est 

her dad went to take charge and her mom went to get a haircut at t/ barber, inc.
2:43 pm est
2:40 pm est 

she had t/ special k, flat bread breakfast sandwich
1:37 pm est
1:06 pm est 

she got a white and beige bra, a jones new york, and she wore clothes from sri lanka
1:00 pm est 

she to a rob from navient
11:01 am est 

she wore a green, olive green shirt, clothes from haiti
10:57 am est 

she got a lavender post it sticky note pad, inc.
10:13 am est
10:06 am est
9:16 am est 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

they saw the skating, skiing, alpine skiing, too, inc.
10:54 pm est 

all t/ other stuff she put in their blog, hers, too, inc. and put t/ rest of the stuff on her site, website and thensome
10:50 pm est 

they sent their condolences by message, and also over the phone, they've been to the funeral, but this one, another one, they're skipping out on -- they had too much going on, and they don't like chaos, inc., they've been to the funeral home, inc.
10:28 pm est
9:51 pm est, she was andre legassi, john leguizamo too, came up w/ t/ leguizamo name w/ her dad and hoover, inc., her dad said he never existed, they were already killing in a jail, help never came, to show up in the jail, yeah, right, too, inc.
9:50 pm est, they watched more of the olympics
9:39 pm est 

ron, loretta c sat behind them at church at st. theresa's, inc., john did the lecture, lectored, went lectored, was a lector, a Lector, inc. and jared l, jared j, hoegie, shawn and w/ t/ kids, inc., ben, lil shawn, joe, zory, zoraida, jose, joey, junior, joseph, and herself, her, vanessa, bruno, bruno 2, tiger, inc., slash, slash hitman, inc.
8:07 pm est 

ron and loretta c. sat behind them, her and her parents, inc.
8:06 pm est 

loretta c and loretta m shook her hand
7:57 pm est 

t/ other Loretta shook her hand too
7:55 pm est 

her mom spoke w/ Vickie, Vicky, inc.
7:54 pm est 

loretta, ron, shook her hand, theirs, her dad's, her mom's, saul's, shawn's, slash's, inc.
7:47 pm est, she had a Visa card, inc.
7:35 pm est, she had had t/ AT&T Universal Card, inc.
7:34 pm est 

her and her mom helped out after t/ luncheon t/ clean up, set up
6:57 pm est 

they had lunch w/ florence, flo, inc.
6:50 pm est, her and her dad invented t/ parish hall for her mom and her son one day, and then husband, inc.
6:30 pm est 

her parents got their scroll, their Happy Marriage Anniversary, 44 yrs., and in the parish hall by the ladies guild Association, St. Theresa Parish, inc.
5:58 pm est 

they've been to Anastasio funeral home.
5:51 pm est, her mom served in church, they all went to the Ladies Guild Anniversary Luncheon, they had veal, apple sauce, inc., and cake w/ a lot of frosting, the red rose on top, w/ red, red punch w/ sherbert in macloughlin hall and the Love Grows Here concert II at st. theresa's, inc., at st. theresa, t/ church, t/ other one, t/ newer one, inc.
5:51 pm est 

t/ tickets were ten and five, paid, in full too, inc., they wore a new outfit to the park, horse park, she had done her nails
10:42 am est 

she wore a red flowered hair pin, a black rose bracelet, and pearl earrings, too. and they got their Love Grows Here II tickets for the concert, she was jane's psychiatrist, she woke up once, twice at night to use t/ bathrm, and her dad three times.
10:39 am est 

they all went to a josh groban concert, inc., too
9:19 am est 

she got an A+ in the book, the Great Gatsby, again, inc., too, and thensome.
9:03 am est
8:53 am est 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

it was, and like a marathon at the supermarket for them, and they cleaned their medicines, inc.
11:13 pm est 

she sent anna, yvette an email
11:03 pm est 

she was Mourning Cloak, inc., the butterfly too, inc., she was in the Joy Luck Club w/ billy bob thornton, inc.
10:55 pm est 

she was in the Ocala Christian League, they all were too, inc.
10:53 pm est 

harry s. truman is dead, inc., harry s. truman t/ 3rd too harry said and t/ second he said, inc.
10:49 pm est 

she put the holy water, virgin mary bottle full of holy water, in her basket in her rm, t/ pentagon holy water bottle, inc.
10:19 pm est 

she checked her gmail, pentagon email, pentagon gmail email, email t/ pentagon way, inc., her aol email, fbi email, 0 email, federal email, es, e's, eas, ease, in and with ease too, inc., her aol email the pentagon way, her inbox, spam folder, trash folders too, spams and such, emails, inc.
10:13 pm est 

katie couric was a writer, inc.
10:04 pm est
10:02 pm est
10:01 pm est
10:00 pm est
9:59 pm est 

they watched the Snowboarding, dwight put her as in as jaclyn smith, and christie brinkley dwight's father too, inc.
9:59 pm est
9:20 pm est 

she was in an olympic commercial, produced done by her grandpa on her dad's side, al, and her dad, inc., and he had owned Sid's Cafe too, and along w/ stephan and her mom, inc., and her and her parents too as well, inc., and thensome.
9:05 pm est 

she got in-house slippers
8:43 pm est 

they watched the Olympics, Olympic Skating, inc.
8:33 pm est
7:47 pm est, and they all had been to Ocala Christian Church, inc.
6:35 pm est's%20club&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=ocala%20women's%20club&sc=2-18&sk=&cvid=5F0BB29F195C42DBA3BFC8168D370434, billy bob thornton was her fbi cousin, and her and her mom were members of the Ocala Women's Club, inc.
6:34 pm est, she and her mom had once been members of the Ocala Ladies Club, too, and her dad as well for them, inc.
6:32 pm est 

billy bob thornton was her cousin too, and slash's father, too as well and thensome, inc.
6:28 pm est, they've been to the Ocala Police Department, she was bruno mars' FBI Sister, inc., bruno baez's, and tiger woods was her FBI Cousin, inc., and she was Bruno Ehler's FBI Sister as well, and her mom as well, inc.
6:24 pm est 

she did a folder in black for her and shawn on hillsborough community college, inc.
5:30 pm est
5:29 pm est
5:28 pm est, hoegie was john wilkes booth, and hoegie was abraham lincoln's dad, hoegie's dad was abraham lincoln, inc.
5:27 pm est
5:26 pm est, she had a white mind and a grey brain, inc., according to the fbi and then t/ ci as well, and before that too, inc., and thensome, inc.
5:25 pm est 

slash was Billy Bob Thorton's son, inc., she was connie francis, and john wilke's booth w/ hoegie and thensome, jared l, jared j. too and his father, both dads, jared j's and jared ls and hoegie's dad, inc., both too as well and thensome, inc.
5:23 pm est 

they got the ole tortilla spinach wraps, w/ herbs and spices, inc.
5:15 pm est 

they saw sandy's parents out at t/ park inc., and jay was a sports caster, and jen g. was an assistant assignment editor, part time, and tom was the assignment editor, c.j. peterson was an associate producer and an executive producer, cj petersen was one of her co-workers
4:54 pm est 

they wore their boots, they got dirty at t/ park, she brought her flats w/ her in her bag, changed them in t/ car, and they then left their boots in t/ garage to be cleaned, inc.
4:22 pm est

they saw the horses jump

4:20 pm est
they went to the Florida Horse Park, and saw the horses, the Horse Trials, and she got a lemonade, a corn dog, and they all each got an ice cream on a homemade waffle cone, and this time, she had Dutch chocolate, a large scoop, before they've had the French vanilla cone ice cream, and she had a regular lemonade, tall, and tipped the jar, put it in there, tipped the man
4:17 pm est, she had, used to have a chi omega visa card, inc.
12:20 pm est 

she wore a red flower hair pin
11:44 am est 

she got a beige and lace bra, a vanity fair bra, inc.
11:32 am est 

bonnie was a producer
10:47 am est 

puchin was a teacher, michelle was a teacher, hellen was a receptionist, inc., and then a secretary, and chandra worked at a law office, was an assistant, inc., joy was a receptionist, inc., lee was a receptionist and a life guard, helen became a chiropractic assistant and a hand tech, nail tech.
10:41 am est 

heather worked at Verizon, and kapri worked at verizon too, wendy was a teacher, laura was a pre-school teacher, connie was one too, a teacher as well, inc., clean under connie francis, inc., amanda was an elementary school teacher, tracey was a high school teacher, tracy as well, inc.
10:21 am est 

kayla was mexican
9:54 am est 

eric was white, amber were was the alerts, t/ kids alerts
9:54 am est 

javier was yugoslavian, tiffany amber was yugoslavian, tiffany was yugoslavian, patrick was white, sebastian was hispanic, inc.
9:52 am est 

eddie was pakistanian, desiree was houstonian, and john was texan, fredrick was korean, michelle was peruvian, inc., and the other michelle was perubian, inc.
9:46 am est
9:27 am est 

Friday, February 9, 2018

her mom slept w/ her shoulder patch on
11:35 pm est 

she had katie couric's neck and hands, both hands from her mom, too, her mom too again and again and again if needed as well and thensome, and eyes too, inc., she was her Half-Mom, inc., and shawn's too, inc.
11:20 pm est 

katie couric was the north korea file
11:06 pm est 

they were all in it, inc.
8:45 pm est 

they saw and she was in the 2018 Opening Ceremony of the Olympics
8:45 pm est 

there was a meeting at t/ school across the street, tonight, this evening, inc., too, as well and thensome, and they watched a tape show from yesterday, last night, they hadn't gotten t/ chance to watch it, inc.
8:22 pm est 

she got Wonder Nation slippers, flip flops, inc., too
8:21 pm est 

they got the orange, light, bright, burnt orange ladybug, bug, beetle too, it turns into turned into a beetle, her, ryan, shawn, and w/ her parents, inc., along w/ t/ kids, inc., t/ n. korean, korean bug, south korean bug too, inc.
7:12 pm est 

she put the font at 125, 150 percent as to not squint
6:52 pm est 

herlinda was venezuelan, and ralph was indian, inc.
6:42 pm est 

and they show all of pico, and sherlock, bailey, misu, joe, tommy, beta, and prada's things as well, inc.
6:40 pm est 

she, they showed all of her mom's things, and her dad's, and hers too, inc., and harry's, slash's, slash-hitman's, bruno's, bruno 2's, and saul's, and all of their family's and friends, inc.
6:38 pm est 

they got a letter from Loretta Brown Taylor, a Tax Collector, inc.
6:25 pm est 

she cleaned up a bit, quite a bit, alot, a lot and then some, they had made a big bowl, pot of rice, a large bowl pot of pasteles, inc., individually wrapped w/ string and leaf, leaves, oja, ojas, inc.
6:22 pm est 

she got the present, past and future ring, inc., too., and to the too mins u go, as well, gone-
6:01 pm est 

she put neosporin on a cut on her big toe on her left foot
5:59 pm est, they each got a winn dixie card, her, her mom, and her dad too, inc., and as well, and thensome.
5:53 pm est 

she organized t/ garbage, threw stuff out
5:47 pm est
5:44 pm est 

she wore her hair wrap, and did a black folder for her, for usf, t/ university of south florida, too, inc., and she wore, put on island cay, island camuy, island caruy, island carry, ri ri, rihanna, obsession, by calvin klein, her mom got two bras, and a night gown too, inc.
5:41 pm est 

her nails, fingernails got really long, she setup in t/ porch, plugged in to the porch and put on the wife, she had half a pastel, inc., she used the Classic, renewal skin, oil of olay, inc., she drank half a red bull, she lit the silver grey, birch candle, plugged in t/ wifi outside, inc., drank white claw w/ a napkin around it, inc., she got and wore flip flops in black styrofoam, w/ black foam, foam, w/ stars, hearts and crystals w/ diamons in green, w/ green, pink, red, grey, purple, mint green, beige green, green, green, greener, blue, inc.
5:38 pm est 

her dad got his teeth cleaned, examined, his x-rays done, and they were in a W, they were scratched a little, he bit his nails, inc., and he had his bridges done taken on and in, and his contact lens, contact was done
3:30 pm est 

she got originals, copies and duplicates, too, inc.
1:26 pm est 

her mom slept on t/ couch last night due to her shoulder, she had used cataflan, her dad rosanflan, rosenflan, rosefla, her mom, inc.
1:11 pm est 

she got and wore the W4 super blendable compact powder, in the loreal compact, inc.
12:50 pm est 

she wore a yellow flower hairpin, disco ball earrings, and a dark navy, navy shirt, from Jordan, Jordania.
12:45 pm est 

she used the Shappy File exfoliating foot scrub, and got that one too, got a hot pink contact lens case.
12:19 pm est 

she had Helped Lara Logan, and she had Written for Mike Vasilinda, Mike Vassilinda; and nancy sent them a Sympathy card.
11:58 am est 

she was Linda Hurtado's Apprentice, and Stacey Schaible's Helper, inc.
10:52 am est 

her dad went to his dental hygiene apt at t/ villages va
9:44 am est
9:12 am est 

Vanessa Johnson
9:10 am est 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

her mom's trying to sleep on the couch
10:43 pm est 

Jose was Hispanic, and Carmen was Spanish
10:38 pm est 

Lester Phillips, Les, and Eileen Ritter, both emailed her mom
10:35 pm est 

she got an A in communication in school, an A+ too
10:27 pm est 

her mom called her doctor's office; she did a white folder for them for Florida
10:19 pm est 

she won the Fab Four, The Four: Battle for Stardom, inc.
10:13 pm est 

Click here for the accessible version
7:48 pm est 

they had made and had t/ 15-bean soup w/ sliced sausages, and a bowl of rice, a large pan of rice, mixed, inc.
7:29 pm est, they each had a Marion County Voter Registration card
5:58 pm est
5:51 pm est 

she wore a navy blue cap
1:48 pm est 

she read Our Daily Bread Ministries, and American Spa, t/ catalog and magazine, inc., they had had E-Coli, they didn't sleep alnight, all night, inc.
1:25 pm est 

her dad saw Dr. Keller at t/ gainesville va
1:20 pm est, they took english muffin sandwiches w/ them, w/ ham and cheese, inc.
Vanessa Palmer
12:53 pm est 

they went to the Gainesville VA, in Gainesville, into Gainesville, to the Optometry Lab, her dad had an apt., and set up his next appointment, they checked his left-eye, inc.
12:48 pm est 

she had caught Osama bin Laden's daughter.
8:53 am est 

she had two granola bars in one packet, from one, so her stomach won't growl, inc.
8:01 am est
7:54 am est 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

felipa was polish and juan was sicilian, inc.
11:02 pm est 

she scratched her nose, they all did, inc., their ear, ears
10:41 pm est 

she had a coke w/ a polar bear on it, a white and black one, inc.
10:32 pm est 

Joyce Shepler, the Treasurer from the Ladies Guild signed both of their cards, her and her mom's ladies guild member cards, inc.
9:59 pm est 

she changed her contacts, inc.
8:20 pm est 

gilberto santa rosa was on lo se todo
7:39 pm est
5:24 pm est 

she wore yellow stone earrings, and black and brown headband, inc.
5:21 pm est
11:54 am est, they went to Thomasa, Tomasa, inc.
11:53 am est
11:40 am est 

her and her mom paid for each of their dues, ten dollars total, five and five dollars, inc.
11:38 am est, her, her mom, her dad, her parents, they each got a marion oaks civic association card, shannon called her mom, inc.
11:17 am est 

it's her mom's birthday today!
11:09 am est 

she wore a lime green, neon green bandana
10:49 am est
10:46 am est 

they've been to Hands of Mercy
10:45 am est 

and shawn again on t/ phone, inc.
10:43 am est 

stephan created Nirvana, and her w/ her kids, hoegie and t/ kids again and thensome, inc.
10:43 am est 

she finished page 3 on her website, on her site page, one of them, inc.
10:37 am est 

she got a blue, turquoise fish plate too
10:28 am est 

her mom rested her arm on t/ pillow in bed
10:13 am est 

her mom got a card from the St. Theresa's Guild
10:08 am est 

her mom got a book called God's Sensitive Way, by Vionia Mae
10:05 am est 

they saw and listened to the Guest Speaker at the ladies guild meeting, inc.
9:38 am est
9:34 am est 

they saw and listened to a Speaker at the meeting, from Hands of Mercy, inc.
Vanessa Palmer
9:31 am est 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018
10:50 pm est 

they saw We'll Meet Again, she was on it, inc.
10:17 pm est 

she did a grey folder for them on, for Ocala
8:17 pm est 

her, and her mom had done their nails, fingernails for the meeting, ladies guild meeting
7:42 pm est 

anna a. died of a mestacized cancer
7:09 pm est 

they made and had beef fajitas, w/ t/ green spinach ole wraps, w/ small tomatoes, inc., shredded mexican cheese, yellow cheese, lettuce, shredded, whole lettuce, green leaves, wraps, burritos, folded w/ a pocket, pockets, wrapped.
6:50 pm est
5:56 pm est 

and they got their paperwork, signed in, and got t/ new ladies guild calendar for t/ yr
5:44 pm est 

they went to t/ Ladies Guild Meeting in McLoughlin Hall, and they went to the church too, inc.
5:41 pm est 

she, her mom, they went to the Ladies Guild meeting, her dad went too, inc., and they rejoined for the year, got their membership again, their cards, talked, mingled, wore their badges, and had cinnamon cookies and cranberry, almond cookies, w/ macademia nuts, inc.
5:32 pm est,
 t/ al accordion's loud, al played t/ accordion and t/ pipe and t/ trumpet, too, inc.
4:27 pm est 

she, they already looked at all of the pictures online and on her website, websites, internet, on-line again and again and again and so on, inc., it was Death Penalty at war, from the fbi into the military, war, per by the supreme court, us supreme court, inc.
12:42 pm est
12:37 pm est 

she wore a black gel headband, a jack hair headband, a tennis bracelet, inc., by tiger too and ryan and shawn and thensome, inc.
12:27 pm est 

nancy, scott, state farm sent her mom birthday cards, inc.
10:39 am est 

she put, placed t/ midol on her desk, in the cradle, dispenser, and such for like that, inc.
10:23 am est 

slash hitman was slash's Shadow, and he created Shadow Walker w/ her dad, and w/ Henry and Henry Knighted him, inc., henry knightted, and she was Saul's shadow, inc. in t/ biblical holy land per her dad and thensome, inc., and bruno was her Shadow, inc., Shawn was her kids' shadow, St. Jude was her children's shadow, inc.
10:02 am est 

t/ phone rang, and woke them up, her, her mom, her dad, her parents, slash, bruno, shawn w/ t/ kids, henry, ben, benjamin, kimmie, tom, eric, eric 2, lil shawn
9:45 am est 

her aunt died, on her mom's side, her mom's sister, inc.
9:38 am est 

Vanessa Baez
9:31 am est
9:22 am est 

Monday, February 5, 2018, she used the Oil of Olay, Number 7 body wash, and eye cream, face cream, and face wash, facial wash, and face scrub, inc.
11:00 pm est 

she was busy like a bee, they sent their Get Well Wishes to the sick, and had said their Good-byes to the dying, inc.
10:34 pm est
10:26 pm est 

bruno was in a eucrisa commercial and so was she.
10:25 pm est
10:24 pm est
10:24 pm est 

they all went to The Center, of it all, inc. and thensome, and to Istanbul, Turkey, and they all had gone, all went to Turkey for Thanksgiving, too, inc. and thensome again.
10:23 pm est 

she was on The Good Doctor tv show, and slash had put her on as in Angelica Houston, inc., then changed to Huston, Hoston, inc.
10:21 pm est 

slash was on 9 jkl
9:54 pm est 

they saw and she was on 9 JKL, and she was in a Garnier commercial, inc., they all were individually and then together in a min, jail too, working, workers, they were workers, inc.
9:52 pm est 

they had had remolacha, and jugo de uva, inc.
8:57 pm est 

ryan watched her at home, in the house, inc.
7:57 pm est 

her and her mom got a pink, white, and gold nail file that said have courage & be kind, harry worked black gang rose unit out of the fbi in the fbi, and in the pentagon half and back in t/ fbi, inc., and she was a jack nicholsen, and she worked Mafia Pyramids in the FBI, in the FBae her too, inc., she had killed Female Mafia Heads, and Male Mafia Heads, inc.
7:55 pm est 

she did a red folder for her kids for Sunrise Elementary School, and she worked on Female Assignment in the Pentagon, as the Head Female of the Crips, Crip Gang, of and in Unit of the Pentagon w/ Thomas as Male Head of the Crips, in takeover, Take-over, and before that, Thomas' assignment per her was to take over the Crips in head as Head in the FBI and out really living as the Head of the Crips, making catches of the Crip Gang, inc.
7:20 pm est, her and her mom each had a Regal Crown Club card, inc.
7:00 pm est 

she did her nails and her mom to go to church, inc. and to go out to eat and such, to go out to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack as well, inc. and any special occasion.
6:25 pm est 

she did her nails, fingernails square, round, square round, too, and she had a lot of white in her nails, fingernails, pink, light pink and white
4:26 pm est 

she did her toenails and nails, fingers in mauve, burgundy mauve, inc.
3:54 pm est 

matty and mark were both marksmen, matty was a marksman, she was a Marksman, a Markswoman, inc.
3:53 pm est 

she did her toenails in Ginger Zinger, t/ sally hansen Complete Salon Manicure, inc., and they had one, two, and a half, three opened windows, open windows in t/ porch while they were out there, inc.
3:52 pm est 

she let, and her toenails grew longer, a bit longer, a little bit longer, long, inc.
3:49 pm est, they've been to Mackarion Pool, inc., her dad had owned it
2:49 pm est, they've been to Marcy, inc.
2:47 pm est 

her parents got their vaccines, she did too, inc., they were upset over the death, t/ dead, who died, whom died, the dying, t/ dying again, inc., and now gone, gone, no longer to return.
2:27 pm est
2:02 pm est 

tom brady said she made up t/ brady name, so she was brady, inc., Brady
1:53 pm est
1:48 pm est 

she died of Natural Causes
1:21 pm est
1:05 pm est 

Anna Acevedo died of cancer.
1:03 pm est 

she wore bronze, rose earrings, she had created t/ house of parliament and t/ term secretary w/ stephan along w/ shawn too and all of t/ members of her family, inc., and she had left her mims to her dad, inc.
12:27 pm est, they wore new outfits to t/ party
11:20 am est 

they wore brand new outfits to their friend's house, friend's home, neighbor's home, neighbor's house, inc.
9:46 am est 

they all wore new outfits to the birthday party, inc.
9:44 am est 

she used to fram afghanistan and taliban, and fought in the War on Terror, catching the Fidel Castro's, fidel castro's men, she killed fidel castro inc.
9:38 am est
9:16 am est
9:15 am est
9:15 am est, they've been to westchester, and they've been to the Cancer Society, San Carlos
9:14 am est
9:01 am est 

her dad had his labs taken, fasting
8:56 am est 

her mom got a beige, tan light and dark beige aarp bag, for all of them, inc., which they all could use, for her, inc.
8:41 am est 

they got t/ Kraft, real mayo, w/ cage-free eggs, the ALA, inc., kind bars, too, inc., t/ twin bars, inc., etc., etcetera, etcetera, inc.
8:32 am est 

in the morning, there was that morning dew, inc.
8:24 am est 

they were invited to a party, so they went, inc.
8:19 am est, she got a matte green plate, in matt, thick, strong plates, inc.
8:03 am est 

her dad walked around t/ garage, and her dad went to the villages va for his apt., her mom took him, inc.
8:01 am est 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

she was shawn's double as Shaun White, and she was in a shaun white commercial and a lindsay vohn one as well, inc., lindsey vonne, lindsey vonn, lindsey von, inc.
10:55 pm est 

she, they laid down and rested
10:52 pm est 

shawn wrote Restless Heart w/ her as vanessa waltz too and created her as such, if you will at that and thensome in the min as well, if you don't mind, she was in Ruthless People, and she was also the laugh and the voice of Eddie Munster her dad said and shawn, inc.
10:52 pm est 

and shawn was a Running House for her and they too, inc., and thensome. and that's it for now., they're exhausted and bright eyed and bushy tailed in t/ morning.
10:45 pm est 

shawn, shawn k. was a philadelphia eagle, a runningback and a running short, and she invented those two position w/ shawn, her, inc.
10:43 pm est 

t/ fbi had owned t/ philadelphia eagles, and william mi had created adelphi college and university w/ william mu. and her too w/ shawn and along w/ t/ kids, inc. and bruno and bruno 2 and so on inc.
10:30 pm est 

she got a Headstart, and they, her and shawn put the kids on Headstart, and ryan did too, he was on it, inc. and he, they put them on it, her too, inc. and in ic3 already, and thensome, inc., in everything as well
8:54 pm est 

they watched the Superbowl commercials, she was in one, all of them, and they were too, inc., and thensome, her nails got a little bit longer, inc., longer, long, long again.
8:49 pm est 

they played Thumb War; and they watched the Halftime Show, was in it, was always in it, always in it, inc.
8:40 pm est 

happy fire awareness week
8:16 pm est 

her finger, fingers were itchy, hands on top, so were theirs, and tom brady put her, their Lamp Post in front of her, their house, inc.
8:07 pm est 

she used an alcohol swab on her fingers and hands t/ upper hand, they all did, inc.
8:06 pm est 

she, they signed all of t/ petitions for this yr, t/ yr, her, her mom, her dad, her parents, shawn, ryan, too, hoegie, jared l, jared j, jared, period, inc., ben, benjamin, slash, slash hitman, kimmie, lil shawn, eric, eric 2, eric, her grandparents on her father's side, mother's side too, her grandmother, and grandfather each on both sides, inc., their whole family, all of their family members and friends, inc., their entire family, inc., and extended family members, too, inc., as well, and thensome.
7:58 pm est 

she, they had t/ calzones w/ red sauce, w/ white ricotta cheese
7:53 pm est 

they did wash, the wash, inc.
7:52 pm est
7:47 pm est
7:45 pm est 

both hoegie and jared took pictures for her, and printed for her, and shawn along w/ t/ kids, and ben, benjamin, kimmie, lil shawn, pat, patrick, eric, even eric 2 as well, jared, eric, all of them, inc., her parents, her mom and her dad, inc.
7:40 pm est
7:14 pm est
7:13 pm est 

she was an Eagle, they were all Eagles, she was Natalie Wood, put in by joe j, and Kid Dupre, too, inc., and her dad, too, as well and thensome, inc.
7:12 pm est 

they used t/ pink song in t/ superbowl
7:05 pm est 

they brought home leftovers from the pizzeria, nooked them up, heated them up in t/ toaster oven, inc., she had a wine cooler, they drank wine, sherry, and beer last night, inc., so skipped t/ wine, t/ blood of christ church, inc., they're watching the game, Go Pats!!!
6:59 pm est 

they saw jl now, she was in it, inc., and they watched t/ Superbowl, of, the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the New England Patriots, go Tom Brady!!!
6:57 pm est 

she made a beige folder for her and her mom on for them on La Mujer Latina
5:21 pm est 

they were sad
4:54 pm est 

they were in shock, inc., and thensome, inc.
4:15 pm est, they took it easy, rested, inc., did an extra prayer, inc.
4:14 pm est 

she, they got the walmart vision center card, her optician's card, theirs, t/ store card, t/ supermarket card, market card, inc.
4:11 pm est
4:07 pm est
4:06 pm est 

she worked Black Gang Rose of the Mafia and of the Mob in and of the Pentagon was her assignment, assignments, inc.
4:02 pm est 

her other aunt on her mom's side died
3:54 pm est 

Anna Acevedo died, inc.
3:45 pm est 

her uncle, one of her uncles on her mom's side, died, inc.
3:38 pm est 

she was Pebbles from Pebbles and Bam Bam, shawn was Bam, from pebbles and bam bam too and Babbs, the rabbit girlfriend, shawn put her as that one too, inc.
3:22 pm est 

they saw Gimme a Break, t/ tv show, t/ david cassidy show, inc.
3:15 pm est 

they had sent yvette a card, inc., Quique Acevedo died
2:53 pm est 

mike went to pakistan, and he had also gone to israel, and india, dubai, inc., and to islamabad, too, inc., and ryan, and shawn w/ t/ kids, henry, her parents, her mom and her dad, inc.
2:12 pm est
2:11 pm est 

she put on Davidoff, Davidoff's Cool Water, her mom served in church, and her mom's clip at t/ jewelry store, t/ store manager, rick, didn't charge her, inc., and they went to t/ pizzeria, and they all had calzones, and she had a lemon tea snapple, inc., w/ a lot of riccotta cheese inside and parsley, inc., a white paper plate, a green tray, inc., and she also had a white and green cake, too.
2:07 pm est 

she wore a black and grey headband, christmas ball earrings, and round white pearl bracelet, a grey and white top, inc.
10:35 am est 

got a blue fish plate
9:45 am est
9:41 am est 

Saturday, February 3, 2018
10:43 pm est
10:43 pm est 

she took a bayer aspirin, and she had had a mammogram, ryan had done it, and then shawn, inc., w/ t/ kids, inc., and her mom, john a., joe j.
10:33 pm est 

and hoegie had had a white and blue cake also yrs ago, and jared another white and blue cake, the same, but just a little bit bigger, inc., and jared too, inc., jared l., and shawn had a white and green cake, and she was t/ hansel and gretel jail w/ her mom and her dad, and her dad had had 250 FBI Hitman for her, inc., 222 her mom, inc., and her dad 220, 122 from william miller, inc. and her dad 120 more, inc.
10:01 pm est 

t/ jail is, and was the FBI jail, hoover had said, inc., and she had had 50 FBI Hitman in the FBI, inc., due to her title, and all of the stalkers that she has had, had over time, over the years and decades, over a century for her dad, inc.
9:57 pm est 

they had at their home, and she had two Coors Light of t/ tall glass bottles, and a metal can one of the Coors Light, and a tall glass bottle of the Coca-Cola, coke, they had cake and ice cream, it was a light blue and white cake, made of guava, w/ guava filling, paella, white fried rice, candela rice, oysters w/ rice, shrimp dip, w/ ritz crackers, sliced bread w/ butter, steak food, shrimp w/ oysters, oyster sauce, bits, picadillo, inc., her dad sang w/ a group, las perlas del caribe, inc., and boca chica, sherry, puerto rican rum, bailey's irish cream, brandy, brandy's, brandel's, inc.
9:52 pm est 

they went to tony's birthday party in their home
3:41 pm est 

happy national homemade soup day
3:36 pm est 

she did a folder for them of the Marion County Library System, inc.
3:18 pm est 

olga sent her mom alot of t/ icy hot packets in a package, inc.
2:51 pm est 

she wore a grey top w/ crystals, inc., got her menstruation, her mom got her chain's clip fixed
2:49 pm est 

they got and used Bayer aspirin, got t/ big bottle, inc.
2:07 pm est, her nails got longer, long, inc., and were hard, soft, good, healthy and natural looking, too, inc.
1:31 pm est 

she and her mom each got and had Dr. Stephen Dunn's card, from their dentist, and their hair stylist's card, too, inc.
12:41 pm est 

slash had ten hitmen in his slash min in the fbi, then out of the fbi, inc.
11:09 am est 

she got blue, navy blue, white, light blue sanitary napkins, pads w/ circles, dots, wings, decor, designs and decorations, inc.
10:53 am est 

she got her period, inc.
9:58 am est 

they had bought a shirt for tony, for his birthday, had it wrapped w/ gift wrap paper, a bow, w/ gift box, in box, in a box, w/ box card, and tassles, in blue and yellow, inc., a george, from beall's, inc., in a bag.
9:37 am est 

Vanessa Johnson
9:31 am est, she got a red fish plate, in clear, they had and used their breakfast plates, lunch plates, snack plates, tea plates, tea-time plates, dinner plates, soup bowls, she used fish knives, swiss army knives, a swiss army knife, knives at home, and also in t/ swiss army, inc., and they had, used steak plates, hamburger plates, burger plates, tuna plates, tuna fish plates, inc., farina plates, oatmeal plates, inc., soup and cup plates, cup plates, inc.
9:29 am est 

Friday, February 2, 2018

she caught people on any priors, and she made catches for harry, and he, in the departed, at and to the departed jail, and also the fbi jail, fbi jail system, inc.
10:47 pm est 

they watched and she was on t/ show Blindspot, inc.
8:37 pm est 

her and raymond davis were before hess in t/ cia and/or the hess bombs, too, as well and thensome, inc.
7:17 pm est 

she got and did for her and them, a Navy blue folder for Marion Oaks, inc., and her parents were FBI Mechanics, and her, bruno, her mom, her dad, shawn, henry, and w/ t/ kids too, shawn 2, lil shawn, kimmie, kimmy, w/ a y, too, inc., in english, English, ingles, inc., ben, benjamin, inc., benny, shawn, henry, eric, eric 2, in language, too, inc., she had given shawn half of the hess bombs, her and shawn were Hess on that show, t/ show, inc.
6:49 pm est 

they got white medium bowls, inc.
6:01 pm est 

her mom got a call from michigan, dina, holley, inc.
5:39 pm est
5:34 pm est 

she was Red Buttons, inc., Rhette Buttons, Rette Buttons, Lindsey Vonne, Lindsey Vonn, inc., Rhette Akins, Rhett Atkins, inc.
5:30 pm est
5:19 pm est 

her dad's, their ramps were installed, inc.
5:10 pm est 

she got a desk journal, a small, medium, large on, w/ binder, a metal binder, w/ a red fox on it, a large one, inc., w/ mushrooms, w/ and in black, large lines, blue lines, larger lines, for full writing, handwriting, inc., light blue lines, turquoise lines, lining, inc., white, in pink, light pink, dark pink, orange, rust, mushroom cover, covers, w/ cover, both covers, inc., grey, gold color, light green, all of the colors, covers of the rainbow, inc., red, in harvest, too, brown, decorative, inc.
5:09 pm est 

her dad wore his warm socks all day long, and her mom, too, inc.
5:02 pm est 

her mom wore her day gown, bata, night gown all day, all day long, inc., and warm slippers too, and her dad wore his warm slippers all day long, her mom wore her bra all day long, too, inc., and her day bra, and her sleep bra, sleeping bra at night, inc.
5:01 pm est 

her mom was Navy Live, Navy Live!, and so was she and her mom too, inc., her dad, inc.
3:44 pm est 

she, they wore their warm slippers at home all day, and she, they dressed warm all night at home too, inc., she, they dressed comfortable, comfortably at home all day, during the day and at night, at overnight, overnight, inc.
3:37 pm est, she got an email subscription to Bob Evan restaurants, inc, restaurant, inc.
3:23 pm est 

her mom, her dad, and her had paid for everything to be online, but then on one website what they, she needed really was separate because they each picked and chose the pictures and videos and such, inc.
3:17 pm est 

her typing, their typing, sounds different w/ nails, fingernails, both real and fake, real and also w/ tips on, inc.
2:54 pm est 

happy National Wear Red Day
2:52 pm est 

her nails were short, medium, and got a little longer, inc., and she wore them square, and then oval, inc., round, too, nyc wear, inc., new york city-wear, inc.
2:41 pm est 

her mom did and practiced her reading in t/ kitchen, and her in her bedrm
2:22 pm est 

they went to the chapel
2:21 pm est 

she tried on her makeup and played w/ her makeup at home, in her bedrm, inc., and she used t/ blue chapstick in t/ winter time, inc., and she used the green eos in the springtime, inc.
2:18 pm est 

she wore silver heart earrings.
1:44 pm est 

she, they, fluffed up their robe, robes
12:46 pm est 

she did her nails to go to the gym, at t/ gym too, inc.
12:45 pm est 

she, they each got a fantastic sam's card,
12:39 pm est 

she did her nails to go to t/ store, market, supermarket
11:51 am est 

she did her nails to go shopping
10:32 am est 

Vanessa Palmer
10:31 am est 

they put all of her pngs on her website, before online, just online in format and such that's it, inc.
10:18 am est
9:56 am est 

they got white bowls, soup bowls, inc., in plastic, inc.
9:53 am est 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

her mom's been taking out her dad's contact, bruno had too, shawn, henry, t/ kids, lil shawn, ben, bruno 2, tiger, slash, slash hitman, slash hitman and slash had both evenly watched him at home, and t/ kids, shawn, henry, mark, he took out his contact too, inc., and t/ same, thomas too, inc., chase, andy, her mom, bruno, bruno 2, her, henry too, inc., harry, and t/ kids, too, harry, thensome, inc.
11:10 pm est 

her mom checked out her dad's blood, inc.
11:06 pm est 

she was on Grace under Fire, and Open House, The Open House, and they had tried Netflix, one month free and all, and had watched all of the free channels as they came and come too, inc., on television, inc.
11:00 pm est
10:54 pm est 

thomas had worked on the Wu Tang Clan, so did she w/ her and harry too, along w/ thomas in the min, working mins along the mins and such, like that, inc., go to there, inc.
10:38 pm est 

ralphie had worked on jay-z and beyonce, inc., and her and harry worked on tupac shakur and to and for the state penn
9:31 pm est, she was Kendyl Paige, her slash put her as such, as you like that, as like that and was in as you like it, inc., per thomas and her mom and dad her dad had said and then some, inc., and she was beyonce on the phone, inc.
9:22 pm est, she was Evvie McKinney, per thomas, and shawn w/ t/ kids et al her parents too bruno bruno 2 and all, etc.
8:57 pm est 

bruno's song was used on ellen's game of games, inc.
8:30 pm est 

she got t/ green, balm cedar, pine yankee candle, w/ a pine cone on it, and a honey clementine w/ a honey comb on it, and an orange, slice too, and they had gotten t/ honey comb cereal too over time, inc., cereals, post, keebler.
7:42 pm est 

she got t/ Vintage rose, rose antigua oil, w/ flowers on it, and t/ bathrm spray in blue, white, pinks, purples, yellows, and they had gotten the smart 5, 5 smart, healthy smart, cereals, special k, strawberries and raspberries, vanilla cream, vanilla and cream, inc.
7:28 pm est 

she got black orchid, wet and wild lipstick, in dark brown, chocolate brown, inc.
7:23 pm est 

she got t/ sweet pea fantasy body spray, body splash, inc.
7:12 pm est 

she got t/ secret water lily deoderant spray
7:06 pm est 

she got a new hair brush, in beige and black, a conair for blow-dry styling, for straighten or curl, straightening, or curling, inc.
7:02 pm est 

they each got, she did, t/ glade volcanic coconut cove, w/ coconut water, sea minerals, and smoky embers, inc.
6:55 pm est 

she was on los se todo as giselle, gissele, gisselle, inc.
6:53 pm est
6:09 pm est 

slash hitman was her mom's santero, santerista, for her, her dad, all of them, bruno, bruno 2, inc., and Santerists all of them, her mom, her dad, her, inc., bruno, bruno 2, and shawn was a White Voodooist, inc., her and he, him were Voodooists together and separate, separate, never, inc., and slash was her Santero on the phone and all of them together and her separate, inc. and then together w/ ryan on the phone, inc., on an iphone first w/ shawn and henry then ryan, shawn again too, ryan then and now, inc.
2:54 pm est 

she got and had the Hoover calender too
2:45 pm est 

harry connick jr was full pentagon also, inc., and lord was her Santero, inc.
2:19 pm est 

she got a green folder for her, them, for st. jude church
1:46 pm est 

ryan was real pentagon, Full Pentagon, Real Pentagon, per harry, inc., -Pentagon too, inc., and he gave her Wellbutrin shots, in 315 mcgs, micrograms, and 311 milligrams, inc., shawn had been, was on Lexapro, and her also, at one time, inc., and the wellbutrin now for her per shot, shots, inc., and harry connick, jr was Pentagon, and was at one time, was -Pentagon, inc.
1:40 pm est 

and t/ same concerning africa and israel
10:30 am est 

she/they got t/ yellow plate, used it, in yellow clear, inc.
9:51 am est 

lord was secret service for clinton, and she was called Muhammad per malcolm x
9:43 am est 

Vanessa Palmer
9:42 am est
9:37 am est 

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