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Vanessa Baez achieved respect stating to the Supreme Court of the US, I'm pressing charges against frauds forever.
Vanessa Baez is White light.  Only this Vanessa's real, number 1.  Vanessa Baez is White European American, straight, Roman Catholic, was in a relationship, Republican, from Manhattan of New York City.
Only this woman.
Vanessa Baez embraces her British French American name, while beautiful, unquestionable, faithful, and inimitable.  Palmer's English.  She's the strong palm tree.  She went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and brought back palm branches as proof she'd made the journey.  In early history, Palmer represented a missionary.  Palmer's early origin is Anglo-Norman, following the Norman Conquest of 1066. Palmer was found in Yorkshire with a seat from early times, and first records appearing on the census rolls by the kings of Britain determining the rate of taxation on their subjects.
Palmer was of the first to cross the Atlantic to North America.  Palmer, according to genealogy, her origin is German.
Her ancestry is Dutch.  Her motto was a war cry.  The palm is for virtue.
Blas is from Brittany France.  William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy became the King of England in 1066.  He claimed Brittany and Normandy as possession of the English crown.  Blas settled in the US in the eighteenth century.  Blas is proud and love.
Only this individual.
Vanessa Baez was acknowledged for being the youngest, undefeated, 00 sized, blond, five-foot tall, brown-eyed, petite, bombshell, slender, solid with no body fat, 90 pounds with her body mass index at 14, unpredictable.  Only this girl.  Who's getting pulled out of a lineup?  Not her!  Only this lady.  Vanessa Baez has her 34-inch chest, full D Cup, 21-inch waist, 32-inch hips, body in proportion, perfect hip alignment.  Vanessa Baez has had 0 injuries, 0 surgeries, 0 restrictions, 0 limitations.
Vanessa Baez is the International Champion, irreplaceable.  Vanessa Baez is the Figure Champion, Body Condition Champion, Fitness Champion, Champion Dresser, Presence Champion, Personality Champion, and Audience Popularity Champion.  Only this mature woman.
Vanessa Baez is God's British butterfly, Camberwell Beauty, invincible.  Vanessa"Butterfly"Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: For the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest. -- Joshua 1:9.  Vanessa Baez said I won’t ever drop charges.
Only this Vanessa’s the 10, the perfect package.Cool
Special Agent Baez

 They had pets: a German Shepherd dog, named Polo, a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, Bailey, Joe the cat, and Misu, a kitten.
Janice Joplin
Gilberto Santa Rosa
Bruno Mars

Vanessa as an NYPD Cop

Pantera - her boyfriend's cd

Vanessa at St. Jude RC Church

Paula Cole - Bruno's cd for her

Blog Copy

Vanessa checking out the Gottie jail

Poison - her Favorite group

FBI Agent # 00331 -- Mom
FBI Agent # 66994 -- Dad
FBI Agent # 6994 -- Dad
FBI Agent # 66557 -- Vanessa Palmer
008 -- Dad
0028 -- Dad
0032 -- Mom
Special Agent # 0013
This is 0013.
The Komodo Dragon
U.S. Navy Seal
U.S. Navy Captain
U.S. Army Sargent
U.S. Marine Corps Captain
U.S. Air Force Captain
National Guard
Air National Guard
Coast Guard
Army Reserves
Assistant Director to the FBI
 Federal Agent
Special Agent
00 - Ocala
00 - Brooklyn
00 - Atlanta
00 across the U.S.
D.C. Sniper
FBI Agent
FBI Chief
FBI Chief of Ocala
FBI Chief of Tampa
FBI Chief of Brooklyn
FBI Chief of Queens
FBI Chief of New York
FBI - Puerto Rico
FBI - San Juan
FBI Captain - Sabana Grande
FBI Captain - Aguadilla
FBI Captain
FBI Spokesperson
U.S. Marshals Director
Assistant to the Pentagon Director
CIA - Germany
Boston Police Chief
Brooklyn Police Chief
Brooklyn Federal Attorney
Queens County Federal Attorney
Manhattan Federal Attorney
Chi Omega Sorority
NY Federal Attorney
U.S. Attorney
Supreme Court Judge
NY State Federal Attorney
CIA France
Secret Service
German Secret Police
Narcotics Cop
Undercover Cop
CIA Spain
CIA Bulgaria
CIA Puerto Rico
CIA Nigeria
CIA Africa
CIA Italy
Delta Delta Delta
CIA London
CIA Poland
CIA Ireland
President of Chi Omega
Head of the IIA
Head of the Special Agency
President of the Special Agency
Chief of the Fire Department of NY
Assistant to the CIA Director
CIA New Zealand
FBI Director
CIA New York
Senator of Arkansas
FBI Indiana
CIA India
CIA Ukraine
Chief of the Police Department of NY
Chief of the 104th Precinct in Queens
CIA Wales
Delta Gamma
Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
CIA Afghanistan
CIA Saudi Arabia
Pentagon Director
Governor of New York
Mayor of NY
Head of Virginia State Prison
Owned Brooklyn House
Owned Queens County Jail
Owned Marion Oaks Jail
Owned Orange County Correctional Facility
CIA Kenya
Marion County Court Lawyer
U.S. Federal Court System
FL State Federal Prosecutor
CIA Argentina
CIA Hungary
CIA Peru
Alpha Omicron Pi
CIA Jordan
CIA Yugoslavia
CIA Belarus
Kappa Delta
FBI Florida
FBI Mayaguez
Alpha Delta Pi
CIA Seattle
Sigma Nu Fraternity
New York Times
CBS Sports
The O'Reilly Factor
Commander at Nasa
Sigma Lambda Gamma
CIA Middle East
Chief of the 105th Precinct
Miss. Michigan
CIA Venezuela
Ambassador of Kenya
Governor of Puerto Rico
Miss. America
CIA Dominican Republic
Miss. Universe
Miss. Puerto Rico
Miss. New York
CIA Mexico
CIA Arabia
Pi Kappa Alpha
Sigma Delta Tau
Miss. Florida
FBI Chief of Chicago
FBI Chief of Texas
FBI Chief of Pennsylvania
Miss. Brooklyn
FBI Chief of Illinois
Miss. Queens
FBI Chief of Dallas
Miss. Marion Oaks
CIA Kansas
Miss. Ocala
Miss. Tampa
FBI Marion County 
Miss. Marion County
FBI Marion Oaks
Miss. Sabana Grande
CIA Israel
Miss. Aguadilla
Racial Profile Director of the NYPD
FBI Summerfield
FBI Captain of Summerfield
FBI Chief of Summerfield
Pentagon Director
Pentagon Chief 

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Community Center

Vanessa in a Print Ad

Vanessa at St. Theresa's


Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Annex Gym


Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Public Library.

her cd

Vanessa Palmer - Host

Vanessa visiting Al Capone's House

Sinead O'Connor - her Hit cd

She was in a Quintet!!

Vanessa at the Al Capone jail

Taylor Swift

Clip 3

Vanessa at the Columbo Jail

Tears for Fears - her tape

Clip 9

Vanessa at the Marion Oaks Library

The Cranberries - She was the Lead Singer
per Johnny Depp

Clip 18

Vanessa at the Columbo - Red Door.

The Goo Goo Dolls - her favorite band

The Little Mermaid - her Fav. play

Clip 21

Vanessa - Crest

The Maniacs - Their Album, and Cover
their Pop Grp and cover, again

Clip 29

Vanessa as Mira Sorvino, as a Sicilian Actress
She played her, her Character, her Name

The Naturals - Chase Stevens, Friend

Clip 32

Vanessa on the show, Monk

her cover, and her mom's favorite album

Clip 45

Vanessa as a Police Officer

St. Anthony - her Saint as a little girl
Also, her police saint, her saint in the police

Clip 53

Robert Deniro, her uncle

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra
John Hoegler's dad's cd of her, for her, too

Poema de la Intima Agonia

St. Lucy

She as Vanessa Boz

O Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo

Vanessa as a Stormtrooper in the Cia

Vanilla Ice - Shawn's record

Clip 76

St. Saul

St. Guiseppe, t/ saint of detectives

Clip 85

St. Theresa

Vanessa as Cinderella, a Storybook Character
from a book, a Children's book

Clip 92

Oksana Baiul

Vanessa's Voice-Over Head Shot, and Mark Shot
Vanessa also, a Voice-Over Actress, a Voice, and Audio Actress, again

Clip 102

Kristi Yamaguchi

Vanessa modeling VOS, also known as Voss, t/ ad
and more modeling ads coming to her, and on air, w/ hair and neck length hair, w/ collar again

Clip 112

St. Therese of Lisieux

Vanessa on Billboard, the Billboard Chart
the Billboard Charts, on the Pop Chart

Clip 120

St. Vanessa

Vanessa a Bowler, Bowling, at the Bowling Alley
with a Strike, on the phone, and out, Playful, Playing, out with friends

Clip 122

Apolo Ohno

Pharrell Williams - Related

Clip 128

St. Victoria

Vanessa, a Cop on Water, out at Sea, out to sea

clip 157

Lindsey Vonn

Vanessa in Doppler

clip 167

Vanessa in a suit w/ a collared shirt, fitted
Vanessa in form-fitting, form-fitted


clip 176

Vanessa in SWAT, FBI-Swat, NYPD-Swat

Vanessa, a Special Agent

clip 184

Billy Bob Thornton, Vanessa's Fbi Cousin

Drake - relate

clip 193

Vanessa at Ocala Christian Church

Natalie Imbruglia - her Bulgarian cd
Mike's cd for her

clip 202

Vanessa in the Ocala Ladies' Club, w/ her mom

clip 211

Vanessa at the Ocala Police Department

clip 220

Perla Hudson, Slash's mom

clip 254

Billy Bob Thorton, Slash's Fbi-Dad, his father

clip 269

Apolo Ono, another picture, pic.

Vanessa in Bodybulding, a Bodybuilder
hitting the gym

clip 273

Mia Hamm

clip 280

Vanessa in the Ocala Christian League

clip 281

Vanessa in the Ocala Women's Club

clip 299

Vanessa in Swimwear

clip 308

Vanessa w/ fake tatoos on her side and back
she had glue and sticker tats on for play, fun, and a posh cut, w/ fake tint in her hair too

clip 321

Vanessa in her Teeny bikini

clip 362

Vanessa in The Departed

clip 363

The Great Gatsby - her favorite adult book

clip 138

Vanessa was once in The Guardian Angels
Vanessa was in Safety Patrol


Vanessa as The Omen Child
chosen in The Pentagon for a movie

clip 140

Denzel Washington, her FBI-Cousin

Dorothy Hamill

clip 151

Dwayne Johnson, her Federal Cousin
The Rock

Vanessa Baez's Photo Gallery
Vanessa Baez's Inimitable Bookings
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Vanessa Palmer Blas' Stunning Entrances
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Thomas Edison

clip 228

her Thomas Edison exhibit

Thomas Jefferson

clip 237

Tiger Woods, her Fbi Cousin

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Vanessa w/ her Tools

her and shawn's Lakeview apt. Townhouse in Tpa
in white w/ brown awning, a large one, w/ five bedrms

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clip 257

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clip 312

clip 313

Vanessa w/ her daughter, Kimmie and her son Eric 2
They were all in and a part of the Ocala Christian League

Vanessa cheering! Cheer!!

clip 335


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Sunday, December 31, 2017

she, they started packing yesterday, they finished, she packed her luggage, inc., she, they closed all the blinds, she closed her blinds, they left one of the blinds almost open, a bit, a little open, inc.
2:27 pm est 

her mom packed toothpaste, a toothpaste for all of them, inc., and she packed aspirin for herself, and her mom packed aspirin for themselves, her, her mom, and dad, too, inc., and her mom packed a hairblower for all of them, she used to pack alot, and for all of them, not anymore, she used to pack alot, and then lighter, large, larger, medium, small, and smaller, inc.
2:15 pm est, she wore a white hair pin, inc., etc., etcetera etcetera
Happy New Year, Happy New Year's Eve from Vanessa and 007!!
2:03 pm est, william miller, her fbi dad was mormon, inc., and her dad took, packed, her mom did for him, a shirt, a belt, underwear, more underwear, and two pairs of socks, black socks, inc.
11:25 am est 

puchin invented Nightline, and her Nightline news, w/ slash and her parents, inc., and w/ shawn and w/ t/ kids, Dateline, Henry, inc., and her parents, again, inc., henry made and got Top C.I.A. Agent.
11:12 am est 

her mom went to service, to mass, and she served in church today, inc., her dad took a shower, while she was home, inc.
10:50 am est 

her mom took one bra, packed, two underwears, so did she
10:22 am est 

she dressed warmly at home, they all did, inc., she finished the jail, they all did, too, inc.
9:50 am est
9:48 am est 

they were given Whitman's candies, a box, inc.
9:41 am est 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

they each sat for five minutes, she packed her bedrm things
10:04 pm est 

she was in a Glad commercial, and joe jihad and her parents had put her in will and grace as a baby, and he, joe jihad again had co-executively produced the show, it was her mom the whole time, inc., w/ her dad, inc., and all of them as debra messing, and a chinese woman, inc. and in korea on the phone too and also in taiwan also, inc.
9:45 pm est
9:36 pm est 

she hung up her clothes, sets, in a clear bag and in a jc penney bag, took either t/ clear or t/ covered, unclear bag to into t/ closet, and or to t/ hotel too
9:16 pm est 

she, they folded a lot of clothes, inc.
8:40 pm est 

zack b. was a Pentagon bomber, a bomber in and of the pentagon, inc.
8:25 pm est
8:12 pm est 

she, they, saw Robyn Staple, inc.
8:12 pm est 

her, her mom, and her dad, separated all of their clothes, the wash, and the laundry, separately too, and also washed all of their clothes separately, individually, and/or all together, inc.,
8:09 pm est 

she half-way packed her suitcase, and she separated her things in bags, like her jewelry, makeup
7:25 pm est 

she wore fine silver plated crystal earrings
7:14 pm est 

they were dressed comfortable, inc.
7:07 pm est 

she got t/ alex trebeck ring, alex trebek ring.
7:00 pm est 

she packed her evening purse, put it in a separate bag, and separated everthing in separate bags, in the individual bags, her mom packed a bag, and her dad packed a duffel bag for himself, and her mom packed for them, for themselves, for her and for him, inc.
6:36 pm est 

she filled out her night purse, inc.
6:27 pm est
6:18 pm est 

they watched and she was on t/ Kennedy Center Honors, inc., and her mom spoke w/ kimberly, inc.
6:03 pm est 

she separated t/ shoes and purse in plastic bags
5:26 pm est 

her mom spoke w/ peggy from the hilton ocala, too
4:54 pm est 

they got t/ nice! bags, zip loc bags, t/ small bags, and large bags and used them, she put her bra in a separate bag while packing, at and been packing.
4:45 pm est, she had saved some cards, all the cards, another time, and threw other cards out
4:21 pm est 

carmelo pagan, and also eddie garza had visited her, them, inc.
2:15 pm est 

they took their clothes, sets, in plastic bags on hangers to the hotel
2:01 pm est 

their old tv was taken out of the house and disposed of somewhere else at the dump, and crashed away, inc.
1:37 pm est 

t/ delivery man hauled their old tv in his suv truck, inc.
1:36 pm est, they were civilized, t/ red light on t/ tv was on, but they turned it off
1:31 pm est 

she wore star earrings, and Kevin delivered, and set up t/ tv and t/ blu-ray, set it up good, and they tipped the delivery man, ten dollars, t/ T.V. delivery man
1:16 pm est 

ray romano visited them, her too
12:40 pm est 

she was galaxy13 in t/ 00Agency, her Bombin Unit of an Agency for herself of Bombs, inc.
12:30 pm est 

t/ best buy man came to deliver t/ new tv, and t/ Delivery Man, was joe, raul, ramon, jose, jay, jaoul, inc., and he set up the television for them, and he asked and she gave him the home wifi, password and the Alternate home wife username and the other password, inc.
12:21 pm est 

she had t/ four cheese pizza, a lean cuisine, w/ oregano, romano cheese, asiago, a small pan pizza, inc.
11:39 am est 

turned t/ candle off in case it bumps into to the table
11:38 am est 

best buy called her mom
11:36 am est 

her mom and her dad put the tree and t/ decorations away and up in t/ attic
11:15 am est
9:39 am est 

they had cherry turnovers, and they put t/ decorations away in boxes
9:36 am est 

they were given a tin can w/ a snowman of cookies, drizzled w/ sugar, inc., a blue can, w/ pretzel cookies, inc.
8:51 am est
7:56 am est 

Vanessa Johnson
7:53 am est 

her mom started putting away some of t/ decorations
7:52 am est 

Friday, December 29, 2017

her mom threw out most of the cards
10:24 pm est 

her mom got her dad's shoes ready, w/ his belt, in a separate bag for overnight, w/ his comb and brush, inc.
9:58 pm est
9:40 pm est
9:37 pm est 

harry wrote the Rabbit and the Hare storybooks, and the Gringe that Stole Christmas, inc., and the Hamlet Story, and the Scrooge that Stole Christmas, inc., and she was the little girl in the Gringe story and in the Scrooge story as well, in cartoon, and in color and also in black and whites, inc., black and white.
8:31 pm est 

kennedy owned t/ us courthouse before that
8:17 pm est 

her and harry were t/ us federal courthouse, they owned it, that, inc., and her and her dad owned the us courthouse, inc.
8:15 pm est
7:22 pm est
7:21 pm est
7:19 pm est, she was on, Post Standard
6:19 pm est 

007 created the min
6:14 pm est 

she had made harry the USDA Director
6:12 pm est 

they got the host, communion, and t/ wine at church
6:06 pm est, slash wrote some of the linkin park lyrics w/ harry almost and all of it, all of them, too, w/ mark, too, marc., inc., and hoegie w/ jared, jared, inc., and her too., inc., and both axl and her mom, and her dad, and cesar,
5:44 pm est
5:36 pm est 

ori was black, ebony, inc., and domingo, roberto, gina, and andy were all dominican, inc., and fiori too and eddie, inc.
4:09 pm est 

she got t/ Summer's Eve, ph-balanced, wipes, dermatologist tested, gynecologist tested and approved, inc.
4:08 pm est 

they got and used all of their things, their new ones too, inc., got rid of t/ old, inc., they got t/ green, cutex, nourishing formula, t/ fast-acting enriched formula, inc.
3:53 pm est, she did her toenails and fingernails in red velvet, betty boopy color, red shimmer, shimmery, inc., they had red, chocolate and white w/ chocolate chips, sicilian cake, inc., they each had a slice, inc.
3:50 pm est
12:59 pm est 

they got the soft scrub blue gloves, they used t/ kitchen gloves, and also the fbi morgue gloves, inc., t/ bright blue gloves, inc., and her dad got his new glucose meter, and they picked it up, they threw out his old test strips, inc.
12:58 pm est 

they were given some ganache cake, had a bit, a small slice, inc., it was another one, a lighter chocolate, w/ lighter chocolate filling inside, inc.
10:30 am est 

they got a card from joanne, frankie and megan
9:51 am est 

she got t/ candle autumn wreath in brown, a winter candle
9:31 am est's%20ladies%20guild%20card&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=st.%20theresa's%20ladies%20guild%20card&sc=0-31&sk=&cvid=B6B1EF6D261949E79AC66FC78F7D8B29
8:32 am est
8:24 am est 

she got t/ chocolate peanut butter pretzel bar
8:20 am est 

Vanessa Palmer
8:18 am est 

Thursday, December 28, 2017
10:50 pm est 

her mom took t/ Settings message off of the car monitor, car, inc., and t/ handyman put the cover, covered the aluminum in front of t/ doorway preventing snakes coming in, inc.
9:54 pm est
9:45 pm est 

her mom got a grey, and pink, w/ white polka dots, in leopard print, prints, inc.
9:41 pm est 

she was Bobbi Brown Cosmetics w/ shawn and al, and then before that t/ gestapo, inc., and then before that became that thing, the Gestapo Cosmetics, inc.
9:37 pm est 

and then they formed t/ play t/ color purple into that, into that thing, that, that play, inc., again, and thensome, too, to the too mins, inc., ya'll, inc.
9:35 pm est 

her mom wrote The Color Purple w/ her dad and t/ others, herself, her, and others, too, and formed t/ Ocala magazine for her, herself, her and to her dad's health, brain, inc., for reading purposes, and to catch people trying to drop themselves off in ocala, fl, inc.
9:34 pm est 

she got an A+ in the CIA
9:31 pm est
9:29 pm est 

her mom brought her back an orange scone from panera's, and she warmed it up in a paper towel in t/ mic. for 30 seconds, inc.
9:23 pm est 

Season's Greetings, from James Bond, James, St. James, the 00 Agency, Inc., Andrea Canning, Lisa Bell, Vanessa Welch, and also, Vanessa Echols.
8:45 pm est 

her dad had had an mri of t/ brain, inc.
8:40 pm est 

she wore black, white, grey white, lined and polka dot slippers
7:25 pm est 

her mom gave her a ring, she got a bow, silver ring.
6:45 pm est, they went out to get pizza, she had two slices, w/ alot of garlic
6:16 pm est 

she got a grey black shimmer purse, she wore style and co.
3:11 pm est 

she wore calvin klein, and shimmer, shimmery, inc.
3:02 pm est 

she got a black silver blouse
2:59 pm est 

her mom got her toenails done in shimmer, red, inc.
2:56 pm est
2:03 pm est 

she had a chocolate cherry
2:01 pm est 

t/ handyman painted out front, a little, and put some antiseptic to ward t/ snakes away from the home, house, inc.
1:18 pm est, she wore a purple headband, and silver dagger, teardrop, drop earrings, fork earrings, inc.
1:12 pm est 

t/ handyman cut t/ hedges around t/ house, inc.
12:50 pm est
10:05 am est 

they cleaned out, and emptied out the hamper once a week, at least, three drawers worth of it all, inc.
9:36 am est
9:26 am est
8:50 am est 

anita was indian, sri lanken
8:47 am est 

alexa was also ecuadorian, and erika, belgica, fany, fanny, and alex was ecuadoria and both, puerto rican, too, inc., celia, cecilia were columbian, and puerto rican and evaristo too columbian and puerto rican, inc.
8:45 am est 

marisol was ecuadorian and columbian, laila was columbian, abel was columbian, will was puerto rican and venezuelan, ricky was puerto rican and argentinian
8:44 am est 

reggie was indian and kuwaiti
8:42 am est, her and nick were st. ignatius
8:25 am est 

they put moth balls in front of the doorway, house, home, so t/ snakes don't try to get in, inc. into the house.
8:15 am est 

they got a card from marlo thomas, t/ st. jude children's research hospital, inc., carlos pulgarin was columbian, inc.
8:04 am est 

her mom went to get an mri at timberidge, and her mom got her toenails done
7:52 am est 

they got a card from gloria, tony, inc., they got cardboard envelopes a large and small ones, priority mail ones, inc.
7:47 am est 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

they bombed under their names, full names, their real names and cover names in the fbi, the cia and also in the pentagon and in the nypd, first names and last names, middle names, too, inc., and full and then partial names, and nicknames, as well, too, inc., and thensome.
10:56 pm est 

she detected bombs, bomb throwers aiming, targeting ny, in the nypd, inc., she was a Bomb Detector, she detected Bomb Throwers, Bombers, Bomb Detectors, in the area, in a given area, in bklyn, queens, harry, w/ harry, and also in Manhattan, and also on Manhattan Island, in New York City, in Brooklyn as well, again, inc., and thensome, so far, out there too
10:48 pm est 

Cornelius was a Cop out of bklyn too, in the nypd, inc., terms and conditions apply, and he worked on Korean toys too, inc.
10:31 pm est 

and God was a police officer, became a Police Office, PO, P.O., a Cop, and a Detective, and joe jihad was a Jihad-Cop out of bklyn too and then to the Pentagon, a Pentagon-Cop, inc., and so was she a Pentagon-Cop and a Jihad Cop too, a Pentagon Cop, as well, inc.
10:21 pm est 

and Al taught her pure, Sicilian, the Sicilian language, inc., and go to the Too mins, now, in bklyn, ny.
9:48 pm est 

her grandma on her dad's side lived on Putnam Avenue, in an apt. there, too, and taught her fluent Spanish at home, inc., too.
9:47 pm est 

t/ lord became a cop
9:46 pm est 

t/ Lord invented t/ Cop Industry, and made her a cop too and harry, and henry out of the Cop Department of the N.Y.P.D of Brooklyn, inc.
9:46 pm est
8:55 pm est
8:54 pm est 

slash, saul, and her dad put her in the Indigo Girls as an Indigo Girl, and her mom, and w/ her Mom, inc., and per shawn too w/ henry, they together wrote t/ lyrics, and her dad wrote "Landslide" and she did too, inc.
8:37 pm est, this site was paid for by saul/slash, inc., etc.
8:32 pm est
8:29 pm est 

they got a card from wal-mart, inc., too., and to the too mins they go to and thensome, inc., again.
8:23 pm est 

william miller, the father and then the son, who was her fbi father, her dad, her former fbi dad, wrote the lyrics to her Lorde's Pure Heroine album, who was saul hudson's album for her to brainwash her in the fbi and out, just one of them, in the FBI too, inc., per john b., Saul Hudson was her FBI-Dad then per her dad, inc., so as to them, people to not be looking for him and or them, both of them, them all at the same time and/or separately, inc., etc., etcetera etcetera, her dad exercised and socialized at the gym, at the fitness center, ctrs, inc., at the fitness center.
8:07 pm est, she was on The Little Rascals produced by her dad, and her grandpa on her dad's side and t/ twilight zone and on, and in the backwards mins, backward mins, they're in t/ backward mins now, not ever, yeah, right, inc.
7:45 pm est
7:41 pm est
7:40 pm est 

she put on, used t/ dionis, dion, goat milk lotion, inc., etc.
7:31 pm est
7:13 pm est
6:20 pm est, and her grandpa on her mom's side wrote all of the alfred hitchcock movies w/ her on his lap, inc., and also in black and white too, and stephan, christ put her in as britney spears and karen carpenter, and had put her in the carpenters, t/ brady bunch and such like that, and her grandpa on her dad's side wrote the story of frankenstein and eddie munster from bruno, and frankenstein for her and slash and her dressed and won as mr and mrs. frankenstein, in the min and out as t/ king and queen for halloween and out in afghanistan, inc., and the eddie munster family it was them, and the munster family the gestapo, and her grandpa on her dad's side, inc., and she got her jihad stick, and her medium, long gestapo stick, and they were both burned, and the white gestapo stick, and the grey jihad stick, and t/ white jihad stick, inc.
6:10 pm est 

she wrote the story of The Nightingale w/ slash and perla hudson, inc., and both of her parents wrote Mary Poppins' stories, the Mary Poppins' Story, Mary Poppins' Story, and she wrote t/ story of Cassius Clay w/ her dad, inc., and she wrote t/ mary poppins stories w/ her parents, and also Amelia Bedilia w/ both of her parents too, her mom, shawn, henry, and shawn, henry, slash, saul, kooks, cooks, slash hitman had also done her eyebrows, heather, anne-marie, and the kids, t/ two kids, danzer and blitzen, al, and her grandpa on her dad's side, inc., and they sold, her and her dad, also her mom, the cassius clay book for mins, to gain on mins, too, inc.
5:56 pm est 

she owned t/ Garden of Eve, inc., and her story as cyborg got sold to ufc by al and her grandpa on her dad's side, and by both of her parents t/ ronda rousey story, brought to you, by all them by Cousin Brucie, Cousin Brucey, Cousin Bruci, inc., etc., etcetera, etcetera, inc.
5:52 pm est 

therefore, then scorcese, her dad said changed it and turned it into a movie, and he, they added to it, she did as well, and also tom hanks, and wrote The Drifters, t/ movie w/ him, and her mom wrote Mary Poppins, inc., and the Sound of Music w/ her dad, inc.
5:51 pm est 

she wrote the Scorcese Story in the mafia min, per her mom and dad, their permission, from there, and up there, inc., as well, and it was published into a book, inc., and she had become a scorcese at the min, at t/ same time, to be caught in the min, per dad, and catch the min, her, her mom, and the whole min, and make catches, inc.
5:50 pm est 

her mom wrote Rambo w/ her dad, all of them, inc., and her grandpa on her dad's side wrote her story as ronda roussey, ronda rousey, rhonda rousey, inc., and al, again, too, and they both also wrote her story as Cyborg and gave it to UFC, and it was picked, inc.
5:48 pm est 

they had tater tots, inc.
Happy Holidays, from Perla Ferrar, the Ferrar Family, 007, 7, Severine, 008, 8, 0, 00, 003, and
5:45 pm est
5:38 pm est 

she gave her hair dresser a 10 dollar tip, because it was t/ holidays, inc.
5:06 pm est 

she gave a picture to her hairdresser
5:04 pm est, she got her hair done, by the same lady, she got it dyed, and went under t/ dryer, hair washed, and toner applied, and cut and styled, inc., and she had lunch at publix, she had the white Vermont cheddar soup w/ crackers, w/ lots of crackers, inc.
4:39 pm est 

she wore pink bow earrings, w/ rhinestones, inc.
10:29 am est
9:22 am est 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Harry made Slash, and Slash II -- her, inc.
11:00 pm est 

henry nakhla put his name under slash's in the min house, etc., and thensome, inc.
10:56 pm est 

raymond davis sent her her messaging even from scott peterson really john brennan at that, inc.
10:54 pm est 

slash invented t/ special agency, t/ boston tea party w/ her, and the tea party w/ his mom, w/ slash and then slash hitman, inc., etc., and his dad, inc., etc., and t/ harlem globe trotters w/ george, george steinbrenner -her, inc., etc., and they're all dead on the phone, were too and such and that, and like that.
10:53 pm est, she, they got a card from Beall's of Florida
10:43 pm est 

she got a card from the Staff at Alpac Headquarters
10:03 pm est
9:56 pm est
9:50 pm est 

shawn bought her a Manor and a Trail for the kids to play on w/ her and he, him, inc.,
9:26 pm est 

her parents played a Holiday Activity Game.
9:21 pm est, she, they got a thank you card from best buy
9:17 pm est 

Happy Holidays from Perla Hudson, Slash, and Saul Hudson

9:13 pm est 

9:09 pm est, they also had sugar-free ice cream and ice cream sandwiches in sugar free too
9:07 pm est 

her dad and william muller had made all of the 00s in the world, inc., and she had made bodies and faces, faces on necks and bodies, inc.
8:49 pm est 

kojack was Easter, so were they, inc., and her grandpa on her dad's side, al, inc., Al, too.
8:47 pm est 

Kojak, Kojack, was her God-Uncle on her dad's side, per her grandpa on her dad's side, per her dad, and her uncle on her dad's side, inc., and her mom too, inc., etc., and joaquin watched her too, when she was a little girl, but they were t/ same age, inc., stop this that they were of and all different ages, inc.
8:46 pm est 

and her grandpa on her mom's side wrote alfred hitchcock movies, inc., etc., and the twilight zone w/ her mom, his mom too, his wife and so on, inc., and the hobbit again the sequel w/ her and all of them in mind to read it, especiall her mom, her, and the whole entire family, inc.
8:41 pm est 

kojack had visited them, her, her dad, and her mom, her grandpa on her dad's side, al too, inc., etc., and he also had watched her, had babysat her too, per her dad, inc., and her grandpa on her mom's side, the gestapo, wrote the The Hobbit, and the Lord of the Rings, inc., and she had read the hobbit and the lord of the rings and they all watched the movie, inc.
8:39 pm est 

edna sent her mom a facebook post
8:35 pm est
8:35 pm est 

they had the leftover chinese food at home, and the leftover italian, and sicilian food at home too
8:26 pm est 

they saw and she was in all of them too, in Jumanjii, Jumanji I, and also there was and in Jumanji II, inc., etc., and Zack said if they don't do anything, they can't turn themselves on, and so they did and once twice and so on for many times, many times in the min and out, inc., etc.
8:23 pm est 

and they, w/ her grandpa on her dad's side, also had made, kevin davis, and noa ojani, and marlo thomas, and mario lopez to marlo lopez, inc., they were killed the lopez family under lopez and under mario lopez and under j.lo, jennifer lopez too, inc., the entire family, which came from a contractual government per and w/ her grandpa on her dad's side, so in turn, what they did was, they had had a hired hit on them, each and as a family so they were all mandated to die and then died, died, all received t/ death penalty, and got shot to death, inc.
8:17 pm est 

her grandpa on her dad's side made The Rock, and slash and slash hitman, inc., and her mom and her dad, inc., and Zack Morris, inc., etc., etcetera, etcetera, mins, etcetera, etcetera mins, etc., inc.
8:10 pm est 

and bruno, bruno 2 typed it, and sebastian too as well and thensome, inc., and the Legend of Zelda was written by all of them, her mom too, and in ink please, inc., ininkplease., and the Vanessa Ballet Theater w/ t/ Gestapo, her dad too, her mom did, inc.
8:04 pm est, her mom wrote t/ story of Medusa w/ her dad, and her in mind, to turn everything into the medusa, inc.
8:02 pm est 

they went to the Audio 16
Happy Holidays from J., J, the Palmer family, the Johnson family, the Blas family, the Palmer Blas family, Blass family, Boz family
7:59 pm est 

they went to the 15th theater
7:55 pm est 

they went to the regal entertainment group, inc., and slash and axl, her, they all went to the jungle, and her parents, inc., and slash used cobra in case of an emergency, inc., etc., etcetera, etcetera, too. mins too, as well.
7:52 pm est 

they went to see jumanji, she was in it, inc., etc., slash made some snakes, hid her messages in a cobra snake, a cobra, her mom made snakes, black snakes, and her dad made snakes too, green ones for him and sebastian all of them, she made grey, white, black snakes, black snakes to turn slash on, inc, etc., grey beetle snakes her and her dad, mom, sebastian too, tony, as well, gloria, inc., and slash hid her messages w/ her pink, tacks, blue tacs and different colored tacks in the cobra's mouth on names of people to be killed by the fbi, then cobra, slash invented cobra, harry too, inc., and t/ us federal min w/ shawn and harry for a check that was already taken out, -- gone, too, inc., and t/ guns and rose song, welcome to the jungle was used as the theme song in jumanji, inc., and she got, was given the regal crown club card too w/ t/ points from her mom and dad too, and she got a free small soda, inc., they went to the Hollywood 16, her server was andrea, and slash bought and brought hollywood to the theater, the regal cinemas 13, 16, the hollywood theater, hollywood there to catch all of her stalkers there, and that was hollywood to him, etc. he brought it, made it, in hollywood, california from the fbi house, the marion oaks min, etc.
7:49 pm est 

her mom spoke w/ dee
2:41 pm est 

she wore pink pearl, flowered earrings, inc.
2:40 pm est 

Happy Holidays from Vanessa, Guns 'n' Roses, G'n'R, Axl Rose, Axl -- the Rose
1:30 pm est 

she had t/ leftover manicotti, w/ chives and onions, and herbs and spices and such, inc.
1:22 pm est 

Happy Holidays from B, Ba, Bae, Vanessa Boz, Boz.
1:02 pm est 

Happy Holidays from Zooey, Z
1:00 pm est 

Happy Holidays from Joe Rockefeller, Zoraida Rockefeller, and Vanessa Rockefeller!
12:59 pm est
Happy Holidays from The Rockefellers!!!
12:58 pm est 

she got a thank u card from dr. stephen dunn's office
11:12 am est
11:07 am est
10:53 am est
10:52 am est
10:51 am est 

Happy Holidays from Vanessa and Slash!!
10:44 am est 

Happy Holidays from Vanessa Blas
10:43 am est 

Happy Holidays from Zoraida Baez, Zory Baez, Zori Baez, Zoey Baez.
10:43 am est 

Happy Holidays from Joe Baez, Jr., Junior Baez, Joey Baez, Jose Baez.
10:42 am est 

Happy Holidays from Vanessa Blas
10:40 am est 

Happy Holidays, from Vanessa
10:39 am est 

Happy Holidays from Vanessa Johnson
10:38 am est 

Happy Holiday, from Vanessa Palmer
10:38 am est 

Happy Holidays, from Vanessa Baez

10:37 am est 

mike was stuttgart police
10:35 am est 

Season's Greetings, from Vanessa Palmer Blas
10:35 am est 

Season's Greetings from 0013, and the 13s, John Hoegler, Jared Loughner, and Jared Johnson.
10:12 am est 

Happy Holidays, from Joey, Junior, Joseph, Zori, Zoey, Zorita, V., Va, Van, Vane, Vanes, Ness, Ess, Nessie, Vanessita
10:04 am est
10:03 am est 

Season's Greetings, from The Baez Family.
10:01 am est, she was a double of herself in the 00 agency, inc.
10:00 am est 

Season's Greetings, from Joe, Zoraida, & Vanessa Baez
9:57 am est 

Have a very Merry Christmas, from Jose, Zoraida, and Vanessa Baez!
9:56 am est 

Vanessa Baez II
9:54 am est 

Vanessa Baez I
9:53 am est
Have a very Merry Christmas, from Joe, Jose, Zoraida, and Vanessa Baez
9:53 am est 

Have a Merry Christmas from 0013, and her 13s, John H., Jared L., and Jared J.
9:46 am est 

Happy Holiday, from Joe, Zory, Vanessa, and the clan of pets
9:44 am est 

Happy Holidays, from Jose, Zoraida, Vanessa, Misu, Bailey, Polo, Pico, Sherlock, Tommy, Beta, and Prada.
9:43 am est 

Vanessa Baez
9:41 am est 

Merry Christmas, from all of us, Vanessa, her mom and dad, the dog, cat, and fish!
9:40 am est 

they got a card from saul, edna
9:27 am est 

cesar rivera was mexican, angel otero was pentagon, and -pentagon, inc., etc., he was argentinian and puerto rican too, she worked w/ jessica kiss, colleen creath, brian dermody was her photographer, michael ford was her videographer and photojournalist too, inc., and michael schwartz too, inc., and thensome.
9:22 am est
9:18 am est 

Monday, December 25, 2017
11:09 pm est 

brianna, briana, patrick sent her mom a facebook post, inc., etc.
10:40 pm est 

she had saltines, Saltine crackers as, for a snack, felix sent her mom a facebook post, and arlene, aileen, eileen, eilleen, inc., etc., they received cards from all of their family, and all of their friends.
10:40 pm est
10:30 pm est 

sarah sent her mom a facebook post, inc., theresa sent her mom a facebook post, inc., etc.
10:26 pm est 

they had chinese food, she ate ny chinese food, bklyn chinese food, bklyn sicilian food, and bklyn italian food, and sicilian and italian food in queens, and italian food from hell's kitchen t/ area, inc., dante was sicilian, inc., and becky was sicilian and black, inc.
10:14 pm est 

and her mom wore white for christ, and they had left their inside christmas lights on, and at t/ windows too, inc.
10:11 pm est 

she took, they all did, Candids and Selfies, a candid, a selfie, inc., etc.


she wore Santa red, and white for christ 

10:10 pm est 

andy was their waiter, and she did, they did and put a Photo Album on her, their website, a Digital Photo Album, inc.
10:08 pm est 

they left t/ lights on while they were out for the holiday, and they all went to see the rest of the neighborhood lights, their neighbor, neighbors had their lights on and decorations outside as well, they had their lights and decorations inside, and lights on outside as well, inc.
10:02 pm est
9:59 pm est, her dad got a male robe, her mom got a female robe, she also got a female robe, rosa montalvo sent her mom a facebook post, and jose montalvo sent her mom a facebook post, inc.
9:53 pm est 

they wore their new outfits for the day, and night, out, for christmas, the eve, the day, too, inc., and they all opened up their gifts and their presents in and from boxes, paper, filling, paper filling, and filling paper, in boxes, w/ holiday paper, christmas paper, taped, w/ cards and labels, w/ labeling, labelling, inc., etc.
9:49 pm est 

they went to the Yummy House,, she had the shrimp fried rice, eggs rolls w/ sweet and sour sauce, and wonton soup, inc., etc., and a glass of pinot grigio, they all went out for dinner for christmas, and then they went out to marion landing, and they decaf coffee, inc., an italian cookie, a snowflake cookie white a blue, inc, a holiday cookie, etc, a glass of water, milke and french vanilla cream w/ her coffee.
9:42 pm est, her mom read two books last night, inc., etc. 4:10 pm est 

they listened to the frank sinatra holiday christmas album, inc., there was a white Ira Johnson, and a black Ira Johnson, no relation, the black Ira Johnson died, inc.
3:29 pm est, they listened to the frank sinatra holiday christmas album, inc.
3:17 pm est 

she, they wore Croft & Barrow, inc., she got a red and black polka-dot sweater, bronze earrings of a ball, and a bronze flower hair pin, etc, inc.
3:10 pm est
2:49 pm est 

she did, created a, her, their Digital Picture Scrapbook, and put it, placed it on her website, on various pages, all ten pages, and added, kept adding to her picture gallery, inc.
2:36 pm est 

they had visitors over for and during the holidays, inc.
2:22 pm est, harry changed her skin color in adaptation according to file, investigation, and case, before and then, thereafter, inc., shawn had a hint, a lot of yellow skin pigmentation, inc., and her an amber, and then before that a total-white complexion, inc.
1:49 pm est
1:46 pm est, she had t/ left over cannelloni, and lasagna
1:45 pm est 

she wore a special agent shirt
1:20 pm est 

they opened up their cards, they received their christmas calls, etc., inc., she got a black shirt, she wore a G L, a GL too, she wore an fbi shirt, a 0 shirt, a 00 black shirt
1:20 pm est, her cousin called, she talked to her cousin, thomas johnson was both American, and Puerto Rican, inc., etc.
1:16 pm est 

it was quiet, they had their tv for about ten yrs, inc., etc., they got busy
11:54 am est 

rogers died, passed on, passed away, she used t/ white bags for christmas, inc., etc.
11:35 am est 

ryan's dad was in t/ Odyssey, and so was he, inc. as a little boy, and her too, inc., and her dad shot t/ Octopussey, octopussey operation, inc.
11:14 am est 

they got their holiday calls, christmas calls
11:08 am est
11:03 am est
11:01 am est 

her parents, both, put her in as eve torres
11:00 am est 

they wore their new outfits for the holiday, and they wore their new outfits for the holidays, and they wore their new outfits for the holiday season, inc.
10:50 am est 

she played statistics, inc.
10:47 am est 

jason was jewish, eric was white, alexa was columbian, jose hernandez was columbian, inc., etc.
10:34 am est
10:03 am est
9:50 am est 

they listened to the josh groban christmas album
9:38 am est 

9:33 am est 

they got the welch's concorde, concord grape jelly, non-gmo, inc., natural jelly, in t/ jar, and in the plastic bottle container too, over the years, inc., etc, a large lemon
9:27 am est 

they got a card from ralph, maria, they lit a candle, they each had a candle lit, too, inc., overtime, inc., etc.
9:10 am est, they had t/ lights on during t/ day, for light to jesus, baby jesus, to give light to him, etc.
9:03 am est 

her parents gave her the Daughter card again for the holidays, christmas time too, t/ large card, an American Greetings card, inc., in English.
9:01 am est 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

they had a good night, they had a peaceful and tranquil evening, night as well, inc.
11:37 pm est, she got a card from the World Wildlife Fund
11:34 pm est 

miriam's real name was Sara Soto, Sarah Soto, inc.
10:48 pm est, she got a card from marc anthony, she, they got christmas cards, inc., etc.
10:24 pm est;jsessionid=00000000.app337a?autologin=true&s_subsrc=em_C_U_O_CTABTN_SI_2017-cye-holiday-card_2017-12-24_9981_75633.0&NONCE_TOKEN=C782F9DFC60F496558DD437DD08059B0, she got a christmas card from the smithsonian, and they got the bronze plaque which they paid for at st. theresa's, for the ladies guild under their names, the lowest one, inc., etc.
10:20 pm est 

she had played all of her favorites, everything from her favorites, inc., etc., etcetera, etcetera, inc.
10:14 pm est 

w/ 2 yr, gsp, lcd
10:12 pm est 

a model, w/ sku, quantity, one, w/ warranty, appointment time set for, very soon, and notated, inc, as well, and thensome, inc., confirmed appointment date, it was, is christmas time, they saw the salvation army, said hello, heard the bells jingle, heard the bells ringing, inc., w/ geek squad for the tv, larger, tv connect, geek squad, twice, two times, tv haul away, appointment calendar, they put things on their calendar, calendars, inc., outlook, yahoo!, hotmail, iCal, ical, inc., etc.
10:10 pm est 

they got an LG, 4K, Smart, LED tv, a brand new television on order, they made an apt, appointment with best buy, inc.
10:05 pm est 

her dad read alot, they each read t/ church bulletin, and slash had won, gotten first assassin in and out of afghanistan, and he mixed the nail gel color for the sicilians, and for the gestapo for her to wear one day, that day, and the gel color slash hitman, shawn, and shawn had won first assasin too, 1st assassin, assasin, asasin, too, her, as well, all of it, and shawn, slash, her, had all invented the american manicure, inc., they wore it all t/ time for her, and she had as well over the years, and used and bought the gel overlay, inc.
9:59 pm est 

john was stationed in illinois, and he went to Iraq and Afghanistan, she went to Iraq and afghanistan also, she trained in iraq and also in afghanistan, under the 1st captain there, it was slash changing in change from the fbi, inc.
9:54 pm est 

her mom was a Receptionist at the TV Store, the Electronics store also, her dad, inc., they both did, equally and then some more, and thensome, inc.
9:51 pm est 

her mom went to Junior High School #49 in bklyn
9:49 pm est
9:37 pm est 

they cleaned out their ice box, they drank t/ wine from church, inc.
9:35 pm est 

she had a packet of m&ms, red and green m&ms, inc. for the holiday too, a nice treat too.
9:29 pm est 

and she made mort meisner head of the dea outside of the dea and in the fbi, out, etc., inc., too.
9:22 pm est 

mort meisner was head of the dea division in the fbi out of the fbi in the dea division, still, in t/ dea building, too, inc., and so was joaquin, etc., and was she at one time, etc.
9:21 pm est
9:14 pm est 

jonathan leibner put her in a Venus, the Venus Swimwear Catalog, and she had done shawn's Composite Card, in the min, in and out of the house, in the field, in the fields, inc., w/ four, five pictures, top, one, two, and then added three, inc.
9:08 pm est, her and raymond davis, both, owned Lahore Court, they shot all the way through, throughout, through it, inc. and so on, and shawn knew it, and both, w/ henry, and at henry, raymond d. owned t/ henry min., too, inc., and thensome, and both her and by herself and w/ and for raymond d. attended both the case and then before that the addendum to his case in pakistan, inc., and attended court in lahore court and thensome, inc. and attended paki-stan, pakistan crt, court against scarface and the scarface min against india and along w/ his mom, for them, inc., w/ raymond d. and company, court members, family and friends, inc.
8:40 pm est
8:29 pm est
8:28 pm est 

Ralphie Hernandez was Puerto Rican, and Cesar Pulgarin was Columbian, inc.
8:27 pm est 

her dad had taken up and had taken the Lyle Menendez - Case, inc., thomas' grandmother was at Palm Gardens, inc., and her and william miller, owned a house in Indiana, the father, her lawyer, one of them, inc., and william muller ii before that, inc., erik menendez is, was her case, was her case, inc.
8:25 pm est 

they each got the Christmas bulletin, inc., and the Advent bulletins, inc., and they all sang christmas songs, advent songs, holy songs, holy day songs, inc.
8:20 pm est 

they got free delivery, per t/ order of purchase, it was over a certain amount, inc., they had an aquos, inc.
8:15 pm est 

her mom got a facebook post from Arlene Applewhite, they saw Rondo Hernandez, Rhondo Hernandez and his family, inc., from Mojo's
8:12 pm est 

they had farina w/ cinnamon and sugar, a splenda packet, a couple of packets, inc., they like sugar and salt and condiments, inc.
8:10 pm est 

she had also taken up the Erik Menendez case, from the Menendez brothers, no brothers now, no brother, case, too, inc., and her dad had put in first taken out her, each of their eyes and put in new eyes to catch the spy program too, the spies on the earth and around the globe, her, inc., the Eric Menendez case, too, inc.
7:48 pm est, they listened to christmas carols all day, inc., and they had holiday candy, candies, holiday candies, inc., as well, and thensome, inc.
7:46 pm est 

she had a wine cooler
7:14 pm est 

she got grey, pink, lilac, lavender pajamas w/ flower designs, flowery, in flowery, in aztec designs, native american design, designs, she wore clothes from cambodia, egypt, and elswhere, america, puerto rico, euro, european, inc.
7:09 pm est, the neighbors played music outside too, inc.
6:28 pm est 

they got a card from father jacob forcier, cvm, a companion of st. anthony, a franciscan friar too, inc.
6:08 pm est 

rebeccas was their waitress, and their Sales Clerk was Jesse, inc., she had christmas candy, they had a christmas dinner, they spent Noche Buena just fine, inc.
5:56 pm est 

she got makeup, and clothes, and they all wore a new outfit, inc., and she lit a hot red, christmasy candle, inc., she listened to t/ michael buble christmas album, inc., they all went out to eat, for dinner, inc.
5:28 pm est 

she had a ghirardelli square caramel chocolate candy, and she wore a grey, silver hair clip, a christmassy one, a christmasy one, inc.
5:22 pm est 

she had minestrone soup, w/ crackers
5:18 pm est 

she wore christmas red, and capone red, inc.
5:10 pm est, they went to Christmas Eve, Christmas Mass, her mom served, they drank t/ wine, inc., she wore red and green, they all went to pasta faire, they had booked reservations at the restaurant, she had the Christmas Combo, that came w/ t/ lasagna, cannenoli, mussels, manicotti, and they went to best buy, and they bought a television, the other one died, blacked out, it lasted ten yrs, a 55" inch, they had a Sharp tv, as big as t/ entertainment center, slash let her had her gave all of the netflicks for her to see, them, all together and or separate, gave them to her, over the years, in one sweep, inc.
5:02 pm est, travis was white, german, and mikey was american, german
10:26 am est 

they got a card from lucius
9:35 am est 

she was on a stevie b tape, tapes, inc., and sheena easton tapes, too, inc., and then some, thensome, inc.
9:06 am est 

she worked with, modelled with, modeled w/ justin oppenheimer at spotlight pro., and w/ marsha doll at marsha doll, and came out on runway w/ him too, inc.
9:05 am est 

justin oppenheimer was german, denzel washington was an angel, inc.
9:02 am est
8:45 am est 

coverted 3 cups into ounces, they slept nice and toasty!
8:39 am est 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

she used palmer bombs, and blas was her voice, inc., and palmer is, was her Maiden Name too, inc.
10:50 pm est
10:29 pm est
10:28 pm est
10:26 pm est 

i love them, too!, all of her gifts and presents, too as well and thensome, inc.
9:18 pm est 

ryan's dad invented plays, like Socrates, Socrates, the Socrates play, and haley, william shakespeare, inc.
9:17 pm est
9:11 pm est 

she wore xl
9:02 pm est 

she got a pink, plaid, light blue, white, grey, hot pink, bright pink robe, bath robe, lounge robe, for XMAS, Xmas, Christmas too, inc.
8:36 pm est
7:55 pm est 

adam leibner had put her as vanessa hudgens, in, and on television, and richard leibner had put her on as lara logan, inc., and mort meisner had put her on as vanessa hudgens, too, inc., and then some, thensome more, inc.
6:50 pm est
6:25 pm est 

her grandma on her mom's side passed down her recipes to her, and her mom passed down her recipes to her, and to her dad the same, inc.
6:23 pm est 

she was in the Nutcracker, and she made FBI-Marion Oaks just like FBI-Virginia, Marion Oaks just like Virginia, inc.
5:46 pm est 

she wore her FBI-NY shirt, her royal blue shirt, and they had pasteles, they got two packs of them, inc.
5:44 pm est 

they each got a new set of keys, inc., to the front of the house and such, like that, inc., so minus one, a one for two, a large one, and then a small one each, inc.
4:43 pm est 

she took t/ tags off of everything, all of the clothes, pillows, sheets, and covers, throw-pillows, too, inc.
4:42 pm est 

she wore L, G, LT, LG, GL, G, inc., again, Men's clothing too, and little boys and little girls clothing too, and little, boys' and girls shoes, sneakers, over the years, and little girls' shoes, too, inc., and she wore little girl things too as well, and thensome, inc., she wore guys things too, inc.
4:39 pm est
4:33 pm est 

her mom dyed her hair, they got new keys, they got a top and lower key, bottom, the same too, and a small key for the front screen door lock too, inc.
4:28 pm est 

they got two new shiny, silver locks for their front door, both top and bottom
4:13 pm est
3:31 pm est 

she did her fingernails in ready to glow red sally hansen color therapy, inc., and t/ handyman painted their stove in white, inc., clear white
3:30 pm est 

their grass was cut, t/ handyman checked the tv
2:20 pm est
2:02 pm est, she wore a blue shirt, she wore a royal blue shirt, inc.
1:10 pm est 

they had gotten a card from the franciscan friars conventual, inc.
11:52 am est 

they got a card from t/ companions of st. anthony, t/ franciscan friars, t/ conventual, inc.
11:30 am est
10:24 am est
10:02 am est 

she worked w/ bob hite, gail sierens, marty tucker, marty salt, phil willete, phil willette, inc.
9:55 am est
9:23 am est 

she got the Atkins blueberry greek yogurt bar
9:17 am est
9:15 am est 

Friday, December 22, 2017

they watched the Polar Express
9:40 pm est 

they had the Jumbo European Croissants
9:33 pm est 

they listened to Dalaila, shawn came up w/ it, w/ henry, inc., on the radio, and the Mike Seaver Show on the radio, too, inc., they cleaned out all of their mins, etc., etcetera, etcetera.
Vanessa Baez
8:45 pm est
8:38 pm est 

they listened to Christmas music all day, and they listened to Christmas Carols all day, inc.
8:36 pm est 

they got a card from t/ national and community service
8:28 pm est
8:21 pm est 

they had had a Sicilian car
8:18 pm est
8:16 pm est 

she was sent, given t/ christmas edition of the florida catholic newspaper, inc.
8:14 pm est
8:11 pm est 

she had hazlenut chocolate candy, a ball, inc., they all had t/ cookies, inc.
8:07 pm est
7:53 pm est
7:51 pm est 

ruben was -pentagon, pentagon, a neighbor was over, inc., came over, inc.
7:49 pm est, she did her toenails in Redy to Glow, Ready to Glow, sally hansen, color therapy, in red, bright red for the holidays and Christmas, inc.
7:41 pm est 

they had done a parranda, parrandas on bayside, and when they first had moved here, inc.
6:32 pm est 

she got a lipstick in cashmere
6:14 pm est 

she got an orange contact lens case, had cheese puffs, cheetos, inc., and she got t/ rose champagne blush kit, inc.
6:11 pm est
5:55 pm est 

she got t/ strawberry lemon ice candle, inc., in red
5:40 pm est 

she got the purple, black cherry & grape hand sanitizer
5:38 pm est 

she got t/ hot pink glade, ruben was a capone, an al, and an al capone, inc.
5:35 pm est 

ruben went by, came over, and dropped off the bag of pasteles, a pack, inc.
5:31 pm est 

she got christmas tissues w/ a star, in gold white and silver, and a flower box w/ green, white and beige, inc., and Ruben came by, inc.
5:28 pm est 

they had had a mafia car, a mob car
5:23 pm est
4:47 pm est, her grandpa's demo reel on her dad's side was of all t/ people he killed so she would meet them one day, and she did already, all of it, all of them, inc.
12:40 pm est 

they were given t/ book, Perfectly Yourself, by Mathew Kelly
12:38 pm est
11:27 am est
11:26 am est 

paul hammond was german
9:28 am est 

they got a card from vilma
9:18 am est
9:15 am est 

Vanessa Johnson
9:12 am est 

she unplugged and plugged in t/ tv, they called sharp's customer service to walk them through
9:05 am est 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

bruno, got t/ nephew card, slash, slash hitman, shawn, and henry all of those too, bruno 2 too, inc.
10:42 pm est 

and bruno, her dad, and t/ guys, men, got the god son card, nephew card, the same, and her and her mom got the god daughter card
10:41 pm est 

bruno had put her as st. lourdes and st. jihad, bruno finished all of the mins and bruno got a brother card, son card, brother in law card, st. card they each did, grandson card, and saul did too, slash, and slash hitman, and shawn, ryan, inc.
10:34 pm est 

bruno put her as St. Bernadette, she was t/ Prince of Jihad, inc.
10:32 pm est 

her mom took her dad's bloodwork, w/ t/ new glucose meter, inc.
10:00 pm est
9:48 pm est 

she, they got a card from AAA, and they used all of their ops, inc., and had put everything on their cams, cell phones, suveillance cameras, their eye ops, cia cameras, fbi cameras, inc., special cameras, iia cams, inc., police cams, inc., sheriffs cams, inc., sheriff cams, pi cams, detective cams
9:01 pm est 

she, they printed all and everything, and showed everything on each and all of their ops, and web cams, cameras, cell phone cameras and shared audio, videos, audios, inc., on the audiom, audium, too, inc.
8:55 pm est 

she did a news packet, news packets on anything and everything, inc., and she, they printed everything, inc., and she had sent, sent all of her communication, via phone, texts, voicemails, sent messages, es, emails, inc, beeps and pages, inc., blogs, and posts, es again, inc.
8:53 pm est 

she got a card from t/ national service news, w/ t/ view as a webpage icon, link, so that's how she could put some or alot, or all of her, their emails online on her/their blog, inc.
8:45 pm est, she got a card from t/ National Service, inc.
8:44 pm est 

they were given a plate of cookies and chocolates, inc., and cake, and they had t/ gambache cake too, inc., each a slice, as well, inc.
8:40 pm est 

her dad got a different glucose meter, another freestyle one, inc., and they used a large lemon, and they got a book, received a book from church, from st. theresa's, inc., and she had a peppermint cookie, she had peppermint, and ryan, they all did, inc., and a delca red chocolate, inc.
8:38 pm est
8:30 pm est
8:23 pm est, her dad had gotten the Son card, the Grandson card, the Great-Grandson card, and so on, the Brother card, t/ cousin card, the Nephew card, the Great-Grandson card, the Great-Grandson card, the In-Law card, In-Laws card, both of her parents, inc., t/ Great-Great Grandson card, the Great-Great-Great Grandeson card, the Grande card, Grande card, the Large card all of them, each of them, the Big card each of them too, and together too, inc., all of them, inc.
8:05 pm est
7:57 pm est
7:55 pm est 

her mom got the In-Laws card, the Sister-In-Law card, too, inc.
7:53 pm est 

her mom got t/ mother card, sister card, niece card, she got the Niece card, and she also got the Grand-Niece card, and her mom got t/ granddaughter card, the great granddaughter card, her the great great great granddaughter card, her mom the cousin card, her mom the grand-niece card, and the great niece card both of them, inc., and her mom t/ friend card, best friend, good friend, t/ bff card, inc., and they both the grand niece card, grande niece card, and they each got the Neighbor card, her mom, her, her dad, too, inc.
7:51 pm est, they got the They card, the Us card, the From Them card, from Them card, her parents the Parents card, her mom t/ Mother card, and her Dad the Father card, and she, her the She card and the Her Card, the Me card, the Daughter card, the Sister card, the Sorority Sister card, the Grand-daughter card, the Great-Granddaughter card she got as well, inc., and the Cousin card, and the First-Cousin card, First Cousin card, the Girlfriend card, inc., the Friend card, the Good-Friend card, the Best Friend card, Best Friends card, Good Friends card, the B.F.F. card from Axl Rose too, and they received and got cards from all of their family and friends, too, once again this year, inc.
7:48 pm est, they had had a, the Genovese car
7:04 pm est
6:43 pm est 

josh groban was an al capone, an al, a capone, inc.
6:06 pm est, her grandpa on her dad's side had a red truck, they all did, for her dad and her grandpa on her dad's side, and he also, her dad, had a red car, so they had a red car, and a red truck, a capone truck, a capone car, inc.
6:04 pm est 

they had had a Gestapo car, inc.
5:24 pm est 

her grandpa on her dad's side, and al, and t/ capone mob, t/ capone mafia had a red and black Hearse, just one of them, inc., they've already taken pictures of everything, and shown everything on the ops, inc.
5:22 pm est 

her grandpa on her dad's side had created t/ Silencer, and had invented it also, w/ Al, inc.
5:21 pm est 

t/ hay was for the cows, fed, and was given to the cows on the pasture field, inc.
5:09 pm est
5:06 pm est, her dad went to his doctor check-up, she read nat'l geographic, inc.
4:52 pm est 

she worked w/ marty tucker, marty salt, bob kendrick, vanessa welch, vanessa echols, lisa bell, jessica yellin, inc., andrea canning, leslie stahl, natalie morales, al roker, matt lauer, john stamos, brian williams, peter jennings, inc, wendy chioji, connie chung, inc.
12:51 pm est 

they got a card from richard, christine, marco, and layla
12:15 pm est, she wore a burgundy top, they dressed casual too
12:00 pm est 

Lorraine remarried
10:38 am est 

anna married, married into Almeida, and Yvette was Yvette Almeida, inc.
10:37 am est 

she had t/ white covered christmas pretzels in red and green, inc.
9:57 am est
9:49 am est 

Vanessa Johnson
9:35 am est
9:30 am est 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

she worked w/ Stacey Schaible, Gail Sierens, Gayle Guyardo, Sarina Fazan, Tom Sweeney, Brian Williams, Peter Jennings, Katie Couric, inc.
11:57 pm est 

she had cinnamon tea, w/ ryan's dad, inc.
11:48 pm est 

they went to marion landing, and played quarters, they got some, and all of their quarters together, and went, and they lost them all, gave them up, played cards and such, inc.,, she got an Ace, and ended w/ a 7 of diamonds cards, inc., her front left tooth was id'd by 007, and she had some, alot of mafia teeth, inc., and they brought over a box of Holiday cookies, and they had peppermint cookies, she had a green leaf cookie, w/ chocolate, inc., a sicilian pastry, an italian cookie, a sicilian cookie, a vienetta cookie, more gambache cake, inc., a red cookie, a leaf cookie, a divinity cookie, inc.
11:47 pm est
6:54 pm est
6:02 pm est 

she worked w/ Patrick Emory, Ken Lindner, Fitzpatrick, inc., Richard Leibner, Jonathan Leibner, Adam Leibner, and Myles Hazleton, inc., and Carol Cooper, inc.
6:01 pm est 

her, slash hitman, shawn were t/ daily mail
5:28 pm est
5:24 pm est
5:22 pm est 

samuel anthony alito, jr. was sicilian
5:12 pm est, samuel alito, jr., was sicilian and also was his father, samuel alito
5:10 pm est 

Marie was Sicilian
4:59 pm est 

Maria Sangiovanni was sicilian
4:57 pm est 

Kyle was sicilian
4:56 pm est 

Maria was sicilian
4:53 pm est 

Ginger was Italian
4:51 pm est 

Mark Mirabella was sicilian
4:49 pm est 

Matthew Dicapua was Sicilian
4:48 pm est
4:23 pm est 

she got a card from messa de notte
4:21 pm est 

she got a card from
4:14 pm est
4:02 pm est
3:46 pm est
3:43 pm est
2:56 pm est
2:21 pm est 

a red truck, a drag race truck, her grandpa on her dad's side's truck came, and he parked it out front, inc., and she wore pink earrings, a pink headband, and bangles, bangle bracelets, inc.
1:58 pm est 

her dad went to take charge, she changed her contacts, and her mom went to get her hair cut, inc.
1:35 pm est 

they got a card from linda
1:03 pm est 

she had a ham and cheese cheddar scramble
12:53 pm est
12:48 pm est 

harry had assigned her as Mafia at Home per and in t/ FBI
12:30 pm est
11:36 am est
11:35 am est
11:35 am est 

si was ryan and w/ vanessa, si, sports illustrated, inc., t/ swimsuit edition, inc., addition to, inc.
10:14 am est
10:07 am est 

Vanessa Palmer
9:41 am est 

t/ orlando sentinel was her, shawn, and w/ t/ kids, henry, too, inc., and ed, and eddie, inc., and carmen, miranda, carmen miranda, her mom, too, and her dad, w/ t/ kids, and Time, inc., her dad, w/ zack and kids, w/ her, inc., they're all at war, inc., too, kid., inc.
9:40 am est 

they moved t/ furniture around, she was dixie stampede w/ shawn and the kids, inc., and she was Cheval, w/ shawn and t/ kids, t/ kids, and Chevalle w/ shawn, and Zack, zack ii, inc., w/ t/ kids again, inc., and Hilo, California, her and zack, w/ shawn, and Hilo, Hawaii w/ shawn, and all of the islands of Hawaii w/ her mom, and shawn and w/ bruno and such, inc., and that's it, all w/ t/ kids, inc., and henry, and w/ ryan, too, inc.
9:38 am est
9:26 am est 

Zack Bolno was an al capone, an al, a capone, inc.
9:21 am est 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

t/ gestapo was on t/ cover of t/ appleton museum cover magazine, newsletter, mail system, inc.
10:39 pm est 

she performed as and in bastille
10:38 pm est 

jim belushi had programmed her too, and her dad, inc.
10:37 pm est 

her mom hemmed another one of her blouses, cut an inch, and hemmed an inch, inc., and she performed as norah jones, inc.
9:22 pm est 

she sang on t/ voice as bebe rexha, inc.
9:10 pm est 

she sang as kane brown, mr. brown saul, saul said her breath never smelled, a man complimented her perfume
8:48 pm est 

sang as josh groban, and w/ kelly clarkson, kelley clarkson, w/ josh groban, inc.
8:38 pm est, Adam Sandler was an al capone, an al, a capone too, inc.
8:37 pm est 

she played Awards and Achievements, inc., and they watched a Home for the Holidays, was on it, all of them, as kelly clarkson, kelly clarkson
8:21 pm est, she got a grey sleep bra, inc.
7:39 pm est 

she did a folder for M.O.C.A., for herself, and she put her, their folders in her drawer, her vanitry drawer, inc.
6:39 pm est 

they each had a small, medium, large cup, bowl of soup, and they got a hot chicken from publix, inc., and she was a cia angel, and she the rt wing, because she was a cia angel, inc., icn numbers
6:21 pm est 

she had gotten and used all of her things, once again and again and again, and the single head, dual head toothbrush over the yrs, , they went to publix for lunch, and they sat there for quite a while, she had t/ chicken noodle soup, w/ a large cornbread piece, inc., they all had chicken noodle soup, inc.
5:52 pm est 

her dental hygienist she was white, and her former, other dentist was a female, Korean, from within the same dentist office, dental, practice, inc.
5:41 pm est 

her Registered Dental Hygienist was Stacey Lepage
5:31 pm est
5:25 pm est 

her dentist said she had perfect teeth, a little redness in her gums, inc., her dentist office gave her an End Tuft in white and red, inc.
5:17 pm est 

she went to her dental apt., she had her prophylaxis done, her teeth cleaning, tooth, teeth polishing, scraping, scraffing, inc., and in-between, and rinsing, and tooth flossing, and her Dental Tech., was Stacey, and she saw the doctor and the assistant, dental assistant, inc., and t/ clerk, billing clerk, t/ check-out girl, gal, inc., at t/ check-out counter, inc., and t/ teller, t/ bank teller, inc., and the bank out, bank out, inc.
5:12 pm est 

they gave her t/ green floss, inc.
5:03 pm est 

t/ dentist gave her a small tube of sensodyne, complete, colgate floss, and t/ gum clean flossers, extra strong floss, inc.
5:02 pm est 

jim sat at t/ table, t/ belushi family, john, gotti family, gottie family, emily, giovanni, joey, joe, buotofucco family, inc.
4:43 pm est 

she got an email from the Smithsonian Yearbook, 2017, History Club, which saul had paid for, and then saul, once again and thensome, thereafter, inc.
11:29 am est 

they got a card from karen, bryan, mike, mikyala rose, and also from ditech, ditech Home Loan, Ditech home loans, inc.
11:22 am est
11:14 am est 

her mom hemmed her blouse, inc.
10:50 am est
10:25 am est 

they washed their Christmas table cloth
10:24 am est 

she played the youtube channels all day, for an hour, half an hour, twenty minutes, depending on t/ day
9:28 am est
9:07 am est 

Vanessa Baez
8:31 am est
8:28 am est 

Monday, December 18, 2017

wendy biggs was puerto rican and german
11:21 pm est 

Reagan Catozzi was Sicilian, inc. Reagan Catozzie
11:16 pm est, she, they were all on Game of Games, Ellen's Game of Games, and she made sharks and jellyfish, named, w/ shawn and w/ t/ kids, ryan too, inc.
11:05 pm est
10:02 pm est
9:58 pm est 

slash was white
9:56 pm est 

slash used to crush her aspirin, and hers too, and his, and her dad's, once a day, years ago, inc., bombing from the top, stop the hop min, inc.
9:54 pm est 

Lee Nguyen was Korean, Philippine, and German
9:16 pm est 

Ryan is, was Aryan, per the Pentagon, inc.
9:13 pm est 

Lee Nguyen was Korean and German
9:11 pm est 

Priscilla sat at t/ table
9:06 pm est 

she got a white sleep bra
8:06 pm est
7:59 pm est 

she created Seoul Korea w/ her dad when she was a kid, inc., for experimentation, inc. as a 00, to practic spy, inc., w/ spy eyes, they, it caught spy eyes from nigeria for her, and the phillippines, kenya, they used to catch that, inc.
Kapri MacKenzie was Philippine and German
7:51 pm est 

Jessica Hudson was American
6:05 pm est 

and Jessica Minnie was Japanese and German, inc.
6:05 pm est, she got the extra keys to the car, w/ alarm
5:23 pm est
4:24 pm est 

and ryan w/ her parents and jude, st. jude, too, inc., and carmen, inc.
2:48 pm est 

she owned Asia w/ father david and t/ whole asian continent w/ slash, and shawn w/ t/ kids, t/ whole kids, inc.
2:47 pm est
2:31 pm est 

she drove home, she drove all of them home, inc.
2:21 pm est, her mom had the endoscopy, and biopsy, inc., and she drove from dr. kumar's office to target, to starbucks, and they all had lunch at starbuck's, she had the peppermint mocha in frappe, frape, her dad invented it, ryan's dad, her dad, inc., and she had t/ bacon bow-tied croissant filled, w/ egg, inc.
2:20 pm est
9:06 am est 

olga, luis, sent them a card, inc.
8:42 am est
7:56 am est 

nick did her mom's knee replacement and hip replacements, inc., and all of her replacements, and that's when she went under, again, too, inc., and a mental replacement, inc.
7:51 am est
7:44 am est 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

she was James Franco, and actor carol burnett and lily tomlins, w/ john b, inc., lily tomlin, lily tomlins, too, inc., and equal thereof, inc. again and again, inc.
10:48 pm est 

she worked for former president Barack Obama, the first black President of the United States, in the Secret Service, on the - Obama file
10:42 pm est 

they put t/ air on at 77 degrees, they watched the whole story, inc., they had mafia cake, mob cake, cakes, inc., mafia cakes, mob cakes, inc.
10:26 pm est 

she was, used to be in charge of Bomb Squad in t/ fbi, william muller was at one time, too, inc., together and/or separate, and john brennan in and of the cia, t/ first one, then t/ second one, inc., and then john hoegler in t/ pentagon, too, inc.
9:49 pm est 

she was in and they watched it, A Christmas Story, Live!
9:41 pm est
8:09 pm est 

she was in, and they saw a Christmas Next Door, they saw christmas movies
8:07 pm est 

she, they used t/ evening smoothe pond's face wipes, facial wipes, inc.
7:27 pm est 

she got a blue sleeping bra
7:13 pm est 

she got a happy holidays email from fema
6:20 pm est 

t/ neighbors had music on, and on outside too
5:55 pm est, they listened to reggaeton, inc.
5:36 pm est 

they watched a special on wapa, inc., and she worked for the Southwest Water Management District, inc.
5:33 pm est 

they went to a Christmas Dance, and where there was lots of food and lots of wine, inc.
5:31 pm est 

she dieted to go to church, service, mass, inc., her, their friend's house, too, inc.
5:29 pm est 

t/ neighbor's dogs were out
5:21 pm est 

she was Kathy Bryant, inc.
5:11 pm est 

she now worked on the Secret Service - Bush file, inc., Bush made her the offer twice, for the second time, first on the Secret Service, Secret - Service file.
5:01 pm est 

her mom served in church, her mom got a pink rose from st. theresa's, mary, emhc, inc.
4:58 pm est 

they went outside, inc.
4:54 pm est, they each had t/ rest of the chicken florentine quesadilla, inc., mary had sat at table, inc.
4:50 pm est 

she took off some tags, pulled some tags w/ t/ scissors, inc., she, and shawn lived in a Country House in Tampa, S. Tampa, South Tampa, and then in a Bungalow, and in a Brownstone, too, all at once.
4:12 pm est
3:53 pm est, they went to coffee and doughnuts at macloughlin hall, she had a Cop Doughnut, a jelly doughnut w/ lemon filling, glaze, and a Cristmas doughnut, w/ red and green design, designs w/ chocolate, w/ lemon creme, inc., and she, they wore Violet and Claire, inc.
3:08 pm est, she, they wore Violet and Marie, she wore a peach blouse, w/ dangles, an orange clip, a peach clip at that, and white bow shimmery earrings, inc.
10:30 am est 

they got a card from marianne, lou
9:31 am est 

her deacon was sicilian
8:50 am est
8:20 am est 

they saw carol, david, fran
8:15 am est 

Saturday, December 16, 2017

her and slash came up, he really did w/ t/ term Monsignor, inc.
10:42 pm est 

slash had blogged all of her messages and spy messages too slash hitman, inc.
10:35 pm est 

she was jennifer lee on wfla, and wendy chioji on wofl, inc.
10:34 pm est 

eric johnson bombed for her in t/ fbi, and saul bombed for her dad out of t/ fbi and in also, and thensome, also william muller iii, for him too and harry and his son, inc., that way, too, inc., and not anymore, inc., and she did herself and each of them individually, and all together too, inc., slash, hitman, her mom, her dad, bruno, bruno 2, shawn, henry, harry, inc., and bailey, tommy, thomas, inc., sherlock, hoegie, jared l, jared j
10:32 pm est 

she was dieting, inc., and thensome, inc., they watched swat team
10:29 pm est 

they got t/ snack pack, and she had vanilla pudding, t/ regular, not the diet, but they have before, they've had all of that, that stuff before, inc.
10:26 pm est 

she, they had the twinings tea, and david blaine sat at t/ table as well, and had tea as well, inc.
10:20 pm est 

they had sun maid raisins, she wore black because her mom looked for black bombs, more black bombs, inc., and she and they all did for her, and them too, inc., and her dad, bruno, bruno 2, slash, slash hitman, shawn, and w/ t/ kids, henry, ryan in the pentagon, her in the -pentagon too, jared, hoegie and t/ other jared, she dieted for the play too, cut back, and ready to pig out, w/ a full stomach, tastefully, not obnoxiously, on the phone, on the eye phone, inc., t/ eye phone her dad invented, w/ william muller iii, it was him, and t/ iphone slash hitman had invented for her to play w/ in t/ fbi and in and of the special agency, inc., t/ i phone too again and again and again, and chini was also carmen baez, inc., she was too on the phone as well and then some, thensome too as well, again, and again and also again twice more, too, in the too mins, too, inc.
10:19 pm est 

t/ mojica family sat at t/ table
9:38 pm est 

chini was first cousin to her dad, and second cousin to her, not so, inc., and Darryl Mojica was her son, tony mojica was his father, it was him, inc.
9:37 pm est
9:18 pm est 

slash hitman had produced, co-produced the show swat and her too, both produced and co-produced it, inc., and it was shot out in puerto rico, inc., and csi miami by her and samuel in ocala, and ncis in marion oaks, inc., not in nigeria, and the capitol hill is, was right here in marion oaks, slash hitman wanted it that way to watch her, inc., and harry too in the fbi for her too, as well and thensome, too, inc., and ncis, miami here too was shot here and out there as well out in london, and in the uk, and also in paris, london, france, too, inc. as well and thensome again, inc.
9:15 pm est, they saw carol, david, neelam, the gulotti's, mr. and mrs., too, inc., as well, and then some, thensome, inc.
8:20 pm est
8:18 pm est 

they saw Dr. Andrews, olga, tony, inc., carmencita, eddie, and such, and the girls, they saw las muchachas, las nenas, las nenitas, inc., las bebes, las bebitas, inc.
8:17 pm est 

they each had a glass of Woodbridge, in white zin, in rose blush, a really white wine, a white wine, inc., and they each had the chicken florentine quesadillas, sicilian quesadillas, from florence, italy, inc., saul had invented them, ryan created them, inc., they each had an eye life, harry, shawn, her, ryan, and all t/ kids, her mom, her dad, inc., and she was wonderwoman again on the phone, and the lead nutcracker, inc., the center, the set, the stage, and all, inc., the centers, the vigils, the vines w/ samuel, the vines, too, on her own and such, and together again, and also separate, then thomas, who cleaned all the mins, after slash hitman, inc., her and samuel were t/ nutcracker, and her parents, her mom and dad, her dad, and ryan w/ his dad were Swan Lake, and her, her, inc., ryan, her, ryan, her, inc.
8:13 pm est 

they each got a program from The Nutcracker, w/ their tickets, and stub, stubs, inc., they each got a stub, a program, they went to Mojo's, and they got a discount w/ their ticket stub from t/ Ocala Civic Theater, for mojo's, w/ and on their bill, all together, inc.
7:41 pm est 

joe, michelle sat at t/ table, inc., ryan, stuart, stewart, breana, talia, philip, phillip
7:04 pm est, she took her flats, flat shoes to t/ party to change in t/ car, in her shoe bag, they went to see t/ tree at t/ hospital, they went to see the Nutcracker, she was in it, had been in it, was in it, again, they went to Mojo's not too far from the theatre, inc., and they went to see the other tree and the lights at t/ Market Street at Heathbrook, inc., too.
7:01 pm est 

she wore a black headband, inc., and workers, co-workers, her manager, agent, talent manager, publicity manager had sat all at t/ table, at once and separately throughout t/ yrs
12:50 pm est 

she had nuts in a cup, w/ wine, inc.
12:21 pm est 

she was t/ Wonder Woman, and Billy Ray Cyrus, inc.
11:32 am est 

her mom drank wine without ice, her w/ ice, scrumpets of ice, small, crushed ice, and german ice w/ her wine in a glass, wine, glass, and regularly, sicilian ice w/ her beverages at home and out too, inc.
11:21 am est 

and they had glasses of the Yellow Tail, t/ yellow one, of the Reisling at t/ party, and of the blue reisling as well, she had two glasses of wine, inc.
11:19 am est
Vanessa Johnson
11:13 am est 

Friday, December 15, 2017

al had granted her t/ visit to have visitted sam, inc., he opened t/ door to her, inc., and they all went to Cala Hills for the ocala lung & critical care associates party, holiday party, and christmas party, they had t/ 7 layer dip, chicken croissants, egg salad croissants, shrimp w/ sauce, hot sauce, red sauce, mild sauce, w/ clear, plastic plates, islamic plates, and napkins, and software, utensils, forks, knives and spoons as well, inc., dip, veggie dip, cheese w/ crackers, cracked pepper cheese, bulk cheese, colby cheese, cracked pepper crackers, w/ shredded yellow, orange cheese, dark black olives, green olives, w/ sour cream, cucumber slices, more cheese w/ crackers, w/ guacamole, meatballs w/ sauce and cheese, spinach and cheese dip, spinach dip, inc., tostitos, large corn chips, w/ holiday decorations and all, and all of their neighbors decorated, and w/ full lights, outside, t/ windows and lawns, too, inc.
11:47 pm est 

they gave away all of t/ pink floyd tickets, and pink tickets too, and tinashe tickets, tinasche tickets, kelsea ballerini tickets, inc., tove lo tickets, too, inc.
5:49 pm est 

scott's father, his dad invented bart simpson, inc., and it was john b. too, inc.
5:44 pm est
5:42 pm est, they were at, in Cattlebaron's Ball there, Cattlebarron's Ball there too, inc.
5:39 pm est 

she wore silvery bracelets, they each wore their new outfits, something out of each of their closets, and her parents' together on their closets and separate closets, too, inc., and they had gotten new outfits for the holiday party, and christmas party, inc., and they all went to the Ocala Lung & Critical Care Associates holiday party, Christmas Party, inc.
5:36 pm est 

she was and used to be had graduated at t/ top of her class, and was t/ Receptionist at Ocala Lung & Critical Care Associates, inc., too., they saw tango and chang, tango and chain, cornelius was in it, and her dad, all of them, her parents, her mom, too, inc., and carol, too, inc.
5:29 pm est
5:26 pm est 

she carried, their, and her parents' one, too, before that and thensome, inc., their Florida Vehicle Registration, and FL Parking Placard Registration, inc.
4:42 pm est 

william m. bombed in the OR, and at tgh too, inc.
4:40 pm est 

she had worked, worked in the Cardiac Lab, I and II, w/ shawn, too, inc., and in Ortho, t/ O.R., OR, w/ shawn, shawn had worked in the, that OR, both, and the O.R., at Munroe, Munroe Regional Medical Center, at West Marion, the Medical Center, and at Ocala Regional Medical Center, at the hospital, Ocala Regional Hospital, and TGH, at Tampa General Hospital, inc., her at T.G.H, with him, too, and at the Munroe Regional Hospital, Center, the hospital, Munroe Regional Hospital Center, at the Center, and at The Centers, The Centre, inc., and all of them at the Centers and at the Vines, and Samuel at the Vines Hospital, inc., too, all of them together and then separate too, also individually, and then all together, again, inc., too, and thensome, also, Mr. John Brennan said, and also William Muller, had said, also, inc.
4:39 pm est
4:32 pm est 

her mom took her license w/ her credit card to t/ party, inc., and she didn't take credit cards and/or debit card w/ her, or credit card period, and, not, inc.
4:21 pm est 

they listened to Christmas songs and Christmas songs all day long, inc., and she had a large seal on her license, had a Confederate license, four seals, and then five seals, for being cia germany, had been in the civil war, confederate war, American civil war, inc.
4:00 pm est 

she, they, got a call from Ohio, inc.
3:42 pm est 

and her too on the phone, with him, inc.
3:39 pm est 

slash was from Transylvania, inc.
3:39 pm est 

she got a black shimmery headband, inc.
3:35 pm est 

she got green, Emerald earrings, from the CZ Collection, Cubic Zirconia, in fine, silver-plated, inc.
3:30 pm est, she got white and grey gloves, inc.
3:26 pm est 

she got a black and green Calvin Klein blouse, and they all got new outfits, inc., and had dieted for the holiday party, and Christmas party, and she used to diet religiously, and during a regular time, at a regular time, inc.
3:07 pm est 

she got kohl eyeliner, color icon, wet n wild, baby's got black, color crayon, inc.
2:50 pm est 

they got a card from Bishop Noon, from the Diocese of Orlando, inc., the Catholic Diocese of Orlando, and into india, and back to afghanistan, latvia, transylvania, inc., and she worked in the OR w/ shawn, and she was an Oral Surgeon, inc., and an Orthopedic Surgeon was shawn, inc.
2:40 pm est 

Annette called her mom
2:27 pm est 

she changed her contacts, she, they read t/ sears catalog, inc.
1:41 pm est 

she got t/ lavender gel air freshener, and t/ citrus oil of olay 7 scrub wash, inc., and the pink, himalayan sea salt hand sanitizer, t/ large one, inc., got her contacts in t/ mail w/ receipt in a box, inc.
1:36 pm est 

she put, carried their car registration in her purse wallet, inc., and she worked in the Cath Lab w/ dr. mitra many yrs ago, inc., and as a Direct-Surgeon, Direct Surgeon too, in afghanistan, out and in, into afghanistan, inc.
1:33 pm est
1:24 pm est 

in and of the pentagon, they had t/ leftovers from mcdonald's for lunch, and she had t/ leftover pancakes w/ hot syrup, inc.
1:23 pm est 

she put her laminated car registration card in her wallet, she, they had gone to the Indian Palace and the Amrit Palace for the P.M. Respiratory Svs, Services of Florida holiday, and then christmas party, parties, inc., and joe jihad became and was had been a, the Jihad - Priest, Jihad Priest, for her, and all of them together, and now separate and individual, individually and then together, inc.
1:01 pm est 

she lit her pumpkin pie candle
11:01 am est 

her mom spoke w/ Suzan, Suzanne, t/ Sommers family sat at t/ table, and t/ Ritter family, inc.
10:51 am est
10:42 am est 

and william m., taught ben how to fly an airplane and shawn too, and her, and also her son, eric, inc.
10:40 am est 

hoegie was a Pilot in the FBI, so was she, she was an FBI Pilot, and so was william muller and harry, john roberts on the federal side, and federal aide he, all of them, at once, inc., and Jim King was their Commercial Air-line Pilot, and hers for Continental Airlines, she had hired him through harry and a series of background checks, inc., and shawn was also a Commercial Airline Pilot and also in the FBI, an Airline Pilot by nature, inc., and so is, was her son, Eric already, and Ben, her Benjamin, inc., their Ben, Benjamin, inc.
10:39 am est, shawn had gotten her united healthcare w/ her mom, inc.
10:22 am est 

slash had gotten her Aetna insurance, aetna
10:20 am est 

her dad was Thelonius Monk, Thelonnius Monk, she was a Monkette and so was her mom, inc., she had used t/ smart choice, got on t/ atkins, lived w/ t/ atkins diet, lived w/ atkins, got on a diet for the party, got the chocolate pretzel peanut butter bar, inc.
10:08 am est
10:03 am est 

Dr. Gogenini was her physician's assistant when she was a baby, in ny., inc., and Dr. Prashad was too, and also Dr. Kumar her PA, P.A., inc.
9:51 am est 

she got a harvest candle, a yankee pumpkin spice candle in bright and dark yellow, amber, inc., and a tissue box in light bluish green, blueish, white, and red orange, inc.
Vanessa Palmer
9:49 am est 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

she, they, individually and all together had put her dad's medical bracelet, marked and labelled swiss army bracelet on his wrist, inc.
9:13 pm est 

puchin had paid for her Robotics, and she herself, as well, inc., and slash had paid for hers, before that, and her for him, interchangeably, inc., and w/ his money too, inc., and chance was t/ color of blush petal, t/ color, of his stomach, shade of his mother, inc., and gloria had t/ same shade of color on t/ bottom of her feet in blush petal too, inc., and shawn babysat her, and ryan babysat all t/ kids and eric 2, he's her favorite, his favorites, no favorites, they're all her favorite a favorite, her fav, inc., and she wrote flavor flav lyrics w/ shawn and bruno, bruno 2, and all, inc., it was her on t/ phone, and many others like joe jihad on the phone, inc., and her dad, inc., and her mom too, and bailey, misu, joe, polo-bruno, inc., bruno 2, bruno, shawn and w/ t/ kids, ryan, and harry, eric 2, eric, slash, t/ slashes, slashes, and all of t/ slashes on t/ phone, and puchin too, and bruno 2, again, and eric, inc., and erika called her mom, inc.
8:48 pm est 

Joe -Jihad was her Jihad Doctor, and Surgeon her Mom, inc., and her dad, dad, inc.
8:36 pm est 

they saw, and she was in the Christmas Cottage
8:34 pm est 

she got blistex, lip serum, w/ pump
8:29 pm est 

William Muller iii, was her U.S. Federal Agency Doctor and Surgeon, inc.
7:47 pm est 

William Miller was her Federal Lawyer, U.S. Federal Lawyer, inc.
7:44 pm est 

raymond davis was her CIA Lawyer, and John Brennan was also her CIA Lawyer
7:41 pm est 

eve bogess was her eye doctor for some time, inc.
7:32 pm est, Eve Boggess was her Eye Doctor for some time, a couple of yrs, more than a couple of yrs in tampa, south tampa, on s. dale mabry drive, inc., and William Muller was her FBI Doctor and Surgeon in the Medical Unit and also Medical Center in case of an emergency in and of not anymore, the pentagon as well, inc., but in the fbi
7:30 pm est 

and Henry Nakhla did Hypno,, Hypnosis on her, and was also her Hypnosis Doctor, who had been hired by her dad, and john b, in t/ iia and also in the cia, inc.
6:34 pm est 

she organized, reorganized her cosmetic case, and john brennan, sr. john brennan was her G.I. doctor and CIA Doctor as well in the CIA, and also in the IIA, and her Gastro-Intestinal Tract Doctor too, as well, and thensome, inc., in the cia as well, too, inc.
6:33 pm est 

she got a beige, teal, flowery, lilac tissue box, and harry s. muller iii was her 00 Doctor, and Medical Doctor too, if needed and also in the Pentagon, and in the - Pentagon, and in the FBI-Pentagon, inc.
6:26 pm est 

Quin was her mom's PA, pa, and she cleaned out, had, the San Quentin Prison in per t/ fbi and of the pentagon in the pentagon too and ira too, as well and thensome, inc.
5:53 pm est 

lorraine, lorrae was their waitress, inc., and Ruben was their Associate at walmart.
5:42 pm est, they went out for dinner, to the red barn, the Red Barn, Bob Evans, inc., and she had the usual, and two glasses of sweet tea, sweetened tea, and Amish biscuits, w/ amish butter, lots of it, over the years, inc., the chicken parm., inc., the parm, the kids played outside, the neighbors decorated too, for the holidays, holiday, inc., a religious theme next door too.
5:41 pm est 

and Ryan Johnson was an M.D., a graduated Medical Doctor, and her Psychiatrist, he was her M.D., and her Medical Doctor too, both, the same and was in and of the Pentagon, inc.
1:14 pm est 

Vanessa Johnson
1:12 pm est 

her parents each got their bloodwork taken; and they went out for breakfast, to mcd's and each had the large Homestyle Breakfast w/ hotcakes, inc., her mom had two cortisone injections, one in her left hand, on her left thumb, and outside too another time, and three in t/ back, inc., and one in her left shoulder too, and one in her upper left back, and upper right back of her back shoulder and back, inc., and full back over time, over the years, too, inc., and Quentin was her mom's Medical Assistant and her P.A., Physician's Assistant, inc.
1:09 pm est, her doctor was Dr. Ira Johnson, inc., and Dr. Panchal was her Cardiologist in the CIA, and Dr. Ira Johnson was her doctor in the IIA and out, inc.
1:01 pm est, she wore a black beaded headband, and flowery earrings, in blackish, silvery, pinkish colors, w/ rose
7:18 am est
6:42 am est 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
10:35 pm est
10:17 pm est
10:15 pm est
10:12 pm est
10:12 pm est 

they watched and she was in a Dream for Christmas, too, inc., and they wore everything in the world, and from beall's and beall's outlet, and khol's, and marshall's, and t.j. maxx, and from target, inc., and everything from the mall, and queens center mall, inc.
8:40 pm est 

and william muller had built her and Muslim Mosque in Manhattan Island, and now it's, it is, was, and he had a brand new one built for and in within, inside the FBI House, to be safe, for safety, inc.
7:45 pm est, her mom was Palestine as a 00, as 003, and the Palestine Chapel, and owned the Palestine Chapel, she was put in a Mosaleum for a while, and so was saul per her dad's file on saudie arabia, inc., and william, and really her dad, was supposed to and did check on her in the mosseleum, w/ her dad, inc., as well, and they all went to the palestine chapel as well, inc., and her dad had locked them, and released all of her mom's prisoners there, too, inc., and william muller built, had built her a Mosque in the FBI, FBI House, a Muslim Moque, inc., and one in Downtown Tampa, and up in one in Manattan, and of, Manhattan Island, mosques exhisted, inc.
7:42 pm est, she did her fingernails in blush petal
7:35 pm est, they sent their cards out, inc., in the mail.
6:54 pm est
6:17 pm est, they got ready for the doctor's apt., t/ doctor's, inc.
5:52 pm est 

she stayed in, they left t/ house
5:21 pm est 

they stayed in again it was cold outside
5:20 pm est, she, they got t/ strenght-shield cutex nail polish remover
5:19 pm est 

she did her toenails in Blushed Petal, inc., she was Bones, in t/ fbi, and also Forensics, and shawn too, forensics in the special ageny, out in t/ fbi and out, and also bones, t/ movie w/ her, too, in the fbi jail, t/ fbi prison, and also in the prison cemetery, inc., and she and he were also the shining, inc.
5:01 pm est 

she wore L, G G, G, G.
4:27 pm est
3:48 pm est 

she wore rose, rose earrings, in bone white, white, roses, pink, and grey too!
2:47 pm est
2:38 pm est 

she had chicken parmesan, a lean cuisine, inc.
2:33 pm est
1:38 pm est 

t/ fulgoni family, t/ fugoli family sat at t/ table, t/ fulgoli family, t/ melicio family
1:36 pm est 

her dad went to take charge, to west marion to exercise, he went exercising, inc.
1:19 pm est 

she wore, green, mint green, surgical, and also medical underwear, too, inc.
12:37 pm est 

her mom had a temporary crown put in, that was made from t/ same filling, cleaned out t/ closet quite a bit, inc., they left t/ heat on all night.
11:02 am est 

john b. created moca, and harry created invented t/ marion oaks civic association
10:23 am est
10:19 am est 

she, they read all of the cards
9:51 am est, and jared j. then brought red cupcakes to the meeting, t/ moca meeting, he, they all brought then more red velvet cupcakes to the moca meeting, then the other meeting, inc.
9:35 am est 

they got a card from Iris, jared l. had taken blue cupcakes to the moca meeting, inc.
9:29 am est 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

she got and gave a large tin can of cookies to william muller and to harry too, and to hoegie, jared, jared l., jared j., hoegie's dad, jared l's dad, jared j's dad, jared j got a plate of cookies to her and her mom, all of them too one day
11:41 pm est
11:30 pm est 

she, they each had a meeting w/ william muller in his fbi office, and she sat side-desk to him, in and within the same office at the time, inc.
11:27 pm est, william, william m., william muller took white cupcakes w/ her to a moca meeting at another time, inc.
11:25 pm est 

shawn and henry, her as well had brought yellow cupcakes to t/ moca meeting one time, another time, at another time as well, and jared, blue cupcakes
11:19 pm est 

she, they got, received the Marion Oaks Civic Association, MOCA calendar, inc., and jared l, jared along w/ his dad had provided t/ christmas cake at and for the meeting/gathering, inc.
10:13 pm est 

she got her green card
9:50 pm est 

she was in and they watched it, she played gwen stefani, A Gwen Stefani Christmas Special, inc., You Make It Feel Like Christmas, inc., she got her moca card, w/ dues paid, for the marion oaks civic assoc., for 2018, and her dad interacted at t/ gym socialized at t/ gym, w/ his gym buddies, inc.
9:50 pm est 

they went to the MOCA meeting and Christmas Gathering of the Marion Oaks Civic Association, and they had coffee, w/ Equal, t/ blue packet, each, a chocolate muffin w/ a christmas tree on top, her and hoegie had taken those once as well, inc., and they had christmas cake, and Royal Dansk cookies, cookies w/ sprinkles on top, on holiday plates, and christmas plates, and forks, knives and spoons, inc., in red, and white, inc.
9:17 pm est 

she wore a black beard band, banded, and a burgundy August Silk sweater, inc.
6:42 pm est
6:01 pm est 

her dad went to t/ foot doc., and got his toenails trimmed, and cut
6:01 pm est
5:59 pm est 

she had french pepperoni pizza bread, and she wore light blue underwear
1:02 pm est
12:34 pm est, t/ neighbors got new mattresses, a new mattress, inc.
11:43 am est 

she got a bank of america in case of an emergency, under her mom's name, w/ cash rewards, preferred, visa card, w/ signature, w/ customer service numbers, collect outside t/ us and canada, w/ authorized signature, security cods, valid thru, and cardholder since 17
10:28 am est
10:01 am est 

they got t/ special k, french vanilla protein bottle shakes w/ protein and minerals, inc.
Vanessa Baez
9:34 am est
9:31 am est 

olga, luis, sent them a card, and they put, placed gold leaves in their tree, and they put a snowman ornament in their tree, as well, inc.
9:27 am est 

Monday, December 11, 2017

read Mercutio, and she was in William Shakespeare plays, she was in John Brennan's plays, inc.
10:39 pm est 

she was Abba, w/ her ryan, inc., and she co-directed it w/ ryan too
9:21 pm est 

she, they got a happy holidays email card from ihmc
8:52 pm est, was in an east west commercial and so on, inc., they got their holiday calls, and holiday e-mails, and holiday cards, in the mail too.
8:47 pm est 

her mom got a happy anniversary email from Sears
7:47 pm est 

her dad got a pair of pajama pants, and her mom got a perfume set w/ lotion in t/ box
7:44 pm est 

it was cold outside so they stayed in, stayed at home, stayed at t/ house, inc.
7:13 pm est
6:46 pm est
6:37 pm est
6:29 pm est 

they each received a call from the Marion Oaks Deed Restriction Office, Deed Restricted office, inc., and a voicemail message from her, them, inc., she, they, got a call, reminder, vm message too, as well, and thensome, inc., and she was zuleyka rivera too.
6:29 pm est 

some of their neighbors moved, they were retired, they moved to another state, and others moved in, inc.
5:47 pm est 

she had put her basket, blanket, plate, on her bureau, t/ tall and short, medium one, too, inc.
5:35 pm est 

they listened to holiday songs all day, inc., and binded, used a fall, a binder to divide and find t/ place on her page, inc., and she got t/ nestle, pure life water bottles, t/ large ones, inc., and she tagged her eyeshadows, blushes, lip glosses, lipsticks, eyebrow thinners, painters, eyebrow painters, foundations, powders, inc., concealers, mascaras, eyeliners and lipliners, and powder-puffs, inc.
5:27 pm est 

they made reservations at the hilton of ocala, t/ ocala hilton, for the party, overnight stay, harley booked t/ apt., and they fully paid, paid in full, Tina Rodriguez made the reservation, reservations, the Reservation Services Coordinator, lee was their waiter
5:23 pm est, stuart sat at t/ table, stewart, and kenny and, inc.
5:21 pm est 

roberto, rose, rosita, t/ morales family, morales all sat at t/ table, too, inc., at one time.
4:45 pm est 

they saw roberto, rosita, morales at t/ restaurant
4:35 pm est 

t/ chi o, chi omega letters were up at t/ chili's in tampa, and the kappa sigma, kappa sig ones too, and t/ sigma nu, pike, pi kappa alpha letters, inc.
4:01 pm est, threw out t/ garbage, she wore heart earrings, rainbow earrings, inc., hot pink, pink earrings, a black beaded headband, an overthrow sweater, inc., an overcoate, a ring sweater, a beaded sweater, a ring-neck sweater, she dropped off her dad at take charge, they did that, they went to chili's, kelli, terry, joe, kevin was t/ waiter, waiter, and she had t/ loaded baked potato soup, inc., and the california turkey club sandwich, inc.
3:59 pm est, she wore square panties, w/ pink, navy, blue, lavender, mint green, w/ triangles light pink too, a black band
12:25 pm est 

anna had sat at t/ table, quique, yvette, dwight, lazarus, inc., dwight, jonathan, robert, johnathan, jonathan, robert, anna, anne, anna, owen, cowen, hunter, chance, chase, andy, inc., douglas, t/ heffelfinger family, inc., mae family, lachey family, lennox family, lenox family, jones family, minnillo family, minillo family, bla family, blas family, blass blass family again, blas family, inc., fernandez family, melecio family, giovinazzo family, inc.
10:07 am est's%20license%20card&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=florida%20driver's%20license%20card&sc=8-29&sk=&cvid=8D03EABEEEC94BCDB30E5F40F9F1149F
10:03 am est's%20license%20card&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=marion%20county%20driver's%20license%20card&sc=0-35&sk=&cvid=921F0AA6A0364D29977CC04A98BB6709
10:02 am est's%20license%20card&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=ocala%20driver's%20license%20card&sc=0-27&sk=&cvid=ABB377039135402EA600455E37D7F102
10:02 am est
10:01 am est 

she used a peach, bright pad, notepad, sticky, stickie pad
9:54 am est 

she was Queen Elizabeth per harry, inc., and slash, too., inc.
9:51 am est
9:37 am est
8:41 am est 

she said something funny, they got a card, from ed, linda, sam, daisy, abby, abbey, inc.
8:37 am est 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

and t/ bennan family sat at t/ table, t/ rodriguez family, jeter family, joe, girardi family, girardie family
10:42 pm est 

al, pacino family, pacino, robert, deniro, deniro family, inc., meder family, mede family, meda family, meta family, metta family, hudson family again.
10:40 pm est 

and t/ dana family sat at t/ table, t/ jamie family, jamey, jamy, jamie once again, reagan, t/ catozzie family, catozzi family, saul again and again and slash again, tiger, t/ woods family, t/ palmer family, palmeiri family
10:39 pm est 

lara, tara, prissie, missy, joe, pesci, t/ pesci family all sat at t/ table, loretta, ron, loreta, loretta, liota family, liotta family, busemi family, buschemi family, t/ godfather family, inc., t/ godfather min family, lee, farkas family, adam, tom, briniarski family
10:37 pm est 

they left t/ lights on, had all t/ lights on
10:35 pm est 

she centered her vanity full chair, modest desk chair too, and simple, simply put, and placed her garbage can in front of her bedrm window, t/ large one, next to t/ printer, inc., she did, she centered everything, and used to t/ left and rt of everything too, scattered things too, as well, and thensome, inc.
10:18 pm est
9:50 pm est 

joe jihad was daniel w/ a mask too, and also without, inc., and bruno was in a eucrisa commercial, and so was she too in a Eucrisa commercial, eucrissa, inc., and in an aol commercial, and a gmail commercial, a hotmail commercial, and a usf email commercial and so on, and a hcc commercial, a usf commercial and a queens of dance commercial, inc.
9:49 pm est 

they put t/ sponge up, t/ sponges up, andria sat at t/ table, t/ hagar family, hager family, debbie, deb, leah, lea, lee, gia, and so on and so forth, inc.
9:39 pm est 

and james sat at t/ table, jessy, jessie, st. james, chris, kris, biggs family, dasrat family, dasraf family, zayas' family, nigel family, nigell, st. jesse, mike, cairns family, inc.
8:33 pm est 

she was in and they saw Sharing Christmas
8:22 pm est
8:06 pm est 

they watched novellas, novelas, it was cold outside, so they all stayed in
7:58 pm est 

and t/ pendick family sat at t/ table, t/ pendic family, inc.
7:54 pm est 

she played and performed w/ el gran combo
7:53 pm est 

they got a box of cards
7:52 pm est 

they've worn zulily, zulilly
7:51 pm est 

they watched t/ holiday hallmark movies, new ones, saturday ones too, inc.
7:50 pm est
7:49 pm est, and al brought over anderson, anderson cooper over here too, inc., and anderson, matt and chino all sat down at t/ table, at their table, tables, inc., and elba, charlie, linda, eddie, harvey, sharon, eddie, samantha, sarah, sara, jessica, sarah, sarita, edward, edwardo, eduardo, tage, ricky, richie, richard, evan, ewan, anna, anne, harvey, harv, harve, t/ roggow family, baumann family, bauman family, ed, edwin, ed, inc., swanson family, charlie roggow family, paul, t/ hammond family, hammond family, once again, again, and again, too, inc.
7:49 pm est 

her grandpa on her dad's side, programmed her alot during t/ holidays, now, inc., it was like sitting w/ him at t/ dinner table, at t/ table, inc.
7:43 pm est 

her grandpa had brough matt lauer over to their home for a visit, and al brought chino over to t/ house, inc.
7:42 pm est 

her dad got a grey robe
7:36 pm est 

she got a thanksgiving card email from marc anthony, inc.
7:34 pm est, and her mom produced it, too, as well, and thensome, they got t/ advent calendar, and donations for both collections, inc.
7:31 pm est 

and her mom, and she was, co-produced, and had produced it for her, daniel, and also glen monroy, inc.
7:26 pm est 

they had t/ left-overs from mi tierra restaurant, and she was in, performed en la sonora poncena, was her w/ her dad, and both her parents, too, inc., and she produced daniel, co-produced daniel w/ joe, jihad, joe jihad and her mom, and her dad too and shawn along w/ t/ kids, inc., and she sang and performed as la india, inc.
7:05 pm est, she was in la sexta, La Sexta, Sexta, sang and performed w/ them, too, inc., and performed by shawn and all t/ kids in the world for them, inc.
6:04 pm est, she was melina leon per both of her parents, inc., too, and bruno, bruno 2, lord
5:45 pm est
5:43 pm est
5:42 pm est, she was melina, melina negron per by her mom, and both of her parents too, both, inc.
5:42 pm est
5:41 pm est 

her mom and her family lived near Grove St., she was Melina, mellina, melina, inc.
5:41 pm est, she was Jaire, her dad put her as such, as that, too, inc.
5:39 pm est 

she lit a candle for america, germany, puerto rico, t/ united states of america, us usa, sicily, italy, palermo, viena, vienna, inc., parlemese, inc.
5:36 pm est 

she played zuleyka, inc. and she performed w/ fonseca, inc.
5:09 pm est 

they saw and she was on Unidos Por Puerto Rico, inc.
4:59 pm est, she wore red lipstick for the holidays, for the holiday season, inc., and they went shopping at t/ stores for the season, t/ holidays, for the holiday season, inc.
4:36 pm est 

she wore white, crisp, underwear, inc., and her long boots, under her pants, inc., too, and also out as well, inc., and her shawl, cover, w/ her top, on inc.
1:22 pm est 

she wore a green hair clip, a green top, a military green top, bunt earrings, and hot red lipstick, inc.
10:23 am est, t/ palmer name was given to her in the fbi as well, and t/ johnson name was given to her in the special agency and also in the pentagon, t/ johnson name, inc.
9:30 am est 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Amy, Amie was their waitress, and judy, johnny, and then johnny before that at bpn, inc., too, as well, and thensome, inc. on top of that, and slash hitman had put her mom on as oprah, and her second, as winfrey and stedman as also winfrey, inc., too mins to clean and they cleaned them, inc., she was meghan colic for her dad, inc.
11:05 pm est 

lulu invented kwanzaa w/ all of them, w/ her, her dad, shawn, and w/ t/ kids, inc., joyce, jan, jen, kimmie, hellen k. and harry created it for her w/ mike too, in t/ Too mins and w/ chase and w/ chance, and phil, inc., phil was lulu's godfather on the phone, inc., and her great uncle on t/ phone, inc., and mike again, inc., stephan, stephanie, and in jail, inc., they're they were all in jail, those cases, inc., for harry to man in the min, in a min too.
10:54 pm est 

there were snow flurries, flurries, there was a cold front, inc.
10:51 pm est 

she was BPN w/ tebow, and shawn and w/ t/ kids, inc., and then also w/ william, inc., and then also w/ harry and then harry, inc., hugh, march, phil and 860, 180 degrees and then 98 degrees, 189 degrees, 480 degrees, 480 degree lower, inc.
10:47 pm est 

they wore their winter clothes, clothing, too.
10:15 pm est 

they had voortman coconut wafers, in white, and peach, and also in pink wafers, beige wafers, vanilla wafers, inc.
9:59 pm est 

greg m. had invented at&t, w/ al, and her w/ her grandpa on her dad's side, att, also w/ al, and him as well, too, inc.
9:38 pm est
8:26 pm est
8:24 pm est 

harry was on the phone, too, inc., and she had a slider phone, so do, did, individually her parents, two separate phones, inc., and they put, pushed the lights back more, inc.
7:48 pm est 

they all went out to dinner, they had the elephant, again, w/ chicken, and turkey grinded, at Mi Tierra rest.
7:44 pm est 

her former computer had a microphone built within on t/ top of it of and on t/ frame, and in all of her taps of her computer and laptop, over the years, inc., and in her former computer and laptops as well, and her former cyberlink, now and then her webcam was a larger frame, and in and within full frame of the frame in, within her laptop, inc.
7:37 pm est 

slash owned t/ slash min, then harry, to bring him up, which he had done, he did his job and thensome, he did his job, and t/ pentagon bug was in the bottom, inside of the keyboard on a computer, and slash's tap was in and on in t/ inside of the cover of the computer as well, separately, inc., and her tap was in on in t/ top on in t/ inside of her camera on the top of her laptop, and before her tap, was in the top of t/ cover of her computer, and her surveillance through, was through tiger in her former web cam, of and in and within her cyberlink of her former laptop, inc.
7:34 pm est
7:10 pm est, she was Tarantino, w/ michael scofield on the phone, and her dad, her grandpa on her dad's side, inc., and Michael Scoffield was a capone, an al, and an al capone, inc.
7:08 pm est 

they each got a card from t/ appleton, from t/ museum, of art, inc.
5:16 pm est 

lillian sat at t/ table, and her mom did her cards, and she did her cards too, e-cards, her mom sent cards out in t/ mail for the holiday season, for the holidays, w/ stamps, cards and envelopes, inc., phillip seymour hoffman was her dead-cousin on her dad's side, inc., too, and in to the too mins, too, inc., too min, inc., kapri sat at t/ table, reagan, ginger, barby, barb, barbie, inc., tezar family, tesar family, fbi-john family, john family, fbi family, 0 family, special agency family, da family, iia family, dea family, cop family, police officer family, the departed family, serpico, t/ scarface family, serpico family, donnie, brasco family, inc., t/ donnie brasco family, departed family, the dead family, the Alive Family, they watched A & F, they were an American Family, john, hoffman family, jimmy, hoffa family, hoover, j., john, e., j, e., edgar, hoover family, inc.
4:43 pm est 

and they all went there, to First Avenue, First Ave., and Avenue U,, and Coney Island Avenue, inc., to Coney Island, inc., Fairfield Ave., and they all did the Novena of St. Theresa Rosary, inc.
4:03 pm est 

and also t/ hernandez family sat at t/ table, inc.
3:53 pm est
3:53 pm est 

edward r. norton got people on foundation, foundations her and him, and t/ application, applications of foundations, foundation, he, her dad, and herself, w/ them also, inc.
3:49 pm est 

alice sat at t/ table, peter, schatzman family, bermudez family, bermudes family, cimino family, connelly family, conelly family, inc., connely family, inc, loughner family, johnson family, inc., ryan's, shawn's, eric's, in preposition, in ownership, and w/ or w/o ownership, with or without, inc., and they all went to the ranch, out to t/ ranch, down by the ranch, at t/ ranch, inc.
3:43 pm est 

Lilly sat at t/ table, and john, brennan family, scott, peterson family, petersen family, raymond, davis family, davis' family, davis's family, inc.
3:35 pm est 

her mom lived on Avenue U and on East First Avenue, too, inc., Avenues, inc.
3:28 pm est 

and morales, lola sat at t/ table, and mary
3:12 pm est
3:05 pm est 

harry had sat at t/ table, t/ iii, ii, i, muller family, baez family again, t/ scorcese family, scorsese fam., family, and friends, inc., s., s, t/ snake family, cobra, snake, snakes, t/ snakepit, snakepit, snakepit family, snake-pit, snake-pits, i and ii, snakepits i and ii, snakepit i and ii, luis, leon, leon family, inc., t/ mullers, and t/ millers, and her mom came out in t/ leon wedding, inc.
2:15 pm est
2:11 pm est 

her room was warm, and their house, their home, it was toasty, they were toasty, inc.
1:15 pm est 

pierce brosnan sat at t/ table, t/ brosnan family, 007, james bond, t/ bond family, inc., and 0024, Keiffer Sutherland, Keifer, inc., t/ sutherland family, tony, t/ danza family, tom, t/ hanks family, inc., christ family, j.c. family, jesus christ family, jc family, virgin mary, mary family, v.m., vm, virgin, virgin records, interscope records, sony, t/ sony family, everyone, everybody, every body, they all individually, and all, but separate too, had all sat at t/ table together and or separate individually but separate too, together, and they're gone, they're all gone, there were separate tables, there was one table and also separate tables, other tables, inc.
1:10 pm est 

she got lined underwear in navy blue, lavender, 00 Underwear, 00 Panties, inc., and in mint green, and in light blue, inc.
12:59 pm est 

and michelle, melissa, and tanya, tonya, and t/ ayala-acevedo family, and t/ acevedo-ayala family too all had sat down in their each individual seat, seats, seating, w/ sitting arrangement, w/ sitting arrangements, inc.
9:41 am est, israel sat at t/ table, loly, edgar, cedy, junior, vanessa, bebe -- they all did at one time, in one place, and they all played musical chairs, and other games, inc.
9:38 am est 

they've all been to Holly Lodge, inc., she was Holly, Jessica Yellin, and Jessica, inc.
9:32 am est, axl invented, created, t/ flip phone, and also t/ reverse flip phone, and the reverse flip phone again, and t/ sling-shot phone, and t/ reverse camera angle phone, along w/ which was the selfie picture cell phone reversible in reverse phone, switching the camera back and forth, and she created the jib in the fbi and robotic cameras w/ harry, and moving cameras too w/ harry and not harriet to film 007 for her to use, inc., to catch everything for her, inc., and those cameras at nbc, wfla too, and at wfts as well, inc., and at nbc news, at all of it, all of them, inc., all of the tv news stations, television news stations per harry to catch newswomen that's what he would catch, and it's her, inc.
9:28 am est 

charlie sheen was an al capone, an al, a capone too
9:23 am est
9:12 am est 

Friday, December 8, 2017

slash and her dad created, invented Soot, inc., and charcoal w/ her dad, inc., and others, her mom, and henry, shawn, w/ t/ kids, inc.
11:23 pm est 

they saw and she was in Christmas at Holly Lodge
8:54 pm est 

it thundered, and so they turned off t/ washing machine, and t/ lights outside, inc., and t/ tree, inc., and got off t/ phone too
8:52 pm est 

loretta gave her mom t/ communion
7:57 pm est 

her mom served in church
7:16 pm est
7:13 pm est 

she got a light pink cover for her basket, another one, an oval one, t/ other one rectangle, rectangular, inc.
7:00 pm est, she got a straw candle
6:40 pm est
6:38 pm est, she did her fingernails in chai on life too
6:36 pm est
6:34 pm est
6:31 pm est 

they saw Wilkins in concert in p.r., inc.
6:24 pm est 

her dad went for a walk, he used t/ walker in t/ garage
4:56 pm est 

she wrote Leaving, Las Vegas w/ hoegie and shawn w/ t/ kids, too, and Fear and Loathing Las Vegas w/ her mom, her dad, and others, she wrote Loathing Las Vegas, inc., and w/ hoegie again, ryan and so on and so forth on t/ phone and thensome, and some and a lot of writing as well
4:47 pm est 

they got a card from iris, nilda garcia, they all sat at t/ table, and t/ garcia family, inc.
3:27 pm est 

they saw t/ decorations at t/ mall, t/ paddock park mall, paddock mall
3:10 pm est 

they saw t/ decorations in t/ neighborhood
3:09 pm est 

she did her toenails in the sally hansen color therapy, in Chai on Life, inc., they saw t/ decorations at winn dixie
3:08 pm est
2:42 pm est
1:45 pm est 

she had a lean cuisine, panini sandwich on italian bread, inc.
1:43 pm est 

her mom got the communion, and she brought it home for them, inc., her mom went to mass, for her and for her dad, inc.
1:23 pm est, olga sent her mom a box of icy hot patches, she put one on her arm.
12:20 pm est 

they got a card, from john, jessica, joseph, john jr.
12:10 pm est 

she wore lilac underwear
12:03 pm est 

and karen, bryan, brian, solideen, sol, and the merchant family all sat at t/ table, and richie, rich, richy, inc.
9:20 am est 

t/ palermo family sat at t/ table, geena, kathy, the bryant family, john, gladys, carlos, carmelo, jessica, joseph, john, jr., t/ camacho family too as well at some point, inc.
8:59 am est
8:57 am est 

she had smart food popcorn for a snack
8:56 am est 

Vanessa Palmer
8:50 am est 

she got t/ atkins peanut butter cluster granola bar
8:47 am est
8:41 am est 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

shawn's nephew invented pop bolt, and ryan, and shawn w/ his friends, inc., and her, and then w/ her kids, and his, too, inc.
10:49 pm est 

they turned off t/ tree lights, and they turned off t/ tree, inc.
10:46 pm est 

they left t/ window lights on all night, overnight as well.
10:45 pm est 

they saw t/ decorations at walmart
10:43 pm est 

her dad got two reversable belts in black and brown
10:41 pm est
8:51 pm est
8:44 pm est 

she got a black, and white threaded purse, a boc, purse, born concept purse, leather-bound, inc.
8:33 pm est 

she got a bright blue, sleep, sleeping, sports bra, and a flowery tissue box in beige, w/ white, turquoise, red, bright blue, inc.
7:44 pm est 

she got a beige w/ white dots tissue box, a pro box
7:38 pm est 

she got the large pack of eyeshadows, kit, t/ large kit, duo, au naturel, color icon, inc., in bare necessities, inc.
7:35 pm est 

she got t/ large Alcon saline solution.
7:28 pm est 

they saw carmen gloria at t/ supermarket
7:25 pm est 

she got a lipstick in hot red
7:25 pm est 

got a white and mint green contact lens case, inc., and a yellow vanilla cake yankee candle
7:22 pm est 

she got loreal foundation in w4, natural beige
6:26 pm est 

she got a cucumber melon hand sanitizer
6:22 pm est
5:53 pm est, she got a bread basket, they got one, inc.
1:53 pm est 

t/ parish hall was renovated, macloughlin hall
1:08 pm est 

harley called her mom
1:07 pm est, gabriella sat at t/ table
1:03 pm est 

miriam, janice, blanca, blanka, janis, t/ joplin family, all had sat at t/ table, inc., t/ kris kristofferson family, kris, kristofferson family, inc.
12:39 pm est 

t/ lockley family, soto family, cruz family, all sat at t/ table, tables
12:38 pm est, olga, charles, joanne, warren, randy, frank, megan, brandon, louie, louey, gilda, amanda, crystal, alex, anna, randal, anne, all had sat at t/ table, inc.
12:35 pm est 

saul, edna sent them a card, audrey called her mom, janice sat at t/ table
12:33 pm est
10:04 am est
Vanessa Johnson
9:06 am est 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

her dad made her and slash mormon, at 0, in the fbi, and william m. had put her and todd m., on and as, they were Amish together in the FBI since ground zero, for political protection from the Mob, todd said, inc.
11:41 pm est 

slash was ice at some point, for some time, inc.
11:34 pm est 

they killed trans per t/ cia, and transgenders, gays and also lesbians per the pentagon and therefore, then some more, inc., they're going to, they died, down there, and on the phone too, like others, and thensome more too, as well, inc., clean under their messaging, mensanging, mensagging, inc., too.
11:26 pm est 

it's in and was in the cia messaging now, inc., too, and thensome more, then some, inc., she was on the phone and off, depending on assignment, assignments she took on, she had taken on, too, either and some more or not, depending on the holiday season, and throught the year, and throughout the years, inc.
11:23 pm est 

au meant one, 1 for her grandpa t/ 3rd on her dad's side, and die to each of you he'd said, he said, he wished them death, inc., all of you, and thensome, inc., then some more, he sent everyone to arabia to die, and then he went himself to have them cleaned up, he cleaned it up himself, he said he deserved to go to arabia, and she had too, inc., t/ third was sending messages and the second, and the first, and then they all did, inc.
11:21 pm est 

slash was hiding giovanni down there in a min w/ his father back to back side by side, inc.
11:17 pm est 

and then to sicily and then back in to, into back into italy, which she called italia, inc., and she invented t/ italian language w/ her grandpa on her dad's side, and also t/ capone language w/ grandpa on her dad's side, sides, inc., and she also knew the gestapo language w/ her mom and her dad, w/ and from her grandpa on her mom's side, inc., and slash made her british w/ him and got her british residency w/ shawn too, also along w/ harry, and her kids, inc.
11:15 pm est 

her and her dad were mixed in latvia per her grandpa on her dad's side, all of them, inc., and they were from transylvania on the phone and mixed there too, inc., and there forth to norway and back to jordan and elsewhere, inc, and then to jordan then to geneva her parents and then herself, along w/ jordan and then w/ slash along w/ shawn and the kids, inc.
11:12 pm est 

mike was in a pandora commercial, so was she, inc.
11:08 pm est
10:49 pm est 

slash and her grandpa on her dad's side created islamabad for her and slash to hide from from the war, inc., slash was on chicago pd, inc.
10:48 pm est 

her mom got a red eyeglasses cover case, and polo had seals surgery, and bailey had irish surgery, an irish surgery, her mom had polo surgery, inc., polo had german surgery, a and german surgeries, inc., she had american surgeries, and her parents and her, their entire family, inc., and misu had an and a american surgery, too, as well, and beta fish surgery, and tommy beta and fish, fishes surgery, her fish, fish and fishes surgery, surgeries and prada, t/ fish, inc., icn numbers, inc. harry scanned for information, inc., and abbey had american surgeries too, inc.
9:47 pm est
8:30 pm est 

she was in a Very Pentatonix Christmas, inc.
8:29 pm est 

she used t/ new gmail items, features, addendums, inc., and she made her recipe lists, inc., she took her notes in t/ car, inc.
7:57 pm est, Yorkie sat at t/ table, and misu again and toto and bird, w/ lassie, abbey, abby, abigail, inc., too, and thensome, awesome, betty, inc., jean
7:55 pm est, she got some, a lot of google messages.
7:51 pm est 

khan sat at t/ table w/ his friends, and also had at the table, at t/ table, inc., surrounded by their friends, and no more family, and then more family, others, the others, inc., johnny, jenny
6:46 pm est
6:44 pm est 

her mom went to t/ va optical
6:43 pm est 

she had replaced t/ nosepads of her other glasses, former glasses, and her mom replaced her eyeglass frame, it had broken, inc., to a brand new one, and shined up
6:40 pm est 

tony wrapped up their pasteles, inc.
6:32 pm est 

she had Munchies peanut butter crackers and cookies, inc., in orange, inc.
6:07 pm est 

they fueled up t/ gas tank, and she picked up something to drink, and a chicken w/ pesto sauce, pasta fazoule, sandwich, and took it to take charge w/ her, while she waited for him, w/ her, inc.
5:58 pm est 

she noted, took notes, and wrote down her diets, everything she ate, her diets and also her recipes, and took note of all that watching her weight, inc., and they went to take charge and her dad paid his membership dues to the receptionist, to Gordon, inc.
5:22 pm est, her mom got her eyeglass frames fixed, new, polished, shined, and her dad went to take charge they went, she read Military Officer magazine, Elle, Good Housekeeping, Time, inc., and her dad tried a new bike, inc., and they checked t/ coupons and the ads at winn dixie, got them, and looked at them in the cart, while walking, and doing things, errands, and such, like that, yeah, inc.
5:04 pm est 

she wore a turquoise hairpin
11:25 am est 

they had orange wafers
9:55 am est
9:49 am est 

Vanessa Johnson
9:37 am est 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017
11:33 pm est
11:22 pm est 

they had cherry coffee cake
9:27 pm est
8:40 pm est 

007 put her in a michael buble video, all of it, inc.
7:47 pm est
7:33 pm est 

Tom Hanks was gamma, inc.
7:14 pm est 

Tom Jones was Gamma, inc.
7:11 pm est 

Nancy sat at t/ table, inc., Sherry, Sherrie, Wendy, Lauren, Laura, Becky, Beckinsale, Kate Beckinsale, inc., Dory, and Funk, Cher, and Cheech and Chong, Kang, Kung No, Kang No, inc., Lucy, Lucille, Des, Desi, Desmond, inc., Katie, Eli, Ellie, Elizabeth, Sister Mary, Sista Mary, Sister Paula, Paul, Peter, Mary, inc., , Chaz, Narcise, Narcisse, Desna., inc., Day, Die
7:01 pm est 

she did More.
6:58 pm est 

she played Themes, inc.
6:54 pm est
6:39 pm est
6:36 pm est 

they had pasteles, they had ordered t/ pasteles from gloria and she had dropped them off, inc.
6:32 pm est, john b., and shawn took her pic as t/ bionic woman, inc.
5:48 pm est 

she got a journal in mint green, w/ zebra lines, robotic lines, robot lines, and jag lines, jagged lines, in mint green and white, w/ yellow ribbon, a ribbon bookmark, inc.
4:53 pm est 

lucius sent them a card, lucius sat at t/ table, and birch, and ollie, loly, loli, inc., and rosita, rositas, y rosa, rosas, inc.
4:48 pm est
4:45 pm est 

they took notes at t/ meeting, listened, signed in, inc. too.
3:52 pm est, dana had sat at t/ table, dana's mom, loretta, loreta, inc., they all had met scarface's mother, inc.
3:07 pm est 

they brought a goody bag for Hands of Mercy, which was asked of them at the group meeting, from each and every one of them, they combines theirs together, inc.
2:57 pm est 

they went to the Ladies' Guild meeting & Luncheon, and they had brought w/ them a bag of toiletries, w/ shampoo, conditioner, and w/ hand soaps, inc., and they brought also a cherry coffee cake, and then a raspberry cake, they had cherry and raspberry cake, and pepperoni triangle sliced pizza, inc., and wraps in orange and beige/white, and strawberry candy, a paper plate, w/ napkin, ate it all up, inc., and thensome, then and some more, then some, they signed in, her dad went too, inc., a chocolate Santa Claus, an orange wrap, w/ veggies, in turkey, and or w/ chicken, a veggie wrap, w/ salami, they ate a lot, they had their festivities, it was a festivity, they had a nice time, and a jerusalem cookie, and a sicilian cookie, inc.
2:55 pm est 

changed her contacts, she wore bow earrings
11:25 am est 

she had a peppermint, and a diet coke, as part of her diet, inc., they listened to holiday music
11:21 am est, her mom dyed her hair, inc.
10:53 am est
9:16 am est 

the Perez family sat at t/ table, and Fredrick, Michele, Michelle, Ramoncito, the Ramirez family, Desiree, Desi, Des, Desmond, inc., Javier, Tiffany-Amber, Sebastian, Eric Sebastian, and Patrick, Jelly, Jellie, inc.
8:53 am est 

Cesar Rivera, and Adam Levine were capones, als, and al capones, inc.
8:50 am est
8:48 am est
8:47 am est
8:46 am est
8:45 am est
8:44 am est
8:43 am est 

they got and had apple, coffee cake, w/ crumbs, crumbing, and frosting, inc.
8:35 am est 

she along w/ harry had made daddy yankee a bomber in t/ fbi, inc., and now in the pentagon and then in t/ pentagon him, and then harry, it was a test, inc.
8:28 am est
8:25 am est 

Dana was a capone, an al, an al capone, inc.
8:19 am est 

Vanessa Baez
8:18 am est 

Monday, December 4, 2017

they're pentagon, they were pentagon, and mike caught mama boys of the pentagon and in min, and of the inn min, that was her, inc.
11:13 pm est 

j edgar hoover sponsored ryan to be on prison break, and mike created prison break, the show, w/ her and others, t/ others of the omen child and the omen min, of the omen min, they did that before getting out of t/ pentagon, inc.
11:12 pm est 

she was in Christmas in Evergreen, inc.
8:36 pm est 

she was in a Master Pass commercial, they watched a lot of holiday movies, films, inc., and commercials, and read the holiday paper, inc., and a holiday magazine.
8:27 pm est, they went to see the decorations at t/ Freedom Public Library, and at West Marion Hospital, and also at Take Charge, inc.
7:57 pm est
6:58 pm est
6:41 pm est
5:51 pm est
5:50 pm est 

she had t/ left-over calzone, and used a thicker, razor-edged knife, inc.
5:05 pm est 

Mary Treschora called her mom
4:19 pm est 

the Pagan family sat at t/ table
4:06 pm est, she was in The Departed in the Pentagon from the FBI, she was The Departed - Pentagon, per harry again, inc.
4:05 pm est, they went to Take Charge
4:02 pm est